God's Grace

Today's professing Christians are not living their lives under God's true Grace, but under Satan's false grace

     Grace as it is taught today is not God's true Grace, instead, it is Satan's false grace that permits a licentiousness behavior among its church members. This lawless behavior is created by teaching that the 10 commandments are not required to be kept as a  Christian requirement in receiving forgiveness and salvation, and as God commanded restraints against committing sin. Today's professing Christians have been taught to believe that they are sinners, and have accepted the  lie that Christians will always be sinners. They also have been taught to believe that the keeping of God's 10 commandments will not keep them from being sinners, even with the gift and help from the power of God's Holy Spirit. They are denying Jesus Christ to live His life in them through His Power of Holy Spirit by not understanding God's True Grace.

     God's Grace will not be granted to any sinner without him first doing what has been commanded of him to do, in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ came preaching repentance. God's true Grace demands the action and work of a sinner's repentance, a repentance that bears fruit of a broken spirit and changed heart before God's Grace is given. This fruit must be the work of a righteous behavior resulting from obedience to God's 10 commandments. Based on these works, and his  faith in  Jesus Christ as his Savior, Christ will now accept him, and grant him God's Grace. God's Grace is God's favor of mercy which forgives a sinner of his past sins and fulfills Christ's promise of giving this new convert God's Holy Spirit, along with the gift of salvation.  Without these works, faith that grants God's Grace is dead and without salvation, James 2:20,24.
       If a believer truly understands this teaching about what is Grace and what it means to receive God's  Grace and to be under Grace, in contrast to being under God's law, and being under God's curse, then  he is on the right path to understanding about salvation. This lack of understanding  about God's true Grace is all because today's Christian Churches are involved in a gargantuan amount of confusion and deception concerning this teaching about God's GRACE as it pertains to faith, repentance, keeping  God's law and to salvation.

       GRACE as it is taught in today's Christian churches, has created  a  great mountain of deception and confusion surrounding this most basic Christian belief, and has caused all of the teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ to be taught in error, based upon their deception about Grace. This subtle deception has been created by past and present false Christian preachers and evangelists. How did they cause all this enormous mountain of deception come to be accepted and to be believed by  today's Christian community?. The Scripture says it came about through deceitful and subtle teaching by the ones that the Scripture calls deceitful workers. The Bible, the Holy Scriptures of God, instructs and exposes them in II Cor. 11:13-15 by saying - "For such are false apostles, deceiful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thng if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness: whose end shall be according to their works."

      Jude also exposes and makes it very clear, then and today, about these ungodly men, as to what they have done deceitfully, pertaining to God's Grace. Jude, inspired by Jesus Christ, says in Jude 3-4 that a true Christian "should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." and in verse 4 Jude continues, "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to the condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ."  The ungodly preachers of today's Christianity have likewise followed the same crooked and slippery path and have  turned the Grace of our God into lasciviousness or licentiousness, meaning no lawful restraint is to be taught and put upon their professed Christian behavior.

     These perverted and twisted preachers are teaching their members a great, huge lie to make them believe that they can receive God's Grace with Christ's permission to continue in their sins. This is the meaning of licentiousness. This is a false grace, which is inspired by Satan the devil, and perpetuated by his wicked and ungodly ministers. The true Grace of Christ is the granting of God's favor upon a repentant sinner which provides  God's mercy for the forgiveness of the sinner's sins, by providing justification of those sins through Christ's sacrifice. Christ's sacrifice is  His substitutionary death and judgment for a sinner's sins. God's favor through Grace, also provides for  receiving the promises of God's Spirit and the gift of Salvation for a truly heartfelt repentant sinner.

   This favor of God will not be granted without acknowledging that the breaking of God's 10 commandments is sin, and that one must confess and  repent of those sins as the foundational requirement for receiving God's mercy and Grace. The members of today's accepted Christian teaching on grace are taught that church members do not have to confess any sins that pertain to God's 10 commandments, and that they do not have to repent of all of their sins pertaining to the breaking those 10 commandments in order to receive God's Grace, Rom. 2:13. These ungodly, deceiving ministers trick and mislead their members into believing that sin is not the breaking of God's Law which is breaking God's 10 commandments, as the Word teaches in  I John 3:4 and Rom. 7:7. Sin seems to be  to confessed Christians of today, a behavior that can not be defined by Scripture.

