Some pastors and teachers of the Churches of God are now teaching that doctrine is not important in teaching the instructions, the truth, and gospel of Jesus Christ's Word. And one pastor-teacher is now going so far in his ministry, that he teaches no one can teach the truth of God's Word as doctrine, and if any man does, it is not truth, but only that man's own teaching. He says all doctrine that is taught from God's Word now is the teaching of men. This pastor takes another step into his complete heresy and teaches that doctrine divides the church, but church services unite the church.  WOW! How can church members confessing to be followers of Jesus Christ come before this pastor, and accept this false teaching from him, and still call themselves followers of Christ?

      Whenever a pastor, or any  such teacher, makes this antichrist statement, this professed teacher of God's Word has totally disqualified himself from being a minister of Jesus Christ, and from really being a member of God's church. It is true that false doctrine divides the church, but the true doctrine of Jesus Christ, and all His teachings, unite the church, if Christ's doctrine and teachings are accepted, obeyed and followed. More and more, ministers' and members' fruit are being manifested as to who they really are following, whether they are following Jesus Christ and His teachings, established by His Word and doctrine, or they are following the commandments (rules and policies) of men, the false teachings of men, and their carnal ways of the flesh!

       There are Pastors, members and teachers, who confess to be teachers of the Word of God, but have been following their own fleshly spirit and the evil spirit of Satan rather than the holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and now it is being manifested! This is all because they have not established in their life, the true teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ from His Word. Why?  The main problem is that they have never really cut down the "tree of  the knowledge of good and evil," in their life. This is the tree which bears this kind of fruit from men. Fruit from this tree manifests itself when its pastors say and teach that doctrine is not important and it divides the church but that church services unite the church. They have  not learned that doctrine from Christ's Word establishes the church on a rock-solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Without this understanding, pastors and their college-learned ways of theology are leading God's sheep astray and into further deception.   

      This false teaching resembles and compares more and more to the teaching of the world's, professed, protestant Christian churches, that teach, "grace alone, just have faith in, and accept the Name of Jesus Christ" is all that is important. These Church of God "doctrine trashing pastors" encourage its members to forget about doctrine and to do only what God commands in Hebrews 10:25 of "not forsaking the assembling of themselves together, as the manner of some is---." They say this  assembling together in a church service is above the need of knowing and teaching doctrine and holding fast to doctrine, and is above heresy, is above sin and accepting sinners in their fellowship. This false  satanic teaching in reality is above and negates God's command of earnestly contending  for faith that was once delivered unto the early saints and permits leavening to leaven the whole fellowship group. This teaching goes against every thing a true Christian stands for. This terrible evil teaching is said and taught  to brethren in order for them to continue to fellowship at services at the loss of retaining truth, doctrine, and the teachings of Christ that establishes Jesus Christ and His Spirit in their life and in the church.

       God says in Heb. 10:23-26 - "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering (not to let go or vacillate about the doctrine of Jesus Christ) for he is faithful that promised; Verse 24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works (to stir  up one another to obey God's Word, to be steadfast in  Christ's doctrine, to seek the righteousness of God, growing to have God's laws written in their hearts and minds): Verse 25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another (exhort means to encourage one another to hold fast to doctrine of the faith and keep it); and so much the more, as you see the day approaching."

      The purpose of assembling in church fellowship and services is to  learn doctrine, which is the instructions and teachings of Christ, and to encourage and exhort one another to hold on to those doctrines and the faith once delivered to the early saints. If there is heresy, false doctrine,  or any on going sin being committed by the members or pastors of the fellowship or church, the Scripture is very clear about this problem as to what they are to do. The church members are instructed and commanded to disassemble, not to assemble, from those that are speaking heresy, or  breaking God's commandments, or those that are partial in God's law  that encourage sin. God through Paul in Rom. 16:17 teaches the church, the members or member how to deal with such problem by saying "Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned: and avoid them." Why isn't this taught and carried out by members?      

     But brethren will respond if I separate myself from these members or pastors that are preaching false doctrine, heresies, and committing any such sins or offenses, who will teach me and who will I assemble in fellowship with as God commands in His Word?  God does not command you to assemble with any such people or pastors but commands you to disassemble!  God's will  for you is to come together in true unity  and growth  in the spirit with peace and joy even if it is only 2 or  3 brethren  at one's home, rather than large services  teaching heresies  who are divided and are in constant turmoil and confusion.  

       The brethren of the Churches of God have been led to believe by  certain pastors of the church hierarchies that brethren meeting in some one's home where there are as little as 2 or 3, that Jesus Christ in not there, choosing not to quote Mat. 18:20. They play down home fellowship services, as if to say, this is not  true assembling together and does not constitute a church fellowship. This is another  church hierarchical lie to deceive the sheep. Look in your bible and you will find that church houses or homes were what constituted most of the fellowshipping of the early brethren.  But many will say, "even if this is who will lead us?" Christ suggests  that His Holy Spirit and His Word can do the job very well and you don't have question if it is truth! Read with understanding what He says in I John 2:28 - But the anointing (God's Holy Spirit) which you have received of Him abides in you and you need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie and even as it (His spirit) has taught you, you shall abide in him." Read more about the anointing, the comforter as God Spirit's work  in you, in John 16:13, 14:16, Heb. 8:10-11.

