The Milk And Meat Of God's Word

Do you really understand what is the Milk and Meat of God's Word?

Is feeding the lost lambs and sheep the Milk and Meat  of God's Word something different than preaching the Gospel?

       Jesus Christ urgently preached a repeated message to His disciples, and the message was for His disciples to  understand that His commission to them was for them to carry out and complete  the mission of feeding His lambs and His sheep. This feeding of Christ's lambs was first to begin with the pure, sincere milk from the mother (N.T. church leadership) which started with the example set by John, the Baptist and Jesus Christ and later the Christ led Apostles. As the lambs' growth progressed, they were then to be fed with the meat of His Word, and by their obedience to these good news words  of Christ's commission pertaining to the gospel, development and growth in the lambs would bring about fully mature adult sheep,  fully perfected saints standing on their own, who would not be led astray by false apostles and hirelings professing to be Christ shepherds. By  Christ's disciples bearing this fruit, they would then be able to go out, seek and find other lost sheep and help bring them into Christ's sheepfold. This is the fulfillment of preaching, teaching and obeying the Gospel and bearing the fruit of the Gospel as Christ, the chief shepherd meant for the feeding of his sheep to be.  In Acts 8:4 God's Word says "Therefore they  (the church) that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the Word." Jesus Christ is the Word .

      However,  in the WWCG and who has now divided  into many more organizations called the Churches of God, the feeding of the sheep has been taught as a separate command and commission than from preaching their, the Church of God Gospel.  Their man and organization taught gospel is something entirely different, than what they believe is the Christ focused gospel of feeding His sheep, and is something they call and believe to be and that is the restoring the message of their gospel of God's coming Kingdom. This is a church government taught gospel that is all about church authority and church government that has and is still producing a scattering of the sheep, has brought about much member abuse, to the purpose and goal of conquering of the brethren through church authority set up by fear and intimidation tactics. 

      This perverted government gospel produces hatred,  strife, greed through extortion by bleeding the sheep of their livelihood by called for of exorbitant giving of 3 tithes and all kinds of emergency offerings, which they call is doing Christ's work but in truth is of Satan's work. Their "coming of God's Kingdom church government gospel" perverts the teaching of the true gospel of Christ and exalts and teaches the hierarchical rule in the church through the ministry. This church ministry is set up to conqueror the lowly sheep  and capture their faith in Christ in order to bring them into submission to Church authority. This is a sin of presumptuousness and inserting themselves as the head taking up Christ's office as God over the church and at the same time continually preach and cover over their sin by saying their authority is Christ's authority and work, but by Scripture Christ has not granted such authority and work through a hierarchical rule, because Christ said plainly, "this type of church authority shall not be so among you, the church," Mat. 20:25-26. So this church authority, taught through a false and perverted gospel, is, in plain truth, nothing less than a big lie and deception from the spirit of Satan the devil.

     Why has the feeding and teaching  Christ's sheep in the Churches of God been a different commission than  the only commission given to the disciples of preaching and obeying the Gospel of Christ or as Christ first referred to His Gospel, before He was known who He really was, as the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? The reason is because of man and his false leadership and his teaching of a perverted gospel that fit in with their desire of power and control as the church authority that they believe was needed because of their lacking of God's spirit to keep unity in their church organization and they called all this  the restoring of the Gospel and of the twofold commission that they have mistakenly believe Jesus Christ taught! This is deception and perversion in the high places.

     Have the lambs, who believe they have begun their new life in the Churches of God, been given the milk and meat of God's Word, so their spiritual development to stand on their own to become mature sheep can take place? If this is true, then Christ's sheep should then be able to go out and preach and teach the real GOOD NEWS, and by doing so, help bring in the production of other lambs, to become adult and fully mature sheep of Christ, and thereby, fulfill the only focused commission  and that is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ as Saviour is taught all through the New Testament and foretold by all the prophets of the old Testament and is the message to be taught by all of His disciples.

    Sadly and shamefully, the professed higher leadership of the Church of God did not lead the church by following this commanded message which is Christ's repeated commission to His church. Why not? It is because  the Church of God leadership absolutely did not and do not today know what is the true focused gospel, the message given by Christ, John, the Baptist, and the Apostles concerning the milk and meat of God's Word. The is true by  the  fact of personal admission and documented statement of the Church of God's own  professed to be pastor general, who said and wrote in his book "The Mystery of the Ages" and his Correspondence Course that the gospel is not about Jesus Christ and that "John, the Baptist did not restore anything."  This is a  plain lie and and a serious false teaching, and not the "plain truth" because Scripture teaches plainly that the gospel is about Jesus Christ as savior, and that John, the Baptist restored the understanding of how people can be saved  by the remission of their sins and looking to Jesus Christ as Savior, as Christ plainly said he did restore these things. Who is a person to believe Herbert Armstrong or Jesus Christ? 

