Why Jesus Christ Died?

Every church going person,  who professes to be a believer in Jesus Christ and who says he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, but who truly does not know WHY JESUS  CHRIST DIED, is WITHOUT  GRACE AND SALVATION!

     The whole world has been deceived about all things pertaining to life and religion, and especially in the religion of Christianity as it pertains to Jesus Christ, His suffering and His death?  Why is this true? It is true because Satan and his ministers have blinded the eyes and minds of all who are professed to be Christians in today's Christianity. The overwhelming majority of all church-going, professing Christians really do not understand why Jesus Christ died, why His body was bruised and beaten, and His blood shed in sacrifice for man's sins. Most believers if asked, will profess that they do understand Christ's shed blood, and they even participate in a meaningless grape juice and bread service each week, or  each month, to commemorate what they call the "Last Supper." Is this service what Christ commanded in His Word, or  is this just a meaningless ritual and religiously done each week as a commandment of men that is without the true understanding of why Jesus Christ suffered and died? To  NOT UNDERSTAND why Jesus Christ died, puts a person in a position of building on a sandy foundation, that shuts out God's GRACE AND SALVATION, and will cause one's faith to fail.

     The true, commanded Passover Service, commanded by God's Word and Jesus Christ, and further commanded by Paul, was to be remembered and partaken of  only once a year in the evening, which is the beginning of the 14th day of the first month of God's calendar. The true Passover Service is to be kept, not weekly which is adding to God's Word, but once a year, with its real and true meaning, and with full understanding of why Christ suffered such a brutal, body bruising, and blood shedding death in order to remind each saint why he, as a past sinner, has been accepted by Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. Jesus Christ warns all participants in this Service through Paul that if a believer does not understand the meaning of this Service, as he participates in it as Christ has commanded, then that believer stands in judgment of eating that bread  (representing Christ's broken body) and drinking that wine (representing Christ's shed blood) in damnation to himself, because he or she is not discerning the Lord's body and death. Study I Corinthians 11:23-32 for the supporting Scripture for these statements.

      Christ's Word goes on to say if this command in I Corinthians 11:23-32 is not received and understood with its full meaning and understanding, then believers will be under the curse of becoming weak and sickly and even death.  What professed Christians do today  in their weekly, not commanded, 1st day, Sunday Sabbath Service and their  total lack of the true understanding in memory of why Christ gave His life in such an agonizing, pain suffering death, is an absolute and total rejection of what God, through Jesus Christ, commanded. And the fruit of these professed Christians' lives, with their continual, on-going sins, is nothing less than the following of the commands of men, but professing to be converted, born again sons of God. The fact that they do not even recognize the fruit of obeying God's 10 commandments as obedience, and the breaking of those laws as sin, as they relate to salvation, proves without question, they really do not understand the real meaning of the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ, and are bringing the curse of sin, sickness, weakness, and death on themselves! Christ, through Paul, says if a person would judge (examine to make changes) his life  now, as to what is his conduct and faith based on, then Christ would not have to judge them later, verse 31.

      A true, Christ believing, Christian will in his life and behavior, bear the  FRUIT OF REPENTANCE, which is shown, made known, and measured by His obedience to God's 10 commandments, and not a repentance with fruit and a behavior based on his own standards, service and submission to  man and his opinions, man's commandments, and his created, false Christianity. The true believer also will bear the  FRUIT OF SAVING FAITH  in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior by accepting Christ's shed blood with the full and complete understanding and assurance of why Christ's blood was shed in order for him to be forgiven of his past sins (commandment transgressions). This  knowledge and understanding  with the works that follow, is what a true Christian must possess if he  is truly coming to know Jesus Christ and why He died! Christ says, " By their fruits you shall know them, "  and if they are not bearing this fruit of repentance, with obedience to God's commandments, and are not possessing true, saving faith in the true Savior, Christ will say, "  I never knew you: depart from me you workers of iniquity,"  Matthew 7:20, 23. Iniquity by  the definition of God's Word is commandment breaking, the transgression of God's commandments, and not the breaking of man's commandments.

