Restoring The Faith

The Church of God and many of its divided church organizations believe and proclaim 18 truths that they believe have restored the teachings of Jesus Christ. Are these 18 restored truths restoring the faith, or just more of Satan's deceptions, which he always uses  as his way of confusing the truth and teachings of Christ, by mixing it with much error?

   The continual dividing  of  the Churches of God and its differing doctrines  should be proof in itself that the Churches of God are not restoring the faith and truths of God's Word.

     Have church members proved to themselves that the faith  that was once delivered to the early New Testament saints has been restored by the Church of God and its daughter churches, or by any other of the world's confessed Christian churches? Can the Church of God members prove from God's Word, that their 18 restored truths, which are taught by the leadership of the Churches of God, are the teachings and truths of Jesus Christ? Do any church members even dare to examine these "truths" for fear of their ministers disfellowshipping them, ostracizing them, or marking them, even though Christ commands all members to "examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith: prove your own selves --," II Cor. 13:5?  Really, who do church members worship and fear, God, or the ministry of men?

      These 18 restored "truths" are what many church members have been basing their salvation, faith, and conversion on, and which has drawn them to attend services, and  has produced their church membership. The church leadership believes by them teaching these believed to be Church of God truths, that they have, and are restoring the same faith that once was delivered to the early new covenant saints. Have these preached truths produced  the good fruits of true conversion and spiritual unity in the church, and produced a church that is of one body, one mind, and one Spirit? Or has it produced evil fruit of divisions, many church bodies, false teachings, hatred, strife, lusting for power and money, and many other sins of offence? God's Word says you can know the tree by its fruit! So when you look at the fruit, which tree is it that has obviously been planted, well rooted, and accepted in the Churches of God? Is it the "Tree of Life," producing true conversion and oneness in the body, or the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil," whereas, everyone is being directed by his own mind and flesh of understanding, which brings death?

      Most  of the "confessed to be restored truths," of the Churches of God are combinations of truth  and error, and this has always been Satan's way of deceiving church people, and all of which still constitutes false teachings, errors and heresies. These truth and sin combinations are what the Churches of God are teaching as restoring the faith. Many of these 18 preached to be truths, that they claim to be the teachings of Scripture, cannot be proved to be truth from what Christ taught and gave to His Church, and the rest of their proclaimed 18 truths are very vague and unclear of just what it is that these self-exalted, governmental, church ministers are trying to restore.

      The 1st purported teaching that is preached and presented as truth by the Church of God and its daughter churches, and believed by them to be foundational in restoring the faith is,[Governance as it is structured in the Churches of God]. This purported, truth teaching is the root, core, and foundation of the Church's continued membership, and  is largely responsible for all of its problems. Why then have the many long time members of the Churches of God not become ministers or servants of God's Word themselves and answer to Jesus Christ, but  who instead are still man dependent, still following a man created church-structured governance, and do not know why they believe what they  do believe? These are members, who for the most part are being fed straw, maybe some get a little milk but absolutely no meat  at all from the Word, and who are still looking to some false minister, schooled in church governance to lead them about. Why  are the church members not following and doing what Christ commanded of them, and that is to be spiritually converted, and to be led and  governed by Him and His Holy Spirit and growing in their understanding of God's Scripture?

     The church's teaching about man's governance  in the church, is really the work and fruit of their presented, second point of their 18 restored truths. Their second, presented point of their restored truths, and which is preached as restoring the faith to the church, is about restoring the "Gospel of the Kingdom of God." This perverted, focused gospel that the Churches of God preach as the Good News, is the Gospel of the "coming Kingdom of God," or the "coming government of God."

      The Churches of God try to implement in their churches what they believe constitutes God's government,  and presents it as God's spiritual government on earth, as it pertains to what they believe is the Gospel. These 2 points are the foundation on which the Church of God and its daughter churches have been built. They have not focused themselves to be built on the foundation of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and His leadership. These ministers come out plainly and boldly with their false teaching about the gospel saying, that "Jesus Christ is not the focus of the Gospel." Can you believe that???  Yes you can, and  many of you do!!!

      These 2 basic points of their restored truths are presented as restoring the faith of God's Word, but are the root of their lack of spiritual understanding and prefabrication of the lies and half-truths of the rest of their 18 vainly, presented truths.  In reality and truth, these proposed truths are just more deception and false teachings, more half-truths, lies, and errors mixed with some truth, that influences meaningless confusion and misunderstanding. This is all inspired by Satan and his ministers of darkness, who make themselves appear as exalted ministers of the light of Jesus Christ, II Cor. 4: 4-6 and II Cor. 11:13-15.  This has been the work of the leadership of the Church of God and now many of its daughter churches that is causing to manifest the ones that will serve Christ and those that are determined to serve Satan through his ministers!

