Offences And Forgiveness


 Does Jesus Christ forgive the offences and sins of church leaders, church members, and every sinner  if there has been no  confession and repentance and change in one's behavior?  

    Your answer if you know Christ's Word should be an absolute no! Then does Christ forgive church members who cover over and condone those ministers' offences and sins by their continued fellowship and financial support, and their lack  of confrontation  and standing against such sins and offences? Absolutely not! Christ is taking into  account and record all offences, sins, and all of the looking over and covering up such sins and trespasses against Him, His commandments and His brethren, where there has been no repentance, no change of heart and conduct!

     Offences are sins that create and bring on oppression against the brethren, and can cause them to stumble, and can even cause Christ's children to fall in their desire to work out their salvation to receive eternal life. Offences are sins that involves lies, false teachings, and injustices or evil judgments committed through words and actions by ministers  against brethren, which causes them to be mislead, to be deceived, to be disfellowshipped, to stumble in their worship of God, and the obeying His Word and law.  

       Offences are any violation of God's moral law, His Ten Commandments that attacks, assaults, Christ's sheep and causes them to stumble and even fall in their calling to become a child of God. Offences have come against the sheep of the Churches of God under the cover of church leadership confessing they are God leaders of the one and only true body and Churches of God, thereby deceiving the brethren. This leadership was and still is shepherded by proud shepherds and foolish instruments  or hirelings who confess they are  of a special class, a higher  church order that have been called to do God's special work because they have especially been chosen by Christ to be "God's special anointed ministers."  

      In reality they and their work has been of Satan and Satan's work, and can be proved to be so by any thinking member, because they have created division, hatred, strife, confusion and turmoil among its members which is all of Satan. They  with their special work have  committed offences of oppression, that opposes and puts burdens on church members, which comes only from Satan and his transformed ministers of light, because it stifles, suppresses, keeps down, or holds back every member's spiritual growth and  even kills him spiritually, causing some in their new spiritual life to be aborted in their calling. They have put a new corrupted meaning on Christ's command of taking in the stranger, a new person in the faith, Mat. 25:35,43. They take him in and then possess him with their ways of the flesh along with Satan's spirit. Christ says you can know them by their fruit, Mat.7:15-16, and their fruit proves them to be not the Church of God and of Jesus Christ, but the church or synagogue of Satan.

      These Churches of God and of Jesus Christ as its confessed to be leadership and its "confessed to  be special work"  has caused offences of oppression to be committed against Christ's sheep  through their church government and  their commandments of men, that tyrannically governors the members in their new spiritual lives (as strangers in the faith) through intimidation, fear tactics, evil threats, and unjust discipline. The new people (strangers) are led into becoming members of  the Church of God because of their study of the Word of God from His Scripture. They have come out from a world  and governments that are filled with oppression, and are led or drawn into the church of God organization of men, which, instead of relieving them of offences of oppression they have experienced in the world, the church leadership brings even greater oppression upon them with greater offences.

   The church leadership, in addition to its tyrannically church government, oppresses the brethren by a fear tactic of keeping them under a financial burden by monopolizing their hard worked for money through an oppressive tithing system, as being God's command, along with their shepherd's continual heart wrenching, gunlap emergency cries to send more, and more, and more of the poor brethren's hard worked for money that is called for  and expected to be given, even above the 3 tithes  and offerings that those ministers command. Once again they have put a new corrupted meaning on the word tithe by teaching the tithe to mean 30% instead God's taught meaning of 10%. Nowhere in Christ's Word does God command 3 tithes  or even 2 tithes and all of the severe financial oppression that the church leadership has been and is still guilty of by their commands of 3 tithes, and so are extorting by a spiritual coercion money not theirs from the lowly and meek brethren of Jesus Christ.

      God does command a tithe, read our article on tithing, "Does God Command Tithing." In addition to this false teaching, no where in Christ's Word did Christ command his followers,  to have a central ministerial headquarters office to receive the brethren's tithes and offerings. Are the ministers studying and  proving all of these things, to correct this oppression? No, because they are the recipients of such money monopoly and extortion and have been living a work free life off the brethren.

      In Ezek 34:3-4, God makes the truth plain - "You (ministers) eat the fat (living off the sheep), and you clothe yourselves with wool (the finest and best of living off of the sheep while they struggle  with that heavy giving burden to live their life), you kill them that are fed (you destroy and cast out them that come to be fed spiritually but show resistance or confront their corrupted leadership): you feed not the flock, (sermons are the same old boring lacking substance of the Spirit and life of salvation.)  

