Instruments of A "Foolish Shepherd'  


      I n Zechariah 11: 15-17, the Lord says , "Take unto you yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd. For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that, that is broken, nor feed that, that stands still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaves the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened!"

     Wow! Amazing! Here is a little known scripture that the Lord God had written down as a prophecy that must be fulfilled or has it been fulfilled? Here is a prophecy that the Lord God says he will do, and that was to raise up a shepherd, a shepherd of the land who believed that he and he alone was raised up by the eternal God, but who did not grasp how serious that responsibility was or the humility he must have to be a true shepherd and so he used the instruments of a shepherd  in such a way that will cause or has caused him to become a foolish shepherd. God goes on to denounce this shepherd as an idol shepherd who leaves the flock, and this word idol here in Hebrew means good for nothing, useless, vain or filled with excessive pride, vanity, self-righeousness, high in one's self and ability. It means a foolish idol shepherd of no valve and a useless person of naught to his followers and members. Has there been such a foolish, vanity filled and useless shepherd who confessed to be God's end time apostle and believed to be God's special raised up shepherd  in these last days of man, but whose work was vain and came to nothing. Why would God raise up such a vain and foolish shepherd or pastor? And would this foolish shepherd would be an example to all other shepherds who are following his foolish and idolatrous path and will receive a likewise judgment. 

   The Creator God understands that man seems to be set to follow a wrong way, that he has got to go through experiences of wrong and evil leadership of an idol shepherd proclaiming a perverted gospel before he, as true potential child of Christ, can learn what constitutes true Christian leadership where Christ is truly working, and before he can learn what constitutes true Christian pasturing, and before he can learn what is true Christian conversion and how one can receive true salvation, as is found in God's Holy Word. To become a saint for God's Kingdom one seems to have to experience the wrong way before he can understand the right way. This has been the history of man on earth. This path may not be the best way of learning, but it sure is the dearest and a wrong way that one does not forget easily, by it leaving a deep imprint in one's mind and heart due to the pain and suffering that one has had to work through to climb out of its tight tentacles. If this is not true why is the Christian world today following a false Christianity with a perverted gospel, a wrong way, instead of the true and godly way? Why do today's professing Christians have a lot of unanswered questions? Christ says that this wrong and evil path is a "wide path" and like a giant sucking hole, it pulls many people into it and makes them believe they are on the right path, and seemingly contented they are heading really for death, not Christ's Kingdom.

     What are the instruments of this foolish shepherd? To understand this, one must know what are the instruments of a farming, sheep herding shepherd pasturing a flock of sheep, who has accepted this responsibility or profession as his line of work and profession in his life and uses the instruments of a rod and staff to oversee and to care for a flock, or herd of sheep. The 2 main instruments of a shepherd that he used in the past years was his rod, and his staff. These 2 instruments of a shepherd identify him as a shepherd, because they extended  his protective arm, his discerning eye and his reassuring voice and a caring and responsible heart that every true shepherd should have to help him care and comfort his sheep, as no other animal of man so uniquely receives. The rod  of the shepherd communicates to the sheep the sense of authority, and power, providing comfort of peace and protection out in the wild against danger from wolves or other predators, whereas, the staff conveys a sense of tender care, contact and contentment, and peace which all provides comfort and well being to the sheep.

     The ROD of the godly shepherd is symbolic of the  authority and power, which  the Lord provides   through His Holy Spirit, that is promised and  provided by Jesus Christ and His Word, as our chief Shepherd to lead and guide Lord's sheep. But this foolish shepherd of the Scripture, Zech. 11:15-17 used the rod of God's Word as a rod for a  whipping stick in the sense of being a lord over God's heritage, driving His sheep to fear and worship him, the foolish shepherd, instead of  leading by a loving example and always directing  worship toward the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, the true Pastor of the flock, I Peter 5:3. This idol shepherd man actually led sheep away from the leadership of the true Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and he also believed and taught that the true Jesus Christ, His life, His death and message is not the Gospel. This perverted, gospel teaching borders being an antichrist. This foolish shepherd, not having God's Holy Spirit, appointed certain men, yes men, under him to be his ministers to be his rod of power and authority. These men were his unrighteousness instruments and taught his lies and false teachings, who were the extension of his arm and rod of his fleshly, false, overlording authority.

