When God Works Things Out! 

  This Statement has been made many, many times by the lowly, scattered, divided, and confused members that are associated with the Churches of God and Jesus Christ.

       Are you, as God's elect, still waiting for God to "work things out," by some miraculous action on His part, of correcting all the sins of injustices, offenses, church government abuses, divisions, strife, and confusion in the Church of God, called now the Churches of God, or in any of the so called professed Christian churches? Have such problems and sins so disoriented you, that you are now asking, "What is the truth, and what is God's will and direction in my life?" Or have you become so callous  and indifferent to sin, and to all proven to be false teachings and false doctrines, that  none of this any longer concerns and affects you?

     Why has God allowed all the divisions and splits in the hierarchical order of the Churches of God and other churches of the world? God's saints are asking,  "Why doesn't God step in to restore and reunite the Church, through its hierarchical order, or an oligarchical order, if that's His will and command to follow, and to submit to such church authority and government?" Today, there is no such obvious work of a church wide reunification, or reuniting taking place under such authority, instead, it is just the opposite, with more divisions, strife, and confusion among the churches. However, today there are a few saints, who are quietly withdrawing themselves altogether from all such church governing authorities,  all their false teachings, and sin leavening situations, and who are now looking directly to Jesus Christ and His leadership, through His Spirit. These are saints, who are once again reclaiming their lives from men, and making sure their houses are now in order, and that they have on a proper wedding garment  before the return of Jesus Christ.

      Why did God in the beginning of today's Churches, allow the leadership of the church to initiate and pattern an authority of governing power in the church after the world's governments, world's religions, and world's business organizations, with internal boards and top down authority? Why did God allow an internal top down authority, to come between Him (God) and His personal authority in every member's life?

      Why has God allowed hierarchical and oligarchical types of church government powers to exist and rule in the church, both of which He has commanded by His word, Mat. 20:25-26, "But it shall not be so among you?" Yes, Christ was speaking of these types of governments, gentile type governments, that were not to be followed and accepted by His Body of church members. Why do church members go against the command of Christ? Why has God allowed His believers to follow a church leadership in such a way, that  they are led to believe that such leadership is able to organize God's Spirit in their minds and hearts? They exclude again what Christ says through  what John says  in I John 2:27. Why has God permitted church organizations to form, with such power over its members, that its members are made to believe they are answerable first, to that church leadership through their hierarchical, top down rank of authority, or an oligarchical, church board of authority, as the binding authority and mediator over them and over their salvation, above God, and instead of God? Is this the church of the living Christ, absolutely not?

     The lesson in  the history of man is, that people seem to have to experience the wrong way of man's government before they can come to understand and experience the right and true way of God's government, through His Spirit. A lesson that many Church members have not learned yet, is that it is God and His Spirit through His Word that is to direct a person's life,  and not a church, dominated by men, their word and books and through their church government. Study I John 2:27. Christ desires every man that has been given His Spirit to look to Him as His Head and Authority, and then to lead and guide his family under that Authority, Eph.5:17-27. That does not mean that pastors that are truly qualified cannot be supervisors, teachers, watchmen over the faith and helpers of the joy of the saints, Heb. 13:17 - "Obey them that have rule over you (rule here means to lead and teach by example), and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls--."  II  Cor. 1:24 - "Not for that we have dominion (authority) over your faith, but are  helpers of your joy: for by faith you stand."

       Why did God allow the Churches of God and protestant churches begin its work and ministry with  "another" gospel, that minimizes and perverts the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God? Why did He allow this misfocused gospel to lay the foundation of a man-led church, and the following of men, through a church-hierarchical government or group of men and it domination over members? This top-down authority of church government,  which is the fruit of their perverted gospel, is an authority that produces man worship, instead of following, and worshipping Jesus Christ and His Word, through the power of His Holy Spirit! This church, perverted gospel also laid the foundation for more false teachings and false doctrines, that inspired the worship of men, and perverted Christ's teaching about true, spiritual conversion, of being born again in his heart and mind, of God and His Spirit.