     Verse 4 - "The diseased have you not strengthened, neither have you healed that which was sick, (members are sick and dying because they are not fed information how they can be healthy, restored, and be healed), neither have you bound up that which was broken, (members suffering from curses of their sins are not shown how to be lifted up and be freed of their sins), neither have you brought again that which was driven away, neither have you sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have you ruled them, (ministers of the Churches of God have not repented of their evil disfellowshipping, of driving brethren away from the fellowship, nor have they sought them to bring them back and apologize to them for their evil action instead they threaten any other member with disfellowship that even so much as calls the ones that have been cast out, that would confront the minister, who took on himself his unauthorized action, Mat. 18:15-17. This  is all the force and cruelty of a corrupted dictatorial, hierarchical, church government of men not God.

      This  church instituted tithing system has been  and is today an offence  of  oppression and stumbling against the brethren, and comes as the result of   false ministers' greed and coveteousness, and that God's Word says, they can never get enough from the brethren,  Isa. 56:11, -- "greedy dogs that can never have enough and shepherds that cannot understand."  These offences are sins carried out through a power hungry church hierarchy that is without understanding. Has there ever been any real repentance and change from committing such offences and evil work? NO, NONE WHATSOEVER that has been made public and especially from the leadership of all the larger churches of God! This is all the work of Satan and against the will of the Father and Jesus Christ. Christ says in His coming Judgment he will be a swift witness against all such church leadership offenders. Please read  and understand Mal. 3:5, along with Pro.22:16, Ps.103:6. Where there is repentance there is forgiveness and mercy. These offences have not been forgiven, because there's been no repentance of change.

       How serious is Christ's judgment for such offenses, committed against brethren, the lowly, meek ones, that Christ has called and chosen? These sins and their penalty are all extremely serious, but everyone needs to read it from Jesus Christ's own words and what He says, in Luke 17: 2, "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." Christ continues in V. 3, "Take heed to yourselves: If your brother trespass against you, rebuke him (confront him): and if he repents, forgive him." V. 4, And if he trespass against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turns again to you saying, I repent:  you shalt forgive him."

      These verses plainly teach, what is Christ's judgment for offences, and these verses teach, also His mercy, that forgiveness should always be available from church members for trespasses  or offences committed against them. However, these verses teach, also a principle that is left out in most teaching, and that is; that repentance is necessary to receive forgiveness, and that the repentance should always be a "from the heart repentance," not a "lip service repentance." In the Churches of God it is extremely rare, if any repentance  from the ministry is ever made for offences against a brother, and yet  many members, because of false teaching, are expected to forgive those offences, to look over all such offences without any repentance from the offending minister or member. This false belief is looked upon and accepted as covering over for the minister, keeping the minister exalted on his evil throne (which is not love) and by this covering up of his sin or offence keeps the brethren in a false peace, creating a false unity through their faulty understanding and one of the reasons why there is division.

       Does God forgive anyone's offences and sins unless there is repentance of a changed heart? No, He most absolutely does not and neither does he expect any brother  of the faith to do so, if the Father and Jesus Christ are living in him. If one does forgive that person without his repentance, he  is adding to his wickness  that is being committed by him and this will not  produce love. It must be understood that repentance must always be first to God and then to the offended member.It does not seem brethren have learned what John the Baptist and Paul and the other apostles have said about repentance and that is; that all repentance  must have works befitting of a changed heart and behavior or it is vain exercise of a vain religion by vain men, Acts 26:20, Luke 3:8, James 2:9-11,16.  Have ministers and members forgotten there is a judgment for offences and sins? Their fruit  bears witness and the answer to that question.  

       Then does God look over and forgive ministers'  offences, and presumptuous sins and even their sins of ignorance if there is no repentance? He absolutely does not, even though many ministers and brethren live their lives as if He does, they are self-deceived and have need of nothing. God is not a respecter of persons with any members, whether he be a professed, and men appointed apostle, evangelist, pastor, or a lowly member.  Study and think about what Christ says in Luke 12:47 - "And that servant (minister or member), which knew his Lord's will (that God demands repentance for offences) and prepared not himself, (did not repent of  his sins of offence), neither did according to his will (did not recognize Christ's word and command in his conduct), shall be beaten with many stripes, (much punishment).

