The Spiritual Heart


The spiritual heart is the heart that every called child of God must come to have and possess to inherit God's Kingdom.

        What is the spiritual heart?

     The spiritual heart is a heart  of a spirit born child of God who has  come to be converted by having a  humble  and contrite mind,  and who has repented of breaking God's commandments with a set desire of his heart through the helping power of God's Spirit to always obey God and His commandments. It is a heart that fears God and His judgment against sin. It is a heart that has a faithful and  trusting attitude in God and His Word, along with an uncompromising and commandment guided strong conscience, and understands that this all produces in him a Christ-like behavior of the heart that bears the fruit of God's love.

    This is the spiritual heart  that has grown to  be patterned after the heart of God the Father, and Jesus Christ, in every aspect of one's relationships with God and man, because it is inspired, motivated, and powered by the leading and directing of God's Holy Spirit that was made available in a powerful way on the Day of Pentecost. Is your heart being led and powered by God's Holy Spirit or are you denying the power of the God Holy Spirit? A born again saint has grown in the Spirit of God to come to have a spiritual heart? God says -- "O, that there were such a heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them and their children---," Deut. 5:29.

     How does one come to  develop and receive this spiritual heart?

      God made the statement about David that He found David a man after His own heart, Acts 13:22, I Sam. 13:14. What a wonderful and encouraging statement that was made of David, to have a heart that was after God's own heart. Can this statement be made about you and your heart? David had a spiritual heart, and this is the heart that God wants and desires for all His spirit begotten children to have and to possess.  When David, in a weakened moment in his life, permitted himself to be seduced into sin, and because of that sin, found himself in a horrible situation, until his sin was pointed out to him by God's prophet, then he deeply repented of that sin. David loved God's commandments and when he sinned he knew, after he come to see his sin that he had been trying to cover over, that he had sinned against God and His commandments, and he acknowledged his sin. Next, David asked God to clean him up so he could be whiter than snow, and to renew a right spirit in him to rid himself of the evil spirit that had seduced him into sinning against God. David asked God to not take away His Holy Spirit from him.

     David knew the value of God's Spirit as the central motivation part of his life, Ps. 51:10-12. When  one studies and observes David's life, one can see the learned principles of humbleness, obedience, faith, and love, that he had learned in his life to have a spiritual heart, a heart led by God's Spirit. David's heart was filled with a burning, internalized, spiritual desire to live by God's will through God's commandments, and had built a sound mind fed by God's Word and Spirit. This caused David to became a God fearing man with a submissive attitude, and through this created in himself a good conscience built on God's law. This all produced a behavior bearing the fruit of God's love, by being led and directed by God's commandments through the power of God's Holy Spirit. All of this constituted a spiritual heart in David that was patterned after God's own heart.

    God is spirit, and has a spiritual heart. Can a flesh and blood  person come to have a spiritual heart, a heart that is after God's own heart, while living in the flesh?

    David was not born with a spiritual heart, a heart that was after God's own heart, but studied God and His Word, worked at knowing God through daily prayer, and obeying His law, and through this growth  gained God's favor and love.  David, by humbling himself before God His creator and submitting his life and conduct to obeying and living by God's law and Word, came to have a spiritual heart that was motivated and led by God's Spirit. David said he was brought forth, born in sin, Ps. 51:5. David's beginning life didn't begin the way of a heart that was after God's own heart, but began with the same heart we all are born with, an evil and desperately, wicked heart Jer. 17: 9, that must be changed to, or converted to a spiritual heart  in order to receive life. David, through his early life, came to know God through His Word and understanding Him through obeying His laws and commandments.  By the opportunity of being alone in  the wilderness and working with his father's sheep as a shepherd over those sheep, David learned many valuable spiritual lessons. He came to see the need for repentance early in his life and could always quickly repent when he was shown he had broken God's commandments. This is the foundation that every called to be saint needs in order to hold  and develop  in his life in order to grow, produce, and build  to have a spiritual heart, a perfected heart.

     David, after being given God's Spirit, did not daily sin  as it is taught by ministers to be the conduct of God's true saints today, because David, like all true saints, knew the penalty for sin even though he did weaken one day and broke  one of God's commandments. This bit of leaven caused him to break another commandment, which in reality was breaking all of God's commandments. But this was not a daily routine of David's life because David knew God's Word, His judgment for sin, and David quickly got his life back in order of obedience and God's favor, once his sin was shown and pointed out to him. David, in a deep repentance, regained his relationship with God back to what it was earlier before his sin, and he, without question, learned a valuable lesson from that one time of weakness by having permitted himself at a relaxed moment in his life of not being close to God and being powered by His Spirit at that  peaceful and  relaxing time. David's life was not a life of daily sinning and breaking God's commandments as it taught today by false ministers against all true saints, who are God's commandment obeying and righteous children. These ministers call these righteous saints of Christ's body, the self-righteous saints, just because these saints  do not sin daily or weekly by breaking God's 10 commandments.