     In the beginning, God presented at His creation of man, 2 ways of governance in man's life. This is found in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis. One was the way of God's governance, presented through the acceptance of His "tree of life," with God and His power of His Spirit as man's governance leader. The other choice was man's self-governance, represented by man accepting the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil," as the way that man chose, wanted and desired for himself to be governed. This way of man's self governance, or nation and church group self governance, was the result of man accepting the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and is guided by the spirit and influence of Satan, and is the system that the god of this world, Satan, influences the spirit in man. This spirit in man is represented through the fruit and behavior of man's thinking and reasoning process of his own heart and mind.

     Man's self-governance began with God's first created family when God appointed the man to rule over his wife and his family, Gen. 3:16. Man did not really understand just what that rule meant in governance, or if he did, he rejected it, as to what God meant in ruling, and as to what God was commanding of him. God's command of rule, or governance for man, and governance as a nation, is to  accept His rule, based on God's 10 commandments, statutes, and judgments and the love that His commandments, when obeyed, produce in all of man's work and associations. Even though the 10 commandments were not codified and written in  the beginning of God's Word, anyone  who really studies  His Word can see that they all were  in effect and commanded, because of the sins that men were committing. When man does not follow and submit to God's way of rule, or governance, then he submits himself to self-rule, or self-governance, with man's set of rules, or commandments, that varies from one family to another, one nation to another, and one church to another. This rule then eventually becomes a hierarchical rule, and governance under a one man dictator, or governance of a top-down authority, under groups of men of rank and order.

      This became the situation with the nation of Israel earlier in history, after they rejected God and His Spirit to govern them. God and His Spirit worked through one man, such as Moses, to lead them and set the godly example of righteousness before the people. The people of Israel did not have God's Spirit, and evidently did not desire to have it and to be led by His Holy Spirit (much like church people are  rejecting it today). So Israel needed a leader with God's Spirit to lead them in the ways of God, and to teach them about obeying God's commandments, which also  they all rejected with very, very few exceptions. Eventually Israel totally rejected God and God's rule through His Spirit over them, and desired a hierarchical government like how the rest of the world was governing themselves, I Sam. 8:7.  

     When Christ came to the earth and to the lost sheep of Israel, He once again reinstituted His governance for His people. He taught they were to be ruled and governed by God and His Holy Spirit. He commanded His New Covenant church and saints not to rule themselves by the system of governance of man and their top-down, hierarchical order of rank,  which is an elevated order of power and authority by which all nations of the world  from the beginning rule themselves and their people. Christ's command was for His spiritual creation to be ruled or governed by the Creator God, and not  by man-His creation.  Study Mat. 20:25-26 about Christ giving this command.

      Whenever the called out church rules itself and its members through a top-down order of power and authority, it is denying the power and leadership of God and His Spirit in their lives, and what God desires for each person, I John 2:27. It cannot be the true Church of God that rejects the rule of God through His Spirit. A follow-up article will follow  on  "Gods Governance," that will give more detail on this teaching of God. It will give additional proof that the Churches of God have not restored the truth of God's governance in the church between Him as Creator and His creation, but in reality, are following  a self-rule just as what Satan inspired  and suggested to the first family, to accept at the very beginning.

     The  2nd point of the 18 restored truths that is taught and presented to the church members as of restoring the faith is preached as "[ the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God.]" The Churches of God believe that Christ came to the earth for the primary and focused purpose of teaching the "Gospel about the coming Kingdom of God," or the "Coming Government of God." They believe this is the message of Good News that Christ and all the apostles taught. However, if and when any church member takes the time to look into Christ's Word, none will be able to even find these words, "The Gospel of the Coming Kingdom of God," or words to that effect. The church leadership cannot find one verse that proves this to be the Gospel. Still the ministry and leadership of the churches accept and teach this, and have focused the attention of church members on their "good news gospel, that is about God's coming Kingdom, and His coming government." This government gospel, as it relates to their accepted church governance,  has perverted the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  and the way of true, church, member governance that Jesus Christ taught to His saints.

     So this second point of restored truth is filled with error, heresy, with just a little truth mixed with it to give it a Scriptural "look-alike" truth of restoring the gospel. The leadership of the Churches of God by this point of presented truth, are teaching heresy and lies of a mis-focused gospel, which is "another gospel," and perverting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are a number of written messages on our article list  and website that give much more detail and explanation of what is the true Gospel that Christ and the apostles preached. Those articles can be obtained by writing for them, or accessing the website.