        All of these offenses, divisions, and evil fruit of false  teachings are  being manifested of certain ministers because they have not established  the bedrock doctrines and teachings of Jesus Christ to be the truth of Christ, and so now to them, "any man teaching doctrine from God's Word is not truth. Once again this is falsely accusing a righteous servant  as being unable to teach true doctrine without proof of such statement. So today there are certain pastors who are now teaching the members to accept the world's philosophy for church unity of "just go along to get along" and don't worry about sin in the church and heresies and false doctrines. Church services and its social fellowship have to them be raised above all that Christianity represents, and the way to unify the church, and is being taught as  only what is really important. This teaching is straight out of the bowels of Satan, and is not from the heart and teachings of Jesus Christ!  

      Some or most of the professed pastors of the Churches of God seem to be absolutely unable to teach and preach sound doctrine and some now are making this known before the brethren! Why is this so? It is so and true because they have been following, what they were led to believe that true DOCTRINE was established by their FALSE, FOOLISH and IDOL SHEPHERD of the past. This idol shepherd's teaching and doctrine  was believed and received to be inspiration and teaching from God's Word  and from Jesus Christ, THE TRUE SHEPHERD, but  this idol shepherd's teaching and doctrine  has been exposed to not be from JESUS CHRIST. The doctrine espoused from this foolish shepherd was his own word and satan's teaching. Because this foolish shepherd's teaching has been exposed as false doctrine, now some of his pastors are belittling all doctrine that any true teacher of Christ teaches. They are now throwing out the baby (all true doctrine of Christ) with the dirty, bath water (false taught doctrine of their past).

     They have resorted to a false teaching that doctrine from the Scriptures cannot be taught as truth by any righteous servant of Jesus Christ, because all servants now (because of the failing of their great one) are unqualified to do so. By this statement of heresy they undermine all teaching of doctrine of Jesus Christ in the minds and hearts of church members. Because of all the changes that these pastors  have had to make in their teaching and their lack of coming clean in repentance to Jesus Christ, they have gone further into apostasy and heresy and teach no one today can teach true doctrine from the Christ's Word through the power and direction of Jesus Christ. They have gone from deception to greater deception.

     Christ teaches through John in II John 10 that if any church pastor or member rejects and negates His doctrine by saying it is not important in unifying the church and providing for members' salvation that this teacher does not have God. And if any comes unto you and brings not the doctrine of Jesus Christ and His Word and negates it by saying  that doctrine of Christ is not important, don't even receive him in your house or your church fellowship. Read it in II John 9-10 - "Whosoever transgresses (teaches contrary to) and abides not  in the doctrine of Christ, has not God. He that abides in the doctrine of Christ  he has both the Father and the Son. Verse 10 - "If there comes any unto you, and bring not this doctrine , receive him not into your house (houses were church services at the time), neither bid him God speed."   This is a serious warning against any pastor or anyone teaching that doctrine of Christ and His Word is not important and  that doctrine is not important in every member's salvation! This is also serious warning to all church members receiving and accepting such pastors or teachers in their fellowship service and to be their minister.

Here is sound doctrine concerning Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

      DOCTRINE is the teachings of Jesus Christ and all that He taught that every member of God's church must believe, must do, and must accept to enter eternal life.

      DOCTRINE is the teaching of the  GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST  which is the gospel  or good news pertaining to Jesus Christ as savior to  ENTER the Kingdom of God. The false teaching of a gospel that teaches the gospel to be God's coming Kingdom is perverting the Gospel of Christ and is false doctrine pertaining to the gospel. Paul teaches that if anybody or even a angel preaches any other gospel than what he preached let him be accursed, Gal.1:8. This is a serious charge from Paul and yet today pastors  of the churches of God continue to preach the false doctrine of a perverted gospel to be the coming Kingdom of God without fear of Christ's judgment and God's curse. To repent and to believe that God's Kingdom is coming will not save one person or forgive one sin. The Gospel of Jesus Christ  pertaining to salvation is DOCTRINE.

     DOCTRINE is the teaching of  REPENTANCE. Jesus Christ began His ministry of preaching the Gospel by teaching the doctrine of repentance (Mat. 4:17), and everyone that does not repent of his sins which is the breaking of God's commandments cannot enter  His Kingdom. Christ later said and taught everyone that does not repent will perish, Luke 13: 3. The apostle Peter and the other apostles taught repentance, Acts 2:38, 3:19, 17:30, 26:20. Repentance is DOCTRINE.

