Man's Love or God's Love

Man's love or God's love, which one is it that man must have and bear the fruit thereof in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ to receive everlasting life?

     Today's Christian churches believe that their leaders and members are teaching and leading their churches in God's love. However, it is really man's love that they are exercising in their churches, but are deceived by Satan, believing it is God's Love! Will any confessing church member examine this statement with Scripture and see if it is true that today's Christian churches are truly led by God's love or is it a big lie, and more of Satan's great deception? When anyone examines and looks into this "great" love that today's professing Christians profess and believe that they have, that they gloat and talk and hype it up to make people believe that it is God's Love that they have, one can easily see by their fruit it is not God's love that motivates members in their church. This love that they profess to have is not God's love, nor the fruit of God's love, instead it is man's phileo (physical or natural) love that is all wrapped up with a Christian wrapper and made to appear to be God's love. What is most shameful is the fact that most all professing church members don't know the difference between man's love, man's natural affection love and  God's spiritual Love.

      This love that today's professing Christians have is not God's agape love, because Jesus Christ says "you can know them by their fruits" and you cannot see the fruit of God's Spirit working in them producing God's Love. The love that is being exercised is of the flesh and is produced by the works of man's sin covered, fleshly heart. This is basically an evil heart manifesting a mindset and spirit in man that is enmity against God, Rom. 8:7-8. God teaches in these verses "Because the fleshly mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God," nor bear the fruit of His love. And so as the Scripture states in II Tim 3:5, these are Christ confessing believers having a form of godliness, or form of Christianity, but denying the Power of God's Spirit.

      These are church members professing to be  Jews (Christians),  but are liars, not true Christians, Rev. 3:9. Today's Christian Church members have a spirit bearing man's love, but it is not from the Holy Spirit of God which helps one bear fruit of God's love. Understanding the difference between these two loves is what Satan, through his ministers of light in today's Christianity, II Cor. 11:13-15, and also professors in today's sciences, psychology, and other like professions are confusing  people about love, and especially Christ professing church members. All who will listen to them go out and teach their same confusion and deception about God's true love.
    Today's, confessing, Christian, preachers, pastors and evangelists are without question, the worst deceivers about defining and teaching about the two loves spoken of in God's Word. It is all because these church leaders, in their hypocrisy, profess to have God's love, but do not bear the fruit of God's love. So the truth and reality is, they do not have God's (Greek) agape love, nor do their members. They instead have nothing more than man's physical, fleshly, (Greek) Phileo love, a natural love, that is not produced based upon law through the inspiration and the help of God's Spirit, and so is not God's Spiritual love. This love that they manifest is a born with, natural physical love based on human affections, emotions, feelings, handshakes and hugs, with a compromise and tolerance for sin in members of churches that accept each other and their sins as part of their believed to be God's love. They are  really churches and synagogues of Satan. The Scripture teaching that a little leaven leavens the whole church is totally eliminated and cut out of their Scriptural understanding, comprehension and knowledge of how judgment and justice against sin is all part of God's Love, so they all are churches accepting sin as part of their church body composition and so have become churches filled with sin.

    God's spiritual agape love, which is the fruit of His Holy Spirit, is not to be confused with man's (Greek) Phileo love, natural love, a love that pertains to man's affection, fondness and feeling of personal attachment followed at times with signs or fruit of that love with a kiss, a hug, a hand shake and time in fellowship. This love that most people and church members have is spoken and identified with words and actions of endearment, gifts, cards, as in occasional visits, and church fellowships and other get togethers. This man's love, which looks over sins and so by this, encourages its members to continue in their sins believing their false christ that they have raised up in their churches will save them in their sins. The day of Christ's coming will be a terrible day for them, a day of gritting of teeth, when He says to them He never knew them, because they are workers of iniquity, workers of sin (ministers working to keep all believers in their sins), workers of no commandments to keep (ministers teaching the 10 commandments are not required to be kept), and so all these are workers committed to looking over each other's sin, all of who Christ says He will reject at His coming, Mat. 7:23." I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity."

