Jesus Christ Our Passover

The Ultimate Payment For Sin

Will the movie, "The Passion of Jesus Christ," displaying Christ's ultimate payment for man's sins, produce a real change in today's Christian community of sinners?

    Today's Christian community of sinners is what all of today's professing Christians admit and confess that they still are. If you don't believe this ask them and see what their answer is! Yes, they will say that they are still sinners. There is no place, no position, no state in one's life that is worse than being a sinner or even worse  continuing to be a sinner as all of today's professing Christians admit they are and continuing to be. All or most all will admit that they daily sin or from time to time will transgress God's 10 commandments which is God's definition of sin, I John 3:4. Now if they know that they daily sin, then they must know what commandment they are transgressing, because  transgressing of God's law is what defines  sin. In other words they are willfully committing sins, who knowingly are breaking God's 10 commandments, which is sin and so are still sinners as they confess they are. So today's confessing Christians have a very serious problem for their lives, because God says the payment for unrepentant sin is death, Rom. 6:23.

    Paul's teaching in Heb. 10:26 "For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, (the truth about what is sin and why Christ died) there remains no more sacrifice for sins." This means for every true Christian that continues to commit wilfull sins, which are sins that you are knowingly committing and will not repent, which are sins you will not change your heart to stop committing and   be obedient to God's 10 commandments then there is no more of having Christ's sacrifice, His broken, bruised body and shed blood that will cover over, passover, to forgive your sins. Everybody's Bible says the payment for sin is death, Rom. 6:23.

    In plain words the payment for every person, who is continuing in his sins is death, not eternal life in God's Kingdom. The Word of God stands as a true witness against you and your continual sinning. It demands death for the sinner. Yet, today's professing Christians openly confess they are still sinners, but through their acceptance of today's Christian false and seducing teaching and preaching, believe they are saved by grace. Christ's Grace does not apply and will not be given unless there is a complete and full and total repentance of transgressing God's 10 commandments. This repentance must be followed with total obedience in a person's life that keeps all 10 of God's commandments. This obedience to God's commandments through the power of God's Holy Spirit will bear and produce the love that God desires toward Him and to Jesus Christ and toward one's neighbor or his brother or sister who has Christ living in them.

    All of  today's false Christians have been led by their false ministers, and there is a world of those false ministers out in the confessed Christian community, who believe that the false Christ that they serve will save them by His mercy and grace without their repentance of having to cease to continue to be a sinner. Read our article "By Their Fruits" for greater understanding about bearing the fruit Christ demands of His true disciples.

    Today's confessing Christians have all been taught by all of the false ministers that no one can live a changed life, a new born again spiritual life, without continuing to willfully commit sins and iniquities. This is a huge lie in today's Christian community of teaching.

    Really, is this lie the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Word, pertaining to the purpose of His death, His sufferings, His resurrection and His Gospel? Is this what Jesus Christ had on His mind and what were His thoughts while He was hanging on the cross in excruciating, unbearable pain and suffering, while the last vestiges of blood drained from His badly, torn apart, bruised and pierced body? Or was He thinking, I am giving My life in love as the one time sacrifice, as the ultimate payment for all men's sins, but  only for those who will humble themselves (very difficult for today's proud people) and will repent of transgressing My 10 commandments and law, and accept My payment for the penalty of their sins and iniquities.

    Christ continues to say as the results of a sinner's total and complete repentance  
that He will send the comforter, My Holy Spirit, as my promise to help them to keep my 10 commandments that will help them bear the fruit of love, so they can truly love one another, John 14:15-17; 15:10-26; 16:13. This is the power of God working in a Christian life that today's false preachers do not believe, accept and even deny it as God's power to help a true Christian keep His commandments to produce and bear His love in their life that He desires to be in each one of them, II Tim. 3:5.  
      Paul writes in Acts 3:26 "God, having raised up His son, Jesus Christ, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities." Are people being turned away from their iniquities and sins through today's preachers and their watered down messages, lacking in power, and even with a special effects movie about Christ's sufferings and death? Jesus Christ did not go through all that He suffered and His death, so people could continue in their sins, but to turn people away from their sins and iniquities.

     Without any question, most people do accept and believe that Jesus Christ suffered and died for their sins and iniquities. As Scripture  says in Isa.53:5 "He was wounded for our transgressions (transgressions of God's 10 commandments) bruised for our iniquities (iniquities meaning the wickedness of lawless people ignorant of and not even mindful of God's law and their transgressing of His 10 commandments) and sins (people's transgressions of God's law).