     In verse 48 Christ says -- " But he that knew not (was ignorant and did not study God's Word to know) and did commit things (by committing offences or sins or supporting the ministers  in their offences) worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes (less punishment)---." God is firm, the same yesterday, today, and forever, with all of His people and is not a respecter persons, as  is accepted by some to be the case with a minister. He says the wages of sin is death, and He does mean what He says, that includes all of our offences, whether they are offences of stumbling blocks that have been put in the way of brethren to cause them to stumble at keeping God's commandments, or cause them to be led into any temptation to break them, or any sin that is committed against God and any brother.

     The Church of God leadership has committed and cause to be committed grievous offences and sins again the brethren. How? First example; the church leadership, which includes most all of the ministry, has supported and taught a man-made commandment that commands an oppressive tithing system in addition to many kinds of special emergency offerings, along with a tithe of tithe which God plainly says was the command directed to the minister but was taught to be for the member. This additional burden was put on the brethren (as if their commanded 3  tithes was not enough), along with a building fund of the past for building buildings with plus offices for the higher up ministry. This building fund was asked to be (can you believe it) a pledge offering to build an elegant auditorium to serve them and their families to meet in on the Sabbath and to impress the world,  which has been sold and monies pocketed for ministers' retirement and expenses. What a rip off  against the brethren. What a waste of brethren's offerings given from hard earned money. It is like putting money down a rat hole and the rats chewed up the money and made their bed out of it.

     This has all been against the brethren and their meager incomes that kept them digging deeper and deeper and deeper in their low incomes that was much, much, lower that these false minister's salaries. This tithing system and the continual  called for urgent offerings  and their ministry itself was build on their favorite scripture taken out of it context, and quoted often in their messages "it is more blessed to give than to receive." These monies were commanded to be sent to these ministers of Satan's light at their head quarters to be distributed to all his ministers. If any member should ever use God's tithe in their own  life to do God's work and did not sent in their tithes and offerings to those headquarters minister, they (if you can believe this) were accuse of stealing from God. This was and is today, done all in the name of God and Jesus Christ. This is an excellent example of what it really means of taking God's name in vain for all the many "sacred name followers."  All these called for tithes and offerings and special offerings that were given from the lowly and put and keep down sheep,  believed it was for God's Work and were constantly told this very loudly by their head foolish shepherd and by his fear tactics and intimidations issued by him and his hirelings, kept the sheep dumbed down about God's Word and commands.  

     The funding for this elegant auditorium was build from letters of pleas from the head shepherd and asked to be pledges from the brethren, that was to be above their 3 tithes that was required of them. This auditorium was called by this foolish shepherd, the house of God, but which god was it. Without question it was the house of the God of this world, Satan. In some instances  and times the brethren were begged, and asked to go borrow money, their created emergency was so severe, that was once again above their 3 tithes to send in to their headquarters in order to keep these ministers' life style up in their doing their work of teaching false doctrines called the work of God. The biggest part of the money sent in went for ministers' living expenses, that put  their rich lifestyle that was well above the "barely getting by" brethren's living, and the rest of the money sent in went to preach their perverted gospel. This was a grievous offence  and sin of the highest order committed by these highly exalted ministers and the serving of their god (Satan). This same tithing system is still in use today in most of the churches of God. It is man's commandments put upon all the brethren to obey.

     This grievous, burdensome and oppressive tithing and offering system of the Churches of God is an terrible offence committed against the brethren, that is not of God. Has there been a open acknowledgement, confession, and repentance on the part of the ministry of such sins and offences? Why not? Is it because  they dare not look in the Scripture to see if they can find and prove more than one commanded tithe, one commanded 10% plus offerings. If they cannot, then they would have to stop extracting uncommanded tithes from the brethren, and get out of their house and go to work, to obey and fulfill the commandment "six days you shall labor and do all your work----," Ex. 20:9?

     Second example: The church leadership has committed offences against brethren by creating a church government, a top-down oppressive authority which stills today, dominates and conquers brethren's' lives, and rules over their salvation. This is a church government that rules with force and cruelty and robs the brethren of their salvation by replacing God or Christ as the Savior and leadership in their lives. This hierarchical church government governs by the effect of ruling and driving out the power, inspiration, influence,and growing effect of God's Spirit in the lives of the brethren of Christ. This church government takes the place of God's Spirit in the sense of being the power administrator in the lives of church members, rather than the leading and guiding of God's great power and Spirit, I John 2:27.

