God's True Watchman

 Where in God's Word does God qualify a man to be His true watchman?

God says "the soul that sins, it shall die," Ezek. 18:20 and Rom. 6:23. A watchman's responsibility was to warn all people desiring eternal life about sin and that the consequences of sin will prevent one from receiving salvation unless there is a complete change in his life. However today's Christians believe they can be saved as a sinner in their sinning state contrary to Scripture. They believe nobody can repent of all of their sins, whereas they will not continue to sin which is the denying of God's helping Power.

      One of the responsibilities of a watchman in the past history of God's physical nation of Israel, was that he was appointed to watch and to warn their people of an approaching enemy so they could flee, hide, or prepare themselves militarily with bows, arrows and swords in order to protect and save their physical lives from all their enemies of gentile nations. In that day the nation of Israel was chosen by their Lord God to set an example of obeying and teaching God's 10 commandments before all nations, in order to show to all nations that God would bless them in all of their life and  land, in all of their food and animals and to protect them from their enemies. In Ex.19:5 God says He chose Israel to be a nation of priests, and Mal. 2:7 God says the people are to learn the law from the mouth of the priests. This was the will and command of God to Israel, if Israel was obedient to God and His commandments. God's true watchman, who were   prophets,  also were to warn the people of Israel what would happen to them if they refuse to obey God and His 10 commandments, with His statutes, and judgments. Their warnings were that Israel would  be run out of their land, be cursed in all of their blessings of God and be overcome by their enemies and  come to be slaves to their enemy nations, Deut, 28:15-25.

     Later, Israel, because of their disobedience to God, was divided into two nations and scattered over all of the earth. Since those days Israel has been lost and forsaken by their Creator, all because of their sins and wickedness. This was the way it was until the days  of Jesus Christ's ministry, whereas at that time, Christ  was sent by God, the Father, to the lost tribes of Israel to call them out to repent of their sins and to be chosen now to be the Israel of His Holy Spirit, to  become a Spiritual Nation chosen for His Kingdom. Christ said in Mat. 15:24 "----I am not sent but into the lost sheep of the house of Israel." However at Christ's death, Christ also made this  calling out of His people to be made available to all nations in order for them to become members of His chosen Spiritual Nation of Israel.

     So today the building of His Spiritual nation, and His Spiritual temple is made available to both Israelites and Gentiles alike, both can become a part of His Kingdom. These are people of all nations who  are now to be identified as God's chosen people not by the circumcision of the flesh, but by the circumcision of the heart. This heart circumcision is  accomplished through cutting away from a person, the carnal foreskin of the heart, which are the ways of sin in the fleshly minded man, and to begin a new life in the power of God's Holy Spirit, to  become totally spiritually minded, to be born again now of God's Holy Spirit as a son of God to inherit eternal life in His Kingdom. This born again new spiritual birth does not happen at the resurrection of the saints as some false teachers teach, but now, the present, for those who will understand, Rom. 8:13-14, I John 3:8-10.

      This is all accomplished first through a person's repentance of the sins of his flesh, which is the breaking of God's 10 commandments. A true believer after being begotten of God's Holy Spirit, is given a portion of God's Spirit, which will help him see his need to change all of his sinful behavior that begins in his mind and power of thought and will set his heart, mind, and life  to crucify these ways of his flesh and to begin bearing the fruit of  God's Holy Spirit in all of his life. In the heart and mind of a spiritual, new born son is the place where God's law, His 10 commandments will be written. God's gift of His Holy Spirit will lead a true believer in the ways of the Spirit, the ways of love through an understanding of God's commandments, rather than the ways of the flesh and ways of sin. The fruit of God's Spirit in one's life identifies who are God's chosen of  His Spiritual nation of Israel today, even though they may be scattered over all the earth. They will not reside in the fellowship of any of Satan's apostate churches, who have abandoned the faith once delivered to the early saints, Jude 3-4.
What is the part of  God's true watchman in all of this?
     A true watchman of God will first be living his life by the Spirit of God in him, which is  Christ living in him,  and he will be warning all other called out believers to do the same and to not let the sins of the flesh, which is a powerful enemy that works in the mind of men and Satan's churches,  to deceive them. Sin and the deception of sin will work, if permitted, against all true believers with the help of Satan to crowd out the working of  God's Spirit in their life. If this enemy of  the flesh is not guarded against in one's life, by understanding how this enemy of accepting sin and all of its evil works in one's life, which is the carnal or fleshly mind of anyone that tends to justify and compromise  sin and sins in his life, then this enemy will cause a believer's name to be taken out of God's book of life and God's Spiritual Nation and Kingdom, causing him to lose his salvation, Rev. 3:5.

