Is a sinner commanded to do anything to receive God's Favor?
Today's Christianity says there's nothing one has to do!

      This is the teaching in today's accepted Christianity that there is nothing a sinner must do, no action or change, no behavior change, no repentance of sins and changes in one's life that are based on the breaking of God's 10 commandments in order to receive God's Grace. God's Grace is His favor of  mercy to forgive a person's sins, and to accept that repentant person as one of His sons by granting him  His Holy Spirit and salvation! To receive God's Grace is a miracle and to receive salvation even a greater miracle. Yes, there are miracles today for those that can truly understand God's plan, His Gospel and His truth about Grace.

     The question for every confessing believer is; do you understand the true Grace of Jesus Christ, and is it God's unmerited favor? Do you have God's Grace, and  are you growing in His Grace? Are you living your life based on the true meaning of Grace, and its many spiritual benefits and blessings through faith, or by what today's Christianity teaches and believes about grace as being God's unmerited favor that is bestowed upon sinners? Unmerited favor as is taught today means nothing in the way of merit or accomplishment that a person or sinner needs to do, or is commanded to do, to receive God's favor or grace. Why is the true understanding about God's Grace so important in a person's life? It is vitally important because it involves whether one has ever really received forgiveness of his sins,  and whether one has ever  received God's Spirit. Paul says in Rom. 8:9 "-----Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ , he is none of His."

    Why is it, that the word GRACE is hardly mentioned in today's church fellowship and communication, or in  their teaching, even though the apostle Paul used the word 100 times and more, in his letters alone to the Churches of God? Is it because people professing to be of Christ  have accepted today's false Christian teaching of the meaning of Grace, and are not growing to understand its meaning for their life due to the fact that they have not been taught what really is God's Grace? Paul in Col. 4:6 says, "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man." Paul was addressing gentile brethren who had done what they needed to do to receive God's Grace and so Paul was telling them to let their grace be an example and be reflected always in their speaking and fellowship.

     There are two main reasons why the true meaning of the Grace of Christ is not preached and understood, and is not freely spoken in fellowship.  First: Church people do not understand God's true grace because they believe they are so rich in "spiritual" knowledge, and have no need of truth about the true grace of God, as it relates to true spiritual conversion. Church people are content with what they think they have, and therefore do not desire to grow in grace to achieve true spiritual maturity in order to become truly spiritually born again, and  to become perfect, complete in Christ. Christ said "be you perfect", Mat. 5:48, and in Luke 6:40 it says "every one that is perfect shall be as his Master" (Christ), and Paul said in II Tim. 3:16-17 that "all scriptural doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction is given so the man of God may be perfect-----".  To become perfect is an attainable, possible goal and knowing what is God's Grace and growing in His Grace helps one attain that perfection.

Secondly: Church people, without question,  have accepted today's false Christian teaching and meaning of  grace to be God's undeserved, unmerited grace, and by  them accepting this to be God's Grace, a stop growth has been placed on the aborted grace in their life and so they are bankrupt spiritually. Many church people do not know they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, - spiritually. They are not aware they are not growing spiritually, and are not growing in grace, in receiving God's favor, and so are contented to stay that way. They are too wrapped up in the flesh and all the goings on of the flesh with all that Satan has to present to man in our society, to take time to think about God and His life and death promises. This is along with all the cares of this life, and being accepted by all their friends and family, and their day by day pursuits which leaves them no time to even think soberly about receiving God's Spirit, and how one can come to receive God's Grace in order to receive salvation.

    To many of today's believed to be Christians, to accept any understanding and teaching  of the truth about how one receives God's Grace, and His Spirit, in order to grow to perfection, is looked upon as another way of salvation, and even deception to them. However, Jesus Christ says,  anyone that is not growing in His Grace and the oil of His Spirit  means He, Jesus Christ, is not living in them nor does He really know them, and he calls them foolish virgins, Rev. 3:15-21, Mat. 25:10-12.  

      The meaning of grace that is taught by today's false Christianity, and the churches of God is this: Grace is the unmerited, or un-deserved favor of God. Is this the truth, and is this the meaning of God's grace from God's Word, or is this more of Satan's lies and deception? This meaning of grace is accepted by today's Christianity and all the churches of God and of Jesus Christ around the world. Webster's Dictionary college edition also gives this as the meaning of grace, in theology: to be God's unmerited love and favor. Webster's Dictionary does not give the inspired meaning of Words from God through His Word, but from man, and his traditions of professed, false, Christianity. Christ warns all believers to beware of the traditions of men, and their commandments, Mat. 15:9.  

