Is Liberalism Christian? Is Conservatism Christian? Is today's believed and accepted Christianity Christian? The answer to all of these questions is an absolute NO!

    None of today's government 2 party system and its created government ideologies of liberalism, and conservatism and all of their far left and far right degrees created by its founding leaders of the past and political leaders of the present, do not understand what is the foundation that produces good government and righteous governing of the people. Whoever of them that has been trying to keep the government separate from the church is an open confession that God is not in and not wanted in the country's government and is denying any vestige of Christian or godly leadership that is needed for its guidance in all of its leadership and decision making.

   The government is plainly stating they are not looking to God the Father and Jesus Christ to lead our country. The fact is, they have never truly trusted in God, even though they have the words "In God We Trust" printed on the country's coins and paper script. The government of the United States does not trust in God for its leadership, nor does the majority of its people.

   Government leadership of the past and even in our present, who confess to have a Christian background, were not true Christians then and are not true Christians today, nor do they understand what constitutes true Christianity. If our government leaders today, and our government founding fathers of the past,
really understood what is the solid foundation for good government, they would have in our country's beginning, adopted God's Biblical constitution, not man's inept and incompetent constitution. Yet today, many believe that man's constitution is looked upon as sacred document of the Eternal Lord. What deception is this understanding!

   God's true constitution, with His set of governing laws and judgments, were created for man with love and true justice in mind, if men are guided by it, through the Power of His Holy Spirit. God's constitution, if guided by God and His Holy Spirit, contains in it excellent judgments and judging, true justice that produces real blessings, real peace, unity in mind and heart, real contentment, real prosperity, true happiness, and God's true love for God and man. This is in stark contrast to man's created and adopted, incompetent constitution which brings only curses and destruction. Man's constitution permits by its own law, false gods to be raised up and worshipped in the land, which puts a nation into an adversarial relationship with God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Almighty Creator.

  Man's created and adopted constitution is a weak, compromising, easily swayed with laws or bills by men, who are constantly changing and  are in reality, passing and accepting laws that works against the people and all good blessings that people desire for their lives. It is because it is a set of laws that lacks a true solid foundation for ruling people. Man's governing system rules out God, Jesus Christ and God's laws and His 10 commandments and all of His justice system to govern, rule and judge the people. True justice is no where to be found today, with true justice for all, that does not discriminate or show respect of persons. There is not any true justice in most all of today's governing and judging system.

  This is the reason our government and its leaders  which are really of and from Satan and for his followers, which  the people have elected for office, are not of God, our great Creator. It is much like all the churches of the land which are also of Satan, with all of their false christs and idols and who also do not recognize the true Creator Jesus Christ, nor His 10 commandments.

   So today, all of our nation's talking gov. heads, radio talk hosts, church leaders and pastors do not have any right Biblical solutions or correct answers to the overwhelming sins and problems causing  our country to continue in its downward spiral. These "leaders"  are continually passing laws, giving advice and supposedly wise answers to a system filled with corruption, sins of every kind and measure, without real vision, lacking godly direction and without any true wisdom. Today's nation, its government system, its constitution and all its churches have all been created without a solid, true, Christian foundation, without any Christian leadership, nor any desire to change their ways and choose the only true foundation.

   These appointed, elected and self appointed leaders do not have the understanding of what is causing the curse of our country's  unbelievable debt, now in the trillions. A debt created mainly through their lying and stealing from the people, through gov. waste, pork projects, granting themselves greatly padded retirements, giving stimulus money to supposedly bankrupt banks, insurance companies, auto companies, along with the giving of foreign aid, which it does not have, to buy foreign lovers that only produces more debt and greater curses.

    Where will it all stop, with the gov. creating all of the debt and charging it all to the responsibility of today's tax payer without his  premission? This is the same as someone stealing your credit card and charging a big debt against you. God calls this fraud and thievery. This gov. can't see this and so it is the government of Satan and all of his deceptive tricks. These results of all of this are becoming more obvious every single day, that it is not the government by the people or for the people. It absolutely is not the way and governing of Jesus Christ. It is a government to force man from the earth and off the land to cause him to perish.  