    This is a true watchman's responsibilities to warn all believers , who have come to know the true Jesus Christ, to stand true and courageous against this enemy of sin. A watchman is to help believers to understand what is sin, to understand about the deception of sin, its leavening effect, and its many temptations which are continually put before man through the influence and temptations of  Satan, his ministers and all of society's evil works.
     Today church ministers, pastors, government leaders and other radio and television news people, along with all the talk show hosts put forth great effort in making people believe that evil governments, terrorists and terrorist governments of nations  are man's primary and worst enemy. Some of these  radio and television hosts  teach that Christ believers must prepare themselves against these enemies with swords, guns, and ammunition to survive and be protected. Is this the real enemy who  God tells believers to prepare for in their lives and how they must prepare themselves against all of their enemies? Without question this is a serious enemy of man, but God tells all of His believers that the fear of God and his coming wrath against all sin and wickedness is  a believer's worst enemy if a believer continues in his sins and wickedness. Christ says to all in Mat. 10:28 - "--- Fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

      Why will God destroy sinners? It is because of their SINS . And it also, because deceived people and believers accept the enemy of sin to continually reside with them as part of their life, believing this is will of God in their life. Yes, God the Father sent Christ to save sinners from their sins, but not in their sins, to continue in their sins. A true watchman of God will preach and tell all Christians, professed Christians, and all religions, peoples and nations that the punishment and judgment for their sins is death, Rom. 6:23, "the wages for sin is death." Anyone that continues in his sins God will   punish  with the death of his life.  

   Yet, all of today's professing Christians, along with all of their blind watchmen (ministers) who God says are watchmen that are blind, ignorant, dumb dogs that cannot even bark, sleeping and loving to slumber, Isa. 56:10-11, and are watchmen who also  believe and teach that every confessing believer today is still a sinner, that God has no righteous chosen sons on this earth. These religious preachers teach that a believer is saved in his on going sins. They believe and teach that all Christians are still sinners who absolutely cannot keep God's 10 commandments and this is why they will not acknowledge the importance of keeping God 10 commandments in being accepted by Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. This is how Satan has deceived all of today's churches about salvation  and Christ's Gospel through this enemy of sin by the preaching of their false preachers, who are also believer's enemy.

If Noah, Daniel, and Job were here today:
   The watchman Ezekiel gave us a prophecy for these days of the end and the coming judgment upon man because of all of his grievous sins. God tells us in Ezekiel 14:13-14 "---When the land sins against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it; v14 Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness says the Lord  God." God goes on say in verses  15-23, that whatever judgment that He sends upon the land, whether it is wild beasts, predators of any and every kind,  or the sword, armies, or pestilences, plagues of any kind, though these three  men, Noah, Daniel, and Noah were in this land, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter, they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.

    But today churches and pastors do not even know what is righteousness! The confuse sin with righteousness. They believe and teach that their members are both sinners and righteous just because they have confessed and accepted the name of Christ, but not knowing why Christ died. How confusing this is to a member desiring eternal life. They are lying big time to their members. God will save the righteous, but He will destroy the sinners.

    It is the righteous person, not sinners who believe they are righteous,  that will be delivered, saved and protected in these last days. How can today's believers be delivered who do not even know what is righteousness? How can one be delivered who cannot define what is sin? How can one be saved who does not know the real Christ and what it really means to accept the name of the real Christ? How can today's professed Christians be delivered who do not obey the Gospel? II Thes. 1:8-9 - "In Flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not the God and that obey not the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ." Today's confessing Christians do not believe that the Gospel consists of information and news that one must obey.