     Can this physical natural love of man, this phileo love, endure the tests and trials of time and family? Can man's natural love endure the trials of sickness, disease, sufferings and heartbreaks, all the curses of sin, or financial setbacks, debt, job lost, family arguments and disruption, and harsh words?  Does Godly and spiritual correction coming as God's love from God's Word and from His true servants, turn off, dry up man's love, his natural Phileo love that was so great at one time?  These trials and tests can even turn a man or woman to bitterness, depression, great discouragement, accusing and blaming others, and even to death or suicide. And even if they can endure these trials to their death, it can still be all in vain without God's love. Man's natural love is not God's love, because it is not based on God's law, nor on God's justice and judgment, or the leadership and guidance of God's Spirit. It is based on man's hostile and compromising spirit, man's commandments of men, his feelings and emotions, his lack of good godly judgment, living by his choices of his human nature, to continue to live in his sins. This is all living by the fruit of continuing to choose to live by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Members of churches use the social, religious and church contacts, gatherings and group meetings to get together and encourage each other in their sinful lives of following the ways of man's love with its curses and suffering, believing it Christ's way of righteousness. This is all inspired by their false christ of compromise which is all of Satan's ministry. This false christ of Satan's ministry inspires all of its members to look down upon God's love consisting of obedience, justice and punishment for sins. They have never learned that obedience to law, judgment and justice are all part of God's love through Jesus Christ, and is the only solution and answer to curses of sin in families, our society, our government, and the world. Some educators try to influence families to use some discipline in their child rearing and love and refer to it as tough love, but it is discipline based on what are man's standards, certainly not God's laws and commandments.

      All of this hype and raising up man's love will not get rid of the curses of sin, the sins causing suffering, pain and disease, the sins of debt and misuse of money, the sins causing family breakups, the sins of ungodly parents living their lives by their human love of emotions that looks over sins and rebellion in their children. These sins bring on the curses of divorce, family dysfunction, spoiled children that are totally rebellious, who have never been  corrected and punished in all of their life and as it is with all sins, these curses of sin only get bigger as time goes on.

     Man's love through Satan's ministry in all of the churches, teaches the family, that it is not love to discipline  and train up a child in the way he should go so when he old he will not depart from it, but look over their sins of rebellion as self expression, self esteem, and except all the ways of their child's rebellion as good and proper development in their children. The 10 commandments have no meaning to church members following man's love and especially the 5th commandment, that teaches a child "to honor your father and mother that your days on this earth may be long," Eph. 6:1-4. Other Scriptures such as Isa. 3:12 has no meaning to church families following and living by man's love. This Scripture, speaking of the curses of sin, says - "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people they which lead you cause you to err (sin), and destroy the way of your paths."

    Women today rule over their families and possess their husbands. They use their bodies and emotions, and Eve's, Satan like wisdom, to dominate and rule their husbands. Their children learn the same evil sinful tricks and use them on their mothers and fathers. The fathers permit all this to go on without taking up their leadership roles as God's appointed leaders to guide his family by God's standards, His 10 commandments, Eph. 5:23 "For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church --." God's Word teaches the proper leadership for a family and a nation. But who today  looks to God and God's Word for any guidance in their family and life? God's commandments and judgments teach love and justice and give a man, God's appointed head for the family, a foundation to make good and wise decisions and along with the help of God's Holy Spirit he can truly lead his family to be a godly family. Today's husbands have been so beaten down by their wives, TV and commercials, media, movies, and talk show host's jokes and jokes in general. This is all part of Satan's master plan from the very beginning with Satan and Eve, keeping the man in the dark about his purpose and responsibility in his life, in his family and carrying out God's will for the family.

