Are You keeping God's Feasts Or Satan's Feasts And Holidays?

         "These are My Feasts," says Jesus Christ, Lord God of the Old Testament, and "you shall proclaim these to be holy convocations," Lev. 23:2-44. Convocation means a set time in God's calendar for the people, that have come to know the one and only true God, to come to gather at a meeting place in God's presence to get to know God on close personal basis. Here in these verses of Lev. 23 God outlines His weekly Sabbath Feast and His seven annual Sabbath Feasts referred to as His Holy Days and you will notice Satan's holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are not listed in His list. These Scripture listed Holy Days in Lev. 23 are the Feasts and Holy Days from God's Word that God has commanded man and his family to keep and to observe and to come together in a formal assembly to be blessed of God.

    God's Feasts presents to man through His meaningful Holy Days His great purpose and plan for man. Through His Holy Day plan there is understanding and knowledge promised to man to give him great purpose for his life. God's Feasts give to man tremendous insight into the mysteries of God as those hidden truths reveal what God the Father and Jesus Christ are doing and can do in the life of every man and woman. This is God's great spiritual work of giving salvation through His  great love and blessing for man and his family who will repent and submit to His teachings and commandments. And and all of this is meant to be and is Christ's great good news of  His Gospel message to man. So man is to remember that God's Holy Days and Feasts gives insight and vital knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to the salvational plan and gospel message of Jesus Christ. 

     However, man down through the time has rebelled against God and what God commands in order to receive the blessings and value and purpose for his life. So man down through the ages has taken God's Feasts Days and made them his or man's feast days by corrupting their purpose, their messages, and made these days revolving around himself, a time for just social get together, to eat and drink and party. Also these special feasts of the Churches of God are used as an important time for them with meetings to extract money, offerings, and extort tithes as  fund raisers from its church members.

      These churches and especially its ministry claim this extracted and extorted money is for the purpose of doing God's work, but in reality it is for man, his ministry and families to receive a free living from their deceived members, so they, the ministers, don't have to get out and get a job to work as God has commanded them to do. They do not follow the example of the Apostle Paul of working for his living. They use what ever is left from their living expenses of all the collected money, offerings and tithes to do  their own evil work to preach a perverted gospel, along with many other perverted teachings and heresies of their ministry. So God's appointed feasts at their appointed seasons have come to be man's appointed feasts and services in the Churches of God that is used for his own selfish purposes and doing the work and follow the teachings of  Satan.

    In other cases of today's Christianity and on a much wider and broader scale man under the guise of doing Christ's work, professed Christian churches have picked up and adopted certain idolatrous pagan special days of their Roman calendar year. These days have been founded in idolatry from the past where the pagans gave honor and worship to their false gods  and false religions. Today's Christianity have adopted and borrowed those days, their customs and rituals and began using those days that they keep  today as their holidays, days without any real spiritual purpose and provide no good news and understand about receiving salvation. These professed Christian churches attach Christ's name to their holidays to try to christianize those days to make them sound like they are of God and Jesus Christ. Their holidays and special days provide no real lasting joy, happiness, for their lives and no Scriptural and God commanded foundation that one must have to build upon, I Cor. 3:11-15. They try to build on a false foundation of a false Christ they have raised up in their churches. Read our articles on "The Christianizing of Christmas " and all "The Sins of Christmas" published on our web site , along with other articles pertaining to Christmas."

          So the question  all church members need to ask are the feasts and holidays that the churches keep and observe at their set dates each year the true Feasts and Holy Days of Jesus Christ? Are the Sabbaths of those Feasts truly kept as God has commanded, or are they profaned, and used for man's pleasure and a waste of time for vain messages that perverts the gospel and messages that glorify man instead of God? Along with these perversions of God's true Feasts by the Churches of God there are also all the holidays, or  feasts that all protestant churches keep by their calendar, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and etc. which are not the true Sabbaths and Holy Days of God, but are days originating from Satan through his influence and through his spirit. None of these holidays, times and seasons are holy days and seasons commanded of God where the working, enabling power, and inspiration of God's Holy Spirit is giving great purpose and understanding  and inspiring man to fulfill his purpose of life. These Satanic holidays are the manifestations of man living by fruit of the forbidden tree, Gen. 2 and 3, that God warned man not to eat and live his life by that evil fruit that comes from the choice of choosing that tree.