      John, the apostle, writes in Revelation 12:9, "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Has the whole world been deceived by Satan? Most people will say absolutely not, but if any person will just take a few minutes out of their busy schedule and life and look  at their life, their society, their government, their earth and its environment, and the religions of this world, and if one is really honest with his examination, he would have to say yes, absolutely yes, all of the world is deceived! People have been deceived about the food they eat, believing it is wholesome, clean and is not working as a poison against them; people are deceived about the water they drink, believing it is pure, clean, and not poisoned; about the air they breathe, believing it is pure, clean and is not being poisoned; believing  health and well being comes from  pills, drugs and operations, but at the same time people keep getting  sicker and more diseased with more and more early deaths every day. People are deceived about their governments, believing they are Godly and servants of the people, but instead are under the control of Satan, where the people have become the servants and slaves to the government as God predicted they would, I Samuel 8:10-22, by their refusing to have Him lead them.

     But the worst of all, as if all of the above is not bad enough, people have been deceived in their churches, about true religion, and about true Christianity. They have been deceived about the keeping of God's commandments as being not important, which in reality, is the reason for them coming under all the other deceptive curses.  One must understand that being deceived is a curse and God said if man would not have Him to lead them through  the obeying of His commandments, that they would come under all kinds of curses as stated in Deuteronomy 27:14-26, 28:1-68. They believe by following their church's false and twisted teachings, which have come from men, not Christ, that they know and believe they are on their way to salvation, and  will be saved  and even raptured up from all the evils, their sins and all the deceptions of this world.

    Most all professing Christians will not accept and do not believe the Scripture Jesus Christ revealed to John in Revelation 12:9, that the whole world is deceived and is a prophecy that today is fulfilled and being fulfilled, because of all their own church entrenched deception, and their rebellious refusal to examine their believed to be Christian beliefs. They put all of their faith and trust in their minister, believing the faith they have is the faith once delivered, but they and their minister can not prove anything they do as being from the true teachings of Jesus Christ and His Word, and so they, along with the rest of the world and its accepted Christianity, continue in their downward, destructive path, and continue to become even more deceived with each passing day. Jesus Christ in speaking of His coming and because believers will not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved that He will give them a strong delusion (a great deception) that they should believe a lie, II Thessalonians 2:8-12. That is where Christianity is today, by believing a big lie about their faith and their salvation as it pertains to the real Jesus Christ of Scripture and why He died!

      Why  does this state of deception prevail in today's professing Christians and their churches, and how did it all get started? It got started and prevails today, because all of the Christian teaching and learning institutions such as, colleges, universities, seminaries and Christian academies are teaching under the authority and leadership of Satan, the devil, and they don't know it. Their fruit bears this out to be true! They may be sincere, but sincerely deceived! The young students that come to these institutions to learn and be taught, are soon brainwashed into following one of the false christs that  Christ warned against, and that Satan has caused to be established there  in that institution, and is a false christ who is worshipped in today's false Christianity. This is the case in all these so-called "Christian" learning institutions and schools. After graduation, Satan's mind-control over them continues with each of these young students as they are sent out  to evangelize the world, but to evangelize it with their school taught false gospel and all their school taught deception, to continue to keep the whole world deceived about the true Jesus Christ, His true Gospel, His death, and all of the teachings of true Christianity!

      All of these young people, who are sincere children desiring to know God, but who willingly and submissively give and turn their hearts and minds unsuspectingly over to these professors and ministers, who are the false, church fathers and ministers of Satan. All of this great deception is referred to in today's Christian preaching as giving one's mind and heart over to Christ, but it is a false christ. These ministers, theologians, professors and teachers of Satan, with all of their college or seminary learning having degrees  after their names, highly respected in religious circles, and appear as servants of righteousness  and as being of God, but their end shall be according to their false and deceiving works and fruit!

        Paul spoke of such "professed to be Christ's ministers" in II Corinthians 11:13-15, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. V. 14, And no marvel: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. V. 15, Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness: whose end shall be according to their works." So all of these young student children, who may sincerely desire the Word of Christ, but who instead of having their minds and hearts turned in submission to God and the real Jesus Christ,  and to all the prophets, apostles, the true fathers of Christ's Word, graduate from these colleges, seminaries and universities, having their hearts and minds turned to and in submission to these false, church fathers, who are the servants of Satan, and all of them appearing as ministers of light and righteousness! Yes, the whole world is and has been deceived by these false leaders and their show of great Christian understanding!