     No sword (guns and ammunition) will protect a sinning believer or any sinner from his sins of death. Likewise, no sword in the sense of guns and weapons of war will protect a true Christian from the terrorist or the enemies of governments of today. Christ says if you live by the sword then you shall die by  the sword. After Peter cut off the high priest's servant's ear on the night of Passover, Mat. 26:51, which Christ quickly restored, Christ then told Peter to "--- Put up again your sword into its place, for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword," Mat. 26:52.  But some of today's false watchmen will proclaim that Christ taught that all of His disciples are to take up the sword in their fight against their enemies by what He taught in Luke 22:36 "----He that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Then Christ said in the very next verse following this statement that the reason for this command was so that the Prophecy of the Old Testament  would be fulfilled where it  said, "And He was reckoned among the transgressors, for the thing concerning me have an end."

    Christ's disciples told Christ  that they had 2 swords and Christ said, "it is enough," Luke 22:38. This meant that 2 swords was all that was needed to fulfill that prophecy concerning Christ. Christ disciples at this moment in their life were not converted as Christ had just told Peter minutes before and so Peter was a transgressor by his action of cutting off one of the priest's ears, which Christ miraculously restored, and was reckoned along with the other many transgressors of that night who came to arrest Christ, all carrying swords. So the taking up of 2 swords was only that the prophecy of old would be fulfilled and not to set an example of how His true disciples were to conduct their Christian life pertaining to their faith and their protection from their enemies. How would 2 swords  stand up against the many religious leaders  who came to bind Christ and who, as Scripture states, had many swords to come against Christ and His disciples that evening of the Passover?
    Today, in this world there is no place to hide, or flee, or prepare militarily in the way of the sword, guns, or  ammunition that would provide protection from this enemy of man, the tyrannical governments of tyrants, terrorists, who are giants or bullies of men. These giants are the bullies or tyrants of men and nations of all the world and who have set themselves to rule over man and over all the earth as one world ruling power. This is as it was in the days of Noah just before the flood, when there were giants, meaning bullies or tyrants in the governments of men in that day, Gen. 6:4, and who also took unto themselves women of whoever they choose to produce more bullies of men through a certain blood line as they are doing today in the governments of men, tyrants, and through certain blood lines.

     Today's worldwide military arm of its governments, with all of its armies, its undercover terrorists, special agents, and all of its special forces who are armed to the teeth with all of its high tech guns, tanks, armament and equipment and its far advanced and sophisticated surveillance weapons makes it impossible to escape their trap of take over and to become their slaves or a martyr, without the help and protection of the Lord God Almighty. But does God's  protection for His chosen come through swords, guns, money, gold, silver, lands, or some man chosen isolated secluded place in the mountains, or man chosen islands that some believe will  protect one and his loved ones in today's times. Will this be the protection a man should seek from what is prophesied in God's Word to be the new world order's plans of  its world take over and control over all of the earth's inhabitants. All prophecy of God will be fulfilled unless there is nationwide and worldwide repentance of all the sins and wickedness of men. II Peter 3:9 "----The lord is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

     The only protection any believer or anyone will have from the terrorists and tyrannical enemies of today's world will not be through weapons one has in his home or possession. It will be only through the acknowledging of God as one's Creator and coming to know Him as one's true, personal, spiritual Father and Jesus Christ as one's Savior. This will not be by knowing some man or minister, pastor, priest or pope, or church, or trusting in their false Christ, but coming to truly know God, the Father, and to also truly know  the true Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior.  However, unrepentant man's first and most dangerous enemy working under cover in his life is his enemy of sin which rules his life. The Scripture says fear Him who can take your life eternally and that is God, Mat. 10:28. So your real enemy is God through the extension of your unrepented sins. A man's sins will cause God to take one's life eternally in His final judgment, unless every man repents of his sins, obeys God's commandments, and comes  to truly  know his only Savior, Jesus Christ, God's Son, who gave His life that we can be saved from our sins. But you had better know Why Jesus Christ Died through our article written based on Scripture, that gives you understanding just why Christ died in relation to your sins, or your confession of faith could be in vain..

     This is the job description and responsibility of God's true watchman for today's world: to show man first who his real enemy is, and how you can be protected from that enemy, and secondly, how one can truly receive protection from Satan and  man's armies being set up to crush and destroy Christians and multitudes of others. Are today's watchmen, also described as pastors or shepherds, truly watching out for God's called out ones? Today's watchmen, who are professing pastors watching out and over God's sheep, don't even know what is repentance, or what is righteousness, nor what is sin, or how one receives God's Spirit, nor what is the true gospel in order that they can obey the Gospel. How can these Christ professing false leaders warn any believers of his sins when they don't even know the basics pertaining to true Christianity? How can today's professed pastors as God's watchmen cry aloud and spare not when they don't know what constitutes sin?