      So today, we have spoiled women and spoiled children and no backbone husbands. Today's emotional mothers and no backbone fathers see no wrong, evil, and sin that their children are doing and being involved in. Their eyes are completely closed to any evil their "lovely children" are doing. They say "my children would not do that evil." Families worship their children. Fathers will no longer  stand for what is truly lawful and just, and will not discipline his family as God commands him to do. So today's Satan led families are upside down headed for a great crash. This is all accepted as love, love to spoil the children, love to spoil the wife, love for all to follow their lusts, and call it the way of  man's love in their families, but it is not God's love. God's love lives by the commandments and disciplines for not obeying God's commandments. But the truth is, today's families have become so dysfunctional, breaking apart, no real peace, and have become violent families, whereas in some cases parents are even murdering each other or their children are murdering their parents.

    All families that are in these Satanic situations and following such in their lives are taught to follow these evil examples by today's child education. All such families with their sins and curses are headed for the judgment that God speaks of in Isa. 13:6-16, that  tells of God's end time judgment against His people and their children. Be sure and read this Scripture to see the end of result of such evil actions. Parents today have no fear of God and the punishment he will bring on them and all such sinning people and families.

    God's love in families will train a child up in the way of God's 10 commandments, but you will not be able to attend any of today's churches following and obeying the 10 commandments. Today's professing Christian churches are filled with man's love and do not teach the keeping of the 10 commandments that teach God's love and so how can any man expect to go to these professing Christian churches and receive instruction how to lead and guide his family and life in God's love? The truth is, they will persecute you, whether church or family, for living your life by the teachings that Jesus Christ  commands for a father, wife and their family. Jesus Christ said of such situations "think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace , but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father , and the daughter against her mother , and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household," Mat. 10:34-36. Any man or woman that sets his or her heart to live their life by the way of God's love, based on obeying Christ's commandments, will be persecuted by his or her own family and Christ professing churches.

      In church family settings and gatherings, this natural, pheleo love is exalted to the highest level believing it is God's agape love, but this love, man's love, that the church members pride themselves as having, looks over sins of each other until the churches become completely leavened with sin, calloused to sin, consciences that are seared. The television film "The Book of Daniel" was viewed by the public for a few weeks until it was lifted. This film was exposing all the sins of the churches, and families, and even their raised up false christ who they believe is leading them in their faith and sin, and compromising lifestyle. The false christ in this film, which is one of the many false christs, a graven image and idol raised up in churches that today's Christians worship, leads them in this TV movie to compromise all of their sins, and except sin as normal. This film was exposing today's false Christians for what they really are, children of Satan and his ministry, I John 3:8-10.

    He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sinned from the beginning . For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin (will not willfully sin); for His seed (God's Spirit) remains in him: and he cannot sin (Christ's Spirit in you will convict you to not sin), because he is born of God. In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever does not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loves not his brother. I John 3:8-10

    Professing Christian Churches today are leavened and filled with sin, but still believing they are pleasing  their false christ they worship, who tells them that their sins are acceptable, that it is impossible to live without sin, and that they are churches of God's love. This is said and taught not in the light of Scripture that says the opposite such as Paul's statement that he "could do all things through Jesus Christ which strengthens me" and Christ's statement that says "nothing is impossible with God in us." God lives in a true Christian through the power of His Holy Spirit, and yes through that help, a true Christian can absolutely keep all of God's 10 commandments.

     When you look to Scripture you will see that God's love in true Christians corrects, chastises, and disciplines its members who are committing sin and even disfellowships any member who is committing sin and who will not repent. This is the love that God desires for His body and all of His members, so that Christ's true body will be Holy vessels for His Kingdom. Man's love is based on man's own concepts, beliefs and psychology of living his life and choosing churches that permit him to continue in his sins. This is so he can continue as a member that works iniquity, not keeping law, by believing that keeping Christ's 10 commandments has no bearing on his (faith without works) salvation and being accepted by the true Jesus Christ for forgiveness of his sins, Rom. 2:13.