    This is a  terrible disgrace against Jesus Christ and a denying of Him as their lord and Savior. These unrighteous and ungodly ministers and their members are surely, without any question, worshipping a false Christ, made in their own image, and will reap God's judgment upon their lives. Jesus Christ's Word  says to all in Heb.10:26-29 - "For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains  no more sacrifice for sins, (v.27) But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries. (v28) He  that despised Moses' law (God's law given in commandments, statutes and judgments) died without mercy under two or three witnesses: of how much a worse punishment, suppose you, shall he be thought worthy, who has trodden under foot the Son of God, and has counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, and unholy thing, and has done despite unto the Spirit of Grace?"  

       Are you able to identify these Satan inspired, lofty and high, false preachers, pastors and evangelists, legends in their own mind,  out in today's Christianity, who are fulfilling the above Scriptures in II Corinthians  and Jude. These Scriptures are all part of Christ's inspired Word and warnings to all believers. The one sure way to understand about God's GRACE, as it pertains to receiving mercy, and repentance, and the need to obey God's LAW, and as all of this pertains to receiving God's Spirit and salvation, is through your personal  study of God's Word, and not to listening and believing what these ungodly, wicked, false prophets are teaching. When one studies and applies one's mind to the true Word of Christ, a person will learn that God says in Ps. 111:10 "-----a good understanding have all that keep God's commandments." A person will also come to understand how  both, repentance followed with the fruit of obedience to Christ's 10 commandment, along with faith and Grace, fit perfectly together in unity of Christ's teaching, and   both are all part of the full understanding of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     If you are listening to all the radio, TV and weekly professed Christian preaching going out all over the world to understand about GOD's GRACE then you have put yourself in the circumstance of the proverbial frog, which was placed in a pan of water that was being slowly heated, and  the frog not recognizing what was happening all around him, was gradually  cooked. This situation in the church is much like the frog and to what is happening in our nation and world, by the gradual presenting of a grand delusion that is being  displayed before them daily on television, radio and the newsprint until they will be so deceived that all who accept and believe this ongoing, grand deception in Christianity and the world scene, will likewise be cooked.

      So realize it or not, you as one of today's, professed Christians, are likewise about to be cooked and really don't know it, if you are not applying yourself to study and are not understanding the truth of Christ about His Grace. This is all because today's preachers and pastors and religious leaders are not giving you the understanding concerning GRACE, as it relates to the law and to salvation! People seem to be totally content in their little cocoon of deception and will not question what they believe, and what is really taught, or the belief they are following. The life that will emerge from one's little cocoon will be a life that did not develop into what God intended for you. They just follow what is preached, asking no questions, nor are they inspired to look into God's word for the real and truthful answers. Study and meditate on the words of wisdom given in Proverb 8:1-9, 33-36. The understanding about  Grace and how it pertains to God's law, repentance, faith and to your salvation, has life and death importance and consequence!

    Religious confusion today is at its highest level of deception and confusion. Satan's professionalism in his deception that is manifested by all of his many ungodly ministers really knows how to keep everyone confused (away from Scripture and all of its truth). Today's average church goer is following a wide path to destruction by conforming to today's accepted false Christianity, its false grace, its false salvation, its idolatrous customs, rituals, its love in togetherness in a hyped up joy through its religious show, and all appearing  to be Christian, but are in fact staying far away from the truth of Christ's teaching. Today's professed Christians are completely deceived, yet contented, feeling they are filled and secure through man's theology, his out going personality, and his way with words. Study Mat.7:21-23