     The 3rd point of the restored truths that is presented and preached as restoring the faith, is titled, "[The Purpose of God.]" This is a point with a title that is very unclear of what the church leadership is trying to restore, or saying that they have restored. How can a church leadership restore the purpose of God when they are not restoring man's purpose on earth, by not really understanding and fulfilling their own purpose as to why they have been called, or else they are not taking their calling serious? If these truth presenters are trying to teach that the purpose of God is to teach why God created man, and if this is their teaching, again, their teaching comes up on the side of error, lies and a lack of spiritual understanding. The leadership of the Churches of God teach what their appointed, and worshipped, idol leader taught about man, and that was; that God gave each human the ability to choose right from wrong, by their quoting Gen. 2:16 and Deut. 30: 15-19. Is this true? Did God give every man the ability to choose right from wrong? Is this what these scriptures are teaching? 

     Did God give every living person the ability to choose righteousness from unrighteousness? Many unconverted people believe this, and so did Paul and Peter before their conversion and repentance. Paul believed he was living a righteous life before his conversion, but came to realize that he was a great sinner. Both had to become converted before they could fully understand right from wrong. God does give everyone a choice of 2 ways of living their life. Man chooses whether he will choose eternal life, gained by accepting the way represented by the "tree of life," or the way of a short, physical life then death, represented by the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil."  If man chooses the "tree of life," then he makes the choice that he wants God to govern, direct and guide him through His Spirit and power, which  is the power to help man understand to know and choose right from wrong. Without question, the lack of spiritual understanding of this 3rd point of restored truth, to restore the faith, is in error, and very misleading. No one can restore the faith of Christ in his life, or discern right from wrong, unless he first chooses the way of the "tree of life," and all that it demands of man to do.

      Every person who has ever lived and died, and who did not choose the tree of life, has never experienced the ability to choose right from wrong. They just accepted the wrong way of living their life, and never really understood the foundation for determining right from wrong. This is the lesson of life that hopefully all who have  lived and died, who did not become a true saint, will come to see and understand in their day of judgment. Rev. 22:14 says, "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city."  The purpose of God in creating man was for man to choose the tree of life, to become converted now, not at the resurrection, in order for man to receive eternal life. This is just not taught in the teachings of the Churches of God  to restore the faith. 

      The 4th and 5th points of the Churches of God, 18 restored truths, are about "[Who and What Is God," and "What Is Man?]" These purported, true teachings are taught from the point of view that the sheep of Christ are too dumb to understand Scripture. They seem to believe that a spirit-begotten son of God cannot understand, from reading God's Word, that God  is Creator, and man is the creation. The self-exalted, church leadership believes those same chosen saints cannot understand God is a Spirit, just as God's Word plainly says He is, and that God's son, Jesus Christ, is His son, and is composed of Spirit, just as the Bible says He is, and that man is a flesh and blood creation, and has a thinking and reasoning spirit referred to in Scripture as his mind and heart  just as the Scripture says he is and has.

      The church leadership, led by its "great" idol shepherd, and his hirelings teaches that "only they" have made this truth known. They believe  that the lowly, dumbed down sheep who the ministers have tried to dumb down by their own lack of spiritual understanding, cannot read and know this on their own, by the power and understanding of God's Spirit in them. So by this, the church leadership has minimized and hindered or stopped the influence of God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible- their Word, and their ability and power through His Spirit to teach man. The self-exalted and self-elevated church ministry believes that a chosen vessel of God cannot study and learn from God and His Spirit through the teaching of His inspired Word,  and that understanding God's Word can only come from them, the ministry hierarchy. This pompous, proud, "only we can understand." and " with their know it all attitude,"  is a serious offence against God, Jesus Christ, against their Word, and against Their called and chosen saints. This teaching and understanding among them  really teaches that God is a respecter of persons with the giving of His Spirit, the understanding of His inspired Word, and the judgment of their sins.

    Yes, the Bible does say, "How can they hear without a preacher," Rom. 10:14, "and how shall they preach except they be sent?" "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings (good news) of good things," Rom. 10:15. However, if the leadership does not know what is the  true Gospel, the good news, or does not realize they are preaching another gospel, as a perverted gospel, then can anyone really believe, trust, and accept these leaders,  and their example and believe they are sent by God?  These are the real truths that everyone can know and understand, without the kind of pompous ministry to lead you, if the brethren will read and study the Word of God!