       Man's love chooses the way of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil that God commands man not to chose to live by its ways and evil fruit. When man follows the ways of this tree, this permits man to have his own natural perception of what is right and what is sin, not to live by the tree of life, and what God says is sin. Man believes his natural love is really God's love, even though it is not based on the keeping of  God's commandments, and is not based on the Scriptural definition of God's agape love, and is not based on overcoming  sin, and is not based on true repentance. These are all teachings found and taught as fruit of God's Spirit and His love in His Word. Man's love is not a love that is everlasting and will come to nothing as explained in I Cor. 13. These false teachings about God's love is the height, and depth, and breath of Satan's deception in today's confessing Christian Churches.

    However, Jesus Christ inspired the Apostle Paul to write and warn that even though man lives out his life to his death, and continues to trust in man's natural love instead of learning and developing and growing in the fruit of God's love, that this man in his professed religion, will not have gained anything in his life, no salvation, no everlasting life. Read and study this warning in I Cor. 13-1-3, and if you don't believe this Scripture, don't read any further about God's love. Paul tells every confessing, Christian, church member or confessing believer of any religion, even if he is a pastor, evangelist, or minister, and has the command of the English language, or can speak in many tongues or languages, and can speak them in a very great, eloquent, and professional manner, and has a resonant, good voice, but who doesn't have God's love, he is nothing and  is nothing more than a loud, ringing or clanging bell in God's sight. Without God's love, such a teacher is all noise, having no real substance, nothing of any importance that will be carried forth into everlasting life into God's Kingdom. Man trusting in his own natural love for Christ's grace is not sufficient to be accepted with Jesus Christ, and will not become a chosen child of Jesus Christ..
    Paul continues in  I Cor. 13:2  about what true love is not, he says, "even if a person, pastor, preacher or church member has the gift of prophecy, and can understand great mysteries, and has great and all knowledge of the world around him and even knowledge of Scripture: and even has the faith to be able to remove mountains, but does not have God's love, God's lawful, spiritual, Agape love, this person is as nothing in God's sight. God says I John 5:3, "For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments: and His commandments are not grievous." God's 10 commandments are grievous to today's confessing, sinning church members, because they convict them of their sins, which causes shame, suffering, and pain in their minds and hearts. Many of them, if their consciences have not been seared, have to resort to alcohol, unlawful drugs, or medical drugs in order to get relief in their consciences by using these drugs to  numb their mind's awareness of their shame, pain and suffering. Take note of the fornicators, the homosexuals, pedophiles, liars, thieves, extortioners, adulterers, and idolaters and you will see that this is the case.

     The love that is an everlasting love is God's agape love and is not a gift from God, but is the love that must be exercised and produced in a son of God through the guidance, inspiration and help of God's Holy Spirit. This is all based on a believer's obedience to God's law, and who desires greatly to obey all of God's Ten Commandments to bear the fruit of God's love. Without this love, there is no future with God and no love that is everlasting.

    Paul in  I Cor. 13:3, then makes a very interesting statement about what all men and women of churches believe constitutes love, but it still is not God's real agape love, but is the best that man can do in presenting and exercising man's natural pheleo love. Paul says,  man's natural love carried out from time to time by men and women is a love whereas they can give all that they have to feed the poor, and to help the poor in many other physical ways, but can still be people, who do not have God's love. This natural love will be of no profit to them in the day of judgment if they do not have God's love. Paul says all this giving through man's love will not profit anything. God's Word says  a person, through the exercise of his own natural love by giving all that he has and even his own body to be burned, is not God's love, and this sacrifice of things and of the self, will not profit anything, because this is not God's love. God's love is far more than just giving all that one has. Giving all one has to the poor and even sacrificing one's own body, in and by itself, does not define God's love. "And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and  give my body to be burned, and have not charity (God's love), it (man's love) profits me nothing." I Cor. 13:3

     How does what Jesus Christ told the rich man in Mat. 19:17-21 fit and tie in with this verse 3 of  I Cor. 13?  Christ told this rich man if he desired to enter into life (eternal life) he must keep the commandments. The rich man then asked which commandments was Christ referring to? Christ named 5 of the 10 commandments dealing with loving one's neighbor and a summary commandment "You shall love your neighbor as yourself," to identify the 10 commandments as the commandments He was referring to. The man said that he kept all these commandments from his youth up, what else did he lack? Christ told him, if you will be perfect (meaning to be total and complete in commandment keeping and giving his life to follow Christ), and do this by going and selling the properties that you have and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