     In plain words today's preachers are sending people to hell, to their grave without eternal life, and making them feel over joyed and happy they are going there, but believing they are going to heaven and into God's kingdom. Their ministers have deceived them into believing they will go to heaven when they die,  and believe all of their dead  have already gone to  heaven. They all seem to be so rich with so many things, with all of their great buildings, and are so contented with their church and all of its works of teaching and missionary work, but all is based on error, and with no real substance. They have much in physical things, beautiful homes, fine clothing, prosperous jobs, but the fact of truth is, that they have no real godly substance and no fruit of truth in their life and are headed to be cooked in the water, the big cookout, or as John, the Baptist put it to the religious leaders of his day, the baptism of Fire, Mat.3:11-12. Paul speaking of false Christian leaders, who were teaching another Jesus, that their end will be according to their works, II Cor. 11:4,13-15. God's warning to the wicked at the end is, that they shall all be burned up, Malachi 4:1!

     Why are today's confessed Christians headed for a time of a great trial and a coming destruction? It is because they are still sinners, and still under the power and authority of God's law. They have been led by today's false Christian  preachers  and their leader, Satan, to believe they are under the mercy and forgiveness through God's GRACE, which they have accepted as not being  in any way pertaining to  a  repentance pertaining to God's 10 commandments. It is all because when anyone teaches about the keeping of God's commandments in order to be accepted for God's Grace, Rom. 2:13, they take this to mean that the writer is teaching that the forgiveness of sin is through the law rather than through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, as is stated in Rom. 3:28.
    To understand about God's GRACE, one must first understand what does the word GRACE mean as to how and why it is given or granted by Christ.  Christian preachers of today, preach grace to mean God's unmerited favor, meaning no work of behavior to earn and deserve God's favor. In plain words there is nothing a sinner has to do to receive God's mercy of forgiveness, and justification of sins, and the giving of God's Holy Spirit and salvation. This they believe is all granted to a sinner, without any merit of works, that the sinner has to do in order to be accepted for grace. They believe all one has to do, is  to only accept Christ and His name, in order to receive that mercy, forgiveness, and gifts of God's Spirit and salvation from Jesus Christ. This meaning and definition and understanding is a  lie, a false teaching, and will reap the payment of sin and death.

     The huge error is with the word "unmerited," which changes the whole picture, and the end result for a sinner desiring to be forgiven of his sins. They all teach that God's favor comes to the sinner without any work on a sinner's part in any way, to earn or to deserve God's favor and to be accepted to receive God's GRACE. Some back off of this  meaning a little by saying, yes, there is some work that is needed, and that is having faith in Jesus Christ, and that faith only is all that is needed to receive God's GRACE. Is this true? Or is this just another gigantic lie and heresy, setting up this  foundation of confusion in today's Christianity, that  is causing all or many to believe and accept this false teaching about grace and  the gospel concerning Jesus Christ? 

    There is one more factor about God's Grace that is left out, and that is concerning the giving of God's Spirit. The Scripture speaks of the  giving of  God's   Spirit  through GRACE, as the  enabling helper, and it is this Power that helps a believer to obey God. Enabling means to help, to provide with the necessary means to make possible the impossible. So one of the important meanings of God's Grace means God's favor to enable one to do, to help a believer to do the impossible, like in keeping God's Word, or in keeping His LAW spelled out in the 10 commandments. This enabling Spirit helps one  to bear miraculous  fruit, through the keeping of God's commandments, that produces love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control: against such there is no law, Gal.5:22-23.

     There is a law (the 10 commandments) that is against the works of the flesh, such as adultery, fornication, uncleaness (unlawful perverted sexual acts), licentiousness (preacher lies giving permission  to sin), idolatry, witchcraft (following the evil, spiritual world), hatred (violence and murder of every description), variance (contentions or arguing),  emulations (heated jealousies), wrath, strife, revellings (unrestrained behavior at parties, festivities)  and such the like: as I have also told you in time past, that "they which do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God," Gal. 5:19-21. The works of the flesh are all sins  of breaking  God's 10 commandments.