     In all of these professed to be Christian teaching institutions, there is one, big, fatal and foundational area of error of deception, that undermines, corrupts, perverts and misleads all of their teachings to all their followers and believers. This big error corrupts young peoples' mind as to why Jesus Christ died, and why His blood was shed, and by this deceptive error corrupts all the rest of Christ's teachings in the hearts of these young peoples' understanding of true Christianity. The big, fatal error that all of these "Christian" teaching schools and churches make in their teaching is their doing away with God's 10 commandments as they pertain to Christ's death, His shed blood, and to repentance and the forgiveness of sin in order to be justified of  the believer's past sins. The ministers, pastors, evangelists, teachers, professors and doctors of theology of all of these so-called Christian teaching institutions have nailed to the cross God's 10 commandments  through their teaching. These are the commandments when broken,  that are the very reason  why Jesus Christ permitted His blood to be shed and His body bruised and broken at the Passover! Why would Jesus Christ die to nail His wonderful law, His commandments of love to a tree?  This is the  same law and commandments that David in Psalms wrote so much about  and how wonderful  are God's commandments. Then Christ comes along and nails all of the law, His law of love to the cross as the world's evangelists, pastors, doctors and masters of theology would have you to believe! This is a terrible lie and deception that has been preached in all of today's Christianity and the very reason they don't now understand why Jesus Christ came to give His life in sacrifice.

      Jesus Christ at Passover did not nail to His cross the 10 commandments, but as Christ's Word states, He blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing  it to His cross, Colossians 2:14. This handwriting of ordinances were the handwritten laws and commands given as judgments against sinners. These laws were  given to Moses by Christ, which are against people committing sin, the breaking of God's law, the 10 commandments. These handwritten ordinances were not the 10 commandments written by the finger of God in stone! God's law given in judgments against sin are blood shedding judgments and ordinances against every sinner committing sin. These are what were blotted out, nailed to the cross, but only for those believers who will repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ's shed blood and broken body in His death as the substitution death and shedding of blood and death for a sinner's own sins of commandment transgressing. Sin is the transgressing of God's law, His 10 commandments, as Scripture in I John 3:4 states- Whosoever  commits sin transgresses the law; for sin is the transgression of the law, the law being the 10 commandments and the statutes. Statutes are commands that give  further instructions, details and magnification to the 10 commandments. This is the reason Christ told the rich ruler that he must keep the commandments and identified those commandments as the 10 commandments he must keep in order to inherit eternal life, Matthew 19:17.

       God's 10 commandments are never against us, but were given to us to help  us develop God's love and Godly behavior, which are  requirements to become a member of His Kingdom. There is no place in God's Kingdom for anyone that does not understand this, and is not acting upon this understanding. God's handwritten judgments, given as ordinances, are against all of us if we are breaking His 10 commandments. God says, "All have sinned," Romans 3:23, and have broken His commandments. That does not mean a believer that repents of breaking God's commandments is to continue in sin, to continue to break God's commandments, but to  now obey them and totally stop sinning. Judgment for breaking any one of His  10 commandments demands our blood to be shed in death to justify that law and judgment unless we repent and accept Christ's substitution shed blood and death for our death for commandment breaking!

      So in the plainest of words, if anyone has broken any of God's commandments, or is presently breaking only one of His commandments, then this person is presently under the law's judgment of death for his own sins, and his own blood will be shed in the coming judgment. It makes no difference if a person does accept Jesus Christ, His death and sacrifice, and confesses His Name, if he does not repent of breaking God's  10 commandments,  and does not stop breaking His commandments and is not determined to obey the commandments, Christ will not  accept you to be forgiven, justified, and receive His mercy and grace, and He will not give you His Holy Spirit to help you obey Him. Any believer who does not understand this, does not understand why Christ died, and any person teaching against God's commandments is teaching against Christ's death and why Jesus Christ died! If you are not teaching that God's 10 commandments are to be obeyed, you are teaching against Jesus Christ and His death and why He died! Woe be unto that person be he a preacher, pastor, professor, teacher or just a lay church member!