     The man went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. Christ purposefully did not name the first 4 commandments pertaining to loving God and the 10th commandment commanding "You shall not covet," to test this wealthy man. The man was putting his wealth and possessions ahead of God in his life, breaking the first commandment. He coveted his possessions, they were his idol and god, more than serving his neighbors and loving his neighbors by helping them out in a physical way, by which he had the wealth to do so, and was thereby breaking the 5 commandments commanding him to love his neighbor. He did not love his neighbor as himself. He did not have God's love, but only man's love and it was a hypocritical love at best.

      Was this man really keeping the commandments to love his poor neighbors as himself? He had accumulated a lot of wealth, no doubt more than he needed in life, but was not using it to help the poor in their burdens and even later as he followed Christ and became a true Christian, he would have the spiritual wealth to help his neighbor in a way that would even be more important to them by helping them to attain everlasting life.

     These verses in I Cor. 13, and in Mat. 19 do tie together wonderfully and give people great understanding pertaining to these two loves that are identified in Scripture as man's natural phileo love and God's true agape love. There is a great and significant difference between these two loves that every believer must learn if he or she desires to enter into life! Otherwise man and church members trusting in their natural love will bring to them, even though they are highly respected in their church, the penalty of death, not everlasting life.

     Man's love works and exercises itself in a person in the area of money, power, egos, doing and giving to others to be recognized, and to be praised by displaying the giving of one's substance, one's self, and personal works to be recognized, working to have one's name put on show, to be put on some building, works to have power and authority over others, as in dictatorships, church ministry hierarchies, positions and offices and then call themselves servants of love leadership, I John 2:15-16. "----If any man love the world, and the things of the world, the Love of the Father is not in him." The works of money, power, and one's name being exalted is of the world and Satan. God's love works in areas of not being exalted, but being abased, not having your name exalted, but becoming humble and meek and having your name in the background. It is the meek, who shall inherit the earth, Mat. 5:5, not the ones seeking to be exalted. God warns; he who works his life and service at being exalted shall be abased and he who works his life and service at being abased and humbled shall in God's time be exalted. God does command us to love ourselves, but not to exalt our self and  not to exalt ourselves above God, but abase ourselves. The worship of self and the exalting of self above God and others is committing idolatry, transgressing God's 1st commandment.

      In Matthew 23:6-12, Jesus Christ speaks in these verses about men who love to be exalted and sit in the uppermost rooms and sit in chief seats at their gatherings and meetings. These religious, secular and professed spiritual leaders love to be called reverend, rabbi, professor, doctor, spiritual father, and masters (Mr.) for short, but Christ is commanding, love not these exalted names and these exalted offices to identify one's exalted teaching and service, "for one is your Master, even Christ: and all you are brethren." This desire to be exalted, raised up above one's fellow brother, is all part of man's love of the self, being exalted and is not God's love of abasing oneself.  

   God's love suffers long. Paul gives great understanding about God's love, that all true believers in Christ should have and exercise in their life in the continued study of I Cor. 13:4-13. Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, teaches that love, the true love of God, must be able to suffer long, that means in your Christian life and its trials and tests to develop God's love, one must endure persecution, jabs, put downs, and mental blows and do it in all meekness.  When you really put God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ first in your life, you will suffer stiff, heavy, and at times brutal persecution.  Paul, speaking from his great experience about long-suffering, by all that he had been through and he did suffer greatly, knew and understood what a believer, who desires to develop and bear the fruit of God's love, must suffer and endure from the enemies of the Gospel. Long-suffering does test the depth, height, and breadth of a Christian's conversion, whether one's conversion runs shallow or deep, and proves if he or she is truly bearing the fruit of God's love. Long-suffering develops patience and faith to wait upon the Lord, to deliver us out of our trials an sufferings.

