"Turning Many To Righteousness"


        God says in Daniel 12:3 - "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever." Question? Where are the  "they" and "wise" in today's churches that have turned many to righteousness? And where are the many or are there any that have been turned to righteousness? If you  have been  accepting what some Church of God pastors  have  been teaching and writing, you have come to the conclusion as evidently they have that there are none that have been turned to righteousness? Is that true? The wise in the Churches of God know the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness, but it seems that certain pastors do not know the difference?  These pastors are teaching that there are no truly righteous members in the church today, that all are sinners, that all baptised members are both righteous and unrighteous, and all are both righteous and self-righteous. Have you been led to accept this understanding along with them. These pastors  by their teaching cannot distinguish between righteousness and unrighteousness, between righteousness and mistakes. Why is understanding righteousness a problem in the understanding and growth of pastors and members?

        God the Father and Jesus Christ throughout their inspired Word distinguishes between righteousness and unrighteousness. All the prophets of the Old Testament along with the Apostles of the New Testament were and are able to distinguish between righteousness and unrighteousness. John in I John 3:7 - "Little children (church brethren or babes in Christ), let no man deceive you: he that does righteousness is righteous (not unrighteous), even as he (Christ) is righteous. John in verse 10 - "whosoever does not righteousness is not of God,-----." Verse 8 - "He that committs sin is of the devil-----."  John  says  I John 5:17 - "all unrighteousness is sin----." Why is it some pastors who profess they are  ministers of  the word of God but by their teaching cannot distinguish between righteousness and unrighteousness, between righteousness and self-righteousness, and the difference between a sinner and a saint??? Could it be that these ministers, who call themselves pastors, just might not be righteous, meaning they  are unrighteous and are trying to bring down the righteous ones in the body to their own unrighteous  and self-righteous state???

      Their teaching about righteousness is in error. Jesus Christ does have some righteous scattered ones that are truly righteous and who He calls His saints. These are His saints because they have been turned to righteousness and have achieved their righteousness through  Him. But these righteous ones have been turned to righteousness not through the teaching of the Church of God's In The Truth Sacred Cow system of beliefs. Neither has it been through a perverted government gospel that produces the fruit of a spiritual tyranny through a centralized authority.

      These righteous saints were turned to righteousness by rejecting that  false belief system and accepted the true Jesus Christ focused Gospel. Jesus Christ and His salvation message is the heart and core Gospel of the Kingdom of God. When the Gospel about Jesus Christ   is  preached,  and is believed and  accepted,  its message then converts, saves and turns believers to Christ and to righteousness. These scattered righteous saints have come to understand and grow in the faith that looks to Jesus Christ as their living head, Lord and Savior, and not some church hierarchical church order with its oppressive,  satanic tyranny, that robs them of their freedom in Christ and freedom in the Spirit. They have come to recognize satan's ministers  who have come before them as apostles, evangelists, and pastors of light  and have rejected  those false spiritual leaders.

      These righteous members are daily living by Christ's Word, His doctrine, and all of His commandments through the power  and leadership of His Spirit, and not by  the leadership of a sacred cow religious system of beliefs that is becoming more and more noted for producing division and confusion.   These are Christ's saints who have come to see and prove by God's Word that this Church of God's hierarchical government structure established by its foolish shepherd and still looked upon and worshipped as an idol is not of Jesus Christ. This foolish shepherd's Plain Truth Errors and doctrinal heresies are not from CHRIST's inspired Word nor is he God's Apostle  or God's righteous shepherd. This  Church of God preaching of the coming Kingdom of God is preached as the heart and core of the Gospel but is a perverted gospel, along with the church's teaching about being born again, which teaches that no one is born again now but at the resurrection. This is also a lie and heresy. Both of these false teachings have been destructive heresies that do not turn people to Jesus Christ and to righteousness but to men and the following of their flesh. 