      Look at some examples of just what all this means in your life! If you are presently breaking any one of God's  10 Commandments, then this should tell that you are a sinner, and the wages or fruit of your sins will be death, Romans 6:23! If you consider yourself a believer in Christ, but you are still breaking His first commandment, then you are breaking God's commandment against idolatry. Idolatry is, for example, putting your minister, your church  before God and His Word (if they are not teaching the importance of obeying the commandments), or putting your husband or wife, or anyone, even your children first in your life before God. Or you can even put animals, your exalted pets, or even your house, your employer, your work, or anything  in your life as coming first before God and His commandments. This is all idolatry, and the very reason you do not understand why Jesus Christ died, and have not been accepted by Him for justification of your sins! You still have your sins and will have to pay the penalty for them, because you have not done what Jesus Christ demands of you to receive his GRACE and SALVATION.

       If you as a confessed believer are worshipping another christ, a false christ, who today's Christianity has made a minister of sin as Galations 2:17 plainly points out, by people seeking to be justified of their sins, but still are found to be sinners, this is a deception  of Satan that deceives people about their salvation. This is clearly creating a false christ and image of Christ that permits sin among church members, and is misrepresenting the true Christ. This is transgressing the 2nd commandment. This is sin and will reap the penalty of death, because people following this teaching really do not understand Christ's death, that His body was broken and blood shed, and because of this sin, there is no forgiveness of this sin unless there is a full repentance of worshipping this false christ! Today's ministers, representing today's Christianity, cannot recognize the many false christs that Jesus Christ warns against and that people worship today! Why? Because they are worshipping one of them and no one has pointed out a false christ to them! Christ said in Matthew 24:24, "For there shall arise false christs, (raised up false christs to worship in their services) and false prophets (false Christian preachers) and shall show great signs and wonders (boasting  of all  their great "Christian work") and if possible, they shall deceive the very elect, (the true saints of God)." God's saints will not be deceived, because they are in the Word of God, study His Word daily, and live by His every Word, rather than by the words and worship of men.

        If you as a professed Christian sit in church services each Sunday, observing the first day of the week as God's Sabbath, which God did not command, you are adding to God's Word! And then you go out and profane His Holy, 7th day Sabbath, Saturday,  by not remembering to keep this time holy in your life, that God the Creator made holy at creation, you are profaning God's Holy time. You are a sinner, deserving death by Christ's command and coming judgment. God's 7th day, Sabbath commandment, that God commands to be Holy time of the week, has never been rescinded, or superseded anywhere in His Word. If a person works  at doing his work, or does any of his pleasures, such as being involved in sports, shopping, buying and selling,  or even having someone work for you on that holy time and day, you are profaning God's Holy Sabbath, which is a sin and will reap death! If you are presently transgressing God's Sabbath day each week, you are sinning against God, breaking His 4th commandment and you are also sinning breaking His 3rd commandment by taking His Name in vain by professing to be a Christian, but still a sinner. You are a sinner by breaking both the third and fourth commandments. If this is the situation in your life, you do not understand why Christ died because Jesus Christ died to cover, justify, and forgive these sins of breaking the Sabbath and taking His Name in vain, but only for those who truly understand and will  repent of breaking them.

       Jesus Christ came to this earth to give His life and blood in love and sacrifice for every sinner who has broken God's  10 Commandments, if that sinner will repent of his transgressions of God's law and commit himself to obey all of His Commandments. This is what the new covenant is all about having God's laws written in your heart and mind, Heb. 8:10. How can you have those commandments written in your heart and mind and still follow today's Christianity that rejects them? God promises every sinner who will repent and obey His commandments, help, through the power of His Holy Spirit to help him obey all those commandments. However, all that people of professed Christianity ever hear from today's false ministers about God's  10 Commandments is that it is impossible to obey them, or that they are bondage, or that you can't keep them all, or they have been nailed to the cross, and so they teach the BIG Satanic lie that keeping God's commandments is impossible, and is not required by Jesus Christ in order to receive His grace and salvation! All of these statements are lies coming out of the  very bowels of Satan! Jesus Christ says you must keep the 10 Commandments if you really want eternal life, Matthew 19:17 "-- If you will enter into life, keep the commandments."