     The writer of the "Mystery of the Ages", Herbert Armstrong, preached  a gospel as being "the coming Kingdom of God", which is a perverted gospel. He then preached that that there was a separate message of Christ to the church and that  was to feed the sheep which in fact divided Christ's commandment  and mission to His church and perverted His Gospel message.  This church taught divided  or twofold gospel commission or command cannot be found in God's Word and is in error and mixes the truth of Jesus as savior in with this writer's big error of focusing the Gospel as being on the coming Kingdom of God. This dilutes the milk and meat of God's true focused gospel. This is teaching another gospel and takes away  and de-emphasizes  the importance concerning  Christ as Saviour. Jesus Christ and His message of salvation and as it is given in His Word is the main focus of all the NEW TESTAMENT and is a serious doctrine and  teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and  is given in such a way as milk and meat feeding to Christ's lambs and sheep to grant His disciples understanding as Good News about how they can be saved and live forever in His Kingdom.Christ's lambs and sheep who were lost but are found through this milk and meat feeding of His Gospel. This is all so vital in the calling, choosing and spiritual growth of a saint.

Any member or minister following such apostate teaching given in the above book, will not understand what is the true focused gospel of Christ's teaching, and he will not understand what John the Baptist restored, so he certainly does not understand what is the milk and meat of God's Word.

       In John 21:15-17 Christ said to His called to be shepherds that they are "to feed His lambs and sheep," and He said it three times. Christ meant by Him repeating His message of feeding His lambs and sheep, that this was very serious message and commission to His disciples and that this message to them and today's shepherds was never to be forgotten, but to be carried out to its fulfillment. Has this message and commission of Jesus Christ been understood and carried out to its fulfillment through the teaching of the ministry of the churches? Judging by the fruit of the lambs and sheep, the members and ministers of the churches of God, it does not appear to be so. Spiritual growth  and spiritual understanding is just not there. If this not true, then WHY are all the lambs  and sheep so confused, divided, throwing out doctrine and relying on  church fellowshipping to save them. WHY are they going different directions and following the church's hirelings and continuing to support those drones, instead of following Jesus Christ and His Doctrine and teachings? Afraid to stand alone  with Jesus Christ if need be, is the answer.

     Why have the members of the churches not grown? It is because the members as lambs did not receive the rich pure milk from the true mother church, but  received some diluted, adulterated milk, and therefore now, cannot digest, assimilate, strong meat when it is fed to them to make spiritual growth. The reason the lambs were not fed the pure  and sincere milk was because another mother, a false mother church took the place of the real mother church, the mother church that Christ has already called, chosen, tested and proven to be the mother church  in its early New Testament days with its deeply converted leadership, and who were fed by the chief shepherd under the direction of the Father.  The faith and obedience of these leaders as fathers are the ones the church members should desire to follow or emulate. This mother church  of the New Testament is the only one that can be trusted for His lambs feeding, and this mother is the one  the members must be pointed to  for spiritual feeding by Christ's true shepherds and not  by any false ministers working as hirelings who can not be trusted to  feed Christ's sheep because they are in there just to get paid, who as drones they live off of tithes and work of others,  and accomplish nothing. If the lambs of Christ do not begin their life with rich, pure, milk from their mother, who was called and chosen by Jesus Christ and who was inspired to be followed through His Word, then all lambs' development and growth to become  complete born again adult saints will not be accomplished. Those lambs will be aborted for the lack of pure milk and spiritual meat.

     Today, many members of the Churches of God do not know and understand, what is a fully developed and converted child of God! Are you sure, you, as a lamb of Christ,  understand this statement and did begin your life on the milk of Jesus Christ's true mother church, or was it begun on impure milk of a false mother church that inserted herself as the mother and fed you with adulterated, and impure milk and your growth was stunted, or as in some cases, lambs were completely aborted? Did the professing and self asserting chief or general pastor or shepherd of the Church of God really understand this about the milk and meat feeding  by making and writing  his blasphemous statement, that "Jesus Christ is not the gospel" and that John the Baptist, the Elijah to come, "did not restore anything." How can you possibly ever understand the strong meat, the spiritual teaching of God on an impure milk foundation of following such apostate leadership such as this? You need  the knowledge given in this article to help you understand what is the milk and meat of God's Word, so you can make true spiritual growth that is based on the true chief shepherd's Word and not the word and knowledge given by an apostate idol shepherd professing to be the chief pastor or general pastor and usurping Jesus Christ's title and name.