    God's love is kind.  This is a behavior that is kind in such long suffering, trying situations and trials and will look over the lack of understanding and ignorance from such peoples' offenses and sins and mental abuse. When a person exercises kindness, he is at peace with himself and others. He is able to be patient with his neighbor, he is not jealous or envious of his neighbor, he is able to look over the weaknesses and sins of his neighbor, and still be kind to his neighbor. This is a valuable asset of God's love in a person.

    God's love envies not. If a person greatly desires to develop and bear the fruit of God's everlasting love, he or she  envies not, that means he will not envy his brother or neighbor's possessions, achievements and accomplishments. God's 10th commandment commands us not to covet other's possessions, nor envy them in any area of their life. A true believer will not covet or resent these things of possessions, another's mate, accomplishments or be jealous or envious of such, but will be happy, glad and joyous for him and all he has and has accomplished. A truly converted Christian has come to understand and knows that developing and bearing the fruit of love, God's love is the greatest accomplishment, achievement, or personal possession that any person, man or woman, can achieve in their lifetime on this earth, because the Scripture says love will never fail you. A true Christian will use his life to develop and gain the priceless possession of  love, God's agape, spiritual love.

    This LOVE and its accomplishments is available to all, rich or poor, black, white or any race or skin color, educated or uneducated, as the world looks at education. Jesus Christ has made His LOVE possible to anyone who truly desires it, but one must truly desire it. It will not be given to you as a gift. It is earned through one's study, effort and work, as the fruit and work of God's Holy Spirit working within you and all based on one's obedience to God's law, His 10 commandments. God's love is the fulfilling of the law, Rom. 13:10. This means keeping God's law in its complete and total intent of its spiritual fulfillment.

   God's love does not vaunt one's self.  God's true love in a person does not try to impress others about himself, as some talk show hosts, preachers, professors, and politicians do in their behaviors and shows, that they are better, greater, more interesting persons and should be exalted above all the other lowly people in  today's society. God's love in verse 4 of I Cor. 13 "does not vaunt one's self, that means he does not boast or brag on himself and is not puffed up" with knowledge as to presenting oneself as being so self-important, haughty, proud, and vain to the point of total arrogance. This is self worship, raising oneself above His Creator, transgressing  God's first commandment, putting oneself above God.

    God's love does not behave itself unseemly. This means a behavior that is not in good taste, improper, unbecoming, rude, and to be disrespectful, and dishonorable to others, but will obey Christ's commandment, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," John 15:13.

    God's love does not seek its own way. Instead it seeks the true way of Jesus Christ, lives that way, and lays down his life to help others to learn and understand that way as it pertains to their purpose in life and how to attain that purpose.

    God's love is not easily provoked. A true believer understands God's 6th commandment, that one is commanded not to murder, but also understands the full intent of that 6th commandment, that one is not even to be angry with your brother without good cause. God's love exercised in a person does not permit peoples' verbal abuse and persecuting against him, cause him to sin, to take revenge and vengeance and to think evil against them.

    God's love thinks no evil, does not think evil of others and how he can do evil against others and against Jesus Christ, against His name and the Gospel of Christ. When one breaks any one of God's 10 commandments, he commits this sin first just by taking thought of how to commit this evil against his brother, and this is also thinking evil against God. God's love rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. It is truth to know that one must obey God's 10 commandments to please God. This is rejoicing in truth, and if one does not obey His commandments, then he is rejoicing in iniquity by rejecting God's commandments as the standards to direct and live his life. God's love  Beareth all things, "bear you one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." A true believer encourages and helps one another through their burdens, his trials, his tests. This is expressing love to his brother and so fulfills God's law and commandments.

    God's love believes all things, believes all the good things about life, God's purpose for life and people and all the good things that God's Word teaches and making sure all those good things are from God's Word, and not from men's perverted teachings. God's love hopes all things. This is knowing and having the expectation that the things and promises that are from the teaching of God's Word are truth about salvation and produces a confidence that produces honest hope that all these good promises will come to past. God's love endures all things. There is nothing that can discourage and steal God's love from a true saint. He endures all trials, tests, and setbacks in faith knowing God's Word says all things work out for the good of his life. God's love will never fail a person. Man's natural physical Phileo love will always fail, because it does not have as its foundation, God and the Law of God and the helping power of God's Holy Spirit working with him. Church people who will not do what is required of them to receive God's Spirit can never bear the fruit of God's love, nor can they endure all things.

