Grace To Sin

There is a terrible wicked teaching in today's accepted Christianity that actually turns the true Jesus Christ and His True Grace away from sinners!

   Today's professed Christianity has turned the teaching about God's grace into lasciviousness, which in reality gives its members through deception permission to continue to commit sin without shame or sorrow. This wicked teaching creates a false grace that permits sinners after baptism to continue in their sins, Jude 4

  Theseopening statements is about a false grace that is commonly taught and accepted in the world's Christianity.First, this is a grace that is believed to be given by Christ, based on no shame or no sorrow of one's sins, and no senseof obligation to Christ's command to repentof breaking God's 10 commandments, by changing one's heart  and conduct to obey God's law. These church people believe, that there is no law keeping needed in order to be accepted by Christ for justification, and to receive His true grace and salvation.  This is the worldwide believed and accepted false Grace, a grace given to sin. These teachers and church going people completely rule out the new covenant that states that God's law must be written in their hearts and minds, Heb. 8:10.

Secondly, There is yet another deception of this false grace given to sin, that is taught by other groups of people known as the Churches of God, and Churches of Christ, who believe they have received grace but it is a grace given as the unmerited or undeserving favor from God. In other words, they believe that God's grace is given to them, not based on anything they can do to merit or deserve His favor. This means that a sinner's repentance followed with the fruit of his obedience to God's law, the 10 commandments, along with his faith in Jesus Christ as savior are not merits deserving of God's approval. Yet repentance is one of the hardest and most difficult things for a sinner to do. Neither do  these false teachers believe  a believer's obedience to God's 10 commandments and faith in Jesus Christ are attributes of merit deserving God's approval and favor.

    These false teachers believe there is nothing sinners can do or need to do for  merit, or good works and deeds to be deserving of God's approval to receive forgiveness and His Grace, even though Scripture teaches to the contrary. But then people don't follow Scripture for their salvation. The disciples asked the question in Acts 2:37-38 after hearing the gospel message, "---Men and brethren what shall we do?" This was followed with the answer. In verse 38, "Then Peter said into them, repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Study also Rom. 2:13.

   These false teachers and pastors also believe that a repentant sinner could never grow to maturity, perfection, or total completeness without sin, without spot or blemish, even with Christ living in them through His power and grace that would help prevent them from continuing to be sinners. They believe that they will continue to sin, live in darkness, as long as they are living in the flesh. This is denyng God's Spirit and denying that Jesus Christ is living in them through His Spirit. They believe they will continue to break God's commandments, and that it is impossible for Christ to live in them without breaking His commandments, and by this false grace, are denying the power of God and His magnificent grace that should be  dwelling in them, if they have truly repented.
   So by accepting this grace to sin, they believe they receive God's grace, even though  it is a grace of the flesh of human power that has none of God's Power to help them to stopping sinning and so they will continue to sin, continue to break God's Ten Commandments, until they believe they will be changed to spirit at the resurrection.  This is their belief and it is deception. They base their belief and understanding on their false interpreting of such Scriptures as Rom. 7:1-25,  Rom. 14:1-23, Eph. 2:8, I John 1:5-10 and other such Scriptures. If these church people believe this about God's Grace and that Christ's Word teaches this, that a Christ filled person is both a saint and a sinner,  then they must ask the question of just how do they differ from the common  sinner on the streets, who confess they are sinners and not saints?

     This false grace of today's Christianity, and this false grace that permits sin in all the professing Christian churches  by its lack of power to overcome sin, are the twin heads of the same beast of a terrible, soul-destroying, abomination of deception that is flowing out from the synagogues of Satan, called Christian churches. This false teaching  about Grace has become main stream, Christian deception, and a stumbling block to the people of professing Christian Churches of God, that hinders spiritual conversion.

   People who don't study  God's Word  and  are not proving all things, are willingly submitting themselves to religious deception and confusion by the way of their ministers. They are giving their minds over to their minister, his lawless tapes and books and deceptive messages, rather than studying God's Word, to really see what it says about grace, in regard to salvation and are like sheep being led to the slaughter. WOE BE UNTO PREACHERS and to their flocks, who are turning the grace of God to sin and lasciviousness, meaning no obligation to obey God and His law. This is along with a false teaching of all the professing Christian Churches of God, that  a sinner cannot become a non-sinning saint. All of this denys Christ's power, and does despite to the spirit of God's grace, Jude 4, 10, 16, I Peter 4:17-18, Gal. 2:17-18, Heb. 10:26-29. God says in Heb. 10:26 "For if you continue to sin wilfully after receiving the knowlege of the truth there remains no more sacrifice for sin."