      The sixth point of the truths that have been restored, is about a purported new understanding about, "[the Human Spirit in Man.]" The Church of God leaders and their pastor general, teach that only he and they have been given a "special revealed understanding" from God about the truth that  there is a spirit in man, or that man has a spirit. This "special anointed leadership" (by whose anointing?) of the church, teaches that the spirit in man is something much more than the reasoning and thinking intellect constituting the life, heart and mind of man.

      Again, this is just a religious smoke screen to cover up the simplicity of God's Word, and make this purported truth to be something that  it is not, and that only a few can understand about  this very deep, secret, that only the church leadership can know. This is not truth! This point is not a restored truth, but a perverting of God's plain and clear Word, concerning the spirit of man. This spirit in man is the mind and heart of man, that can think and reason, choose and make decisions, and prove out things, and choose to have God's Spirit joined to his own spirit of his mind and heart. This is unless the church ministry has stolen that gift  (the thinking and reasoning power) and God's spirit away, and dumbed down that spirit of some  members where they can no longer think, reason and examine and prove out the false teachings of  the false prophets and ministers. There other members who would like to examine and prove all things, but are fearful of the disciplinary action that they might receive from their worshipped ministry, if what they found was error in the teachings of the church hierarchy.

     The seventh point of the 18 restored truths is their teaching that "[The Church of God is only the Firstfruits.]" It is believed and taught that the Churches of God  are the only firstfruits chosen by God. This teaching ties in with their same false understanding about being born again, whereas, they teach no one, no member becomes born again, or a fully matured, firstfruit saint of God now, and that this only takes place at the resurrection of all the saints. Again, this is a false teaching about God's firstfruits, and has not restored Christ's teaching about members becoming firstfruits.

       There are many Scriptures defining God's will about His Firstfruits that they are to be and become without blemish, matured, complete, total, whole, and perfect now. The truth is, God desires for His called and chosen ones to become a fully mature, complete and perfect firstfruit, without blemish now, not at the resurrection! Anything less will be taken and cast away because God commands no other way. It is man and his ministry that has provided another way, a watered down,  immature, imperfect way of growth for God's firstfruits, whereas, they don't have to prove all things, overcome their sins and endure persecution to carry out the will and command of Jesus Christ.  The truth about God's firstfruits has not been taught, and has not been restored !

     The eighth  point of the restored truths is their teaching - [that the church is not the Kingdom of God]. Is this truth, or truth mixed with error? The Churches of God today are not the Kingdom of God because they,  or many of them are still of the flesh and still following the flesh, and basically are fleshly thinkers in their hearts and minds. Neither are  their hierarchical ministers representatives, or ambassadors of God's Kingdom.  Why?  It is because it is Christ's will that His church be the Kingdom of God in their minds and hearts now, in their spirit, through Christ's authority and enabling power over their life now, and later their bodies will be changed to spirit body composition at the resurrection, to be eternally a member of God's Kingdom. Christ does say through Paul, that flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God, and that means as well  that any person having a fleshly dominating heart and mind cannot be a part of God's Kingdom. This means unless they are led by God's Spirit, they will not inherit that Kingdom.

      Jesus Christ refers to God's Kingdom "as the mysteries of the Kingdom," Mat. 13:11, and to many of the members of the confessed to be Churches of God, the Kingdom of God is still a mystery. Most church members today can not state clearly and plainly what is the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is because they have been so misled about the true Gospel by the ministry. However, the true members of Jesus Christ, who make up His  true spiritual church,  and are making up His Kingdom now do understand the mysteries of the Kingdom. Christ's true saints understand the true Gospel of the Kingdom, and are true ambassadors and members, and are manifesting the Kingdom of  God now in their godly, and righteous lives because their King, Lord, and Savior of that Kingdom, Jesus Christ lives in them, and so does the Father! If they are living in a church member, then God's Kingdom is  in existence in the lives of His saints on this earth.

     So, for the church leadership to teach that the church is not the Kingdom,  is a proposed truth that confuses, misleads, prevents or restricts  members' growth in coming to know what constitutes the Kingdom of God.  Because in reality, the true members of God's church are growing, and making up that Kingdom of God spiritually now,  and are representatives and ambassadors of God's Kingdom. Peter said in II Peter 1:11, because of their development as saints as verses 1-10 shows what is needed, then "entrance (the physical body change to spirit) shall be ministered unto them (true saints) abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." This point of truth has been mixed with much error which makes it a false teaching, and  prevents the restoring of the faith.