    God's Spirit is  a great help to a person desiring to obey God's Word and commandments, and do those things pleasing in God's sight, so that he will be accepted by Christ into His Kingdom. However, this additional meaning about this gift of God's Spirit is either left out or quietly looked over, because it does not fit in with their unmerited meaning of God's Favor concerning  their licentousness grace. When a person does not understand this truth about what is needed  to be converted, he is denying the Lord Jesus Christ, and is denying the power that is made available to him by Christ, in order to help convert him and to secure his salvation.

   There are certain Scriptures, which without a good and solid understanding of those Scriptures, comparing them with other like Scriptures can mislead a believer, if one is not understanding God's Word as it relates to Grace. These ungodly ministers continually quote the one Scripture that is found in Rom. 3:20 and and the same teaching is in verse 28, which if read without the understanding of what it is saying, can and does mislead many believers about God's Grace. Both Scriptures are teaching that "we are to conlude that a man is justified by faith, apart from the deeds of the law." This is absolutely true! This Scripture is teaching that a man is justified, that is, he is made righteous, meaning justified, and made right before God, cleared of the penalty of his sins by having  faith in Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, and His shed blood, apart from the law. In other words the law, the keeping of the commandments, cannot forgive our past or present sins, because God has commanded that the shed blood of Jesus Christ is the only way that a person can be forgiven and justified of his past sins.

      However, these same ministers will not quote what Paul teaches in Rom. 2:13, "For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified." This is saying that one must repent and be a doer or commandment keeper of the law, in order to be accepted for justification. This is not saying that it is the doing of the law that justifies ones sins, but that one must be a keeper of  the law to be accepted for Christ's justification of ones sins, to be forgiven, justified and made free from their sins through His shed blood. So when you compare these 2 Scriptures, along with many other Scriptures, one would have to come to the conclusion that a sinner must repent of his sins, the breaking of God's commandments, which is God's law, and bear the fruit of that repentance, which is obedience to the law, if he expects to be accepted by Christ for His justification of his sins. It is the doers of the law, the keepers of God's commandments, that shall be accepted to be justified by their faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. These ministers will not study to understand the truth of Christ and Paul's teaching, and so they go about confusing everyone about GOD's GRACE.

     When God's Word speaks of being under the law in Romans 6:15, "For you are not under the law, but under grace," what does that mean? Are all confessing Christians now under GRACE since Christ's death and resurrection, and so are not subject to have to be obedient to the commandments of God, His Ten Commandments? Is this the meaning of God's Grace, and being under God's Grace? Has the teaching of Paul in Rom. 6:23, that "the wages or payment for sin is death", been made null and void by Jesus Christ's Death, or made void by today's false teaching of these preachers? This Scripture was inspired to be written a number of years after Christ's death. Will today's non commandment keeping Christians, which identify themselves as sinners, be punished by the judgment of the law against breaking any of those ten commandments, as the Scripture says that they will if they don't repent of breaking God's law?
      Look at the context of Romans 6:14-15. Paul is addressing these verses to the saints in Rome (Romans 1:7). An unbeliever becomes a Saint through repentance, obedience to the commandments, and through faith in accepting Christ's sacrifice for past sins. This is the heart of the Gospel, the good news for sinners. The addressed SAINTS at Rome had repented earlier of breaking God's commandments, which is sin, and were now obedient to the law, and had accepted Christ to justify their past commandment transgressions,  so Paul was telling them they were not under the law now (its penalty and judgment),  because they had earlier repented of breaking His commandments, and in faith accepted Christ, so now they are under GRACE! Under Grace means they are under the power of God's Holy Spirit that powers them to keep God's law. All of this means that by them already confessing their commandment breaking which was their sins and asking Jesus Christ to forgive them, now through the favor of His Grace that they were no longer under the power of God' law, but under the power of God's Grace. This did not mean they could go out and conduct their lives with no regard for the law, God's Ten Commandments. Paul told them, "God forbid," that they would accept such conduct, verse 15, because if they continued to break God's Commandments, they were still the servants of sin, verse 16, and are still under the law, meaning under  the authority and power of God's law, and the law's authority commands death for sin.