       Grace, as it is believed and received today by mainstream religion, is taught as being a no-fault or nothing one has to do "to receive His grace," a grace of God's unmerited or undeserved favor, a grace that nothing can be done to please and to receive God's pleasing favor. This watered down grace, or grace to sin, appeals greatly to people's iniquitous ways, lawless nature, shameless conduct, guilt-free living, sinful but free of law-keeping lifestyles, whereas, man is the god over his own life. This "grace to sin" is a product of Satan and man's human nature, which is the fruit of eating from the knowledge of the "tree of good and evil," that God commanded man not to eat. This is forbidden fruit that is pleasing to man's eyes. It is the way of death and  destruction, and nobody seemingly questions its path of destruction all because of its wide spread teaching, acceptance and fruit, that appears to look good and desirable to man. There is a way that seems right (good), but will end in death, Pro. 14:12.

       This false, grace teaching which is a grace given to sin, has been accepted  by today's Christianity--lock, stock and barrel, and  is being accepted by numbers  of people in the Churches, professing to know Jesus Christ,  as being the way of God's grace. The worst part of this teaching is that it sears people's consciences against real repentance,  and people through this teaching, cannot recognize a need to grow in God's grace, and  this leaves them unable to really think for themselves about their life and understanding Christ's true Gospel. This "grace to sin" is a deeply entrenched doctrine of Satan, and is in  all of Christianity, Mat. 7:21-23, that will carry its believers not to life, but to their death, Romans 6:23. Today's grace as it is taught, is not amazing grace, but amazing deception, a soul-destroying error, giving license to sin, based on a false repentance, or no repentance, that is perpetuated by Satan's spirit and his church's influence, not by God's Holy Spirit.

       These ministers and teachers have made The Ten Commandments of  God of no affect by this false grace, because it gives church people permission to sin to either break, water down or compromise any one or all of God's commandments, without shame or remorse. This false teaching has been established as accepted tradition, and accepted teaching among professed Christian people of today's Christian community, Mat. 15:3-9. The penalty for sin (breaking God's Commandments) is death-eternal death. Christ's giving of His life fulfilled that judgment of death for anyone breaking God's law, and for everyone who believes and accepts this in faith, as His good news. This good news is for every sinner who repents and asks for forgiveness of breaking God's law, meaning the breaking of any one of His Ten Commandments and accepts in faith Christ's sacrifice.

      Christ then grants to that person forgiveness of his sins,  and gives His Spirit and salvation to him. This believer now stands justified before God. The fulfillment of the penalty of the law  of breaking God's commandments, has been justified by Christ's death as payment and not by anything else, and certainly not by one's commandment keeping. Commandment keeping cannot justify sin because if there could have been a law given that could justify sin, why would Jesus Christ have had to die? Gal. 3:21. Commandment keeping is required by Christ in order for Him to accept you for the remission of ones's sins, Rom. 2:13.

       God's grace is His favor of mercy, forgiveness, justification,  and salvation given with the gift of God's Holy Spirit, for a continual Godly influence, to help man obey God. This is all given, based on  man meeting God's requirements of  repentance and faith. Genuine repentance is being broken up, remorseful, contrite-crushed in spirit, over  one's breaking God's Ten Commandments-His laws of love to be followed with obedience to His law. Through this repentance  and faith, a sinner receives God's grace, and  is converted to a whole-hearted, loving desire through  the power of God's Spirit to obey God and all of His Ten Commandments. By growing in this grace, which is maturing spiritually-becoming perfect in Christ, God's Commandments will be written in the converted person's heart, and will establish the love of God in  a believer's life.

        This is the reason Paul said in Romans 2:12-13...."As many as have sinned in the law, shall be judged by the law and the doers of the law shall be justified."   Meaning there must be repentance with a changed heart, and with a loving desire to obey God's commandments, to be accepted for God's grace. However, this repentance and obedience does not forgive your sins, only Christ's suffering and shed blood forgives one's sins--justifies one before God, which is what Paul is saying in Romans 3:20, 28...The deeds of the law does not forgive sin to make one justified, only faith in the sacrifice of Christ forgives sins, and justifies,  but only  is  this true if one is first repentant, and desires to be a doer of the law-obeying God's Ten Commandments. If this is not taught, ministers will teach error by giving professed Christians  and the Churches of God people a "grace" that gives permission to continue in sin, or as a watered down grace, that looks over the breaking or compromising God's commandments.

      What is the fruit of church people following this grace to sin?

        This is the fruit or the sins that ministers commit in their lives, that bear the fruit of a grace given to sin. They cause the members to stumble at the law  (Mal. 2:8) by their example of breaking or compromising God's commandments, by breaking God's Sabbath- by working on the Sabbath, or asking and paying someone to work for them on the Sabbath, or doing their own pleasure on God's Sabbath, which all profanes God's Sabbath. They teach church people to continue in their adultery and  idolatry of serving their fornicating mates, and looking to men or minsters as  their  authority and masters  (Mr.), and to be their spiritual leaders rather than teach brethren to look to Christ  as Master, Lord and Authority in their lives. These ministers create as an image of God in their authority by the way of a church organization and fellowship,  and the church's submission to it as the appointed government of God, at the expense of not worshipping the true Christ, Christ's teaching and His doctrine.