      These ministers have confused the teachings of Christ about being  born again to mean   changed from flesh to spirit  at the resurrection. This is deception and false teaching. The true teaching and meaning of being born again  is about a member being converted to a spiritual mind and heart which comes about here and now in this life. Being converted from a fleshly mind to a spiritual mind is the meaning of being born again and is the teaching of Christ and His Apostles. This conversion produces such a change in a believer that he becomes as the Word says a new person. John says in I John 2:29 "If you know that he is righteous, you know that every one that does righteousness  (turned to righteousness) is born of Him." If a person has been turned to righteousness he has been born again of Christ. John says in I John 3:9 - "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin: (he keeps God's 10 commandments and does not compromise them) for his seed (Christ's Spirit) remains in him (he is daily led by God's Spirit): and he cannot sin, (Christ in him will not sin) because he is BORN of Him." II Cor. 5:17 - "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature -creation"  (Strong's 2973 creature means creation, a born again new creation), Gal.6:15--says a believer in Christ avails as a new creation, a born again son. Eph. 4:24-- " and that you put on (develop and grow to be) the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness." 

      The righteous  wise ones of Christ have come to prove that the widely accepted false teaching about being born again among the Churches of God  is really a Plain Lie  not the Plain Truth. It has become a stumbling block to many members in their  being turned to righteousness because they have not been converted to being led by the Spirit because of this stumbling false doctrine that has been cast in their path.  This false teaching prevents  real conversion and aborts a begotten  babe in Christ from coming to a full term  new born again creation.  These righteous members  of Jesus Christ have found these false teachings as reasons why many have not been turned to righteousness and added to their number and why the Churches of God are not unified in the Spirit  of God and working as one in the body of Christ.  

      These few born again righteous ones of Jesus Christ and their achieved and believed to be righteousness through  Him is continually being  preached against,  witnessed against falsely, persecuted, and   accused of being self-righteousness or being  their own righteousness. They are constantly be labeled Pharisee, legalist, and having no love. All of this is hatred, lying, and offenses against Christ little ones, and if Christ was not in them, those offenses could cause them to stumble in their faith. It seems that the ministry  and members have forgotten what Christ said about offending Christ's little ones in the faith, Mat. 18:6. These offenses, along with all the church jealousies against the righteous,  extorting uncommanded tithes, lusting for power and authority over them and their faith, all of the church divisions, disunity, strife, and man worship, that is present in all the churches today, is not the fruit of many having being turned to righteousness, but examples of leadership that  work the works of the flesh of men  that will turn many away from righteousness?

     Has the Church of God with its teachings  and beliefs turned many to righteousness? When one looks at the fruit of the church does the fruit prove this to be so? Or has the Church of God and its ministers been foolish instruments of a foolish and idol shepherd that have caused brethren to stumble at God' law  and His Word and actually have been instrumental of turning many away from righteousness.   Look at the fruit??? 

        When one looks at the fruit of churches of God and their religious belief system, one sees the fruit of the flesh of men not the Spirit of God. This fruit of the flesh of men is more and more being manisfested in strife  and arguments among the brethren, causing church divisions, brother hatred, more and more church heresies and confusion in teaching, unrecognized idolatry, man worship, lust and desire for power, lust and desire for money of God uncommanded church tithes. This is along with the fruit of lust that has been going on for years in the church, the lust or coveting unlawful sexual relations and the committing of unlawful sex acts in the church, adultery and fornication being committed among church ministry  and  its members without restraint from God's law, or fear of His judgment. All of this evil fruit has been without any real repentance and without any crying out against all of its evil. Has there been any  pastors heeding of the Ezekiel message in chapters 3,18, 33 to be a watchman in the church much less the world. Ezekiel's message was to turn the unrighteous back to righteousness to keep the watchman free from the penalty of punishment.  

        To understand how a brother is turned to righteousness, one must know and understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. How many members of the Churches of God can really give the answer of what is the true,  heart and core focused Gospel-the good news that was preached by Jesus Christ and the Apostles? Many will give their church's  answer of the Gospel as being "the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God." Is this the answer and what is taught in Christ's Word?