         Based on this false meaning of grace, no one could ever be deserving of receiving God's favor and it leaves no room for personal change and conversion.

      God's grace  to His elect means  to them His approving favor. It means God's acceptance through His mercy. It means His favor, with all of its represented promises of blessings and benefits of   forgiveness, justification, the giving of His Holy Spirit and salvation. This is, if they as sinners have repented of their sins, and in faith, believe and accept Christ's sacrifice and promise of salvation. For a believer to accept Grace to mean God's unmerited favor would result in a false conversion by the fact, there would be nothing a man could ever do in his present life before God, to be deserving of receiving His mercy and promises of the gifts of His grace, His Holy Spirit and salvation. This would also make  God a respector of persons by giving life to one undeserving sinner and not to another undeserving sinner just because one spoke the name of Christ.
    This would mean that one's repentance and faith in Christ would have no value or  no worth, and no meaning, as they relate to salvation and to being saved from one's sins. Is this the true grace of God? This is all from Satan and is lies and is totally contrary to God's Inspired Word. This is what today's false Christianity and the Churches of God, and the Churches of Jesus Christ have accepted in their teaching and is a case of the blind leading the blind and all headed for the ditch...

     The foundation for receiving God's deserved favor, His grace, begins with a sinner's repentance of breaking God's law following with the fruit of obedience to God's 10 commandments. This is all something a sinner must do and can be added very hard to do. Then the sinner asks Christ to accept  His repentance. This is also something, a work of faith, that a sinner must do.  Then after having faith in Christ through His death and sacrifice, then he must believe that he will be forgiven, and set free from the law's curses and its penalty and be given salvation. These are all works of merits, accomplishments that Jesus Christ commands before one can receive God's Grace. Based on this repentant action and change of heart, and faith in Jesus Christ as savior, everyone is deserving by the promises of God of receiving His grace.

This is what a sinner receives and what God's grace represents:    

   This  giving of His Grace is a miracle of God, but it is given based on a person's humbleness to see his sins, who obeys God's law to change his life to be converted, and has a saving faith in Christ and the giving of His life. This is the true deserving grace of God that is promised to any sinner who repents of his sins, and in faith, believes and accepts  Christ and all of Christ's promises. This is God's Grace and is not given to any sinner that is not deserving of receiving it.

        What are the evil fruits and iniquitious works that professed Christians have produced by believing in an unmerited, or undeserved grace or favor of God? This false teaching of an unmerited and un-deserved grace of Christ teaches a sinner to accept more deception about receiving salvation, that he can still be accepted by God, and can still continue in his sins and his fruits of iniquity, Jude 3,4. This is a horrible abominable lie that has permeated throughout today's Christianity. After all, if God's grace is un-deserved, there is nothing one would have to do to deserve to receive God's favor. This false, un-deserved grace creates an atmosphere of deception about repenting and overcoming sin, because one accepts the fallacy that he receives God's grace, based on nothing he has to do or change in his life, and that overcoming his sins and the temptations to sin, is not required by God.

    This Satanic, false teaching is in nearly all of today's sermons preached by pastors and evangelists. All of this has created the false Christianity of today, and a great salvational danger, and pitfall for all of the professed to be members of the Churches of God and of Jesus Christ that are following this great false teaching.

    This grace that is taught and accepted to mean the undeserved or unmerited favor of God,  is a traditional, heretical teaching, and in reality, teaches God to be a respecter of persons in His choosing of His sons. If God chooses His sons that is not based on anything a carnal sinner must do in order to receive His favor, approval, acceptance, and mercy, why would there be a need for Christ and His Gospel message? Why would there be a need for Jesus Christ and His coming to the earth to suffer such an agonizing, terrible, brutal, flesh tearing and ripping, and blood letting death  for man's sins  as man's Lord and Savior, if man does not have to repent of his sins and bears good fruit of his repentance with real changes in his life? God says He sent His Son, Jesus, to bless man by turning man away from his iniquities and sins (not to continue in sin) which are all transgressions of God's 10 commandments, Acts 3:26. But man continues to reject the need of repentance and the truth about his sins.