   However, these curses and results is all the fulfilling of the prophecy of God. His warning from the beginning of time  is, if man continues in his sins and iniquities, without correcting his path, he will perish from the earth. Joshua warned God's people in his day with this warning message and the same warning is true for God's people today as well.   
   Joshua in Joshua 23:15 said "Therefore it shall come to pass, that as all good things are come upon you, which the Lord your God promised you; so shall the Lord bring upon you all evil things, until he has destroyed you from off this good land which the Lord your God has given you." Read and study also Deut. 8:19-20 and Deut. 28:20-45 to see why, and where we are and where we are heading, by not heeding this warning message.
   Sin, which is broken commandments creating all man's evil, is permitted to go on and on with no repentance, no change in man's behavior, so conditions for peace and prosperity will continually get worse and worse. These gov. ideologies of democratic liberalism, or republican conservatism and all of their degrees to the right and left of an unknown center, have only talk, no answers and no solutions to its people's prosperity and well being, who are losing their homes, their property and their life savings. They have no answers to its health problems and all of their diseases and some are laboratory created. People are now believing good health is from a government program and its drugs, not a personal responsibility of learning what  it is that provides and brings about good health. The dumbing down about individual health has been ongoing for many, many years and America is getting sicker and sicker, and more deceived and dumbed down by the day. The Lord prophesied this Isa. 1:4-10.

  Pastors, education leaders and families have no answers to all of the unlawful sexual problems of every kind and all the unlawful abortions, murdering babies in the womb in the millions, because they, like the government, don't want what God has to say in all of this and their need to act on what He says, to correct these curses and sins. So they have no answers for our country's failing and twisted family lives, divorces, same sex marriages, failing economy and its jobless rate reaching new highs every single day and all of the ungodly, created high energy rates, runaway inflation and  deflation at the same time, runaway taxes, driving the people further and further into slavery to the system. This is all because they lack and don't want the true Jesus Christ in their gov. and their lives, and what God says is the real reason for all of these curses and confusion and what people need to do to receive blessings in all of this, instead of curses.

    These are all curses that the Lord God said would come on any nation that thumbs it nose at God, who are trashing His Holy Word and refusing to study God's Word for answers to live a good, happy, joyous life. Man seems to not understand that looking to His Holy Inspired Spiritual Word is  the only real place where man and woman can study to get understanding of how they can receive salvation and come out of the terrible curses on their lives.

   These are all curses of sin upon a nation and its people, who are like a rebellious child that was not taught the importance of God's way of living in his beginning life. He, this rebellious child was never taught the need to live by all of God's righteous law and commandments and to understand the need to never  ever depart from obeying all of God's righteous laws and commandments the rest of his life. This habit of daily Bible study, studying God's instruction manual of how to really live by obeying all of God's commandments, has been lost and forgotten and in a terrible state of needed repair or introduction to them. John, the Baptist, who Christ says was the greatest of all men, grew up living with parents who lived and walked by all the 10 commandments, blameless,  Luke 1:6. What an awesome example for families to emulate and follow instead of all the idolatry they are all caught up in!

  This nation and its people have trashed God's 10 commandments and have been led away from the great Creator Lord and God so badly that today, this country will not even permit the 10 commandments of God to even be posted in it gov. buildings, offices and public meeting places. And yet, we call ourselves a Christian nation! Can you just imagine how the Creator God is looking at all this evil and sins and how angry He must be of all this wickedness and corruption and hypocrisy. God's mercy and patience has run out. He has prophesied that He will do something about it. He is getting ready for a worldwide correction of it all in order to clean up the sorry, shameful, mess of corruption and filth in this nation and all over the earth!!! Study Isa. 13:6-11.

   This is a shame and horrible rebellion against one's own Creator. These are curses of sin and hypocrisy, (please read Deut. 30:1-20), that have come upon this hypocritical nation, which has in it so many called and confessed  Christian churches, who also have violated, trashed and destroyed God's law, His 10 commandments in the minds of all professing Christian people through their false teaching. These false ministers teach the people to accept sin and its curses as part of life. People have been led to accept sin and be proud about it and continue to worship their raised up, created, false Lord and their created, false Christ every Sunday, on Satan's created Sabbath.

   Preachers and pastors are preaching people into hell (the grave) and are making them happy and contented they are going there. They do all this while at the same time trashing and  profaning God's true, created, Holy Sabbath day, Saturday, by doing all of their own personal things on His Holy Day. Read and study Isa. 58:13-14 for instruction of how to keep God's true Sabbath. There is still a penalty, payment day for breaking this 4th commandment, violating God's true 7th day Sabbath that is coming up soon, if there is no repentance now.  Read it in Ex. 31:14-16.

   Today's nation and world are under God's curse because they also all accept  the profaning of God's created 7th day Sabbath, Saturday, as an acceptable sin in all of their lives. This nation and the world commits  to this sin as being acceptable in God's sight because all Christianity accepts it. Deceived, professed Christians believe that Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath and all of God's 10 commandments, so they don't have to do so. This is the height and depth of their deception.