    The feeding of the lambs, the beginners, those accepting God's tree of life, the newly called children of God was to begin with milk, and as their growth progressed, they were then to be fed with the strong meat of His Word. In John 21:15, Christ said, "Feed my lambs," meaning, His shepherds are to make sure His lambs, new members, receive their early need of the milk of God's Word providing the only foundation for strong growth. In verse 16, Christ again said "feed my sheep." This is a different Greek word for feed, but it was translated feed which means, to care for His sheep, to care for His called and chosen ones of His body, by a shepherd leading them in rich green pastures to feed upon,  green pastures where a shepherd of Christ knows and speaks sound doctrine, and who  watches over Christ's sheep to protect  them from ravenous wolves, false ministers with their poisonous food of false doctrine, heresies, deceptions and lies. In verse 17, Christ again exhorts and teaches His shepherds to "feed His sheep." A lamb in order to grow to become a mature, total, whole, complete sheep in all of his life, must develop to be independent of its mother, by analogy one might say "weaned form his mother's milk,"  by being fed meat, or solid food, solid spiritual food, to become a fully developed sheep, but still one that is dependent upon the chief shepherd, Jesus Christ, and His powerful leadership through His Holy Spirit, I John 2:27, to lead, protect and guide him continually..

     This was and is Christ's instructions and admonishment given to all His shepherds for the feeding and care of His chosen lambs, so that Christ could fully confirm them and establish them to be His sheep--to be His fully developed saints for His Kingdom. Paul says to all, called to be saints in I Cor. 1:5, 8, "That in everything you are enriched by Him (Christ) in all utterance, and in all knowledge, v. 8, "Who shall also confirm you  unto the end, that you may be blameless (total, complete, without sin) in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ." Christ's sheep, His saints,  are to be spiritually sound and stable, and fully aware of false shepherds, grievous wolves, who will lead them to be otherwise. These wolves, false shepherds continually lead Christ's lambs into unhealthy pastures, causing them to be sick, diseased, even causing them to die early. These false shepherds lead by teaching the lambs, that they can compromise God's Word by saying Christ's death still covers their unrependent sins through their teaching of an unmerited grace, and that they will never be or can be fully developed, righteous lambs. They will teach the sheep that they cannot become perfect, will always be a sinner, will always be a spotted lamb, who can never to come to be without sin, who can never become complete in Christ. The hirelings of the Churches of God continue teach this false message and nobody it seems even cares or refutes their perverted teachings.

    A newly born lamb must begin his new life with the rich milk of his mother, or otherwise, the lamb's life is in real danger of an early death. This early, rich milk from the mother gives the lamb the foundation to grow to maturity. Jesus Christ used this analogy to help His newly called and chosen to be saints, as lambs, to see their need of receiving the early, pure milk of His Word, to develop and grow to maturity in His Spirit. The milk of God's Word is the basic, foundational, elementary, essential knowledge and understanding to begin your life to becoming a saint.

      Have you as a lamb of Jesus Christ's, received the sincere milk of God's Word? The sincere milk is the pure, unadulterated milk of Christ's Word. All of today's professed Christianity and many in the Churches of God, have not received the pure, unadulterated milk of God's Word, or if they have, they certainly are not walking the walk, not bearing the fruit of that knowledge. By looking at their fruit, a person can plainly see that they either have not received the pure milk, or have rejected it by their lack of real spiritual growth!

     Jesus Christ tell His lambs, His called to be elect church in I Peter 2:2, "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that you may grow thereby." If this foundation of receiving the pure milk is not laid in each members' life, then the growth of God's Spirit in one's life of assimulating the meat of His Word will not take place. The growth to become a mature sheep, a newborn and born again saint, will not be attained, because the strong meat, the solid food of God's Word, cannot be digested, cannot be assimulated, cannot be understood! If a lamb, a potential member of Christ, called to inherit His Kingdom, does not grasp and understand what is the milk, and that it is foundational to receiving the strong meat, the solid food, then all opportunities for making growth and becoming a perfect, complete, whole saint for His Kingdom, will be led away and misdirected  in their life to receive eternal life.