       Why? Why? Why? This is a lot of why questions that many members have asked in their life, but most have never come up with any really solid, Scriptural answers, or else, they have had them answered and deceiveingly satisfied with their pastor's statements that cover up Scripture and minimizes sin. For example, pastors make such statements as, "There were sins in the churches in Paul's day, and sins in the 7 churches of John's writing in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation," implying that sin in the church is permitted, and is normal behavior. These church pastors never follow up with the truth of what both Paul, and John told these church members, "That if they didn't change, and repent of their sins, that they need not expect to be in God's Kingdom, and be written in the Lamb's book of life." To not be written in the Lamb's book of Life is  a heavy warning and a serious statement! Why isn't this taught and cried aloud in order to direct members to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, Phil. 2:12? The ministry has failed miserably to lead and teach the true Gospel to the church, and to lead its members to true Spiritual conversion! ! ! !

      Another sin, covering-up deception that pastors teach is: "church members are taught that they need to be flexible, merciful, forgiving, and to not worry about sins in the church, that all church members are sinners!" It is said they must learn to live with sins, offenses, injustices, fornication, lusts and abuses in the church! After all, they say, "Christ ate and visited with sinners didn't He?" The Scripture, studying saint understands, that Christ came to convert sinners, not the righteous, they, also, have studied to know, there really were no righteous members to visit and eat with at that time. The Pharisees definitely were not righteous,  yes, self-righteous, but not righteous! Christ came to build His church by showing sinners how to become righteous! Christ even told Peter after 3 and 1/2 years, who is taught as being the leading disciple, "When you (Peter) become converted," meaning all the time he was with Christ, he still wasn't converted and righteous yet! One is not righteous until one is converted! Where were the righteous saints that Christ could have eaten with during His ministry? So this is just another false teaching, and a stumbling block, that misleads the brethren, and leavens the church, by causing them to stumble to accept sin and sinners, or to minimize sin as all part of a church member's normal behavior.

        Members are told that God will work all the sins out in time, and that they need "to learn to go along to get along," and more importantly and above all, to not forget to come together for fellowship, that this is the way to true unity and harmony in the church.  This dumbing down teaching in the church, goes on and on with hardly anyone so much as raising an eyebrow! Brethren are led by a pastor's example and false teaching, "that a little leavening, will not leaven the whole church and fellowship." This is evil and wickedness, and should have been the lesson that all church members should have learned and understood all along, by their yearly observance of Christ's Passover, and the Days of Unleavened Bread! But many have not learned that lesson! Why not? It is because of all the prior training that pastors and teachers have received at the feet of their foolish shepherd, who became their idol shepherd, and who set a sinful, leavening example before them all, and by  his false teaching, cloned a lot of useless ministers! 

        It is true, that God will work out all these sins, member deception and abuses in time, but His time is, the great tribulation, if pastors and members are refusing to listen to Christ now! It is every Christ, following disciple's time and responsibility now, to work out these sin problems in his own life first, and then, to lovingly help other brethren to overcome their sins, as in being our brother's keeper! It is not God's responsibility to help the church members work all these things out, if Church members do not have God living in them, nor desire to be converted, and to overcome their sins! If God is living in you, through His Holy Spirit, He is definitely working these things out in you personally! In plain words, if you are judging yourself, and examining your life and correcting sins, errors, and  yes, even withdrawing from those that are not, and who choose not to do so, then God will not have to punish and judge you for your sins in the great trial coming on all the earth!  Read what Christ says in I Cor. 11:30-32! This is the lesson that all members should be learning at the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, and putting into good works!  

       Church members have had blinders put on their eyes by pastors! Members have been deceived and confused about tolerating sin, looking over sin, compromising sin, and being taught to forgive unrepentant church sinners, and accepting sin and sinners, as normal, member behavior. This is all the work of Satan, and not the work of Jesus Christ, through the power and teaching of His Holy Spirit! Yes, love in a saint looks over weaknesses, and sins of ignorance, where brethren have not grown, but at the same time, exposes sins of false teaching, and presumptuous sins, flagrant sins, and sins of pride! It is your personal responsibility to work things out now, first in your own life, and then to help others, to whatever measure that you can, as they welcome you!