   They break God's 4th commandment by profaning God's true Holy Sabbath and make it an unholy day in their lives  by doing every kind of personal activity and personal work that they can think of to do, to profane it, from working on it, or working some servant on that Holy day, to all of their many other personal activities that they schedule to do on that day. They set that day apart to do all of their activities, such as work, engaging in sports, buying, selling, watching tv programs and every other personal  activity that they can think of to do to break God's created Holy Day. Saturday is the 7th day of God's created week. God made the 7th day Holy and for Holy use of that time for His people to come to know Him and His way of life, through Bible Study and prayer, to learn how to live God's way. The Sabbath should be the most profitable and useful time of a person's life, to help one work out his own salvation. The Holy, Creator God promises to provide all good things for any repentant person, if he seeks God first and all of His righteousness and all of His way of life, Mat. 6:33. Breaking God's Sabbath is unrighteousness, not righteousness.

   Today's false Christianity, with its worshipped false christ, accepts their members and all people with their sins and this is leading them all astray. These people have been so deceived to believe that they are worshipping the true Jesus Christ and this is the biggest lie in all of religion today. This  is the committing of idolatry, by  making a false image of the true Jesus Christ. What a great day of awakening it will be, when they awaken from their deception and see how they have been on the sin path all their life, on a spiritual starvation diet and headed for destruction and death! The true Jesus Christ says " if a person does not repent of all his sins, all transgressions of God's 10 commandments he will perish. " And people wonder why God permits all the devastation, suffering, and early deaths coming upon people today? Christ says in Luke 13:5 "----except you repent, you shall all likewise perish."

   How great this deception is and why it has been accepted in the churches is unbelievable, staggering, and constantly being covered over. It seems no one dares to expose all of the deception in today's Christianity and today's government as not being of God. Their false leaders and false pastors, throughout the land and world, who without question, are the first ones to be held more responsible with greater punishment for causing and helping the people to continue to accept sin in their lives. This is what is bringing  all of these curses upon their lives and families, into damnation instead of salvation.

   These are curses of sin upon our nation and its people and now our government and justice system will not permit prayer in our schools to the Great Creator, the only Creator God, who has blessed this nation with prosperity that once raised it to its greatness, but who now is ready to bring upon it the Lord's prophesied, great fall and great tribulation to take it all away. II Pet. 3:9-12
   Where is there any religious leadership leading this country out of all of its morass, it horrible mess of confusion and filth and away from its iniquities? Jesus Christ said He came to this earth and its people to turn people away from their sins and iniquities, Acts 3:26, Christ was sent-- "to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities."

   Today's so called Christian pastors are turning people to sin and their iniquities, not away from them. Whose ministers are these men, they certainly are not of the true Jesus Christ? Where is the true Christian faith and its true leadership on which this country was supposedly to have been founded, that was supposed to be the spiritual backbone of this nation, leading its people in a righteous path away from sin and wickedness, but in reality is producing and creating all of its curses and temptations to continue in sin? This writer is talking about the kind of true Christianity whereas people have repented of their sins and are now obeying all of God's 10 commandments and have accepted Jesus Christ, His spilled out blood for forgiveness of their sins (broken commandments), and have been given His Holy Spirit to help them daily work out their own salvation.

   This kind of true Christianity has nearly all been destroyed from its beginning, because of the deception of all of professed Christian institutions teaching, who from their beginning began teaching lies, deceptions, and false doctrines to beget all the beginning, false church  ministries. They, their ministers, Satan and hell (the grave) have nearly wiped out all true righteous leadership  except for a very, very, pitifully, small scattered few who, because of all the worldwide deception, have little or no power to get this message out except through the power of God's Holy Spirit, working with them, helping them to stand up for God's true righteousness, by this they are doing a small work.  

    Can any true Christian leaders, who are giving real spiritual direction and guidance as answers for all the problems and curses, be found in either of the two party government system of democrats and republicans or even the independents? These are government leaders, who having adopted such names as conservatism, liberalism, the rights and far rights, or the left and far lefts, or any degrees of the left and right of these ideologies of this country, but who have no answers whatsoever. This is all accepted as the government of this once great United States of America, but leaders with no godly direction and vision. Can any true Christians, with true spiritual leadership, be found in all the gov. talking heads or even in any of the pastors of the so called, evangelizing, Christian churches? None can be found and none has the correct answers to all of these curses and wickedness and sins that is bringing this nation down.

   Yet, some of these leaders refer to themselves as watchmen, but with no answers of who the real enemy is, or how to fight the people's enemies and overcome them or how they or anyone can be saved out of all this system of Babylon. God's instruction book says, people "without spiritual vision will perish" and they are perishing every day and soon to perish on a massive scale. Read Revelation 6:7-8; 6:14-17; 8:11; 9:15.