       Christ inspiring the letter to the Hebrews, makes this point crystal clear in Hebrews 5:12-14, "For when for the time you ought to be teachers, (but because you have not grown) you have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God: and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. v. 13, For every one that uses milk (using only the milk to teach) is unskilful in the work of righteousness: for he is a babe (still only a babe in knowledge and understanding). v. 14, But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age (who have grown in time from the milk and realize that he now needs the solid food, or stronger meat of God's Word) even those by reason of use (good behavior and righteous suffering) have their senses exercised (trained) to discern both good and evil. Scripture says Christ learned obedience by the things He suffered. Christ's lambs by accepting God's tree of life will know from their study of God's law, His Ten Commandments, statutes and judgments, what is good and evil and will keep and obey it. They are not following the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil," like many in the church are doing, where everyone decides for himself, what is good and what is evil by professing to obey God's 10 commandments, as they believe they should be obeyed, and not as God says in His Word. These church people are professors of Christ law and not doers of Christ's  commandments

    The writer continues in Hebrews, by saying Christ's lambs are His brethren who should be able to leave the first principles of His teaching and Word, the milk of His Word, and go on to perfection (Heb. 6:1). Brethren should  after receiving the milk, should be prepared to receive the strong meat of His Word. They should be able to digest and assimilate in their heart and mind, the solid food, the strong meat of Christ's  and the apostle's teachings, in order to go on to perfection, be become spiritual, complete, whole, mature children, who are now born of the Spirit, who are now totally led by God's Spirit, to be able to live without sin, and live an unspotted and unblemished life through Christ living in them. Christ, the Chief Shepherd,  has given to His church, then and today, His tested and proven apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers, all of His early New Testament church, to perfect the saints, that all of His sheep, His saints, will not be divided, but will come together in unity, as one, unto a perfect saint and fullness of Christ. This is in order that His sheep, His brethren, will not be tossed about with all kinds of new teachings and doctrines, and discarding what is sound doctrine from His Word and will not be following false doctrine coming from some false shepherd. Read and study Eph. 4:11-16.

    But what do the Churches of God have today are ministers traveling around the nation and visiting different churches professing to teaching truth, but by their own admission and writing are  ministers who are still floundering around still trying to establish what is sound and true doctrine for their own church organization  and  who have committees of men working on those things and yet still out there teaching something  that is nothing less than confusion. Or in some cases are speakers that refuse to even discuss doctrine.  One professed evangelist has gone so far as to say "that doctrine of the bible is not truth," or that "no one can understand perfect truth from God's word." This is confusion,  perversion, and offense to every confessing child of God, and more personal admission by ministers  who are accepted as ministers and leaders and speakers in the Churches of God and do not know what is the milk and meat of God's Word and what is the true focused gospel. 

The Milk  and the Meat

In Hebrews  6:1-2 Christ says, "After leaving (this milk of His Word, which is the first) principles of the doctrine of Christ: not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and faith toward God, and the doctrine of baptisms, along with the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment, let us go on to perfection, (meaning it is time that we are to grow to assimilate strong meat, to be perfected.)"

      Have you, as a lamb of God and who has been called out of this world, repented of your dead works or do understand what is repentance from dead works? If you have repented of your dead works do you now have faith in Christ or is your faith  set and established in a man  or minister who professes to be of the church of Jesus Christ and who does not  know what is truth or doctrine? But if you have you have repented of your own "righteous" works  which are dead works that you believe would put you in a good relationship with God such as was Paul's example of his life before conversion, and that he said he had been relying on for his salvation, and have  faith in Christ as your saviour then you have started on the milk. Paul, after being struck blinded, repented of his dead works, his trust in those works, that he believed were "righteous" works,  that would save him. Paul believed that he was keeping the commandments, but said when the real understanding of the law, which is God's Ten Commandments and all that they mean as God commandments, came to him, he realized sin was still alive in him, and that he was still a sinner, and he was a dead man by him relying on his past understanding, Romans 7:9-10, to save him. Do you keep God's commandments as you define them or as God instructs you to keep them. There is big, big, difference that many do not understand in regard to repentance and obedience to God. A study of God's commandments should have become a prime study of God's Word in your life. Has it?