    Paul explains when you love your neighbor, you are fulfilling the law. He says in Romans 13:8, "Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loves another has fulfilled the law." But what law is Paul referring to in these verses? Verse 9 makes it clear, that he is referring to The Ten Commandments, and here in these verses, identifies five of the 10 commandments that teaches one how he is to love his neighbor: therefore God's love is the fulfilling of the law. Fulfilling means, to keep to the fullest intent. Man's love is based on an individual's own standards of what he thinks constitutes love, not what God commands in His Word.

     What is the law that teaches and shows us how to love God. The first five commandments teaches how man is to love God, and are to be fulfilled by man to the fullest intent. The first five commandments teaches man about his Creator God,  how man can love and be loved and be accepted by His Great, Creator God. God's love commands a believer to show his love to God by always putting God first, ahead of anything else in his life. This action of having no other gods before the true God fulfills God's 1st commandment. God must always be acknowledged and His will to be done in all of man's behavior and actions, if he is to bear the fruit of God's love. By contrast, man's love in today's Christian churches does not even recognize God's first five commandments as requirements to be kept and to be raised up as highly important for man to develop love for God. They cannot relate God's love to commandment keeping. What a shame and what deception today's professed Christianity has accepted!

     Man, in order to love God, must fulfill the law, must not make a  graven image of God, whether made up of the graven carved out idols, or an image made in the spiritual realm that men create in their minds and hearts to represent God and Jesus Christ. Some professing Christians use false pictures of Jesus Christ in their church and literature that falsely represents Jesus Christ. These pictures portray Christ as being feminine in looks by picturing Him with long flowing hair, and as being soft in looks. They never ask the question why do we have Christ pictured with long hair when He, Jesus Christ, inspired Paul to write in I Cor. 11:14-15, "Does not even  nature itself  teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given to her for a covering." Today, many women have short hair and some of the men have long hair which is all Satan's influence to mix up the identifying characteristics of each sex to make them as one in appearance. Today's churches are making false images of Jesus Christ whether in their minds and consciences or portrayed by pictures raised up in their midst, and so are breaking God's 2nd commandment. This behavior is not of God's love, but churches exercising man's natural love, believing it is God's love.

 God commands everybody, Israelite and gentile, to keep, to fulfill His 10 commandments. Man does fulfill the law when he shows his love to God by showing great honor and great respect, by never taking God's name and authority in vain, and using His name to no good use as is widely done in today's Christianity, with their false worship of  another god and another Christ. This 3rd commandment is another law that is greatly misunderstood because of peoples' lack of understanding of what is the true worship of God and what is false worship of Him. Some people and church groups try to focus the meaning of the third commandment as to how one pronounces God's Name in the Hebrew language. They teach if you don't pronounce and say God's name in the Hebrew language correctly, you have broken the 3rd commandment, which is a big error in their understanding. This is more of Satan's deception leading people away from the true meaning of the 3rd commandment.

      Man bears the fruit of God's love in his life when he shows his love and respect to God and fulfills His law, by obeying all of His commandments, by remembering to always keep God's created seventh Day to be His Holy Sabbath. This is obeying God's 4th commandment. God has set the 7th day Saturday apart as a Holy Day from all of the other work days. No one can develop God's love and and bear the fruit of His love who profanes and transgresses  God's Holy Sabbath 7th Day, by keeping another day of the week, by trying to make one of God's created work days a Holy day and Sabbath such as the 1st day, Sunday. This is out and out rebellion against God and confusion to others interested in truth.  A church member cannot keep God's Sabbath, His 7th Day  Holy if he works on, shops on, and does all his pleasure of watching sports, attending sports games, or doing any or all of man's pleasures on God's true, 7th day Sabbath. Doing work or hiring and working someone else or doing all of one's pleasures on Saturday profanes God Holy Sabbath Day.