     Are any of these popular TV and radio  talk showleaders and hosts giving people answers as to how they and others can be saved out of all these horrible difficulties that this great country finds itself faced with and there is even a much greater tribulation coming on the horizon. They are telling the people, it is through the use of guns and electing new leaders that they can save themselves and the country. Is this the answer? No it is not.

   Yes, these talk hosts are telling people and exposing what is going on in this country and world concerning all the evil taking place, the corruption going on in banks, government failures in solving the problems, the corruption going on in stock market trading, the exposing of all the stealing, lying, killing of innocent people, excessive taxation without representation, but they speak and talk without real answers. Why? They are telling the people that they are being bullied by government, to scare them, telling them that they might end up in prison if they don't go along with all their lies, stealing, and murdering people by suicide. These talk show hosts are leaving God and Jesus Christ totally out of the picture and leaving out the real answer of how people can individually be saved and protected from all of this madness, tyranny, and the coming great tribulation of human destruction. They deceive people into believing that they know the real Jesus Christ and about salvation, but are completely deceived about both. A leader must have God's Holy Spirit residing in and leading Him to warn the people and give them true answers to today's problems and curses. Study Rom. 8:7-14.

    So they also are leaving out the fact that each person of our country must first clean up their own house, by truly repenting of their sins, before they can even begin to help others and to help get the country on the path of righteousness and to escape what is now coming upon this nation. This is not happening, nor are the leaders seeing the need to do so, so a severe correction by the true, Lord Jesus Christ will soon be initiated. The true Lord Jesus Christ, the true coming King, is soon to be revealed! This is the one true Lord, everybody should be fearing, who can destroy the person, both body and spirit. But seemingly none are interested in coming to know the real Jesus Christ! Read and study Rom. 2:13.
    Lets face the facts, this country and its people are headed for destruction and devastation that is unlike any other in history of any country ever. Bible prophecy states this fact many places in Christ's Word. The terrible time of the correction of the evil and wickedness just ahead, will be so great and terrible and devastating, that there has never been a time in the past or in the future, that can equal it, Mat. 24:21.

   It should be so obvious to a wise person, that it is too late for this nation and the terrible destruction it finds itself  in, to be saved from total destruction, or correct its course it has now taken, so this country and all of its people will perish as prophesied. But God promises a few will be saved, but how can anyone be saved from all of these terrible atrocities, war, blood letting, and deaths in the billions, coming to our own country and all countries of the world? This is the abomination of desolation, (Mat. 24:15), that is about to be set up and now is being set up with total tyrannical control, (Rev. 13:15). It is now too late to stop it, and will only be stopped just short of a complete, total annihilation, by Jesus Christ, not man or any talk show hosts,  but the real Jesus Christ, yet to be revealed, who will do this to  save the few elect for salvation. Read it in Mat. 24:21-22.

   It is well past the stopping point of total destruction unless there is a total repentance on the part of all people. We all know that this will  not happen because of the worldwide deception of today's Christianity, where the false ministers are telling and preaching to everyone that they cannot keep and obey God's 10 commandments and that Jesus Christ did not die for the sins of breaking all His 10 commandments  and so sin is continuing to run rampant and will continue to do so, until He brings His earth cleansing judgment.

   So everybody sees no reason to totally and fully repent of breaking God's 10 commandments. And this is because of Christianity's false teaching about Christ's law, so people go to their churches, still in a unrepentant state, believing they are Christians and at the same time being used as tool of Satan. They are being used as a tool, to cause the nation and its church people to perish, because of not seeing the need to fight against sin, not recognizing sin, nor overcoming sin, and not understanding, that they are not being forgiven of their sins. If people believe they cannot obey God and His 10 commandments, but are still being accepted by all the false preachers as being Christian, they are totally deceived. They cannot find  this false teaching, that there is no law keeping required in the Bible, to be accepted by Christ for His forgiveness. All of this no law required in calling upon the name of Jesus Christ, is nothing less than a bold face lie in all of today's preaching.

   Yes, all of today's  Christianity's is in terrible great deception and in a terrible mess of confusion. None are really converted to God's way of living, none are living and walking the narrow path to be saved, (Mat. 7:13-17), and none will be accepted by the true Jesus Christ for forgiveness of their sins, unless there is a total and complete repentance of breaking God's 10 commandments.