     The ninth point of the 18 restored truths presented by the Churches of God is "[only those whom God the Father, calls and draws to Him can be converted now.]" Again, this is a Church of God, presented truth, that is lacking in understanding of Christ's teaching,  about the Father's calling and drawing members to Him, but is presented as if God forces a  person into coming to  Him,  even against that person's will. The plain truth is; God does not force anyone to choose the "tree of life" and to repent of his sins! This proposed understanding is about how the Father calls and draws His chosen ones to Him, and is presented as if God is a respecter of persons, and that He has before predestined, or pre-determined certain ones, to be His called and chosen firstfruits, even if they don't want to be a member of His firstfruits. It is God's will, His  pre-determined will, and purpose that all will be members of His kingdom, but any who is determined not to repent of breaking God's 10 commandments, and to be obedient to them to grow in His Love will not be in His Kingdom.

     If a person is not truly repentant, and  will not be obedient to all God's commandments, but still professes he is a Christian by acknowledging some man or a false Christ as his savior, mediator and head over him in a church government setting, rather than  the true Jesus Christ,  then God the Father is not drawing that person,  but Satan is. It is believed and accepted by many as long as a person is in a fellowship church service each week,  that this is proof that they have been called and chosen. The calling and drawing of members by the Father is presented  by the church leadership as if certain called ones, even  though  they have not become converted to the direction and leadership of God's Spirit in their life, still assume that God the Father has called and chosen them and will still use them, and give them eternal life  in His Kingdom at the resurrection. This is a false teaching and understanding about the calling and drawing of the Father, and presents God as a respecter of persons and a compromiser with His own Word, law, and sin. God's Word is clear about God's authority and judgment in these matters.

     Many in the Churches of God are in fellowship and come together in services  every week with this assumption and belief. They have been told so many times by ministers they have been predestined by God's calling and choosing of them, and they don't have  to overcome their sins and to grow to become blameless (without sin) in order to bear the fruit of His love. They are continually told that the church is filled with sinners and sin, and that they should accept this as normal, church behavior. They totally look over many Scriptures, and especially one given in Eph. 1:4, "According as he has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be Holy and without blame (without sin) before Him in love."

     God does say He calls many, but only a few are chosen, only a few really become converted! Why? Because some want only the blessing of eternal life, without the work of overcoming sin, to become blameless, to work out their salvation, and to endure to the end in the love of God.  Church members have been confused with God's calling, about God's choosing and the true drawing  of members to Him, that comes only by true conversion from the fleshly heart  to a spiritual heart. There is a big difference!!!! The truth about God the Father calling  and the drawing of His saints to Him, has not been taught and restored by the Churches of God in order that the faith once delivered could be restored to the church.

     The Church of God leadership has not fed and led the church members on how they are to grow in the power of love, through the guidance and direction of God's Spirit. However, when any member relies on the leadership of God's Spirit  as his helper, then that saint can become whole, complete, and converted, as Christ commanded for His church. The church membership has not been led in example by ministers of "the faith once delivered to the early saints." The faith of the early church has not been restored in order for the members to inherit life in God's Kingdom. Why is this true?

       It is true because from the beginning,  the church leadership laid a false, spiritual foundation that was not of Christ, but of a man and the government of men, which produced their false, restored, truth system and a false conversion, which produced their "In the Truth Sacred Cow," system of beliefs. These false restored truths did not lead the brethren to become spiritually as one. All of these false restored truths has made it extremely difficult for members to fulfill Christ's command for all of His members to become whole, complete, and perfect, and one in His body. Most members no doubt would like to become one in His body, one in His mind and His Spirit, but are not being led to be and do so by the ministry.  Jude says in verse 3 - "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

      The members of the Churches of God who are not spiritually brain dead, are coming to see they have been thrust into a time  now of difficult trials, of testing, and proving to inspire them to grow in confidence, assurance, conviction, and  a strong faith of what is the truth, doctrine, and the true teaching of Jesus Christ. James 1:2-4 says - "My brethren count it all joy when you fall into various temptations (proving and testing situations in the church) knowing this, that the testing of your faith works patience, but let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, (whole and complete) needing nothing (spiritually)." Are the trials in the church a joy to you because of the fact that you  now are learning and really studying God's Word, and have not permitted yourself to become brain dead, but you are learning and coming to see and understand what is the real faith Christ provided, and gave to the early saints, and that is the faith that you too can have?

      This is part one of this two part article on Restoring The Faith that is exposing the  18 restored truths preached by many of the Churches of God, and is an article that will help members to examine their faith and understanding about restoring the faith once delivered to the early saints. The other 9 church professed, restored truths will be examined in next month's article to see if  the Churches of God are really restoring the faith of God's Word, or are those purported truths just more of man's vain words and false teachings!!!