      Along with Spiritual protection from sin, God also promises physical protection  to a believer from the terrorists and tryranical enemies of the nations created by man and his armies   for any person that accepts, believes in, and desires to saved by his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. This is only for those who are accounted worthy to escape and your being accounted worthy depends upon your daily worthiness in prayer, Luke 21:36, your saving faith, Eph 2:8, and your daily total submission to obeying Christ and all that He commands in His Gospel and Word, I Pet. 4:17. This is accomplished through one's initial repentance and Receiving God's Spirit ,  and being led daily by His Holy Spirit to stand righteous before God, with Christ in him, Rom. 8:14. This means a person can be saved eternally from his sins and from man's enemies on this earth through man's total confession, surrender of his life to God's plan. All of this involves a sincere total repentance of his sins, to stop breaking His 10 commandments and be filled with a desire to be deeply committed to obedience to God and His 10 commandments. This is along with the acknowledgment that one needs Jesus Christ's mercy and forgiveness and  a total faith in and acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's savior, who will forgive and  cover all of one's sins, if there is a changed heart and behavior.

     Where are the true watchmen in today's churches who are teaching people and believers about what is sin,  and what will be sin's final judgment on one's life if there is no real repentance? Where is the true watchman that is crying aloud and showing God's people their sins, Isa. 58:1, helping them to  identify sins in their life and how sin is one's  primary enemy as its relates to God, His law, and receiving His gift of salvation? Where are the true watchmen that are teaching the true Gospel, what is true repentance, what is conversion, what is the true gospel, what it means to be truly born again, and what is real righteousness? These watchmen are extremely  hard to find in today's accepted Christianity. Today's watchmen who are the shepherds in today's Christianity are too busy working how they can get more and receive (steal and extort) more of people's money for their own benefit and living, and how they can be exalted in power of authority to be worshipped before their members and before the world. Most of today's messages in churches revolves around money and Scriptures dealing in giving more of the members' substance of living.
       God in the Old Testament gives us prophecies concerning these end time days and concerning His watchman for today, and what He requires of them if they desire to be a true watchman for God's people. He tells us through the prophets about the end times and what a true watchman must do in order to escape the punishment of sin for himself as well as the people he watches over. God says to today's confessed watchman in Ezek. 33:8, "if you do not warn the people of their sins that God will hold that watchman guilty of the blood of those people." Wow! This admonition of caution really puts a serious responsibility upon the head of the watchman, who is going about telling others he is God's watchmen and is trying to establish  himself in the mind of his followers as God's true watchman and servant.
      In plain words a watchman who professes to be God's watchman will be held guilty of the blood of the people, for not warning them of their punishment for their sins. This means more than preaching about one terrible sin that people are committing, but across all of the commandments that identifies all sins of the people. Are the watchmen of today's professed ministers, today's news media of Christianity, and today's radio talk and television hosts, who profess to be God's watchmen, guilty of not preaching about all of the sins of people before God? Yes, they are and the  people will perish because they received not warning from these watchmen, but the watchmen will also be held guilty of their blood by his own sin because he did not warn the people. This is so important that God had this information about a true watchman and his responsibility as it pertains to the sinful, wicked person inspired to be written and recorded in His Word  3 times all in the same book of Ezekiel.
     In Ezekiel 3:18-21, Ezekiel 18:19-32, Ezekiel 33:1-29, God gives warnings to all watchmen who have set themselves up as God's watchmen and His punishment upon those watchmen who refer to themselves as a watchman, but who do not warn the sinners about their sins. Why? It is because today's professed watchmen don't even know what constitutes sin, and what are God's standards for identifying sin. God also gives warning through His Inspired Word to all sinful and wicked people, who are breakers of God's 10 commandments, but who will not turn from their sins that they will still die for their sins. And this is whether they are sins connected with taking part in all of the sins of man's idolatrous holidays, or other sins like in adultery, fornication, sodomy, sexually abusing small children, murdering of babies, abortions, unlawful lusts of flesh through pornography, lying, stealing, dishonoring one's parents,  trampling all over God's Sabbath day. All these sins are sins of wickedness and evil and are acts of unlawful behavior that transgresses God's 10 commandments.