   So repentance will not be a national thing, but it can be an individual thing. The Lord Jesus Christ says nothing is impossible with God, meaning it is definitely possible to keep God's 10 commandments with God's help, that He promises to give  to those, who will deeply repent. Any and every individual can be saved from this great Christian deception of no law to obey, following a perverted gospel, and a sinning grace. This false teaching comes with great suffering and death if a person is not willing to repent now, change his life from following the flesh, withdrawing from the weekly Sunday socials, to following the way of the Spirit, and do it now, before all the blood letting begins.  As it was in the days of Noah just before the flood, so is it now, Gen. 6:5-7

    The Lord gives any self searching person some helpful and revealing information, some encouragement, in Zephaniah Chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 1 verse 14-15 gives the time setting of this prophecy, which is the Day of the Lord, the time just ahead, the great tribulation. Chapter 2:2-3 tells us "Before the decree is issued, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the lord come upon you, before the Day of the Lord's anger come upon you," (the decree will be the announcement of total tyranny, dictatorship, Marshall  Law with militarytake over). v3  says "Seek you the Lord, all you meek of the earth, which have wrought (sought out about) His judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: It may be you shall be hid (protected) in the day of the Lord's anger." These verses are talking about repenting and becoming converted to God's way of living now or it will soon be too late.

   There is not one of these popular talk show hosts or pastors of  TV or Radio,  giving out this information of true Christian answers of individual protection from Christ's Word, so that the individuals listening to them, could be saved from perishing with the rest of the world and nation. Why is this so?

  The Great Creator God of all creation has given to man instructions in His Bible of how to live his or her life. And He has warned all people, who refuse to live by His laws and commandments, that they will eventually perish now, or in a few years later from the earth. When people get so evil and so wicked, so filled with sin, as the earth is today, and the earth is once again being so filled with violence, murder, stealing, fraud, lying, fornication, sexual sins of every description and all the lusting for power, money, and making idols of the flesh; the Creator God has prophesied that He will bring a great tribulation of judgment of suffering and death that will be world wide. This will be a total clean up of the earth and all its sinners, who will not repent of their sins. Read and study Rev. 6:1-17 and Rev. 22:12-15.

    Is there today, any of the news and talk show leaders and hosts telling people these things and warning the people what is really coming to this earth and that no one will be able to escape it or stop it, because of all of the sins and people's wickedness and all such are getting worse day by day? God, who cannot lie, has already prophesied this day of the Lord is coming and nothing will stop the fulfilling of His judgment, unless there is a total repentance on everyone's part, which will not happen, because of all the religious deception, Jude 4-25.

    How can any of the real news presenters and talk show hosts, who themselves are not following the true teaching of Jesus Christ, be a true watchman for the people, and who are not conducting their own lives in the path of true Christianity? They will perish along with all others! Whether people believe it or not, Jesus Christ and His Gospel is the answer to all of the peoples curses, difficulties, sufferings and sins, first on individual level and even on a country wide level. If enough people would first do what the real Jesus Christ has commanded them to do, that is,  to repent of their sins, or accept the truth that they will perish.

   Then if you will repent, you must accept Christ's blood sacrifice to cover your past sins and to be baptized by some person understanding this truth if possible.  Christ promises to give you the gift of His Holy Spirit and salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ will not compromise His Word, or His command, or His Prophecy of the end time, that great devastation will be coming upon the earth. It will come to pass as He has foretold it would, and to the letter of His Word! This writer is not talking about the weak, effeminate, false image of a compromising false Jesus Christ, that people of churches worship today, and who does not understand what is true righteousness, but the real and true Jesus Christ, who is merciful, compassionate, but also firm and uncompromising with His Word and His 10 commandments and His judgment of unrepentant sins.
   Why are people not following the true Christian teachings of the real Jesus Christ? Why is it so difficult? It is because their carnal mind is hostile against God and they will not subject themselves to the law of God, (Rom. 8:7), and because they all have been deceived, are blind and are really bearing the fruit and  behavior of Satan's way. They have been led to believe that Satan's way is better to follow than God's way. They believe that by doing things Satan's way, there is more freedom in sin, and because the sin penalty does not come quickly, they put off the fact, that it will not come, even though when it comes, it will come with devastating effects of a suffering and debilitating disease, time in prison,   an early death, or the loss of true freedom.

    The way America is going is the way that Satan suggested for man to live in the beginning of man in the garden of Eden, Gen. 3:1-19, to live life by his own reasoning, his own government of rights and wrongs, his own laws that changes from one day to the next day and he still will not die. It is the way of rebellion against his Creator God and His standards for life. Satan has deceived man to also continue in this evil and rebellious way of life as long as he lives, that God will not destroy him by being his own god of his life. It is the way of rebellion against God and His commanded laws, His laws of love, rebellion against true freedom, rebellion against real joy and happiness, which rebellion will not produce real success in one's life, but eventually loss of eternal life, if he does not repent.

