Santa Claus is taught to children as a grand old fictitious being, having special god-like power of bringing good and blessing children.
  Webster's Dictionary defines an idol as an image, object, or being that is greatly or excessively loved and admired. This word picture of man describes Santa Claus, without any doubt, to be an idol. God explains and describes an idol in His Word, Ex. 20:4, as either a graven (carved-out) object that one can see, or a being of the mind's creation of any likeness  of God in heaven. Doesn't Santa Claus fit an idol's description,  without question, and is taught to have god-like power to serve  families and all their children of the world at Christmas?

       Man and his society has even clothed it's Santa Claus idol to even appear like a likeness of God, as Christ in heaven appeared to John in vision, that has a golden or (black) girdle girt about the body with the head and hairs appearing white like wool, white as snow and having a deep voice. Read it in Rev. 1:13-15!  The Santa idol has been made to appear to sound like Christ in heaven, with a deep laugh and a Christ like appearance, with head and hairs white like wool wearing a black girdle. God's 2nd commandment says in Ex. 20:5, "Don't worship nor serve them, any of man's created God-like idols or gods," and in the last part of verse 5, God says, "this sin depicts hatred-hostility against God." God says He is a jealous God for His people and the creating of idols, as in Santa, does not show love as many professed Christians believe it does, but hatred and rebellion against God and Jesus Christ, Ex. 20:4-5.

       Society and professed Christianity would have all to believe that observing Christmas, and teaching about Santa is done in the name of Christ, to remember His unknown birthday.  Is observing Christmas Christ's will or the will of another spirit being, posing as Christ? People literally raise up Santa and put him on a throne at the Christmas season, and exalt him in conjunction and amidst all the sun-god customs and practices of idolatry of the past, as in setting up a tree with all the lights, candles, yule logs and songs that seem so joyous and wonderful, but  are oh so deceiving! Jesus Christ said there would be false Christs, false imaginations, creations and images of Him, worshipped by many people and showing great wonders,  and with shows that are put on at  the Christmas season, and Christ said if possible this deception would deceive even the elect, Mat. 24:5-24. Why not the elect, because they are not deceived about the requirements for salvation and understand what is idolatry, and have repented of this sin, a sin God greatly hates, Deut. 7: 25-26, Deut. 8:19-20. They can see through Christmas  and all the sins it represents, and they understand the truth of the true Gospel and what  is required of it's message,  that no one can enter God's kingdom living in sin and being a part of sin.

       Can a confessed Christian, who has repented of the sins of idolatry and the worship of idols in his life, join in and be a part of the Christmas season? An absolute no!  Christmas was founded in idolatry and still carries with it the worship of the Santa idol, and all of it's borrowed idolatrous, sun-worship practices and symbols of the past, but because Christ's name has been added to it, people reason erroneously that Christmas and Santa Claus has been Christianized. Oh what a deception! This is not only idolatry, but taking Christ's Name in vain as well, and joining His Holy Righteous name to idols and idolatry, and doing despite against His spirit of grace, Heb. 10:28-31, also II Cor. 6:14-17. This is works of unholiness, and will reap the wages of sin! Jesus Christ has given no one-- preacher, church, or whatever, permission and authority to use His Name in conjunction with the season's symbols of sun-god worship, and  extolling the idol of Santa Claus. Then who has given churches permission? It is Satan, who has deceived the whole world, Rev. 12:9, and set up false Christ worship in all the churches, II Cor. 4:4 and study II Cor. 11:13-15.

        People, extolling  the Santa Claus idol to their children at the Christmas season, is the fruit of man's living from the knowledge of the  "tree of good and evil."  Man, as his own self-appointed god, Gen. 3:5, justifies his decision to observe Christmas in its' spirit, as his own choice, and to follow his own and his church's standard of what is "good and evil" even if it is contrary to God's law, and God's spirit. However, and whenever a man is converted to God's way and desires to choose  God's "tree of life," he comes to see from this choice, that only God knows what is good and evil, and it is God's standard of measurements--His Ten Commandments, that man must acknowledge as the only way of love and real joy. The excuse that Satan's preachers teach, that no one can keep Christ's Ten Commandments and by this statement deny having God's Holy Spirit in them which is God's power to help them to keep His commandments is their deception or ignorance of God's word, and this will not protect anyone from God's judgment. God's Word still stands--the wages of sin is death, not life, and every commandment broken and continually being broken, will reap the death penalty, Rom. 6:23, II Peter 2:2, II Tim. 3:5.

        The man-gods of professed Christianity reason from their church, their family "tree of the knowledge of  good and evil" that they have come from, gives them justification from God's Word. They reason is that Rom. 14:3-6 gives them their justicication in choosing and esteeming any day for the sabbath or holy day, such as Christmas, Sunday and Easter, with no remorse or guilt of commandment transgression.  Is this Paul's teaching? Do these verses give a believer permission to cast off, denounce, and forget God's commanded 7th Day Sabbath, and His Holy Days--making light of why Christ died, Heb. 10:26-29? Of course not! That is ridiculous! These verses are teaching that no one is to judge a believer that esteems a certain day for fasting and prayer, to praise and draw close to his Master, and has nothing to do  with the law of God, and the time He has set aside to be holy time and days. The Word's meaning and inspirition here was in no way meant to forget his Master's weekly, 7th Day Sabbath, or His annual Holy Days, Mark 2:28, Ex. 20:8.

       Professed Christianity uses Rom. 14:3-6 to justify their sins, and of exercising their self-imposed right as "gods" to choose their own Sabbath and Holy Days, not realizing it is the Master of the Word who is to say what days  are to be holy! Romans 14 is not about God's law or His established doctrine, but about one's freedom in choosing optional, personal areas of worship in his life not based on God's laws, and no one is  to judge  that man in that personal, optional worship of God. There is no liberty given here in these verses to forget to remember Christ's Sabbath day, and the holy days of Jesus Christ.

        Santa Claus is a greatly admired idol of Christmas, that parents lie about and teach to their children that takes the place of God. Santa Claus is raised up in Christmas parades, at parties, and brought into American homes against the will of Jesus Christ, and is an abomination to God! Christ says, "Come out of it and be ye separate," II Cor. 6:16-18, I Cor. 6:9-10, Gal. 5:19-21.

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