    The STAFF of a true godly shepherd is symbolic of God's GRACE and loving kindness through the power of his Holy Spirit and was to be man's helper , as the shepherd used his staff to watch over his sheep with great care, mercy, as the shepherd used the staff to help to lead his sheep to find good pasture, water and avoiding danger. The godly staff of God's Grace was and is all possible through the Lord's favor, His care of mercy, forgiveness, spiritual guidance upon His sheep and fed them with the good milk and meat of God's Word. This was carried out through the power of Christ's Holy Spirit working in a godly shepherd, His righteous instrument, which corrects, inspires, motivates, exhorts, and is all made possible by the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ who provides for all of His sheep, to comfort, and lead them, His true sheep,  in paths of righteousness. However, this foolish shepherd of Zech. 11 used Satan's spirit, instead of God's Spirit, extended to his appointed unrighteous ministers which became the instruments of his staff to cause his sheep to be fearful of his authority, to manipulate his sheep to bring them to idolize and worship  him, to cause them to provide him money from offerings for his deceptive Christian work, to intimidate them, to cause them to not question his authority and teachings and to humble his sheep before him and before his ministers, his unrighteous instruments, to help in his work of idolatry. The patriarch David, a prophet and a shepherd, understood well about these instruments of a rod and staff, as they were used in his shepherding and pasturing of his physical father's sheep, Jesse, and as well as they applied in the pasturing of God's called out and chosen sheep as his inspired writings teach in Psalms. In Psalm 23,  David writes, "Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me."

     In Zechariah 11:16, God lays out the plain truth about this foolish shepherd, and gives to us the fruit of this foolish shepherd's ministry and work. God said he will raise up a shepherd in the land who constitutes the work of a foolish shepherd.  What does the Lord mean, where He says in verse 16, "he shall not visit those that be cut off," verse 16? We all should know to be cut off in Scripture means to be cut off from God, the Father, and His Son and chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and the true understanding of His Word, which in reality means to be cut off from His blessings for real success and salvation to receive eternal life, and is really a life and death matter. What is it that cuts one off from the Father? We also should know this as well, and this means, it is sin that cuts one off, brought about by the lack of understanding of sin, what constitutes sin, how sin works, how sin deceives us, and what causes people to sin and keeps sinning, that keeps one cut one off from God and the chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. In Isa. 59:2, God Scripture plainly tells all that  "Your iniquities (your sins) have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear." God will not hear  your prayers for forgiveness, help and healing.
   The Eternal God says when you will not learn about sin, what constitutes sin, and how our sins can deceive us and how it keeps us cut off from him, then we have not completely understood that true repentance is about turning from of all of our sins, all of our iniquities, not just some of them. We need to understand that when we are cut off from the Father, then we are still under the penalty of sins' wages, Rom. 6:23, and we will perish. God's Word and judgment will not fail to be fulfilled. We can not be one of Christ's sheep unless we fully understand this truth and are applying it in our lives.

    We are commanded by our Chief Shepherd to come out of sin and to come out of the world's Babylon system of  sin and the ways of the flesh. God says he who continues in sin will be cut off. God says also, he who will not repent of all of his sins will perish and is cut off from salvation. For example, if you today are not remembering the 7th day Sabbath to keep the day Holy or you are compromising Christ's 4th commandment by you still working on  or working someone on that 7th day of the week, Saturday, then you are cut off from God and He will not hear your prayers and you will perish from the earth and will not be accepted for God's Kingdom. Read about the punishment for the violating this commandment in Ex. 31:14-15.