      Many give this answer not because of what they have studied in the Word, but because the ministers whom they follow has said this is the true focused gospel. To quote their head shepherd's own written words written in ones of his  own member letters - quote "Christ Gospel--the message--was the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.  That message is Christ' Gospel and Instead, for 18 1/2 centuries the world heard preaching about the messenger (Jesus Christ) calling that the "gospel." The Church of God's  Bible Correspondence Course writes this -quote   "Believe it or not, preaching Christ and belief on Him is not preahing Christ's Gospel! Christ, the person, is not the Gospel. The things Jesus did are not the gospel." End quote. Now if "the coming Kingdom of God" is the Gospel, then all the ones giving this answer should be able to go to their Bible and find as least in one place or just one verse, those words of Christ and the Apostles,  "the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God." Its not there!

     Why can't brethren find these words of the most important message given in the Bible? It is because these words is not the Gospel but a perverted gospel taught by man not God's Spirit.  If brethren then don't know what is the true focused Gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ taught and brought, then how can they be turned to righteousness? The truth is because the true Gospel of the Kingdom is about Jesus Christ, the messenger, why He came, His suffering, death and resurrection. And all of this pertains to believer's salvation by turning brethren to righteousness, through repentance, obedience to God's commandments, mercy and justification through Christ's sacrifice, and receiving God's Spirit and growing in that Spirit in order to be born again here and now that one can receive the gift of eternal life.  

       No servant or minister of the Lord Jesus Christ can turn anyone to righteousness unless that servant first is righteous, and understands righteousness, and can point out the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness.  This is the message of Jesus Christ in Mat. 7:1-5, and Luke 6:41-42. No unrighteous member can be turned to righteousness by a righteous servant of Jesus Christ unless that member is willing to have his unrighteousness, his sin, pointed out to him without him criticizing that righteous servant of Christ as being judgmental, bitter, a Pharisee, self-righteous, and lacking in the love of God.

        In the letter of I John the Apostle John and servant of Jesus Christ gives to all church brethren and pastors a message that points out the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness. Are the pastors and ministers in the Churches of God understanding and listening to John's message about righteousness? Are they turning members to righteousness, or have they been stumbling blocks to brethren and their desire to seek righteousness, by going about preaching, teaching, and writing that all baptized church members are both righteous and unrighteous, are both a sinner and a saint, and are both righteous and self-righteous?

       Doesn't this send a message of confusion and cast a stumbling block before the brethren and their desire to be turned to righteousness? If a pastor cannot plainly point out to the brethren their specific sin or wrongdoing based on God's law, or their specific deed of unrighteousness based on God's law, or their clearly pointed out sin of self-righteousness based on God's commandments, why do they then falsely accuse their righteous brother of being both righteous and unrighteous?

     Why is it that pastors and brethren alike accept the fact that they are unrighteous and sinners but can't really pinpoint what is their committed sin? Whatever sin is being committed should be pointed out. This is love for your brother. This is love for a righteous brother who believes he is righteous to point out to him what commandments or commandment is being  broken  by him when pastors and brethren accuse him or her of being unrighteous and self-righteous. However, when God's righteous servants point out clearly the sin in the church these pastors and their followers go about   saying "well nobody is perfect", meaning no righteous member of the body of Jesus Christ is without sin. They nearly always quote I John 1:8 out of its context as their proof text. In their accusing of their righteous brethren they always bring in Paul and accuse him also of being unrighteous and a sinner even  after his conversion. Again they will as their proof text and as usual out of context by quoting Rom. 7:14-18 where Paul is comparing the following of the flesh with the following and leading of the Spirit of God. If Paul was unrighteous and a sinner and a self-righteous apostle what was his sin? Those that accuse him should be able to point them out.

        John instructs and warns all church brethren in I John 3:7 - "Let no man (professed minister, pastor, evangelist, or any teacher) deceive you: he that does righteousness is righteous (not unrighteous), even as He (Christ) is righteous. Was Christ both righteous and self-righteous, and was He both righteous and unrighteous? If Christ is living in you, what will your life manifest, righteousness or unrighteousness? John goes on in the rest of Chapter 3 and explains how we are to love the brethren and not to hate your brother. He gives the example of Cain in Genesis, who hated his brother and killed his brother because of his brother's righteousness and his offering in righteousness to God.