    Somehow people have the idea that wickedness is something more than just sin and evil is more than what they are doing, but believe that God will look over their sins. In Ezek. 33:8-9, God says to His watchman "when I say unto the wicked , O wicked man, you shall surely die, if you will not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at your hand." That God will require the watchman's blood also. v9, Nethertheless, if you warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you (the watchman) has delivered your soul." Wickedness and iniquity are all sins and part of breaking God's 10 commandments and are the evil fruits, the sins of wicked men. It is the evil fruit of idolatry to not recognize God as one's Creator, and  so is it rebellion, evil and wickedness when one does not acknowledge God's 10 commandments as His law to direct one's behavior, Rom. 8:6-7.

      A true watchman will warn the people of their coming punishment and judgment because of their on going sins of wickedness such as idolatry , using Christ's name in a vain and idolatrous way as is so plainly displayed at the Christmas season as well as every Sunday and all other unholy days of the year such as Halloween and Easter. A true watchman of God will cry aloud and spare not as in showing respect of persons, but will warn all people  professing to be of Christ of their coming punishment that will be administered by Christ for their sins of keeping Sunday as the sabbath and rejecting God's true 7th day Sabbath. He will warn them of their creating idols of mammon, money and things, and graven images of Christ such as creating false Christs, creating a Santa Claus idol and in all of this wickedness transgresses the first and second commandment. They break God's 3rd commandment by taking God's name in vain, using His  Holy Name in a vain idolatrous way throughout their observances of these Satan inspired, unholy days of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

     A true watchman of Jesus Christ will spare not for money sake, or friendship sake, but will warn the people about their sin of breaking the 4th commandment of neglecting and forgetting and rejecting God's weekly Holy Sabbath (Saturday) and His annual Holy Sabbaths (which God calls His Holy Feast days). These are sins being committed by nearly all professed Christians of today's Christianity. These are people who profess to believers, but reject God's commanded Holy Days and Sabbaths and then accept  and choose  Satan's created, false, unholy sabbath days of worship and rest, such as Sunday, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, all for the cause of Satan. This is done by them unknowingly to continue to  help Satan do his evil work of deceiving the people and keeping the people totally deceived about what is true righteousness, what is sin, and to help Satan continue to cover up true what is true Christianity and the true Gospel.

      A true Watchman of Jesus Christ will spare not, but warn the people of their sins and the coming punishment for people who are not teaching the great family 5th commandment of God to honor your father and mother. This is done today by accepting and being a part of today's society in bashing the God created family structure, accepting satan's confused and twisted family structures as norm, men marrying men, women marrying women, churches sanctioning adultery through remarriages or creating single parent families, confusing the parent roles, causing great family destruction and dysfunction, whereas the man, the God created family head, the father,  is bashed, put down, dishonored, disrespected, and made to appear utterly stupid, inept, ignorant, incompetent in every way possible. This is all done through today's media, books,  jokes about husband bashing, comics and cartoons belittling husbands, and through the governments making laws that encourages the breaking of God's commandments which helps to destroy the family structure, along with churches putting away the teaching of the 10 commandments in their services as not required in receiving forgiveness and salvation. This all confuses the role of men and women and destroys the family structure as God commanded it to be.

     This is all done in contrast to exalting the woman, who by the same evil people is made to appear sharp, all wise, intelligent, the best decision maker, greatly respected, honored and the real leader of the family and home and is encouraged to take up the role of the fallen leadership of men created in our society. These are all created lies and distortions of Satan, coming from all of his enlightened people, his ministers, church leaders, and government leaders that Satan started and put into motion in the very beginning, Gen. 3:1-6, when Satan first made his appeal to the woman instead of the man. The evil fruit of this  can easily be seen in today's society, when salesman, restaurant waiters, and many other businesses make their service appeal directed first to the woman  in the presence of both the man and woman.