     Profaning and transgressing God's created 7th Day Sabbath is so widespread, that it is difficult to find anyone that is truly keeping God's 7th Day Sabbath Holy in their life. This is all an example of how lacking in God's love this nation is and especially how lacking in God's love all the churches  and their members are. This is also an example of how little, or really no fear the average church going and Christ professing believer has of Christ and His coming judgment upon all  who will not repent of  all of their sins.

 The Lord God teaches in Isa. 58:13-14, "If you turn away your foot from the SABBATH, from doing your pleasure on my holy day; and call the SABBATH a delight, the holy of the Lord, honorable; and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words:  Then shall you delight yourself in the Lord; and I will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it."   All people that are left in this nation and all nations after Christ's coming judgment and earth cleansing will  keep God's true, 7th day Sabbath. Read it in Isa. 66:22-24.

     One man after the nation of Israel was given God's  detailed understanding and reading of God's 10 commandments, including the 7th day Sabbath commandment, went out willfully and defiantly (rebelling and resisting God's authority) worked on God's Sabbath. The Lord gave Moses the judgment for this man's Sabbath sin transgression and that was; he was to be stoned to death, Num. 15:32-36. Will the Lord God once  again in His soon coming, worldwide judgment, satisfy His commandment requirement and its judgment upon all who are today's Sabbath transgressors? Absolutely He will, without any question He will judge all sins unless there is repentance. God is not a respector of persons when it comes to His mercy nor with His judgment. God loves mercy, but He also loves judgment and justice. "For I the Lord love judgment--," Isa. 61:8.

      Sabbath transgression is a sin that demands death, which is the wages of sin, Rom. 6:23. Jesus Christ, the God of the old Testament, does not have one set of commandments for the Israelites and Jews and another set of commandments for the Gentiles. Yet today, ministers and churches teach this and use this as the reason for them not remembering to keep God's 7th day holy, and they also teach that the 7th day Sabbath was created only for the Jews. This is a lie and they will be chastised with severe judgment for such evil!  Woe be unto them!

     The Lord God only has mercy when there is a heartfelt and total repentance of all of one's sins. Repentance demands a change from stop obeying man's commandments that leads a believer away from God's 10 commandments, to begin appreciating and obeying God's commandments. If there is no change, then there will be the reaping of His judgment against one's disobedience. No one can bear the fruit of God's love who is transgressing God's Sabbath or any other of His 10 commandments. Man's love, his natural affection, will not get one by his sin transgressions, neither will his false christ that he worships save them. The dead, false christs that are worshipped in today's false Christian churches are no saviors and have no power to forgive and save. They are dead figments of people's imaginations.

      God's love demands the keeping of His commandments: Christ says "If you love me keep my commandments." Do church members love the true Jesus Christ? It is evident that they don't, because they sure do not keep His commandments. There is no eternal life, no salvation in man's love of keeping man's commandments and worshipping and loving a false dead christ that does not demand the keeping or greatly compromises God's law. Jesus Christ says "He that has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves me -----." When Christ was asked what set of commandments was he referring to, when He said that "one must keep the commandments to receive eternal life," he named off some of the 10 commandments, Mat. 19:17-19, to identify the 10 commandments as the commandments to keep to receive eternal life. John taught "And he that keeps his commandments dwells in Him, and He (God) in Him ----," I John 3:24. "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him. because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight," I John 3:22.

     When one has God's love, this person will bear the fruit of keeping God's 10 commandments and will bear the fruit of  God's Holy Spirit, and this Spirit will work in him to obey all of God's Word.

     When one has man's love, this person will bear the fruit of his minister, man's commandments, his church's commandments and polices, and will bear the fruit of his own spirit and the church's spirit and Satan's spirit and believe it is all God's love. How deceived today's Christians are in their lives about love and salvation!

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