         Do church pastors and ministers of the Churches of God today hate  and are jealous of their brother because of their brother's life and offering to God in righteousness? Why do those pastors say that any baptized member of the body of Jesus Christ who has been given God's Spirit and is daily led by God's Spirit cannot be fully righteous without being also unrighteous? These are pastors who are teaching error and suppressing the truth about righteonsness, all in the name of Jesus Christ, and are doing this by teaching that all church members are both righteous and unrighteous, and are both righteous and self-righteous, are both a saint and a sinner.

       This is the same message that protestant churches teach about how they believe they are accepted as a member of body of Jesus Christ and being a member of their churches. They say that they are all still sinners but saved by grace. Isn't this the same understanding basically that the Church of God  pastors and members are teaching and believe about themselves. What is the difference? The church of God people say yes, but we are commandment keepers and Holy Day observers, and understand about clean and unclean meats, but they still teach and confess that they still are sinners and are unrighteous and are self-righteous but saved by grace. What is difference between you and the protestant world? Christ says only the righteous will inherit His Kingdom where does that leave the unrighteous and sinners and the self-righteous? It leaves them without salvation. Are you righteous or unrighteous?

         Is the answer to this problem really the minister, who cannot recognize true Godly righteousness, and cannot explain with clarity what is righteousness, and so judge Godly righteousness of all members as being a mixture of both righteousness and unrighteousness, and to these minister anyone who thinks they are righteous they say it is misguided zeal,  or their own righteousness or just plain self-righteousness? These pastors are saying by these teachings that all members are still eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Have you been misled and misfocused about Christ's message about righteousness?  Are you understand and gaining in wisdom of how to recognize false doctrines, and what is being put in your path to cause you to stumble at the law of God, to keep you from being turned to true righteousness and inheriting God's Kingdom.

      Why have pastors, ministers, and teachers permitted Satan to lead them to cast stumbling blocks before the brethren instead of them being led by God through His Spirit, to be a true spiritual leader? It has come about because of their past training and submission to a false and heretical, religious system under the leadership of a foolish and idol shepherd. You can understand the work of this foolish shepherd by writing for the article "Instruments Of A Foolish Shepherd." This is a shepherd who God said He would raise up, and God foretold that this shepherd (Zech. 11: 15-17) would use the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

       This foolish shepherd began his ministry and work based on preaching a perverted and false gospel, a gospel preached to be the coming Kingdom of God, which was preached to be the government of God, and implemented in the church through the instrument of a church hierarchical government. This amounted to this shepherd and his ministry of presumptuously taking the role of God and God's authority by taking over the power and domination of the spirit in the lives of church members. Members' salvation came to be dependent upon him and his church government. He built his ministry on some extra uncommanded tithes and special offerings by which he padded his nest and paid for and bought his ministers.   "Does God Command Tithing," and "The In The Truth Sacred Cow," are 2 articles that will help you understand about this church system that has deceived people about being turned to righteousness.

      This foolish shepherd did not focus and direct the members' attention and worship on the true gospel of the Kingdom of God, which was the gospel about Jesus Christ and His purpose as man's Savior, and how man could be accepted for His kingdom by being turned to righteousness. Instead, he focused on the instrument of church government and its hierarchal order of authority, which Jesus Christ warned His church not to do, not be a part of, and not to follow, Mat. 20:25-27.

       Every church member is today being tested as to which Gospel has been the focus and center of their life.  Read and study  this article "This Is A Test" that will test you, to help you see if you are standing with Jesus Christ and the Father, or with man and his father, Satan. Also  the article on "Perverting the Gospel," which will give you more information on this Gospel subject. Because of this church's organization misdirecting the brethren's attention away from true righteousness, and the work of "turning many to righteousness," the brethren today have been confused as to why all the division, strife, and false teaching, and are going about in search of true righteousness.  Check out these articles "What is Righteousness," and "Is Righteousness Legalism," to help you identify the stumbling blocks that Satan and his ministers have cast into your path, to suppress the truth of turning you to righteousness.