     This all has created upside down dysfunctional  families with no true discipline from the Bible, no standards of righteousness from God's Word, but only righteousness based on everyone's own standard as Satan told them they could have if they would choose to eat from the forbidden tree. Men today have not been challenged by anyone to assert their God given role of being the leader and godly father of his home by studying  God's Word, His Holy Bible, which is the real leadership book and manual for men. Men are to realize that the Bible is the one book that can inspire them to be leaders in their homes and businesses. Through this God inspired book, a man can receive wisdom, understanding and knowledge in the leading of his family that will stand him head and shoulders  above the rest of Satan's dysfunctional society and give him great purpose and satisfaction in his life and family. A man can become a real man and can come to truly know what is  sin, and come to know what it means where it says in Ps. 111:10 "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and a good understanding have all they who keep His commandments."

    Men as fathers will be able  to teach their family and thereby   truly know what is  right and wrong from God and not from man's corrupt standards  and Satan's way of  everybody doing what is right and wrong in their own eyes. Man can also learn about how he can receive salvation along the way of becoming a true leader of his home and become a true godly watchman over his family and community and church.  
      So today's family ordained head, the father, and his fallen and  destroyed leadership permits all the lies about God, about Jesus Christ, all the lies of Christmas, Halloween, Easter. This destroyed and fallen leadership of man permits all the lies in the church ministry, its false teaching, and its hypocrisy that people go to listen to each week on Satan's unholy day of Sunday. This fallen leadership permit all the lies to go on in the government and all this evil takes its satanic place in each family bringing on hypocrisy, deception, confusion, and destruction. Where are  God's true watchmen who are crying aloud and sparing not and showing my people these terrible  sins, Isa. 58:1.

       The  death of right and and wrong as each person only understands right and wrong and the  death of common sense, man's inherited common sense based on his own wisdom, both of these in our society have died, and they were the best man could come up with in his following the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God warns man against choosing that way for his life, the way of human nature, man deciding right and wrong, and the way of common sense, man's inherent wisdom, as all of this fruit is from the forbidden tree. God wants everyone to understand and follow the tree of life, the way of His 10 commandments, the only true standard of right and wrong, as  the only true way for families and nations to live, to exercise true wisdom and true understanding, through the help of God's Holy Spirit that will help them to keep those 10 commandments to live at peace, and joy and love with all of humanity.

      Governments, with all of its welfare programs, agencies and organizations have and are now passing laws to reject the very name of God and Jesus Christ from all public buildings, schools, and other places throughout the land along with the rejection of His 10 commandments. This, along with  churches professing to be of God and Jesus Christ have already rejected the laws and the 10 commandments of God as not important in their being accepted by Jesus Christ, and so have already taken them out of their church's teaching and preach them as being legalism. This is all a perfect prescription for receiving God's judgment and destruction of the land and the people being spued or driven out of the land, Lev. 18:24-28. God will spue people out  with famine, pestilence, military action, the sword, and cause the people to be taken into slavery. Jesus Christ says to all people, " repent or you will perish."

      A true watchman warns and spares not in showing all the people their sins and the punishment and judgment for murdering another human and taking another's life which breaks the 6th commandment . Look at all the aborting of the very young in the womb! It is premeditated murder and it is happening in great numbers across our land and the  world! This is a terrible sin that is accepted by today's society as normal conduct. Christ warns of the serious consequences against hurting and abusing the very young and children, Mat. 18:3-6. Christmas is a day that is supposed to be about giving, and having love for the children in a nation that murders millions of its very young every year. How hypocritical can a people get! It is reported that there are more murders, anger, strife, family abuse at Christmas than at any other season of the year. Christmas is Satan's Holiday and he is the father of murderers and liars,  John 8:44. Where are the true watchmen who are crying aloud and warning the people of their sins?

    A true watchman of God warns and does not spare the exposing of the sins dealing with all unlawful sex, adultery, fornication, sodomy, unlawful marriages, and same sex marriages. Most people live their lives and yes church members and pastors live their lives above the keeping of this 7th commandment.  This commandment says "you shall not commit adultery,"   which means you shall not break covenant with God that deals with all of these unlawful sex sins. The ministers and pastors turn their heads the other way when these sins are brought up. They all sit so content and puffed up  in their services each Sunday with no shame. Instead of lifting their voices and crying aloud like a trumpet, they all become deafening quiet. They spare telling people about their sins, because they are afraid they will  lose many tithe paying and money giving members. They fear the members more than they do God. What a day it will be for these ministers, and members, a day of weeping and gnashing of their teeth during the Day of the Lord!