    This foolish shepherd did not fully understand and teach  this about sin, he compromised the Sabbath Day and so did his followers, and so he led or caused the sheep, those interested in becoming a part of Lord's sheepfold, to become foolish sheep, to be unquestioning sheep, teaching that they were still sinners, and would continue in their sins through his shepherding, who he was pasturing. Any professed Christian that continues in one's sin and that could mean continuing in any willful unrepentant sin will continue to be cut off from God and are not blessed with salvation and the gift of receiving God's Holy Spirit. The foolish shepherd blinded them to their poor spiritual condition. Every teaching shepherd is a foolish shepherd and idol shepherd that does not understand this and he himself is also cut off from the Eternal God and because of this great error  in his teaching,  he and all of the sheep that he is pasturing is cut off and will continue to be cut off from Jesus Christ, the True and Chief Shepherd unless they both repent and begin to follow the Chief Shepherd. Please do not expect to be protected in these last days, and led to safety if you are still a sinner.  

     God says of  this prophesied foolish shepherd in verse 16 that  he will not visit, meaning to oversee, care for, guide and help to deliver God's lost sheep from sin, any sin or compromising of sin that separates them from the chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. He did not take the time to visit them to show real care and concern and true Scriptural guidance even through his appointed ministers--- evil instruments he used for their spiritual welfare. Why was the foolish shepherd in such a wicked spiritual condition? It is because of the foolish shepherd's vanity, ego, exalted image of himself, believing that his fleshly way of living his plush and high standard of living, living by his own  laws and teaching, living above the 10 commandments of the Lord and what he believed was the path to Christ, according to his own rules and laws and perverted teaching of the Gospel. He kept telling his flock that he was God's special called and chosen vessel, and apostle called to do the Lord's work. He passed this evil conduct and wrong example on to his unrighteous instruments. This foolish and idol shepherd, by teaching this perverted path to Jesus Christ, the True Shepherd, and  True Savior caused his members to cover their eyes to their sins, pressured them not to question his false authority over them or his lack of real spiritual inspiration and lack of not having God's Spirit to motivate them to following the true shepherd, Jesus Christ, and His true teachings.

   All of his preaching was about how great he was before God, as God's righteous vessel and continuing to keep his sheep worshipping him as an idol. This all  kept them deceived and caused them to continue to worship him as an idol shepherd  and rejecting the true teaching and real mission of Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd's mission,  who Christ himself said  that  he was sent "to turn his people from their sins," Acts. 3:26. This false and foolish shepherd leads his people to follow a perverted gospel and teaches that Jesus Christ is not the true Gospel to man. How wicked and evil is or was this man in his fleshly leading and was a terrible offense to the true shepherd, Jesus Christ, and to whoever Christ was calling to receive eternal life.

     This foolish shepherd keeps, or kept  the sheep cut off from the True Shepherd, Jesus Christ, by believing and confessing himself to be the master shepherd, and placing himself in an exalted, master pastor's office of authority, as the church's general pastor and above the true shepherd, Jesus Christ. The hirelings of this idol shepherd were hired and paid for by him, produced and provided for, through an excessive 3 tier tithing system, plus constantly begging for special offerings of his sheep's salaries. This money gave to him power and helped him to buy a bought and paid for ministry which spread his authority out in the nations and gave him his great authority and power, through his deception, over the sheep and kept him in his exalted office, and so he thought of himself, either above the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, or at least on the same level of authority and power. 

   This idol shepherd by asserting himself into the highly, and self acclaimed office of being God's appointed apostle,  the deceived sheep accepted him as such and through his false taught way of Christianity, he became an idol to them, was praised and highly worshipped, and raised up above God, at all of their special gatherings and holy day meetings. What he said, preached and wrote had more influence with the sheep than what Jesus Christ said and had inspired to be written in His Holy Word! His writings and books became the study material to his followers and to follow, rather than Christ's Holy Word. All of this is the sin of idolatry, the sin of lying, hypocrisy and stealing the member's money and kept or keeps people cut off from Jesus Christ, the True Shepherd! Any of of the sheep who began to question his false teaching of Christianity were expelled, disfellowshipped and told and frightened with fear and taught that  they, without him and his ministry's teaching, were headed for the lake of fire.