   However, the truth is always missing in today's preaching, and teachings, and movies about the true understanding of Christ's death by not presenting the truth  that Jesus Christ's sufferings, His stripes, and His terrible blood letting, crucifixion was given for the
ultimate payment of a sinner's sins (commandment transgressions) if each sinner will repent and accept it, otherwise every sinner, who will not repent will be judged for his own sins with his own blood to be shed, to lose his life. And all of his believed church going and confessed good works will be in vain without him receiving salvation. Jesus Christ did not die for people breaking man's standards and his church rules, but He died for people transgressing God's standards of rules, which are his 10 commandments and all laws that magnify, detail and give the full intent of His 10 commandments. When a person breaks or continues to break any one of God's 10 commandments, he is still a sinner headed for death, James 2:10.

      Christ's ultimate sacrifice was given in His great love to take the place of the penalty, for a sinners' sins and iniquities, for all the ones that can understand the truth concerning His sacrifice. His sufferings and crucifixion was not given for people's sins, so they could continue in their sins and iniquities as most believe. Jesus Christ will not accept anyone that does not understand this and does not set his mind and heart to stop transgressing His commandments. Transgressions of God's commandments, which is sin, is the reason Christ went through all that He did, but only for those that will understand, who will repent by bearing acceptable fruits of his repentance and will accept His Sacrifice. He said He came to turn sinners  AWAY from their sins and iniquities, not to make A WAY whereas they can continue in their transgressions and iniquities.

     Today's confessing Christians desire a Christ that died for their sins and iniquities, but not really a True Savior where they have to make  drastic changes in their lifestyle and behavior. They don't want a Christ whereas they, in order to be accepted by this  Christ of God's Word, means that they have to stop sinning and begin to live a righteous life. In plainer words, they don't want to be  turned from their iniquities and sins and so they will accept any minister that will create, raise up  and preach any false Christ that accepts them in their sins. People love their sins of idolatry whether it is their lifestyle behavior of all that they do. They love people, churches, ministries, money, homes, cars, pets, all of which have become to them idols, that they feel they must put before anything God commands of them. People love to live lies in the sins and iniquities, and Rev. 22:14-15 absolutely has no meaning and understanding to them and no warning to them.
    However, in this special effects movie, the portrayed Christ  did not represent the true Christ of the Bible, a masculine looking Christ with short hair as Christ inspired Paul to write  "it is a shame for a man to have long hair, it dishonors his head, Jesus Christ," I Cor. 11:4,14. Why would Jesus Christ have long hair and inspire the Apostle Paul that long hair on a man is dishonoring his head, Jesus Christ? Today's Christian community tries to give a picture of Christ in beauty and splendor, as being head and shoulders above the average Jew of His day, with long flowing hair, with a thin body and soft, non calloused, slender hands and fingers. All of this false picturing of Jesus Christ  is the false creation and making a false image of Christ and is  of evil men, and is not of  God and His Word.

    The Bible says the true Jesus Christ of Scripture would have no form or comeliness, Isa 53:2, meaning there was nothing outstanding in His figure of appearance such as a beautiful appearance and figure with  long flowing hair that would make Him stand out. He, without question, looked like the average Jew of His day and being a builder or carpenter during the years before He began His ministry,  worked with heavy wood and heavy stones in the building trade, and probably had a muscular build and had calloused hands and fingers.  When the soldiers came to arrest Him on that Passover night, the Scripture says the soldiers fell backwards when Christ revealed to them that He was Jesus, whom they sought. They were expecting someone that stood out and above all of His disciples in form and appearance, but He didn't, He appeared as an average Jew. So likewise in this movie Christ's appearance was not presented according to Scripture.

  This movie created Christ also had to share His power to forgive sin with Mary who was portrayed as forgiving Peter's sins, as Peter bowed before her in the movie in order to be forgiven. The movie kept going back to Mary with her actions pertaining to the shed blood of Christ as if she was being crucified with Christ as a co-savior with Him, which is all likewise against Scripture. Only Jesus Christ was crucified and only He can forgive  sin and not any other person,  male or female. No other name under heaven given among men where one can be saved except through the name of Jesus Christ, Acts 4:12.