      Christ  in His Word, says nothing is impossible with God, so if God and Jesus Christ are living in you through the power of Their Holy Spirit, then it is possible and commanded by Them for you  to keep all of  the  10 Commandments. Matthew 19:26 states in the context that we must keep God's  10 Commandments to enter His Kingdom, that "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."   Christ also in Matthew 17:20, speaking in the context of faith and prayer, "that nothing (you pray for) shall be impossible unto you." Luke 18:27 says, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God, (if God is living in you)."

        Jesus Christ died and permitted His blood to be shed from His body to fulfill His own law given to Moses  as a  judgment against sin and sinners. Everyone has sinned, broken God's  10 Commandments, and by the command of the letter of God's law given in judgments, will reap death unless they repent and humble themselves as a little child and accept Jesus Christ's shed blood and sacrifice as the fulfillment of that law's judgment. Christ's sacrifice and mercy fulfills and justifies the letter of God's law given in judgments. Christ holds out His sacrifice and makes it available to take the place of the penalty of a sinners' own death, and His own shed blood that God by His law says every sinner deserves, and will be rewarded in the judgment unless he repents, obeys His commandments, and in faith, accepts Christ and His sacrifice.

      Jesus Christ says in His Word, Hebrews 10:26-29, "For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins, V 27, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries." V 28, He that despised Moses' law (God's Ten Commandments) died without mercy under two or three witnesses: V 29, How much more severe punishment suppose you, shall he be thought worthy, who had trodden under foot the Son of God, and has counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing and has done despite unto the Spirit of grace?"

       If you after reading this article and now you understand the truth that sin is the breaking of God's 10 commandments, but you continue to sin willfully, continue to break any one of God's commandments, Christ in His Word, Hebrews 10:26-29, plainly says, "there remains no more sacrifice for sins, and you are counting His blood of the covenant an unholy thing are doing spite against His grace." Why don't today's Christian pastors, church leaders, ministers, evangelists, professors of theology, teach these Scriptures and the seriousness of these words of Jesus Christ? It is because it is truth, something they are very unfamiliar with in their teachings,  and    it exposes their errors in all of their teachings!

      More examples of commandment transgression as to why Jesus Christ died is understanding why families are experiencing the horrible, horrendous curses, and problems that their sins have brought upon them, causing their family destruction, causing it to become totally dysfunctional! Jesus Christ died for the sins  and curses of breaking the fifth commandment, but only for those that will repent, and begin to obey and make whatever changes that a family can still make by obeying the fifth commandment, to honor one's father and mother, and to teach this commandment to their children.  If one is to be accepted by Christ, and to be justified by Him and to receive His grace, a person and family must obey the 5th commandment, along with the rest of His commandments, otherwise you really don't understand why Christ died and will continue in the bondage of sin, and all of its curses and death! 

      Other examples of sins that Christ died for and can be forgiven are the sins of breaking the 6th commandment, transgressions that are resulting in anger, hatred, and murder against one's neighbor or family members, and the unborn, all breaking the 6th commandment, along with the sin of unlawfully divorcing one's mate, or any unlawful sexual sin and sexual perversion of any kind, which all transgresses the 7th commandment. These commandment transgressions bring on terrible pain, mental suffering, deep anguish, discouragement and depression, which are all  the curses of sin. These are sins that Jesus Christ died for, that He suffered and was bruised terribly for in his beaten body, and that He took upon Himself in His love for sinning man. These are sins  that can be forgiven, pains that can be lifted, healing and restoration that can take place if a person committing these sins will repent of those sins and is determined to obey  His commandments! Then, and only then, can a sinner be accepted by Christ, and be given His Grace for salvation! Christ's Passover was commanded and given to  man to remind him of these things each year.

    Christ died, shed His blood, because of all of these widespread transgressions that are being committed across the land and world, transgressions of God's 10 commandments, if there is deep sorrow, heart felt repentance, and a real change in one's heart. Jesus Christ still holds out His hand in mercy to any sinner that will repent of breaking these and all of God's  10 Commandments. Without this understanding about why Christ died, Christ's shed blood and suffering has no meaning and no mercy on a believer,  who confesses that he knows Jesus Christ!