   Satan told the woman in the garden that they, man and woman, should  choose to live by the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the God forbidden tree, not by God's tree of eternal life, and that if they would choose Satan's,  selected, forbidden tree, the way of rebellion against God, that man and woman could be the god of their own life, that they will not die,  Gen. 3 verse 5, that they can  decide what is good and what is evil and what is best for themselves, by their own reasoning, by their own standards, rather than have what God chooses for them, of what is good and evil through His laws for them, by choosing His tree of eternal life. What would life be like in God's kingdom if God permitted man to choose the way he would live, rather than what God commands? It would be just like it is today on this evil earth. Who in this world would want that kind of life?

    Liberalism and today's  conservatism, whether one is left or extreme left or right, far right, extreme right or even being a good independent in government, are all deceiving ways and thoughts of Satan. Satan's ways of knowledge, ideologies, of good and evil manifested in men, made to appear as being good and upright, as light, and from the Bible, as being Christian ideologies of the government of men, but are ways of rebellion, disobedience, darkness, compromise and wickedness of men and women, that has continued to pull the wool over people's eyes and get more evil, more perverted and more twisted with each passing year. II Tim. 3: 1-8.

   Webster's dictionary defines liberalism as not being restricted, as being free from law and standards, unconfined, not restricted to literal meaning, tolerant of others views, broadminded, free in behavior, and licentious. Jude 4 agrees that this is a good description of not only liberalism but also of false Christianity of today. Today's liberal and wicked Christianity is responsible for society's downward plunge, because of its wicked teaching, no law, no Ten Commandment standard for identification of sin. So today, we have, as some have  calculated, in our government, the biggest robbing, stealing and lying going on, with its people, that there ever has been such the like in government of all time.

   What about those following a conservative teaching? There is no difference in its governing. It stands for evil, lying, stealing and deceiving its people and making them believe it is conserving truth and right policies, and tradition. Webster defines conservatism, as a teaching to preserve established traditions and resist their change. But what and whose tradition are they conserving? It is Satan's government! Did God established their tradition, did God establish their constitution? Absolutely not! Men, in beginning of this country, rejected God's constitution of laws, judgments, and statutes for this country and so established a watered down version of God's constitution, that compromises His laws and judgments. Then today's conservatism would be labeled liberalism at its best and an abomination to God, our Creator!

    All governments of all countries are governments of Satan, (Christ agreed with Satan on this fact, Mat. 4:8-9) with men choosing how he will be governed by them, rather than be governed by God's set of laws, which is His own created constitution of His Word, that has been trashed, ridiculed, and rejected from the beginning of time.

    What about today's Christianity, surely it stands for law and order and conserving the laws and commandments and judgments of God our Creator? Absolutely not! In no way does it stand for true Christianity, nor for the keeping of God's law and recognizing God's constitution as the only set of true foundational laws for any nation. In fact, today's Christianity has been the first government of men in the Christian religion that have wholesale rejected God's laws and commandments, to live and to guide their lives. It has, without question, been instrumental in causing our government to be led away from God's 10 commandments and judgments. If God will hold one more guilty of leading people into all the evil, sins, and wickedness of the people, it will be the so called Christian church of today.

   The government has been more or less following  today's accepted Christian example of no law, following no laws for guidance in their church leadership. So the church will in all probability be the first group to be punished by the Lord's judgment, not that either one will escape His coming judgment on unrepented sins and wickedness. He says "judgment will begin first with the house of God", I Peter 4:17, the professed church, confessing Christianity. Also, He says "what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?" The Christian  ministers   today  say  there  is nothing that you have to obey, that you don't have to obey His 10 commandments, especially the 4th one, to remember the 7th day Sabbath, that the law has been done away through their false Christ they worship on the cross.  They have been deceiving people and government since this great country began about the keeping of God's 10 commandments.

   Christ and His apostles followed traditions from God's Word, not the Pharisees and  their  corrupt  teaching  of   Judaism. So today Christ would call today's Christian conservatism nothing less than abominable liberalism, because they follow the same twisted, liberal, wicked theology of iniquity, no law, no 10 commandment Standard when broken constitutes sin, faith by grace alone, not based on repentance to change and to obey God's Ten Commandments. Jesus Christ told the Pharisees of His day, that they did not keep the law of God, even though they believed they did and tried to make everybody in their day believe that they kept God's 10 commandments. Read plainly what John 7:19 and John 8:43-44  says about the Jews not keeping God's law. So even in Christ's day, there were elements of governing going on by professed godly leaders, who were the biggest enemy of Jesus Christ as He tried to get His Gospel message preached and published to the world against their opposition.