    Ministers, teachers and brethren of the churches of God, continually teach that God's saints cannot have a spiritual heart until the resurrection. Is this true?

     They mean  by this teaching that every heart of every brother does  habitually and daily commit sin,  meaning they daily break one or more of God's 10 commandments. This is a teaching of these teachers that means more than a few sins committed after new members are first converted  in their beginning walk of eternal life, but they teach that all members, fully grown members daily commit sins, the breaking of God's commandments, even after  years of having learned to walk and live a true righteous life as one of God's saints. They teach that all of the Church of Jesus Christ, the body of our living Saviour, is made up of sinners, no exceptions. If this is the case where are the righteous and what was the need for Christ to come to the earth and die for sinners if all members are still sinners? They teach that spiritual maturity, a spiritual heart, and perfection will only come at the resurrection of the saints. These ministers believe that all church members are sinners, who are daily breaking God's 10 commandments, just like the world's Christianity believes about their own members' faith and conduct. They, in fact, are teaching a grace that permits one to continue to sin, a grace of lasciviousness. This teaching is nothing less than the teaching of Satan himself. Write for and study our articles "Grace to sin" and "Sinner or Saint."

    Why have they come to this erroneous conclusion and believe that this is the teaching of God's Word? They have come to this satanic teaching because of the examples that have been set before them by their worshipped church leaders and its ministry, who lived  their lives by following and be dominated by the flesh, by having hearts that have never really crucified all the ways of the flesh. It is true that flesh and blood cannot enter God's kingdom, I Cor. 15:50. Christ's Word also teaches that a flesh and blood minded heart  of a church member cannot likewise enter God's kingdom, meaning a heart that lives and dwells on the flesh and pursuit of flesh cannot enter God's kingdom, Rom. 8:1-14. So today ministers and teachers, because of their erroneous teaching that all members are sinners, and teach and pattern their lives after the ways of sin and the following of the flesh, by believing a false belief that this was the example  set by Paul, all the apostles, David, Abraham and other spiritual fathers of Scripture, who were all led and powered by God's Holy Spirit who had God and Christ living in them.

    Does God say His called and chosen children must have a spiritual body before they can have a spiritual heart?

    Where is that  teaching and accepted conclusion found in God's Scripture? Did God through Jesus Christ, call and choose His children to continue to daily sin  and to continue live their lives as sinners, and still refer to themselves as His righteous saints? It is true and very obvious by what comes out of the mouth and hearts of the ministers and the teachers of the churches of God, that they truly are sinners and they do believe they will always remain sinners, and they seem to be proud of that fact that they are sinners! They are saying that the church, referring to the Body of Jesus Christ, is the place for sin and for sinners to meet and fellowship, so why overcome your sins, because according to them you will always be a sinner. This is a teaching that is straight from Satan and his spirit. These teachers  in reality are saying and teaching that in a flesh and blood body, there is no place for a new heart, a spiritual heart, a converted heart, a heart where Christ lives  again in the flesh, and does not sin. They are teaching just because a saint has a spiritual heart that  is being led and directed daily by God's Spirit does not mean that member will not daily sin! God says in Pro. 15: 28, "The heart of the righteous studies to answer (to give a truthful and Scriptural answer), but the mouth of the wicked (church ministers) pours out evil things.  Cast away from you evil things   (evil teachings and fellowships)." God further says in Ezek. 8:31, "Cast away from you all your transgressions (sins) whereby you have transgressed: and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will you die, O house of Israel (or why will you die O members of the churches of God who refer to yourselves as spiritual Israel.)"

     In Jeremiah 17: 9, God says, "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?" These ministers teach that all converted members still have this wicked heart! Church leaders continually quote this Scripture, seemingly to justify their sinning heart and state of behavior, and seem to be proud of the fact that they are sinners and judge all true, commandment keepers of the church as being self-righteous who believe they can  live daily without sinning and breaking God's commandments. God says in Pro. 16: 5, "Everyone that is proud in heart (proud of his sinning state) is an abomination to the Lord: through hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished." Church leaders and brethren are proud of their daily, sinning behavior and love to join hand in hand (handshake) with others of this sinning belief in their fellowship. In this comfort of like brethren with like beliefs and fellowship there is a false security and peace. These ministers and brethren will not go unpunished.

    Does "turning the heart of the children to the heart of the fathers" pertain to attaining the spiritual heart of the fathers of God's Word or directed to hearts of fathers of families in the churches?