    This foolish shepherd did not and has not led the lost sheep to the true chief shepherd, who have been cut off from knowing the True Shepherd, Jesus Christ! They are cut off, and will continue to be cut off unless they come to see their sins and their deception, their idolatry and realize they are being deceived by believing that they could continue to be a sinner, daily sinning as is and was the teaching of this foolish shepherd, and at the same time, confessing themselves to be a saints, and a true member of Christ's true body. He lead his followers to build their lives on the foundation of sand and to a coming time when there will be a great gnashing and gritting of teeth all because of their deception of following a foolish and idol shepherd and his leadership of ministers.

     God also says of this foolish shepherd in verse 16, "neither shall he seek the young one." What does the Lord  mean not to seek the young one?  A true and wise shepherd would seek out any young lambs that had gotten lost, or been cut off from its mother.  Any young, newborn lamb of a  sheep herding shepherd and the spiritual lamb of the chief shepherd, Jesus Christ,  who is cut off and who does not get the rich, early needed milk of its mother, soon will die! A wise shepherd uses his staff to lead, or carry the young lamb to its mother, being careful not to touch it, or leave his human scent on the lamb, because the mother will reject her own lamb, if any other scent is detected on the young baby lamb! Christ, the Chief Shepherd, leads us to the true mother, the church, the true church and leaders of the New Testament, if we have not been scented by man and all of his deception that a lamb of God could continue in his man scented sin of some kind and the mother, the true church and Jesus Christ would accept him or her as one of the Lord's little ones. Many little ones desiring Jesus Christ, the true shepherd's leadership of mercy, protection, favor and love were not sought out by this foolish shepherd to help and  lead the young ones to the true shepherd, so were offended and deceived by a foolish shepherd and became dedicated followers of him, rather than Jesus Christ. The true shepherd and Lord, Jesus Christ, warns all of His little ones to not to be deceived by all of the false and foolish shepherds out in the pasture of the world, by their unrighteous instruments of offense, but to come to him, their true savior and protector and humble themselves as a little child and get the real and true nourishment of the mother's pure milk, the pure Word of God! Read our article on "becoming as a little child" on our web site.

     This foolish shepherd who God writes and warns His sheep about in Zech. 11:15-17 did not help the little ones, the lambs who were interested in becoming the lambs of the Lord Jesus Christ. These were the little lambs who had been hurt, discouraged, and were suffering, and broken in their lives by living under the oppression and evil of Satan's evil world and his evil men and evil ministers. They were not helped to know how they could be truly healed and restored to a healed, healthy, good and joyous relationship with their Chief Shepherd and Savior, Jesus Christ. This foolish and idol shepherd believed and taught that sin with all of its hurts, curses, sufferings, sicknesses, depressions and discouragements was something that they must accept as normal in their professed Christian lives, and so he created a false image of the real Jesus Christ, him being the false spiritual image for the people to worship and hold in high regard. He believed and taught the sheep they could not live their lives without sin that was causing  all of their broken and hurt and diseased lives. He did not understand that any amount of permitted and unrepentant sin, broken commandments, will continue to bring pain, suffering, depression, sickness, and disease and cause one to be cut off from their true Lord and Savior. This foolish shepherd and idol of the sheep did not understand that the kind of a healthy relationship, a relationship  that helped one to be relieved of its pain, to be totally healed in their body, mind and heart is a relationship that can only come through the chief shepherd and healer, and savior, Jesus Christ, not through this foolish shepherd. To have this kind of relationship, it must come about only through a total and complete repentance, accepting no sin as normal true Christian behavior, to become blameless and to have a complete understanding of Christ's sacrifice and why He gave His life and then to accept His sacrifice that will forgive and justify all of a person's past sins.