     DOCTRINE is the teaching of OBEDIENCE  by Jesus Christ that every church member must keep God's commandments to be given eternal life. Christ says in Mat. 19:17 - "------If you will enter into life, keep the commandments." The apostles taught obedience, Acts 5:29,32, Rom. 2:13. God's covenant is  his will that everyone must  have His laws written in their hearts, Heb. 8:10. No one can have God's law written in their hearts unless they are totally obedient to all of His commandments. Obedience to God and His law is DOCTRINE.

      DOCTRINE is the teaching of  SAVING FAITH that every member must have in order to be saved (Eph. 2:8). A church member must believe that Christ can save him if he has the faith and accepts Him and His shed blood to justify his sins other wise there is no forgiveness of sin and thus no salvation. Paul taught we are justified by faith, and we are to live our lives by faith, Gal. 2:16-18. Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Judge is DOCTRINE.

      DOCTRINE is the teaching of CONVERSION.  Christ commands that every church member must  BECOME CONVERTED  by humbling himself as a little child in order to enter God's Kingdom, Mat. 18:3-4. Being converted from a heart of flesh to a heart of Spirit is DOCTRINE.

      DOCTRINE is the teaching  of being BORN AGAIN. Jesus Christ COMMANDS that every church member must be  BORN AGAIN OF THE WATER AND SPIRIT to enter God's Kingdom, John 3:3-5. A believer must be baptized (bury  in water the ways of the flesh) begin a new person in the spirit and to be totally led by the Spirit. THIS MUST TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE RESURRECTION NOT AT THE RESURRECTION. To to be Born Again is DOCTRINE.

     God instructs all church members just as Paul instructed Timothy in Tim.4:16 - "take heed unto yourself and unto DOCTRINE continue in them: for in doing this you shall both save yourself and them that hear you."

      II Tim.3:16 - says  "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine  -----"

       Titus 1:9 - says "Holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able by  SOUND DOCTRINE both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers"

         Titus 2:1 is Paul's admonition to Titus and to all the church. Paul says - "but  SPEAK you the things which become  SOUND DOCTRINE" Verses 2-8 continues with  his admonition - "that all men and women, old and young alike, may be serious about God's teaching  (DOCTRINE) and living, and are in control of themselves, sound in faith, love, and patience."

       What a shame for the Churches of God to now have some pastors that are trashing the teaching of doctrine, alone with many other pastors are unable to teach sound doctrine. What a terrible situation for the church be involved in, at the very end of  these last days. Many of today pastors are as God has PROPHESIED: watchmen that are blind and can't see (understand), ignorant of sound doctrine, mute with a deafening silence to cry out against sin, whose main concern and attention is directed toward gain, the tithe, and holding on to "their" people for church services while the  spiritual temple falls into a bad state of needed repair, because of sin, heresy, and lack of the spiritual power to speak sound doctrine from Christ's Word.

      Isaiah, the prophet, spoke of such pastors when he said in Isa. 56:10-11- " His watchmen are blind, (can't see-discern or understand): they are all ignorant (unable to speak sound doctrine), they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark (unable to cry aloud against sin); sleeping, lying down, living in slumber (living today's pastor's life of leisure and sin). Verse 11, Yes, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough (all desires are of the flesh), and they are shepherds that cannot understand (unable to understand spiritual teachings): they all look to their own way (their own church fellowship and services to keep them alive financially and exalted before the church), every one to his own gain, from his quarter (everything to benefit his own church organization and his own life).

     Jesus Christ warns all church members to take heed and mark by taking note of the false prophets, foolish shepherds, of sin covering pastors, of doctrine trashing evangelists, and all money worshipping ministers among you, and  to withdraw from them. When any pastor or evangelist speaks or writes against the doctrine of God's Word, this is corrupt and evil fruit of a minister and the brethren needs to avoid him. When any pastor, minister, or teacher undermines righteousness and speaks evil against a righteous saint seeking perfection in God's righteousness, this teacher likewise needs to be avoided. When any shepherd preaches of repentance with the gospel that presents the good news as the coming Kingdom of God which is a perverted gospel and is perverting the good news as news and  a message that can not save you or anyone else, this shepherd or pastor needs to be avoided.

     Christ warns His church  to take heed that no man would deceive you, and He says that there would be many, not a few, but many false ministers, shepherds, pastors in the last days before His coming, Mat. 24:4, 5, 11. Also, Christ says in Mat. 7:15-16 - "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep clothing (pastors who seem to be so concerned about the sheep and are  so smooth in their teaching) but  inwardly they are ravening wolves." Christ in verse 16 Says "you shall know them by their fruits." Speaking false teachings and false doctrine is evil fruit. Accusing righteous brethren falsely is evil fruit. Undermining God's commandments and profaning God's Sabbath is evil fruit. Christ's Word says if the fruit is evil then the tree is corrupt, Mat. 7:18.  

    Jesus Christ and the Apostles warns all of the brethren of the Churches of God over a dozen times in His Word to BEWARE OF FALSE TEACHERS. Are you really heeding His warning and command?