     Paul realized that he needed repentance, obedience and faith in Christ and His sacrifice to save him from the penalty of his sins and death. Paul understood after his repentance and faith in Christ that God would give him His Spirit to obey God's commandments, through the laying of of hands. He understood the symbolic meaning of baptism in water and baptism in the spirit. Paul came to understand about the resurrection of the dead to eternal life, as well as the eternal judgment for rejection, and that all of this to be the basic, fundamental and essential knowledge for understanding the milk of God's Word. Paul left these, the milk, meaning he went on building on these as the foundation of his life, and went on receiving the meat meaning going on to perfection in God's Spirit, to become a complete, total, whole and perfect man of God through Christ's guidance, and being filled with God's Spirit, born again now of God's Spirit, converted from the flesh of his mind to the point in his life of having God's Spirit fill his life, whereas he was daily led by God's Spirit, Eph. 4:13. Have you followed Paul's example in receiving this milk and this meat? 

       If the members of the Churches of God  fully understand about receiving the milk and its all important and seriousness of beginning their Christian life, and then having received the meat to have a total new life in Christ, based on this knowledge and understanding, then each one would be fearful of breaking any one of God's Commandments, because they would know the eternal judgment for doing so. Each and every church member, and parent would know this is what they should be teaching to their children for their training. Their children like them would also be fearful of breaking God's commandments, and understand the need of Jesus Christ and His Spirit in their life,  as they grow to understand and fully keep His commandments, then these children would not be compromising the commandments and the faith of Jesus Christ and would continue to stay in the faith.

      Does any member ever ask the question why God chose John the Baptist, to teach and restore this information, which is God's knowledge, about salvation? It was because John's parents, which Luke writes about  in Luke 1: 6, "They were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord, blameless, (without sin.) " Zacharias and Elizabeth, John's parents, were righteous because they were commandment keepers, and without question, they taught their son God's commandments and His law concerning His judgment for breaking the Lord's commandments. And because John's parents were righteous and desired to teach their son the commandments of God, John was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb, Luke 1; 6,15. By having this foundation of God's work laid early in is life, John was able to go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah,  as  Christ said of him and was prophesied of him in Mal. 4:5-6 to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient (sinners) to the wisdom of the just, to make a people prepared for the Lord. In other words, the children and people desiring eternal life were taught the milk and meat, the understanding and receiving of God's Word and  the receiving of His Spirit for salvation to make them ready for Christ's appearing. And yet the writer of Mystery of the Ages said John did not restore anything. Unbelievable!!!

       John went about restoring and making the path to salvation clear and straight for people to be able to come to and to know the Lord. Christ said of John the Baptist, that John came in the spirit and power of Elijah and shall restore all things. John the Baptist, as Elijah, did come and  restored all things concerning life and salvation and identifying and worshipping the true God. Christ said in Mark 9: 12-13, "Elijah verily comes first and restores all things, but I say unto you, that Elijah is come already, and they (the people of those professing to be God's people) knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they desired, likewise Christ also shall suffer of them. " Christ said in Luke 1:17, "He, (John) shall go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just (just is doing what is right and being made just or justified   before the Lord) to make ready a people prepared for the Lord." Christ's Word continues in Luke 1: 76-79, "And you, child (John) shall be called the prophet of the Highest for you shall go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways: v. 77, to give knowledge of salvation unto His people by the remission of sins. v. 78, through the tender mercy of our God (Christ and His grace) : Whereby the dayspring (light-Christ) from on high has visited us, v. 79, To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace."

      Jesus Christ said of John the Baptist,  that he came to restore all things, Mark 9:13, but a latter day, professed to be apostle, by the name of Herbert Armstrong and writer of the  book, Mystery of the Ages, page 290, says, "John the Baptist did not restore anything!" This professed to be pastor general, as he has referred to himself,  has written and made these blasphemous statements against John the Baptist, and against Jesus Christ and His Word, because Christ said John came and restores all things. John the Baptist came restoring the understanding about repentance and teaching that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. People came to be baptized of John, confessing their sins. A person cannot confess his sins unless he is taught how  he is breaking God's commandments. By John's teaching, that the Kingdom of Heaven  is at hand,   John was teaching the good news pertaining to God's Kingdom and that the opportunity to inherit and be in God's Kingdom was at hand in their presence through their Savior, Jesus Christ, Mat. 3:2-15 who John identified as man's savior. John preached the understanding about the milk of the Word, as well as directly and pointing people to the meat of the Word, that came through Jesus Christ. Christ said to John in Mat. 3:15, "Suffer it to be so now (allow me to be baptized by you) : for thus it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness." In words of spiritual understanding, Jesus Christ is saying, the way to all righteousness, the way to receive the milk and meat of God's Word was, and is fulfilled by them and Their teachings. John restored what is needed for salvation, by teaching real repentance, how one's sins are remit.

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