   A true watchman of God exposes all the sins of stealing and thievery in all of our society. He informs about the sins of how companies have stolen from their employees and how employees have stolen from their employers. He informs about the sins of how Church pastors are stealing from the people by using their gifts of tithing and offerings for their living without giving the members any true understanding and teaching about salvation, but more of Satan's deception. A true watchman exposes how ministers have created through their uninspired word, but not God's Word, a 30% tithing system and have set themselves as the money changers in the temple in these later days by stealing and extorting much more for members to give than God's commands in His Word. They have put a heavy burden on the people and will not use one of their fingers to lift it off. Christ warns against this in Mat. 23:3-4 and says they are headed for the damnation of hell if they don't repent of their sins. Christ tells all sinners to repent or perish.

    A true watchman exposes the lies in today's society and especially in today's Christianity. He exposes all the sins of lying in today's professed ministry and their false teachings, all of their false christs. A true godly watchman looks at the churches of today and sees nothing at all that represents the truth of Jesus Christ's teaching and he exposes all of their lies, deceptions, false doctrines, and their false pastors. God's Scripture says that Satan is a liar and the father of lies and today's society and churches  are following the sins of their religious father, who is Satan the devil.

     A true watchman cries aloud and spares not by telling the people about all the sins of coveting. All of society is built on people's coveting of things they can't afford, things they rally don't need, covetous actions that hurt and destroy them and their family. Car salesmen are probably the worst of all by playing on this weakness and sin of people's covetousness by enticing them into vehicle contracts by their slick and deceptive talk to get them to pay nearly twice the price of the car or suv or truck than its sticker price. The  sins of the unlawful desires of people can be witnessed throughout all of our society. It is  putting the desires of their covetousness whether it is things, sex, power, above God their Creator. As God through Paul teaches that covetousness is  idolatry, and God hates idolatry, anything that comes before Him as one's creator.
 In Col. 3:5-6 -- "God instructs us to put to death in our life fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil unlawful desire, and covetousness which is idolatry: For which things sake the wrath of God comes on the children of disobedience."
  A true watchman will be warning the people about today's evil and wicked churches and its wicked ministry. He will be exposing false ministers who have done away with the 10 commandments in teaching their members about salvation. He will be reporting how our dysfunctional  governments of the states and nations, with leaders, who have been appointed as the watchmen and guardians and servants of the people will not stand up for God's 10 commandments, the greatest laws ever given to men, that teach love and peace, instead are having them trashed away in some closet, de-emphasizing them and making them as not being important anymore for the people and the nation. He will be preaching how our elected officials of the state and federal government are at the same time encouraging perverted family unions, murdering of their young, how to get by with lying and being a false witness and how to cover up all of their sins.

     All of these people, ministers, and leaders are daily preparing themselves as a great enemy against Christ and will fight against Him in the end of this age. His wrath is growing more heated with each passing day against such wickedness. These are   people and leaders who all are suppose to be guardians, watchmen, servants of the people, but have been doing just opposite by dumbing down the men and women through out their lives. All of this evil first got started in the churches of the land  and then in the state and federal supported schools and colleges, which many have become the learning institutions of Satan and all of his lies inspiring ministers, teachers and professors to compromise with sin. They teach against God's commandments, instead of  teaching the truth of  God and how His 10 commandments should be accepted as the foundational law of all of the land and the foundational law that identifies sin.

     God's true Watchman should be warning you that you and your sins cannot inherit God's Kingdom. Many, Many Scriptures support this fully. A true watchman of God will warn you that your on going sins makes God and Jesus Christ your very worst enemy, not some terrorist nation. Do not let what Paul said in Rom. 7,  by not understanding what Paul is really saying in these verses about sin and the flesh, to deceive you into accepting sin as part of a Christian life. Nor are you to let what John teaches in I John 1:8 to deceive you about sin, darkness, and fellowship by taking it out of its context of its other verses. Read and study all that these two evangelists teach about sin in all of their writings so you will not let these verses preached out of their context by false ministers deceive you into accepting sin as part of a Christian life.

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