     James 2:10-11, teaches if any religion rejects by breaking any one of Christ's Ten Commandments, any one of these points, you then become a rejecter and breaker of them all, as Christ's standard for all sin identification. "Sin is the transgression of God's law," I John 3:4. The transgression of any one of the commandments  is breaking the covenant of God and all of His law. They all stand as one, not parts that can be taken out and kept and forget the others, or break the others. When a believer does not accept all of God's 10 commandments and its statutes as the whole law, he thereby has not been forgiven of his sins, because this person, whoever he may be, has not truly repented and so Jesus Christ has not accepted you to be justified by His blood.

    Jesus Christ's blood was shed for the breaking of all of the 10 commandants, including the 4th, remembering to keep God's Sabbath holy, not just 8 or 9 of them. The person who professes that he is a sinner, and cannot live his life without sinning, whether he is a professed liberal, conservative, independent or Christian, does not have Christ's granted Salvation, nor His Grace, nor His Holy Spirit and so he is living his life in vain. This person, through deception, is choosing and following Satan's forbidden tree for life and yes, he will continue to sin, because he has not truly repented of all his sins, nor does he have or been given God's Holy Spirit, to help him live a sinless life.

   Today's professing, false Christianity teaches, that it  is impossible to do this, to live without sinning willfully, to keep all the 10 commandments, so they will not inherit God's Kingdom, as they presently believe. Jesus Christ will not accept anyone into His Kingdom, who is still living his life in sin and believes that he cannot live without willfully sinning. If you cannot stop willfully sinning now, (not unknowingly or ignorantly sinning), but knowingly committing sin, then God knows that you would not stop sinning in His Kingdom. God's Kingdom is not a place for sinners. On the day of Pentecost, Christ made available the help, the power, to keep His 10 commandments. To deny this, is to deny on that day, the power, Christ made available to every sinner to help him not to sin in any willful manner, Acts 2:36-40 and ll Tim. 3:5-8

   Jesus Christ taught the keeping (true obedience) of The Ten Commandments, Mat. 19:17-19; John 14:21, and is eternally and life saving important in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ, for forgiveness of ones sins. Those people, who will not obey all 10 of His commandments, will not be forgiven. Those commandments includes remembering the 7th day, Saturday, the true Sabbath, with Scriptures dealing with the proper keeping of His Sabbath, 7th day, Mat. 12:1-8, John 5:8-16, Mat. 24:20, Isa 58:13-14. All Ten Commandments are the basic components and supporting precepts of God's law, Mat. 5:17-20, Mat. 19:16-19, John 14:15, Mat. 22:37-40, John 15:10 and I John 2:3-4. Abolish, destroy or reject any one of God's supporting commandments and you have destroyed God's law, the foundational building for a love relationship with God, Christ and man, James 2:10-11, Mat. 5:17.  When a sinner looks into the Bible and proves that the 7th day Saturday is the 7th day of the week and is the day, not the first day, that is to be kept and obeyed and you understand this truth fully, then you should not go out willfully breaking this 4th commandment.

     Liberalism, conservatism, and Christian conservatism has permitted the standard of God's laws, of God's judgments, of God's Ten Commandments as a whole, to be programmed out of their government, programmed out of their churches, programmed out of their lives. Christ's 10  commandments have been deleted and programmed away from why Jesus Christ really died and another false christ was raised up to take His place in their churches. Jesus Christ's 10 commandments  are programed and taught to be obsolete in their perverted gospel, and believed to be no longer an absolute foundational teaching to understand real repentance, true obedience, real faith, true grace in today's Christianity. God's 10 commandments are not the foundational backbone that is recognized in today's accepted government ideologies and Christian churches. So one of the main reasons, no leader can come to a concrete and solid answer to all of the arguing in their communications, churches, talk shows, is the truth, that they have no foundation to build on, that foundation being of the apostles, and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone, Eph. 2:19-22.

   This great error and deception has been created by today's Christianity, teaching that salvation is about a "grace only", and "Christ alone" teaching. They refer to Christ's Ten Commandments, which they have deleted in their worship, by watered down phrases, but retaining some of the commandments, as their Judeao Christian ethics, or God's moral standards. This compromises Christ's commandments by not naming Christ's 10 commandments as Christ's true ethics and Christ's true moral standards. One never hears them refer to God's moral standards and Judeao Christian ethics as being the 10 commandments. This would expose their cover up, their deception and compromising of the value and importance of all of God's 10 commandments, in understanding why Jesus Christ really died. In this way, they keep what they, as being their own god, choose to keep and obey, not what God says to keep and obey. This is human reasoning and forbidden tree theology of the highest degree and great deception.

