Is The Real Christ In Christmas?

Is the real Jesus Christ the center of Christmas, or is it one of the many raised up, false Christs of today's professed Christianity who is really the worshipped one of Christmas?

      Christmas is celebrated as the birth of the Son, but  birth of   which Son-Sun does it really commemorate--the birth of the Son of God, or the birth of the new sun of the Solstice Season? Today's Christianity proclaims that Christmas is about the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son, but it is done with all of the customs, rituals, and religious practices that were used in the past for the worship of the Sun.Is the real Christ, the coming judge to the earth pleased with this type of worship and professed love for Him, or is all of this really pleasing the god of this world, Satan and all of the season's worship is actually toward his and his ministers created, false image of Christ which creates a false and empty seasonal joy that soon turns into depression. This is all Satan's and his ministers' inspired evil work, who inspired and teaches  that this is all good, joyous,  who permits all of the sin associated with the season of Christmas, raising up a Christ image of no-law, a   Satan-created, false image of Christ, who is accepted by all as being the real Jesus Christ?

       In these last days of man's government, as prophecy is being fulfilled, one of the chief signs, that Jesus Christ predicted and warned about, is "that there will be false Christs (Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22), and that if it were possible, they would deceive even the very elect of God."Are you sure you are not deceived?

    These are the last days, but where are all of the false Christs that are worshipped, and could you recognize even one of them, if one of them was pointed out to you ? A person must really know the real Christ to discern the false Christs! Do you really know the real Jesus Christ?

    One of these false Christs appears at the Christmas season every year, and our whole society has come to accept him as truth, believing that Christmas actually originated from the actual birthday of the Real Christ. Is this true? Is the Real Christ in Christmas, or is it all about recognizing a raised up, false Christ? Is Christmas ordained of God, and did God command Christmas as a commanded holy day and season?

    If Christmas is chief of all "professed Christian" religious holidays, and it is, then why didn't God at least have one verse in His Word commanding the observance of this day and season like He did in commanding all of His true Holy Days as given in Leviticus 23 and I Corinthians 5:8, and many other places in His Word? Another very important question that needs to be answered by every Christmas observing, professed Christian, is why do today's Christians, who profess to be Christians, reject and teach against the Holy Days given and commanded by Jesus Christ in Lev. 23:1-44, who was the God of the Old Testament, and then accept the holidays of man's creation with all of their heart and even go into debt in order to keep it? 

       Whenever a person, organization, church or product wants recognition, men use a popular, familiar name to sell the product, thereby, reaping billions of dollars from using that name. Are religions, with certain religious, seasonal days any different? It's no different! They and retail merchants use the name of the Real Christ and events surrounding the unknown and secret birthday of the Real Christ to make billions, as well as using that Name to get recognition for their church organization, and to celebrate a false, holiday season. What great deception people have acepted, and by them using that Name falsely, they will worship Christ in vain and create a false Christ that sees no harm and sin in being a part of such an abomination! Many "professed Christians" exalt the name of Christ to exalt their false doctrine, false teachings and false church, thereby forming and manufacturing false Christs. They do this by twisting Scriptures and Biblical events to mean something contrary to what God intended, II Peter 3:16-17.

     The "Christ" in Christmas is a false Christ because this false entity, through false, "professed ministers," demands the  worship of this false Christ and the observance of this season against the intentions of the Real Christ.In fact, the Real Christ's date of birth is unknown, kept secret, and not intended to made a day of  such recognition, indicating He does not mean for His birth to be a day of celebration and commenoration, but His date of death is well known, with the actual date, and with commands to observe and commemorate it each year--not each week, as many do. There is not one verse in God's Word directing His true followers to celebrate Christmas as a holy day!

     Secondly, the true Christ would never command His true followers to observe Christmas by setting aside that day, using His Name in conjunction with the same time of the year heathen people of the past, worshipped their pagan god--the sun god--the birth of the "new sun." This is the Solstice season of December, and  the time where and when Christmas was founded with all its superstitions, rituals and idol worship, such as the yule log (sun wheel) symbol of the sun, lights and candles, encouraging the waning sun at its lowest place, and the beginning (birth) of a new sun: along with mistletoe, encouraging revelry and unlawful sensual pleasure. These are all customs of past, pagan, idolatrous worship of the winter "sun god," observed for hundreds of years, and which God so vehemently condemns in Deut. 17:2-6..."If any worshipped other gods, such as the sun, moon or host of heavens, it was death."