         This Church of God taught government gospel and its fruit parallels  and equals some of the same produced fruit of all the governments of Satan kingdoms of the world. Those governments of Satan are repressive, offensive, oppressive, rebellious, divisive, discouraging, conquering, confusing, deceptive, destructive, wicked, and brings it people into captivity, prison, and eventual death, spiritually and physically. Jesus Christ came to this earth in the flesh,  to give His blood and life for justification, and to give and make available  to man His Spirit as the good news - Gospel of how man can be lifted up from this type of Government system, and not to be thrusted into a greater depth of  it spiritually by Satan's church system which incorporates the same oppressive system.

       Jesus Christ came as He prophesied in Isa. 61:1-2, and in Luke 4:18 to carry out to its fulfillment His prophecy that says He came "to proclaim the Gospel to the poor" (the good new about salvation to the meek and humble), "to heal the brokenheartened" (those that are downtrodden, and overwhelmed by oppression, and offences of the governments of men and their own sins), "to preach deliverance to the captives" (people who are held captive to their own sins and offences of others), "and recovering  of sight to the blind," (opening the eyes of the deceived, the misled, and the confused, to their own sins and the sins of others who try to control and conquer them), "to set at liberty them that are bruised" ( to teach and explain clearly how people can be freed from the curses of their sins and offences from others), "to preach the acceptable year of the Lord" ( to preach the time and year of Christ's life, He made available the forgiveness of sins, justification, and salvation  to a few now, and the time  and year of His return, when all mankind will be freed from  the offences and oppression of Satan and his  governments of men, and the mystery of the Gospel and life made clear to all).

      This is the true work of Jesus Christ and was to be carried out by His called and chosen church body. Is this what has been really taught with the full understanding and direction that Christ makes plain in His Word? Doesn't the fruit of all the offences, sins and truth that is mixed with much error called the "work of God of the church" prove without question that this Church of God and its work  has been another government and work of Satan that has been orchestrated by a organization calling itself the church of  God? Has there been any acknowledgement, confession, and open repentance of these sins and offences on the ministry's part? Will God forgive these offences without repentance. Is the judgment for sins as Christ judges sin and offences in Rom. 6:23  still in effect? He says  "the wages of sins is death."

     Third example:  The church leadership  with its offensive, power base of a false tithing system that it builds its ministry on, had to have a power of governing and ruling and authority that kept its members in unity and total control. And because most members, either did not have God's Spirit or had not grown in the power of its influence, the church hierarchy with its "In the Truth Sacred Cow" system (an article that you can write for) instituted certain false doctrines, heresies and opinions of men, about God's Grace being unmerited favor, Being Born Again at the resurrection, sin broken into  the physical and spiritual with the physical having no eternal life penalty, and many other truth and error mixtures. This Church of God set up these false teachings as the church's belief system supported by its literature operation, radio and TV broadcasts and all falsely proclaiming to be restoring the faith given to the early New Testament Church. All of the church members and ministry were held in fear of going to Scriptures to prove if these teachings were truth or truth mixed with error, which the Word says is still error. If any found any teaching to be error, heresy, and a false doctrine, he was disfellowshipped it continued to pursue and teach his truth of the Scripture. This was again many offences committed against the brethren that has not been repented of and put right before the brethren. If there is no change there is no forgiveness.

 Fourth Example: This fourth example of offences against the brethren was how the church made its 30% bragged about growth each year for a number of years, that it said came as result of God and  being His Instruments and His church. This was the work of men, not God, that made its 30% growth and kept the church together in a false unity, and believing the same false doctrines and truth-error mixture through a rule of force and mental and spiritual cruelty that were made to believing the same things through a disciplinary  and judgment system of fear and intimidation tactics. The church leadership established and supported an unjust discipline system of disfellowshipping, or threat of disfellowship, ostracizing and shaming of members in the church that was not based on the law of God, nor the teaching of Jesus Christ, (Mat. 18), but instead, was based on their own church oppressive, government system, and its own policies and commandments of men. The church hierarchy did the disfellowshipping contrary to Christ's teaching of Mat. 18.

      Through this strong-arm of fear and intimidation tactics many sheep were either disfellowshipped or threatened to be disfellowshipped or completely driven out of the fellowship or church. Many bodies of the sheep have been strewn, scattered, and divided throughout the pastures of the world all because of these terrible church leadership offences brought against them. Woe, Woe, and Woe be unto such leadership that has not repented of such atrocities, sins and offences and have not asked God and those that they personally have offended to forgive them of such sins committed against them. These are some of the offences and sins committed against the church - the called and chosen of Jesus Christ, and are all offenses and sins that have not been corrected, rectified, and a full and complete repentance made by the ministry. These offenses and sins are all on going and will be punished by Jesus Christ. There has been no churchwide acknowledgement and confession of such offences and thereby,  no change, nor forgiveness, that comes only through a Godly repentance.