   Through this deception, these compromising leaders think of themselves as good conservative Christians or good liberal Christians by selecting only certain components of Christ's Ten Commandments. They reject or liberalize the rest, which is liberalism, conservatism, Christianity at its deceptive best, in their own mind and human reasoning. However, this is all in vain and to no good use and certainly will not gain them salvation and Christ's favor or grace as professed Christians, only the favor and approbation of men following the commandments of men. In plain words, they believe that Jesus Christ died and His blood spilled for only the breaking of some of the commandments, as for some sins, but not all sins. This is the rejection and denying of the real Jesus Christ for the sin of one breaking the 7th day Sabbath, or murdering by abortion, or accepting fornication, stealing, lying, and on and on it goes.

    An example of conservatism, which is really liberalism, is their rejection of God's Fourth Commandment, and inserting their own first day Sunday commandment of men. God's standard of His law is broken which is sin. The preserving of the 4th commandment is not important to them as a commanded reminder, that God commands, being their Creator, as His sanctified rest day, Gen. 2:1-3. The 4th commandment is rejected as an absolute by conservatives, as well as most all professed Christians, yet they preach against being gay and lesbianism as breaking God's law. What hypocrisy! Study Romans 1:18-32, Romans 2:1-13, and Mat. 15:3-9.

  God's law of judgment against willful Sabbath transgression was death in the earlier days of His people,  and was given to them as well as all following generations to be a perpetual judgment against the Sabbath transgression, "---every one that defiled it, the 7th day Sabbath shall surely be put to death, for whoever does any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people." Read it in Ex. 31:13-16. When was this  judgment rescinded in God's Word? Breaking God's 7th day Sabbath carries a serious penalty for that sin. Will Jesus Christ demand and carry out the punishment for that sin upon all the people of today, who are still committing this sin, if they have not repented of breaking this law, before He returns. Absolutely, He will.

   The false christ of conservatism has not preserved or conserved Jesus Christ's teachings, traditions and commandments, but instead has conserved man's government,  man's commandments and laws and inserted man's own, Satan inspired, traditions, making the Ten Commandments of God obsolete, of no affect, not absolutes, Mat. 15:3-6. This "false christ of Satan," who disguises himself as the Real Christ, accepts and receives all liberals, conservatives, gays, lesbians, and all law breakers and law perverts and whoever will just confess him as the "christ." This "false christ" accepts you in your sins, and you are not required by him to repent and change to obey the Real Christ's Ten Commandments, in order to receive God's Holy Spirit, Acts 2:37-38.

   This false christ of today's accepted Christianity is well liked by all of the church going people, because they can continue in their sins without being disfellowshiped. Every week, emotionally moved people are deceived to come forward to accept this "false christ" of Satan as savior. People absolutely refuse to study their Bibles to discern the false christ, from the Real Christ. Christ says "by their fruits you can know them!"

   The Real Christ has warned everybody this would happen. Christ said in Mat. 24:5---"Many (not a few) shall come in My Name, confessing that Jesus is the Christ and shall deceive many." Read it again in Mark 13:5-6 and Luke 21:8. People and  Christ professors are headed for The Great Tribulation, not a Rapture, (rapture is a false doctrine anyway), by refusing to believe  Christ's words. Christ goes on to say "---False christs and false preachers will arise, show great signs and miraculous false TV healings, to try to prove to people that they are Christ's chosen servants and will seduce, if possible, God's true elect," Mat. 24:22-24.

   But God's true elect know that they must believe and follow the Bible, and believe they must repent of breaking God's Ten Commandments, in order to be received of Christ, for Christ's shed blood, for the forgiveness of their sins and they know that they will receive Christ's Holy  Spirit as He has promised. They know that  a person must have God's Holy Spirit in order to receive eternal life in God's Kingdom, Rom.8:14. They also know they can now spot Satan's preachers, his con-men and charlatans, by their lack of real fruit and a real repentance, who Christ calls hypocrites, snakes and wolves in sheep's clothing, Mat. 23:1-35, Mat. 7:13-16.

   Today's liberals, conservatives, talk show hosts and "professed Christians," who are following their vain ideologies, their false religion, will not be raptured away, but will receive Christ's wrath, Christ's judgment for sin! Woe be unto them! There is a great judgment, the great tribulation awaiting men, women and all those who preach and deceive God's people by their "talents in speaking and writing." These false and deceiving leaders do this trying to cause people to follow their vain theology, government ideologies, instead of teaching Christ's true Gospel and true conversion to His way, to be saved from what is coming shortly down the road  and to be saved to rule in Christ's soon to come Kingdom, Heb. 10:26-29.

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