     Paul told them they had been the servants of sin, under the power of sin, but now are obeying His law, from their heart, God's commandments written in their hearts through God's Spirit, verses 16-17. This is accomplished through the enabling power of the gift of God's Holy Spirit that is given to every repentant, converted, and baptized Christian. They were now obeying God's law, all of His commandments, and by this, and their faith in Christ, freed them from sin's grip, its bondage, and the law's death sentence, verse 18. No one can be freed from sin's grip without first repentance, followed with fruit of that repentance, obedience to God's commandments.  They, then with faith in Christ's shed blood, can be accepted to come now under God's GRACE, His favor of compassion, loving kindness, and mercy of His forgiveness for one's past sin transgressions, and receive the promise of Christ to give them God's enabling Spirit and the gift of salvation. This is all based on one's repentance, one's obedience, and one's faith in Christ's sacrifice. This is the unity in Christ's teaching and the Word of His Gospel, and anything else taught by today's Christianity  is confusion and deception.

     Repentance and obedience to the law by itself without accepting Christ and His sacrifice, does not, nor could it ever  forgive any sin or grant salvation. Neither does believing and accepting Christ's sacrifice and being given God's Grace  forgive sin without one acknowledging and confessing his sins,  and repenting of those commandment transgressions with a heart that will obey God's commandments. This must be carried through in order to be accepted for justification and forgiveness of one's sins, as the Scripture points out. Then after one is  baptized, he is converted to  having a new heart in Christ, that would be deeply committed to obey God's Ten Commandments! God's Ten Commandments teaches a believer in Christ how to love God, and how to love his neighbor or brother. Paul teaches that love is the fulfilling (keeping to the full) of the law, which is His 10 commandments. Yet today's professed, false Christian preachers and pastors in their teachings about Grace, mercy, salvation, God's love, true repentance, true conversion, and having a new heart, try to and do distance themselves and their members from the 10 commandments and their obedience to God's law, as they pertain to salvation, God's mercy and God's Grace. God's judgment will be on their lives and all who they have deceived into accepting this false grace that is preached in today's Christian churches.

    There is no grace given by Christ apart from confessing and repenting of one's sins, based on the law of God, His 10 commandments.
    There is no mercy granted by Christ where He will forgive sins that is not based on one's repentance of breaking God's law, His 10 commandments.
    There is no repentance accepted by Christ that is not based on breaking God's 10 commandments.
    There is no faith recognized and established in Christ that is not based on one's repentance and obedience to God's 10 commandments.
    There is no salvation given by Jesus Christ to anyone that does not accept, repent and obey the 10 commandments, as the law that is to be written in their hearts.
   There is no conversion  recognized by Jesus Christ that does not convert one's heart from following his own laws and his church's laws of their own hearts, to the obeying  the laws and 10 commandments of the heart of God, the Father, and the heart of His Son, Jesus Christ, and all of the hearts of the fathers of the Scripture. 
  There is no love recognized by Jesus Christ that is not based on the obedience and keeping to the fullness the 10 commandments  of God. Love is the fulfilling of the law and that law is  God's 10 commandments,  its statutes, and judgments. "This is the love of God that we keep His commandments, and His commandments are not grievous" - I John 5:3.

     If a person after repenting and accepting Jesus Christ, then begins to conscientiously or knowingly  break any one of God's Ten Commandments, he automatically comes back under the law, the dominion, authority, or power of the law, and its penalty! David understood this in His sin and after he was shown his sin, he deeply repented. In Romans 6:23, the wages or payment of breaking God's Ten Commandments is death. Paul even said that he could be lost by falling back into sin, if knowingly he broke any one of God's commandments, I Corinthians 9:27. This is true with any sinning believer who cannot and will not see his sin, and will not repent of his sins.  Peter's warning in II Peter 3:16-18 says the same thing!

     Look at David's  example in II Samuel 12:1-9. David knew through the prophet, that he had broken God's commandment, and had come back under the law (its penalty). David knew after his sin was pointed out to him by the prophet, that he would lose out eternally if he did not  bitterly repent, Psalm 51:1-12, in order to receive mercy through God's Grace. After repenting, David was told through God and His mercy, that he would not lose his salvation, but would have to suffer severely for his sins in the flesh, pertaining  to his family which he did because of his sin.