      Are these holidays the true feasts of Jesus Christ where He is working out a great purpose in the people's midst? Or are they really holidays and feasts of men with the working of Satan and his spirit working his influence and his power in the flesh of men, and his ministers with all their covetousness of money, power, and the exaltation of the flesh? Are the ones that are worshipped, adored, and praised God the Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ, and who should be the center of attention. Are they in attendance through Their Spirit at these holidays and feasts of men that God has not commanded? Absolutely not, instead God the Father and Jesus Christ hate these holidays and feasts that are not by His command! Study Isa. 1:12-20, and Amos 5:21-24 to understand what is God's mind toward man's Feasts and Holidays.

     During these feasts and holidays of these Churches of God and the Christian churches professing to be of Christ in today's Christianity, is the worship, honor, and praise directed to God the Father and the true Jesus Christ of the Bible. Are they the ONES that have been and are raised up, honored, praised, exalted and worshipped at these man's appointed feasts and holidays? Has it been God and Jesus Christ, or is it man, his false christs, his false gods, false christs,  and his false "servant" ministers, who have been the ones that have been received, raised up, to receive the great exaltation, the great honor and reverence, special chief seats, the head of the table special recognition. Has it been these false leaders who greatly desire and even demand masterful greetings of being called Mr. (Master), Rabbi, Reverend, or Father, at their market place. Their market place is  their church meeting halls where they preach for more and more money to continue in their evil work of perverting Christ's gospel. 

    Has it been man and his ministry,  and their leadership, who as supposed guardians of God's truth, have instead substituted and proclaimed their own "In the Truth," sacred cow system of false beliefs. Are these false leaders the ones that are raised up, exalted, and have become the focus of those Feasts and those holidays? Whose Feasts are these days that have been believed to be God's Feasts, God Holy Days, but in reality, and by their fruit, by the pursuit of the flesh are proven to be man's feasts and holidays? Have you ever asked yourself the question, just whose feast, holy days, holidays is it that I have been observing?

         Many church members, after many, many years of going to their Special Feasts, the feasts of the Churches of God, expected to hear and learn about God, and to worship and praise Him and to be edified by His Holy Spirit, but they just--were--not--fulfilled. The meat and milk of God's Word was missing at all those Feasts . However, these ministers of these churches tried to convince their church members that they were God's Feasts and by saying to them and hyping it up  that their last Feast they kept was the best Feast ever. From the ministry's stand point it was, because their business church corporation who they represented, was put on a sounder financial foundation by extorting more, by getting more unearned and uncommanded tithes of money by fraud than ever before.

     By fraud meaning there was and is not today any Scripture basis for their demands their ministers put on their members, much like what Christ said to the Pharisees in Mat. 23:4-11. The members were commanded by its ministry through a multiple tithing system to give to their ministry what those poor members did not have to give. And to these members it was not even a spiritual Feast, due to the messages lacking real substance,  and truth, and the lack of inspiration in the sermons. Christ was just not in those Feasts, and they were not HIS FEASTS! Many members gave up believing that they could ever, or should ever expect any more than what they had been hearing every year which were boring messages with dull, lacking inspiration, at all those Feasts, because the true Father and Christ was not in those Feasts.

   Many of today's protestant Christians don't even attend their services on their appointed holidays unless it is to see their special programs put on for that day representing their false Christmas or Easter christ they worship. However, they still believe and acknowledge, but deceive themselves,  that their special days are the holy days of the real Christ, or holidays as they refer to them. Likewise, they never hear anything in the way of real truth and real spiritual understanding pertaining to the purpose of their life and how one receives salvation that is truly based on Christ's true teaching.

      All of this is because of the sins, deceptions, and failings of their ministers, who in fact are false ministers and who worship their "Sacred Cow Leadership" and its church program. This all because they will not submit themselves to the true Christ, and His Spirit for their inspiration, and for true spiritual guidance, and instead rely on the spirit of the flesh that emanates from their worshipped "idol shepherd," or "idol pastor" and his hirelings. Testing the spirits has never had any applicable meaning to them and their members within the church. It seems that  all of these Church of God ministers and all of the ministers of professed Christianity today are more concerned about just entertaining their members, and presenting lots of social activity, but not to inspire them from the Word of understanding. They  have all kinds of activities serving the flesh but nothing serving and being led by the Holy Spirit of Christ.

        Since this was, and has been the case from the beginning and for many years, many church members and families just look to the Feast as a time to get together, to eat to their heart's desire and for a fellowship that dwelled on the flesh. They have come to accept all the activities at the feast to be the feast. Yes they would attend services, and listen, to be entertained by spiritless messages from church writings of men, and their philosophizing about God and His Kingdom, giving no real spiritual and applicable understanding pertaining to their conversion, true righteousness and how one receives salvation through the meaning and understanding of the true Gospel.