     Church leaders teach that this last verse of the Old Testament, Malachi 4:6, the work of an end-time Elijah-like ministry is merely about a ministry and a church that focuses their attention on the families and children of the churches and the children toward these fathers. They believe by having all kinds of children's programs of teaching that focuses on the family is fulfilling what God gives in Malachi 4:6, as an Elijah-like, end-time ministry. Is this the focus of what God had in mind by His Words in Malachi?

     How can church leaders and church teachers teach their own children about God and His commandments and obedience to the 10 commandments, who believe and teach that all Christians or saints daily commit sin and transgress the ten commandments of God? Are parents so naive to believe that their children are so dumb and ignorant to such statements by their fathers or ministers that they believe they are to be something above and other than what their minister or father is teaching about his own daily walk in the path of God. If a father or parent teaches that all church members are sinners and do daily sin,  which is living by nature of man even though they confess to be living by the nature of God with God's Spirit living in them, then that child sees no reason to keep himself or herself from also sinning and disobeying God's commandments by the examples and teaching of their ministers and parents! These children see no reason to repent of their sins and be baptized to have a different heart and a different spirit than what their parents have!

    The endtime, Elijah-like, ministry is about turning the called and chosen  children of God,  meaning the fathers and mothers of families, who all are born with wicked hearts,  to see and understand the need of converting their wicked hearts to come to have hearts like the converted, spiritual hearts of the righteous  fathers of God's Word. It is to be a ministry that primarily focuses on the hearts of the parents of families to have the spiritual hearts of the fathers  and saints of God's Word, who are the Scriptural role models of the Bible. These are to be parents chosen of God that are to be real spiritual example setters before their own children by not daily committing sin by daily breaking God's commandments, and not being hypocrites, by saying one thing to their children and by their teaching and conduct are doing another thing.

     The begotten children of  God the Father cannot grow and become converted, to grow  to have a spiritual heart by being led by the spirit of Satan and the concerns of the flesh, and who inspires and leads church members to believe that they can daily sin, and still be accepted into God's Kingdom. This in reality is the same teaching of Satan that he taught to Eve and that was that she and Adam could eat from  the forbidden tree and still would not die. In essence they could live their life by their own standards, daily sin, daily break God's standards or commandments and still be saved.

    God's Kingdom will be composed of the righteous saints of God, who have  overcome their sins, grown to have spiritual hearts. It will not be for sinners, who have not overcome their sins and who believe they can never be free from a sinning behavior in their lives. God plainly says, "The wages of sin is death," Romans 6: 23. Christ, in John 3:8, tells all professing to be Christ's brethren, "He that commits sin is of the devil: for the devil sinned from the beginning (and still daily sins). For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil."  This false teaching about the saints of God daily sinning and that no spirit born child of God can live daily without sinning, is the work of the devil! This is one of the devils' evil works that is being taught against Jesus Christ, His doctrines, and all that He represents! This is really the work of an Anti-christ, one that is teaching against Christ and His doctrine, that Christ cannot live in you in the flesh and not sin. Christ says in I John 3: 10, by this spiritual understanding, "The children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever does not righteousness (who does not daily obey and keep God's commandments) is not of God, neither he that loves not his brother." He who does not love his brother does not have a spiritual heart and is not fulfilling his calling from the Father!

     Is the born again teaching of Jesus Christ about how one receives a spiritual heart now, or is it only about the body  of a believer that is changed to spirit at the resurrection?

    Christ again tells us in I John 4: 7, "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God: and everyone that loves (loves his brother and loves God) is born of God and knows God. He that loves not knows not God: for God is love."  John is not talking about the beginning and begotten stage of a babe in Christ, but about the fully, developed child of God, one that is fully mature, a child that has been totally born of God's Spirit, and one who has a fully developed spiritual heart. John also says in verse 12, " If we love one another, God dwells in us, and His love is perfected in us." If God dwells in us, then we have a spiritual heart, a heart that has been perfected. This heart of a saint will not sin because as John says in I John 3: 9, "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin: for his seed (Jesus Christ through God's Spirit) remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God." The word born here in these verses means much more and goes well beyond a begotten stage of growth of God's Spirit in a child of God. Verse 10, " In this the children of God are manifest, (they have gotten the spiritual heart as did the early fathers of the Scriptures) , and the children of the devil "(those  who have hearts of  the ways of the flesh and are motivated by Satan's spirit and refuse to grow in God's Spirit).

     Paul tells us in II Corinthians 5: 17, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away: because all things are become new."

A confessed church member who believes he does not have to grow and overcome to the place that he does not daily sin is not a new creature  and will not be accepted as a chosen son of God.  

An older baptized church member who after many years has not grown and developed to the place in his life where he does not daily sin, has not become a born again child and son of God.

A church members who has not grown to have a spiritual heart, a heart after God's own heart, and believes he does not have to have  a spiritual heart that is led and directed daily by God's Holy Spirit will not become a son of God.