     Look at a New Testament example Paul wrote about in I Corinthians 5:1-13. The church is exhorted and corrected firmly by Paul for permitting an unrepentant, commandment breaker to continue in his sin, and still remain to be accepted in their church fellowship. Why? Because the unrepentant man needed to suffer punishment of disfellowship, in order that he, the member, might see his sin and come to repentance and save himself from the fire, to bring him back out from under the law, with its penalty, and back under God's GRACE. Read and study James 5:19-20 in conjunction with the passage of I Cor. 5!

     No one can be under God's grace until he makes the first step to  come out from under the law. That first step is a total repentance of breaking God's Ten Commandments, and then accepting Christ's sacrifice for forgiveness to become justified, made righteous before God. This is the reason John the Baptist and Jesus Christ both preached repentance as the first step to salvation, Mat. 3:2 and Mat. 4:17. A sinner must want to come out from being under the law, that is its authority and power upon one's soul,  in order to gain the freedom from the penalty of sin that comes  under God's Grace.

      All people today who have not repented, changed their minds and hearts to obeying God's Ten Commandments, are still under the law, the penalty of the law and are not under grace. This statement will take in nearly all of today's Christianity. Notice what Christ in Rev. 12:9 says about Satan, it is "Satan, which deceiveth the whole world." Everyone who does not recognize God's Ten Commandments are still under the law and are not under God's Grace. Anyone who does not recognize God's 10 commandments as the law of love to follow, and is breaking any one of them, is under the law's penalty, its death sentence, II Peter 3:9-10.  

      For example, anyone who is breaking and profaning God's 4th commandment, God's commanded Sabbath day, the 7th day, Saturday, by forgetting it is Holy time made Holy by Jesus Christ, by defiling that Holy time as God's only commanded weekly Sabbath, by doing their work and pleasure on  His Sabbath, is a sinner, does not have salvation, and is still under the law with its penalty, and has not taken the first step to come under Christ's grace. Keeping the day of the week that god made Holy at creation is showing love to God. God directed and commanded the death sentence for the 7th Day, Sabbath breaker in the past, Numbers 15:32-35. Has God Changed? He changes not, Malachi 3:6! His law still stands and has not been changed, or been revoked, nor has its penalty for its transgression!
     God's penalty for any commandment breaking may be delayed, but it is still binding and will be carried out in one's final destination of God's judgment. Is God unjust, partial, compromising with His own law and its penalty, by permitting Sabbath breakers today to continue to break His Sabbath commandments, as well as the other commandments, and will not suffer the same punishment as Sabbath breakers in the past? Will God have to repent to the Sabbath breakers of the past that he punished with death? Absolutely not! God is patient, not willing any should perish, II Peter 3:9, but that all would come to repentance and come under His grace, because all law breakers, all commandment breakers, will receive their due punishment in the Day of the Lord, II Peter 3:10-11, Malachi 4:1-6.

     Why let your eternal life be left to the hands of men without examination of what God plainly says about law and grace in regard to your salvation? Check the water you are in ! Is it the refreshing water of Christ's Word, or the deceptive, warming water of men, preparing you to be cooked in The Day of God's Wrath? Without personal Bible Study on your own, and proving your beliefs, to see if they are based on His Word, you don't have a chance of being accepted in God's Kingdom. You will perish along with the untold billions that will not repent. Christ's warning to you is "Repent or Perish." Please read and study Hebrews  10:26-31 and Malachi 4:1 to establish what God has planned for those sinners that are still under the law, who  have not repented, and have not come under His peaceful and joyful and  merciful Grace.!

     Don't let the mountain of deception and confusion that is preached and accepted in today's Christianity about God's Grace keep you out of God's Kingdom. "Study to show yourself approved unto God," II Tim. 2:15, and understand what is God's true Grace, so that you can be saved from the penalty of your sins!

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