        Some of the sheep-brethren, who really did, and do now, desire more than has been provided at the Feasts, now wait to the last minute to plan for their Feast, hoping to hear about some who will have a true, spiritual Feast, of godly edifying, real instruction into righteousness. They believe that they, each one of them individually, are God's work and are desiring to grow in God's work in them. They desire a Feast and Holy Day that would help them develop true godliness, and that would help lead them to a true conversion. These members desire this through the following and inspiration of the true Holy Spirit of God, rather than vain jangling, profane and vain babbling of men following the flesh of men, that is dominated and muzzled by "their in the truth sacred cow," belief system, that has been generated from "their idol  ministry" and his hirelings. These brethren desire a Sabbath, Holy Day and Feast where God the Father and Jesus Christ are the center of the messages with praise, worship, and great reverence for them rather than man and his ministry with all of their vain and perverted messages.

   What does God say about man's feasts and Sabbaths  and are they an abomination to Him?

        God says in Isa. 1:12-15, "When you come to appear before Me, who has required this at your hand, to tread my courts (to keep my feasts and Holy Sabbaths)? Bring no more vain oblations (the vain giving of your time and money), incense (prayer) is an abomination unto me: the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies I cannot away with (stop playing church and get serious): it is iniquity (it is about man worship, idolatry and man's covetousness and greed for power, money, and office), even the solemn meeting (it is iniquity to profane the Sabbaths by not keeping His true Sabbath or by hiring people to work for you on the true Sabbath). Your new moons and your appointed feasts or special holidays on your calendar my soul hates; they are trouble unto me: I am weary to bear them. And when you spread forth your hands (extending one's hands to God in prayer) I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when you make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood, (ministers not  taking the responsibility for warning brethren of their sins that will bring the shedding of their blood in the judgment).

         God goes on to say  in Isa. 1:16-20 what man needs to do if he is to observe God's Feast, not man's feasts and holidays, "Wash you, make you clean: put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes, cease to do evil. Learn to do well (know, study, and understand God's law and obey it): seek judgment (seek what is lawful, just, right, that exercises love to your brother, the weightier matters  of the law so you won't have to experience the judgment of the law): relieve the oppressed (help brethren out of their tough times and stop the domination of people's lives and undo the  fraud, the uncommanded additional added tenths-tithes or extracting undeserved money for your living at the expense of the poor sheep;  in other words, ministers  relieve the oppressed by getting yourself a job): judge (defend) the fatherless, (point members without knowing and knowledge of their true  spiritual Father   away from their pastor or priest who they worship as father and lead them to their true Father God who can supply all their needs),  plead for the widow, (help the widow  in her need and helping her in doing the work of God in her life, rather than commanding her to save her tithes and offerings to give to some vain, unprofitable, and useless minister teaching error, teach the widows to look to Christ as her spiritual husband and her husband to be, that really cares for her, not some useless, vain, false minister).

"These are my Feasts," says Jesus Christ, Lord God of the Old Testament, and "you shall proclaim these to be Holy convocations," (commanded meetings), Lev. 23:2. God commands His people to keep His Holy Days and Feasts, not man's feasts and man's holidays. Yet, today the churches of God and professing Christian churches  are not as one body, and are so divided and confused, that many different groups of them are keeping a "confessed to be" God's feast, or holiday all in the same area, or city. Is Jesus Christ in all these Feasts, and holidays, or are these people really kidding themselves and are in reality just keeping their own Feast or their own sabbath?   

     God  says more in regard to man's feast, man's holidays, and man's Sabbaths.  In Amos 5:21-24, God says, -"I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. God will not  savor the prayers and worship at these meetings. In Verse 22, God says, "Your offerings and sacrifice of coming before Him, He will not accept." The Lord continues with His non-acceptance of these Feasts by saying, "take you away from me the noise of your songs: for I will not hear the melody of the viols (musical instruments). Verse 24, But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."  Many members of the churches  of God and protestant cannot even explain what is judgment and what is righteousness, as well, as what is the Gospel, or what it means even to be converted, or what is real repentance and being born again. All of these important teachings have been left out in the teachings at the Feasts, holidays and Sabbaths or greatly perverted.   

     When is the Holiday, the Sabbath, or Feast, man's Feast or holiday, instead of God's commanded and appointed Feast and Sabbath?

    Which Sabbaths and Feasts are you keeping? Is it God's Feasts and Sabbaths or is it man's holidays and Sabbaths and Feasts? You need to examine your life  and beliefs, because your salvation and spiritual growth is depending upon your decision and actions.

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