Bypassing God's Judgment For Sin

      There seems to be a common acceptance and understanding among   brethren, that Christ is going to bypass judgment upon all unrepentant sinners of the members of  Churches of God. They preach that God will judge the sinners of the world, but somehow will be a respecter of persons toward the the sinning members of the Churches of God! ! ! Many brethren seem to live their lives with this self-deception!  

     Do you, as a confessed member of  the body of Jesus Christ, believe "the wages of sin is death," Rom. 6:23? Do you as a member of Christ's body, truly believe that Christ will not punish you or any member, who confesses to be of Christ, and yet,  who  is still a sinner, and who is not one bit disturbed about repenting, changing, or correcting sin in your life? Have you been confused about what is sin? Are you still accepting the false teaching from pastors that all members of the church are still sinners, and also, their false teaching, that it is impossible for God to help you to keep His 10 commandments, without breaking one of those commandments, even though God says nothing is impossible with Him? Do you accept this false teaching in face of what God says in His Word, that if you are still a sinner, a commandment breaker, but still believe your sins are justified, you are making Jesus Christ a minister of sin?  Jesus Christ inspired Paul to write in Gal. 2:17,---"But if while we seek to be justified by Christ, we ourselves also are found sinners, is therefore Christ the minister of sin? God forbid."

    It is clear from God's Word, that if you are a sinner in the church, then you are still a transgressor of God's law, you have not fully repented, and you really are not converted! In fact, you are accepting God's Word to mean that the wages, or punishment, for sin is not death, and thereby by-passing His judgment! This belief goes back to Satan's original teaching in the beginning, that if you continue to eat of the "cursed tree," you will not die! So if you are following this teaching, then you are following Satan and not Christ! There seems to be no fear of Christ and   His judgment coming upon all sinners!!!!!

     Do you accept and believe what God also says in I John 3:4-6, "Whosoever  commits sin, transgresses the law," Verse 6--"Whosoever abides in Him (Christ) does not sin: whosoever sins (continues too sin) has not seen Christ, neither knows Him." Christ goes on to say, through John, in verse 8, "He that commits sin is of the devil." But you say "I don't know if I am sinning or not, because my pastor says I am a church sinner." Basically, you are confessing that you don't know and understand God's laws and commandments, and believe everything you pastor tells you! So if you are a church member, and still committing sin, that is breaking any one of God's commandments, Christ says you are of the devil! These are very strong words, but nevertheless, God's Scripture!!! 

       Christ continues to say in verse 9, "Whosoever is born of God, does not commit sin: for His seed (His spirit) remains in him: and he cannot sin (will not permit himself to sin), because he is born of God." Christ,  the Bread of Life lives in him! A member born of God, knows God's commandments well, and is committed to obeying them, and is converted to a heart and mind of God's Spirit, and is led by His Spirit! Christ goes on to say in verse 10, "In this the children of God are manifested and the children of the devil." So by these Scriptures, one can see, if you are still a sinner of the church, as is commonly taught by pastors, you are manifesting whose child you really are! If you are willing in your heart and mind to permit a little leavening (sin) to continue in your life, and accept it as common behavior as a church member,  then you are still of Satan!!! You really have not learned about sin and leavening, the lesson of the Days of Unleavened Bread! You will fulfill Scripture, and pay the penalty for sin, Rom. 6:23!!!!