   These same  ministers lead people to accept minister's covetousness and covetous lifestyle, who use God's tithes hypocritically to feed themselves (stealing), and do not feed the sheep with food that is edifying, inspiring and producing spiritual growth in the body, and are not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All these sins are sins not to be questioned  by the lowly sheep as members of the body of Christ. Study Malachi.

       There is more: Ministers lead church members to look over their sins of fornication and adultery, divorce and remarriage, by their sanctioning of these sins professed to be with Christ's authority, and in some cases doing this by their own examples of adultery, which  teaches a grace given to sin, and takes God's name in vain. Church people accept  certain "special self-professed to  be God's appointed spiritual leaders," and their sins of pride and they, both minister and members, gloat over it without shame, or guilt. All of this is commandment breaking, and as if that was not enough evil, they also are  teaching heresies such as twisting and teaching a compromise about repentance, teaching a stop-growth or   spiritual abortion concerning the born again doctrine.

   They  are teaching a perverted Gospel by adding to the Gospel, by saying there must be submission to church government  which they add to the gospel of Christ  in order for members to be saved, and they teach a false or watered down grace, creating a grace  to sin, with no real change to obey God. Today's churches of professed Christians do not love God because they are not   spiritually  from the heart, submitting to Jesus Christ by not submitting to obedience to His Ten Commandments, I John 5:3, and are not standing up for God's commandments in their entirety, and thereby do not have Christ living in them. Many sincere "good people"  who God calls His sheep, are being led to the slaughter by their pastor-goat. Woe be unto these ministers and the  naive, deceived, sheep that follow such.

        Is commandment keeping then necessary for receiving God's grace and for  salvation?  Yes, absolutely it is! It is proof of your repentance, and all the Bible proves it! If anyone is breaking or transgressing any one of God's Ten Commandments, he still has the judgment of God and His penalty of His law over one's head--this person is still under the law-- the authority of the law. If this is not true, why did Paul in I Cor. 5:1-7 correct the church, and then instruct the church to disfellowship a member who was transgressing the 7th commandment? It was to help him come to his senses and repent! Why did Paul say in I Cor. 7:19, what is really important and matters the most is the keeping of God's Commandments, meaning God's Ten Commandments. Why did Paul in writing to the churches of God in Galatia, Gal. 5:19-21, say if any of them were manifesting the works of the flesh, which were manifestations of God's Ten Commandments being transgressed, they would not be in God's Kingdom? Again, he said the same thing to the Corinthian Church, I Cor. 6:8-10. "Christian" churches today in the world, and also the Churches of God, all have form and show, but in  many, many of them, they are void of God's true grace.

         IF GRACE ALONE WITHOUT REPENTANCE TO GOD'S LAW IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED, WHY DID JOHN WRITE SO MUCH ABOUT THE KEEPING OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS? I John 5:2-3 states..." We know we love the children of God, when we keep His commandments."If faith alone, without the obedience to God's Ten Commandments is all that is required, why did James write to the Brethren and say ...If you are transgressing any one of the Ten Commandments, any point of His royal law, you stand guilty before God and shall be judged by His law, James 2:10-11. James goes on to say that by man's works (keeping God's laws) a man is justified and not by faith only, James 2:24. If a person is breaking any one of The Ten Commandments, he is a sinner headed for God's judgment and needs to repent of breaking them, and that includes the keeping of God's 7th Day, Sabbath (Saturday) commandment, and not the keeping of man's Sunday, the 1st day of the week, Satan's counterfeit day.

      ANY PREACHER THAT TEACHES THE RECEIVING OF GRACE WITHOUT REPENTANCE OF BREAKING GOD'S TEN COMMANDMENTS, HAS PUT HIMSELF IN AN ADVERSARIAL POSITION AGAINST CHRIST AND HIS WORD. Any minister teaching any compromising of any one of God's 10 commandments has become a stumbling block before Christ and His leading of His church. Any person who has followed any preacher along this wide destructive trail, will end up in the same way, in opposition to Christ at His return. WOE BE UNTO YOU BOTH, BECAUSE GOD'S LAW UNDER CHRIST, WILL JUDGE YOU GUILTY IN HIS JUDGMENT, JUDE 4, 14-16. Christ's word says, "How much worse will be the punishment-God's judgment on all who take the blood of Christ lightly, and does despite-insult-offense, to the Spirit of God's grace," Heb. 10:29! PLEASE HEED THESE WORDS TO EXAMINE, AND TO MEASURE YOUR CONVERSION!

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