      Anyone who desires God's truth, and can still think for himself, will understand that this false teaching about grace is in error, a heresy, and a traditional teaching inspired by Satan. God demands of all that He calls and chooses, through the teaching of His Word, and the preaching of His Gospel, that in order to be accepted by  Him, and to receive His grace,  with all its benefits, that all must repent of their sins. This means to stop  breaking God's Ten Commandments, and in faith, accept Jesus Christ as their sacrifice and Savior. These are the changes and decisions of life that a sinner must do and make to receive God's grace. This is what God demands of all fleshly, carnal sinners to be deserving of receiving God's grace and salvation.

         The saints of old, such as Noah, Abraham, Lot and others, as God's Word says, "found God's Grace." What does that mean? This means, that they as carnal, fleshly men, found what they must do to be deserving of receiving God's grace, and to have and receive God's spirit. You too can find God's Grace if you understand this article's message and apply it.

   These men and women of old came to understand true repentance, obedience, and  came to have a believing and saving faith to be accepted by God in order to find and receive His grace. They acted, believed, and accepted the Gospel, the good news message of Christ, who was the God of the Old Testament, that they could inherit, and be accepted into God's Kingdom. There are not two Gospels and two Graces of Jesus Christ for His people. As it says in Hebrews 11:13, all these saints of old, died in faith, assured they will be in God's Kingdom. Peter spoke of the prophets of old, that they prophesied of the grace that would come unto us, as it was revealed unto them. Study I Peter 1:10-16.

        God says in Ps. 84:11, "Grace is a good thing of God and will not be withheld from he that walks (lives) uprightly." Upright means, walking in obedience to God and His commandments, living without sin, a life unblemished, becoming perfect by the power of His grace. God promises His grace to those deserving to receive it, to those that are willing to and are humbling and abasing themselves and have submitted their heart to have God's law written in it. These are people that are growing in God's Grace.

        Paul, speaking of his life in Acts 20:24, that it  was "To testify the Gospel of the grace of God." Paul spoke of the grace of God as good news, as the blessing and fruit of Christ's Gospel. Grace was the good news about Christ's mercy, His forgiveness of sins, and His granting of salvation, through the working power of the gift of His Holy Spirit. Paul would not have received God's grace if he had not deserved to receive it, by him being humbled by Christ through his 3 days of blindness and was converted to a total change of heart in repentance, and the accepting of Christ as Savior.

        What kind of heart does God demand of a sinner to receive His grace - His merited and deserving favor? Is it a man with a heart that is unwilling to change His life, unwilling to repent and humble himself before God, but who still believes that God will accept him  in his sins? This is total deception.  No doubt this is because he thinks he is special,  and that God called him without any reason or response on his part to change his life, and because of his believing that God's Grace is  His unmerited favor upon him, he in this deception believes Christ has received him for His Grace? Christ's inspired Word says in Hebrews 13:9, "Be not carried about with different and strange doctrines, ( such as a false teaching about grace). It is a good thing that the heart be established with grace (God's grace) not with meats (poisoned spiritual food) which have not profited them that have been occupied there in."

      The feeding of God's sheep in not to be done with teachings not founded and based on His word, as in following a false grace, as the unmerited favor  of  God. God demands a heart that is humble, because He says in James 4:6, "God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble." Every sinner coming to Christ, must humble himself, as a small child, and become converted, Mat. 18:3-4, to receive God's grace and His kingdom, and he must remain humble to grow in God's grace, or God is going to resist you and eventually reject you! God will resist the proud! God will resist any one proudly wrapped up in himself as a professing minister or a professing member and all that each has done, or as he thinks he has done, as in being some great spiritual leader. People as members of a church  should not be looking to these proud leaders, but instead they should be looking to the true, great, spiritual leader and Shepherd, Jesus Christ and trusting what He teaches from His Word and not from traditions and commandments of men.

    Any member, professed believer, or minster who thinks he is special, a spiritual leader or teacher over the sheep of the churches of God and Christ, who God has chosen to be  His people  through His GRACE, His SPIRIT and His POWER  and His SACRIFICE, is a proud man or person who will be resisted by God. This  is a person who loves to have the preeminence among Christians and confessing Christians and is usurping Christ's authority and leadership over churches in total deception about true, godly leadership and feeding of the sheep. God will resist and humble this person, this minister, this teacher in time, unless he rejects His correction, in order that he might come to understand and know and receive God's true Grace. Woe be unto those who are rejecting and resisting the Scriptual truth about God's Grace and who are still believing and accepting today's false grace taught to be God's unmerited favor!

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