    Any permitted and compromised sin in one's life is not accepted by our chief shepherd and savior. To be absolutely free from all sin and all of its curses, unhappiness, discouragements, depression, fears is what the Chief Shepherd desires to provide for all of His sheep. This self exalted and desired to be worshipped idol of this foolish shepherd did not have this relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, nor did he permit any of his sheep, if they did not question his teaching, to develop and grow in this joyous and lovely relationship with their Creator and Great Provider of all these desired good things of life. The Chief Shepherd tells all who desires these good things in Mat. 6:33 "If they would first seek the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness, all these good things shall be added to you." In this Satanic society and world it takes much faith to truly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect and provide for all of one's needs. This is difficult and especially hard to do today with the governments of nations working to pass laws that are against the people and to appoint men to set in the seat of God to cause people to believe man and his government of men will provide for all their needs.

    This foolish  and idol shepherd was unable to see and understand that the sheep that he was over  were not being fed good, clean and nutritional food through his ministry and so he caused "the sheep to stand still." This meant there was no growth in his sheep, they became spiritual poor. Plainly, they did not receive the good early milk of God's Word, the true gospel of good news of how one can be saved from their sins and because of this they could not receive, nor understand the strong meat of God's Word. So they did not ever receive God's spirit to help them understand Christ true teachings. All of this kept the sheep in a stand still, no growth in Christian living, an unconverted and a non growing condition due to the lack of them being fed the early milk, the understanding of Christ's Word, that they must first totally repent of all of their sins, to be accepted by Christ and to receive His promised Holy Spirit. One must have God's Holy Spirit in them to be saved.

    They never really developed to really become the true lambs and sheep of the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. The Apostle Peter was told 3 times before Christ left him to go to the Father, to feed His sheep and lambs and watch over them for their safety and protection and growth, John 21:15-17. The overwhelming majority of all pastors and shepherds do not feed the sheep the necessary food to become converted to the way of salvation through Christ and His sacrifice, and so they all are like this foolish and idol shepherd of Scripture lived lives of no value, no substance, no change in order to become a true converted saint  and shepherd to be accepted for God's Kingdom or to lead others to be accepted into God's kingdom. This kind of ministry causes his sheep to stand still, to become wormy, sapped of energy, diseased, and weak with today's false teaching, but at the same time through much deception believe that Christ is working with them. This is the terrible situation of deception and confusion in all of today's Christian churches.

     This foolish shepherd, as the verses in Zech. 11:15-17 tells us, "shall eat of the flesh of the fat and tear their claws in pieces." What does the Lord mean by these verses?  He is telling us that this idol and worthless shepherd lived a high lifestyle off the fat or prosperity of his poor flock through his continued plea for heavy offerings from them, and also taught a 3 tier false tithing system and a perverted gospel and gave nothing back to them in anyway of value, or of  importance, or any encouraging words, nor any true spiritual guidance in order for his sheep to become a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. This worthless and foolish and exalted idol shepherd would tear their claws in pieces.  symbolic of a tactic or practice that sheep herders would use and do to bruise or make a cut in any wayward sheep's feet to afflict and keep  these as sheep of his flock, fearful of leaving or straying away from his flock because of their wounded condition. In a Christian ministry this tacic of created fear and lost of salvation is used  to cause people sheep to become FEARFUL of leaving his flock and so they stayed close and with his flock. A practice that this foolish shepherd used to create fear in their minds and hearts of his sheep, his members to keep them in his church, under his control to continue to support him, his satanic work and his perverted, exalted, high lifestyle having the best of everything.

    Even though the Lord directed these prophetic words to one particular, perverted, foolish and idol pastor shepherd, who exalted himself along with the help of his spiritual, dumbed down, deceived sheep, who held and exalted him up to a very high spiritual position in the Christian world, this prophecy, which is not expounded on today, applies to any self exalted pastor using foolish and unrighteous instruments to  do the Lord's work with a member paid for high lifestyle. This church situation is caused by any unquestioning, dumbed down and deceived flock, Ezek. 34:1-10. All such people and men will have to stand  before the Lord and His judgment in the coming day of the Lord, if they all, him and his sheep, don't repent and come out of this satanic, religious, babylon system while they still have time to do so. The Lord God says woe into such a person  and shepherds who offends and destroys the Lord's little ones, His lambs and sheep. Read and study what Jesus Christ says of the judgment of such in Mat. 18:6-7 and in Zech. 11:17.