    But even more importantly, the movie in its Script did not give its audience what Christ's word says as to  the purpose of His life and death, why He came and died.  He inspired Paul to write in Acts 3:26  "---- God, having raised up His son Jesus Christ, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities." So to repeat in this article, are people being turned away from their iniquities and sins through today's preachers and their messages and even through a special effects movie about Christ's suffering and death? People today cannot equate their sins with the reason Christ came and gave His life.  People don't realize every time they sin that they are continuing to bruise, beat and shed the blood of Jesus Christ.  Scripture warns in Heb. 10:28-29,  "He that rejected Moses law (God's law) died  without mercy under two or three witnesses: Of how much worse punishment, suppose you shall be thought worthy, who had trodden under foot the Son of God (Jesus Christ) and has counted the blood of the covenant (the giving of the broken body and shed blood of Christ) wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and has done despite (hateful disrespect) unto the Spirit of grace."

Today's professing Christians live their lives with a false understanding about their sins and iniquities, that their sins that they confess that they daily commit has nothing to do with WHY JESUS CHRIST DIED and how they are to live their life.

     Any confessing Christian who is still a sinner, still continuing to willfully sin is bringing insult, shame, and great disrespect upon the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ and treating His blood covenant and Spirit of Grace as an unholy thing, Heb. 10:29.

    Yes, people after seeing the movie will quote John 3:16, but not Acts 3:26, nor will they quote even the following verses of John 3:16 such as verses 19-21 where it says "men love darkness (blindness of their sins and iniquities) rather than the light, and everyone that does evil will not come to the light, the true Christ, because their deeds will  be exposed.".

     Will this movie with its special effects have this special effect on every sinner that sees it? Most likely it will not, because there is nothing in the movie and its  Script giving this special effect understanding, truth, and real vision of why God, the Father sent His son to this sinning earth and society. The movie did not give the true special understanding of why Jesus Christ died and went through His terrible ordeal of suffering and death. People live wasted lives, ever learning, but unable to come to the knowledge of truth about their life and salvation. Jesus Christ did not go through all that He suffered and His death, so people could continue in  their sins, but to make a way for sinners to be turned from their sins and iniquities. How many times would these words have to be said in this article for anyone to get the point and message of Jesus Christ why He came and gave His body to be broken and His blood drained from His body in death to provide the perfect sacrifice for the payment of man's sins?

   A loving Christ  came to this earth to be our Passover, Whose suffering and death was given to cover over and pass over and take the place of the penalty for our sins, but only for whoever will humble himself or herself, and whoever can truly repent and have a real change of heart and behavior for the rest of their life.

    People want to be accepted and their sins passed over, but without any real change of heart or mind on their part. Most professing sinning Christians will not humble themselves to believe and follow the true teaching of Jesus Christ. The Scripture about the Gospel is not written the way today's Christians are  living and accepting it. Today's Christians are living the way of Satan through the teaching of His ministers of his light, but who are professing to be ministers of the light of Christ. They have all deceived today's confessing Christians.  II Cor. 11:13-15.

    Accepting Christ's death and sufferings as a fact of truth will not help, or forgive anyone of their sins and iniquities, if people do not understand that this was all done, because all have sinned and transgressed God's 10 commandments. The law of God demands   the penalty of death for sin, the judgment of death for the transgression of His commandments, and it will be paid either by you, meaning the death of your life,  or you understanding that this penalty of death upon your life can be lifted, passed over  by you accepting Christ's substitutionary death for  the payment of your sins. However, Christ will not accept anyone who is not determined to repent of his sins and will not set himself or herself to stop transgressing God's 10 commandments. Transgressing God's 10 commandments identifies, determines and defines everybody's sins and iniquities.

     This is the true vision and insight of Why Jesus Christ Died. This most important understanding and vision is totally left out and will not be found in this movie about The Passion Of Christ, and this movie will be in vain and will produce only a moving, emotional, temporary effect and not a lasting effect, change, and conversion without this true vision of Christ's suffering and death. This is why Jesus Christ continually taught and said it is By Their fruits that you can know them who are the real, truly converted Christians and ministers walking this earth today, and who are the false ministers and false Christians that Christ warned about by saying many false prophets will deceive the people. These professing ministers and Christians are Christians  in name only, shells, fakes, hypocrites, because they are all still transgressors of God's commandments and are adding  shame, dishonor, and despite to the suffering and death  and Grace of the real Jesus Christ, Heb. 10:29.

      God says in Pro. 29:18  "Where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keeps the law ( God's 10 commandments ), happy (blessed) is he."

     So if you are God's man or God's woman and you are hating sin, and are obeying His laws and commandments, and have accepted and have saving faith through the true Jesus Christ, then God says this to you in I Peter 3:12,   " For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayer: but the face of the Lord  is against them that do evil."

Christ continually says you must "Repent or you will Perish."

As it is written so shall it be done.

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