     The lesson Paul taught church members concerning the Days of Unleavened Bread in I Cor. 5:1-30, is that a little leaven will leaven the whole lump, or church! Any sin accepted as being small, and is permitted to go on without it being corrected, and even being exposed to all members if need be, will continue to leaven the fellowship group, or church. Paul continues to teach in I Cor. 5: 3-13, by showing how all church brethren should judge sin and sinners in the church. Paul said, "church members should not keep company-fellowship, with any sinning member who is a fornicator (one who engages in unlawful sexual activity), or who is a covetous  person (a pastor, or member unlawfully desiring the gain of money through church commanded 2nd and third tithes, that are not commanded by God, or unlawfully desiring exalted offices, or positions of power over the brethren, or church.)

     Paul continues in I Cor. 5:9, with other such sins that a member of  the body of Christ should not keep fellowship with sinners such as, one who is an idolater (one that idolizes the pastor, the church leadership,  or any such idol), or a railer (an abusive church leader, that rules with force and intimidation of submission to a church government), or a drunkard, (or an excessive drinker),  or an extortioner (obtaining  money or uncommanded tithes  by power of authority, force, or coercion). Christ says through Paul, "that pastors and members committing these sins, or any such sins should be disfellowshipped," or  members  should, as commanded by God, withdraw from such unrepentant sinners!

   God's Word here in these verses and other like verses, commands a church member, or members, to "put away from among yourselves that wicked person," verse 13, or "not to keep company-fellowship," with such sinners. Verse 11, Jesus Christ's commands His church in verses 4-5, "to deliver such a sinning person unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the Spirit (the Spirit of God in him) may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus." This plainly means, brethren should put any such sinning person out of the fellowshipping body, which is out of the protection of God, and over to the devices of Satan. This is true and just judgment, and discipline, commanded by Christ, to be carried out by His body of believers, who confess that they are of Him, and followers of Him. This is God's love in action, at work in the body of Jesus Christ, that will hopefully save a sinner from the wages of his sin, by making him aware of his sin, or sins. By taking this action, a body of believers is, understanding the lesson of the Days of Unleavened Bread. By this action of love,  a church is  "working things  (sin) out now,"  so that God will not have to work out  these sins later, in His Day of Judgment!

      This is what Christ commands of every church member before eating of the bread and drinking of the wine at the Passover Service, that they should individually examine themselves, to look at their life, repent and correct any or all such sins,  to set a proper example in the body. If this action is taken and worked out, then God will not have to work out the correcting of sin in your life, later in His Day of Judgment,  when He comes to judge all the earth! Christ says in I Cor. 11:31--"For if we would judge ourselves (now), we should not be judged (later by Christ)." At that time of Christ's judging and chastening, all church members, called to be saints, who will not judge and correct themselves now, will be given over to the devices of Satan, for the saving of the spirit. God says in Rev. 12:17, "and Satan went to make war with the rest of the church which keep the commandments, (church members who confess to be commandment keepers) and have the testimony of Jesus Christ," (the understanding and prophecy concerning Jesus Christ).

     Every church member must work sin out by "working out your own salvation, with fear and trembling," Phil. 2:12. This fear and trembling should be over the fact that, a member's confidence and faith is, in his relying on the Word of God, to direct and instruct one in his life, instead of a faith that looks to men, their policies, and their commandments with its  leavening effect on the church!

    Why don't members understand the instructions of Christ, through Paul's teaching, about sin and its leavening effect in the body of Christ? The reason is, because of what Paul corrected the Corinthian church  over, and that was their puffed up heart of pride, that created a proud, church atmosphere in their fellowship. Many in today's Churches of God are saying, "we are the church and we have the truth, so nothing else is needed, and nothing needs to be worked out. Our foolish shepherd has led us by his doctrines, to be secure in his faith!"

   Christ says because of this lukewarm heart and prideful mind-set of the church members, "that He is going to spue them out, spit or vomit them out of His mouth, into the hands and devices of Satan, for the saving of their spirit,"  Rev. 3:16!!!

    The Lord says in Heb. 12:6, "For whom the Lord loves, He chastens, or corrects, and scourges every son whom He receives." God pleads with every church member to work things out now in peaceful times so that He won't have to work sins out of your life during the great trial coming on all the world.

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