    Jesus Christ speaks to brethren today through Paul's teaching and warning in  II Thes. 2:7  that the Mystery of Iniquity  was already at work even in Paul's day, and is at work today on a massive scale. This Mystery about the true Christ and His message is unprecedented in its cover-up, there has  never been such cover-up of truth happened before on such a worldwide scale. It is followed with much sin with massive deception in all commandment transgressions taking place on such a worldwide scale. It is all about keeping the truth hid through false teaching concerning lawlessness, christianizing sin, and so many today are following the teaching of false and foolish shepherds and their acceptance of transgressing God's commandments without any shame, feeling of guilt, sorrow, or remorse, Mat. 24:3-5,11. This is a mystery about sin and true righteousness and its massive cover up in their  understanding about true Savior is unbelievable.

    In fact many of the professing followers of Jesus Christ (really a false christ they worship) believes their false christ they worship accepts them in their sins and so they all are very active in keeping the mystery of Iniquity, a mystery and covered up of truth about accepting and compromising sin, the transgression of God's 10 commandments as it is being accepted in all of today's false Christianity. Today's false Christianity and members likes the false christs that are raised up in their churches, because he permits them to break God's 10 commandments and believe as these false christ ministries teach that they can still be saved. All such are guilty, by continuing in their sinning ways, by covering up of sins such as lying, stealing, fornication, abortion murder, idolatry, adultery, Sabbath transgression, accepting another Sabbath the first day instead of God's created 7th day Sabbath, and  all such breaking of God's 10 commandments and believing that their continual sinning way is accepted by the chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. This deception is massive in all churches. The true Jesus Christ came to turn people away from their sins, not into covering up of their sins, Acts 3:26.

   A giant awakening and exposing of all the evil is just ahead with judgment to follow upon every one's life, if there is not a genuine and a full hearted repentance now on each one's part in order to be accepted for the mercy and forgiveness of one's sins and to be forgiven and protected by the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ in the evil days ahead. Are you prepared for Christ's endtime prophecy for the last days which is a curse of His judgment to cover all the earth, to cause all to perish, who have swore, or made a covenant, or taken an oath to keep the law of the land and God's commandments, but today are living in a state of lying and stealing, and are set in their mind and heart to continue in  all their  lying and stealing and all such sins as an accepted part of their life? Read it in Zech. 5:3-4. 

   Zech. 5:3 "Then said he unto me. This is the curse  that goes forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that steals (stealing of every kind, identity thief, credit card thief, stealing from the people in every possible way,  economy thief, government stealing from all the people on a very large scale, church thieves and robbers robbing people of truth and understanding, supporting all of the false ministers with such a lavish living calling for peoples offerings to teach false teachings, becoming thieves and robbers through all kinds of excessive taxing, unrepresented and unlawful taxes, robbing people  through created laws unlawful fines based on bad and unconstitutional laws, all shall be cut off as on this side according to it: and every one that swears falsely, such as gov. leaders taking oaths in the name of God, laying one's hand on the Bible to swear in the name of God to uphold the law and constitution and church leaders doing the same swearing and affirming that they will preach truth, but both are following with works of lies, speaking lies with ever breadth, swearing falsely) shall be cut off as on that side according to it. Verse 4, I will bring it (the curse) forth, says the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that swears falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house and shall consume it with timber thereof and the stones thereof." This curse has never happened on a world wide scale  before this time, but will take place soon.

The great Creator and awesome God warns in Jer. 25:29 "For, lo, I begin to bring evil on the city which is called by my name, and should you be utterly unpunished: You shall not be unpunished: for I will call for a sword upon all the inhabitants of the earth, says the Lord of hosts.
    31 A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has a controversy with the nations he will plead with all flesh: (is today pleading with all flesh): He will give them that are wicked to the sword, says the Lord.

    The Lord is pleading with all flesh now, but are you listening? Is your house and family clean of all these sins? Time is extremely short to change your life of all such sins and evil. Today is the opportunity, tomorrow may be too late.