      The same is true with all those that are stealing and extorting from their brother or neighbor his money, his property, or anything that belongs to his neighbor, or if anyone is lying and falsely teaching the Word of Christ, which is being done on a  such a scale that is  beyond words to describe, or coveting, lusting for your neighbor's wife, or any of these things. These are all sins, transgressions of God's Holy and righteous law,  all breaking the 8th, 9th, and 10th commandments. Christ died because of these sins, but will not forgive one person who is committing these sins if there is not a genuine deep repentance, a change in mind and heart to obey God's law! Giving your heart to the Lord and confessing the name of Jesus Christ as being all that a believer needs to do, and as is widely taught by all  of today's Christian churches, ministers, theology professors will not be accepted by the true Jesus Christ  in order to come under His grace, be justified of one's sins and to be saved!  People of this false Christian mind set  and understanding are still under the penalty of God's Law and will not escape the great tribulation  and judgment coming upon all the world!

        Jesus Christ died, and His blood was shed because people have transgressed any one, or all of God's commandments. As long as anyone continues to break any of God's commandments, and will not repent, to change his life to obey all of God's commandments, then he will not be forgiven by Christ in order to be saved from their sins, and does not have God's grace and salvation. In these cases the shedding of one's own blood in death will be fulfilled at the day of judgment for his rebellious refusal to obey God's Ten Commandments!

      Paul makes the statement about Christ's love for us by stating, "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," Romans 5:8. Jesus Christ did not die for a righteous person because all have sinned and are unrighteous.  This means all have broken God's commandments, and need a justifying sacrifice that only Christ and His sacrifice can provide and fulfill, if one is truly repentant, and accepts His sacrifice. No one has been, or can be forgiven and made righteous without accepting Jesus Christ's  love in His death, of having come to this earth to give His life in sacrifice for all repentant sinners, and He is the only one that has qualified to fulfill the law's requirement against sin and to be one's Savior, John 3:16!

      Paul continues in Romans 6:1, with the question, "Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?" Today's professing Christians believe you can continue in sin and still be saved! This is a big lie in all of what is professed as today's Christianity. Paul answers his question by saying, "God forbid" or "absolutely not!" A professed believer who is continuing in sin, or continuing to break God's commandments in  his life, and  believes that Christ will accept him in that sinning state, and that Christ will live His life in him, is deceived and living his faith contrary to  Christ and against His Word!

      In Romans 6:16, Paul states, "Know you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are to whom ye obey: whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness."

     In conclusion, and to give an overview of this message, people today, who acknowledge Jesus Christ, and confess they know Him, are confessing and knowing and worshipping a name. The name that they worship is the name that they have borrowed from the true Jesus Christ of Scripture, and placed upon one of their many, raised up, false christs, an image of their mind, and is what they worship in their churches, as Christ foretold they would do in His Word!

     The true Christ of the Scriptures is the Christ people do not know! They don't know why He came to this earth and died for their sins, or the sins of the world! The true Christ of  Scripture, came to the world to die,  to suffer pain and permit His blood to shed, to fulfill the penalty for sin, which is the penalty for breaking God's law, His  10 Commandments!

      The very foundation and framework of all of God's law that produces Godly love, is the  10 Commandments, I John 5:2-3. The  10 Commandments are the specifics of the two great commandments that Jesus Christ gave in Matthew 22:37-39, and when obeyed, produce love to God and love to one's neighbor. From these two great commandments hang all the law and prophets. These two great commandments are a composite of the  10 Commandments and statutes, and when they are obeyed in their entirety beginning in one's mind, do prove one's love to God and neighbor.

      Any professed believer in today's Christianity, who confesses he knows the Christ of the Bible, and is breaking any one of the  10 Commandments,  in reality, is breaking Christ's two great commandments. This believer does not understand what is sin, nor does he understand what is God's law. So in truth, this person does not understand grace, and why Jesus Christ died and why his blood was shed!

     When Jesus Christ died, and after three days and three nights in the grave, He was resurrected and was accepted by God the Father, as the anointed sacrifice, man's Passover, and Savior for man's sins. However, Christ as man's Passover, and his life saving sacrifice, is only for those who will repent, obey His commandments, and in faith, accept Him with the clear understanding of why Christ died to be their Savior!

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