     Are church members personally to look over all of these offences and such sins, and to forgive where there has been no repentance? No, absolutely not, if one does, that member is accepting offences against,  and rejecting Christ's teaching about offences and forgiveness. It is showing love to any leader or member whereas, his sin or offence is brought to their attention and made known to him, in order that he can change and be accepted for God's Kingdom.

     Why hasn't there been repentance on the  part  of the ministers of such offences? It has been because of the  leadership of the church and their,  accepted,  belief system, that the ministers are always right, even though they sin against and offend the brethren. Does any minister believe he will be accepted into God's Kingdom, who has committed any such offence against a brother and has not gone to God and to that brother, asking for forgiveness, in order to be restored to God's grace? .

    What does Jesus Christ say about such actions of offence? Christ said in Mat. 18:6, "whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were drowned in the sea." This is a heavy, serious warning to every minister and member in their leadership and overseeing of church brethren! Where has there been any fruit of repentance where the church ministry  has taken these warnings seriously?

    Christ again warns all of His true disciples, to not be offended by permitting these offences to cause them to stumble from following Christ, and living by His commandments. Read it in John 16:1-2, "These things have I spoken unto you that you should not be offended" (made to stumble). Verse 2, "They (the ministry) shall put you out of the synagogues (church fellowship): yes, the time will come that whosoever kills you (hate you so much to cause your death because of Christ living in you, to cause your death) will think they are doing God's service. " Jesus Christ said they hated Him without a cause, John 15: 20-25, Isa. 55: 4.

    The hierarchical ministry of the Churches of God have put members out, disfellowshipped members for ungodly reasons and causes, for those members of not accepting their offences as of God, and believe they are and have been doing God's service. This is all more than mistakes that some like to refer all of this to! These offences are sins and causes  that could cause brethren to stumble in following Christ, and these ministers will be held accountable for their sins unless they have deeply repented of these serious sins, and have made a reconciliation with God and those that they have offended to cause them to stumble. God prophesied this would come to pass when He wrote, in Isa. 66:5 - " Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, "let the Lord be glorified!" (Let the Lord be pleased we are doing His service and His work), but He, (God) shall appear to you, (the cast out brother's joy) and they shall be ashamed, (those evil ministers and   those brethren that have condoned it with their presence and offering will be exposed)!

    But certain ministers and church brethren have said and do say, "but we have had no part in   such unscriptural  and ungodly disfellowhipping, or such offenses of members, that were cast out of the body and church fellowship." All ministers and brethren who stand idly by and who do not raise any questions or investigate into such ungodly acts by a dictator minister will share in the punishment for such serious sins. It is the responsibility of every minister and member, and others of a fellowship, or a connected church fellowship, to stand against such sins and offences in the Body of Christ or you too will be punished.

     The apostle Paul, before he was converted, was guilty of such ungodly acts of casting brethren out of church synagogues, or church houses fellowships, and even causing the death of some. Paul, at his conversion, bitterly repented of such horrible and ungodly acts and because of his committing such acts, confessed himself as being the greatest, or chief of all sinners. Study I Tim. 1:15, alone with Acts 8:3, Phil. 3:6, Acts 22:4-5. Paul said he "who was before (conversion) a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious (a  church abuser and offender) but I obtained mercy (he repented and was forgiven) because I did it ignorantly, in unbelief." What does this say today to all Church of God ministers and members, who confess to be in the faith, but are scattering the church through their persecution, offences, creating oppressions, with their unscriptural disfellowshipping and dividing of the church? It spells punishment, and  there will be punishment of many stripes for those that know about these offences  against brethren, and have done nothing in any way of repentance by confession and correcting such offences. And those that did not know, but who are still a part of supporting that ministry and  their church government system, are in part sharing in the responsibility of such committed offenses  and unless there is change on their part, will be beaten with few stripes, Luke 12: 47-48.

     This brief history of the churches of God concerning offences and forgiveness sounds Christ's strong warning loud and clear --- "If any one (church minister or member) offends one of these little ones (His sheep) it were better for him that a millstone be hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Luke 17:2.

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