      People will say, "But we worship the true Christ--not the Sun,   and just borrow the practices, and rituals, and customs of that past, idolatrious, sun worship season." But is it the true Christ that people worship and honor at this season of the year or another god and a raised up false savior?Let's examine the works of Christmas observance with common sense to see which is true. Would the Real Christ teach you to lie and deceive your child about a mythical, Santa claus idol -- however innocent it may seem? Would the Real Christ encourage you and society to borrow customs of "sun-worshippers, and use them in commemoration of His unknown, and Scriptural secret date of birth? Would the Real Christ inspire people to generate, through materialism and pagan customs, a false spirit of warmth and giving that dries up and disppears the day after Christmas, because it was based on materialism, the physical pleasing of the senses and emotions? Would the Real Christ inspire people to steal (shoplift) in order to keep this day, and be under all kinds of pressure to go into debt to give or swap gifts, becuse of the peer pressure from family and others?

     Has the real Jesus Christ commanded you to prove the spirits of this Day and Season to determine if this spirit of Christmas is a false spirit, or the true Spirit of Jesus Christ? Would the Real Christ encourage you to use parties and family get-togethers to commemorate His un-commanded and unknown date of birth, and condone this commemoration by worshipping and exalting Him on this day--the same day the sun was worshipped in the pagan idolatrous, sun-worshippers of the past? People can call a skunk a cat, but upon close examination, the lie is exposed and the truth comes out. Close examination of Christmas will prove that it is not a Christian holy day, but created by today's, accepted, false Christianity!

    God warns..."There is a way that seems good, right, innocent, but will end in death," Proverbs 16:25. "The fruit, or wages of sin is death," Romans 6:23. God also says..."Do not learn the vain customs and ways of idolatrous worship, used by the pagans in times past, such as setting up a tree with decorations." Jeremiah 10:2-3.

    Christ warns people who think they are worshipping Him--the Real Christ, that actually in their heart, they are really serving , a created, false image of Christ that man conjures up in his mind,  fueled by his false minister and friends through false assumptions and false teachings, which in reality, are man's own commandments, and by following man-created images, commandments and traditions, worship Him in vain, Matthew 15:8-9.

     The "Christ" in Christmas that people worship, is a false Christ, which is like the many false Christs that people worship in many churches, and these false Christs teach all kinds of false doctrines, and one of the worst is the false doctrine about salvation--teaching a grace without repentance and obedience to God's Ten Commandments, and all His law, which is the worst of all of their false teachings, because it deceives people into accepting a false Christ, a false salvation set upon a false foundation, all of which does not demand repentance and obedience to God and His law ,to begin their new life in the true Christ.

      What about all the many wonderful works, programs and accomplishments  of giving at Christmas? The Real Christ says..."You can do all these many, many wonderful works in vain if you are living contrary to His laws and commands," Matthew 7:21-23. I Corinthians 13:3 says..."You can give everything you have and even you life, and it all will be done in vain if you don't have the real love of the Real Christ," and that real love comes as the fruit of keeping  Christ's Ten Commandments, I John 5:2-3 and I John 2:4.

     Yes, but you say "People need special days and seasons to look forward to." Most people do not realize that God has given 7 Annual Holy Days and seasons, which give great purpose, understanding and insight to God's plan for man and His salvation, but have been  totally rejected and lost by most all people and churches, because people do not study God's Word.  They are challenged to look  into God's Word, or study about His Holy Days in order to see what God has commanded. They don't realize that God's Holy days are special days, providing real joy and purpose. These are the days of the Real Christ, which give great purpose and helps to keep man inspired and uplifted, with hope, joy and understanding of true salvation, and provide real peace and security, rather than leave him depressed, let down, with no lasting spiritual accomplishments, which are the results of Satan's false Christs and false, pagan holidays! God's true Holy Days teach and give happiness, joy and purpose for life, whereas, Satan's, false Christs days produce despair, sin and death! We have articles about God's Holy Days on our website.

      God says in Revelation 18:4..."Come out of her my people (this Babylon of false religion and confusion), and be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues, which are coming on all mankind."Will any repent, obey and follow the Real Christ, or will they continue to submit to the demands of society, and continue to follow the false leading of a false Christ? If a person does understand, and is determined to obey God's commandments--all ten of them, God promises to help that person by giving him, or her,  a portion of His Holy Spirit--and that is not a false spirit, which so many "professed Christians" have and is especially manisfested at the Christmas Season.

     The Real Christ inspired John to record in Revelation 12:9..."Satan has the whole world (society) deceived," and as he (Satan) comes to see his time is short (Revelation 12:12) he will lash out a large scale, unprecedented, tribulation and human carnage on an unsuspecting society, which God will permit, because of man's enormous sins. Hopefully, God will help some to come to see their sins, repent and draw away from these false Christs,  by coming out of today's false Christianity, and all false religions so that they can be protected from all the human suffering and devastation before it, the Day of the Lord, comes!

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