Is It God Or Satan ?

Is it God or Satan, who is the lord and Master and the one that you really do worship, emulate, pattern your life after, honor, submit to and give to him and his work your offerings, tithes and loyal support?
      God and Satan each have a work that is going on in all of the earth and society and churches. God has a work of righteousness, a work where a very, very few people are concerned about living their life by the righteousness of God, by the way of the tree of life, and  when they do, they become a part of God's righteous work and receive the gift of eternal life. Satan has a work of unrighteousness, the way of sin,  evil, wickedness, lies, the covering up of all lies, murder, fraud, stealing, occultic evil influences upon the people through books and movies, unlawful and perverted sex acts of all kinds, deceptive lying against the truth and true righteousness and causes all this evil to make it appear as righteousness,  good, wholesome, and of Christ to deceive people. Satan works with all of his people, preachers, book writers, teachers, and leaders of all kinds making all his evil to appear as the right thing to do at the time and a way that seems so right to all of them.

     All of the evil work in society and churches is the work of Satan, the fruit of following the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, where all leaders, people, church members are doing what is "right" in their own eyes by the seemingly "right" reasoning of their own minds. However, all of this good and right by  man's measurement in their lives will end in death as God has stated. Satan's work is growing greater and more influential every month and every year. He is using more and more people, leaders, and ministers, many who are talented and influential, to be been raised up in our society to influence and subtly seduce a naive, biblically uneducated people. These are people, who have no sense and knowledge of what is righteous, and will continue in their evil ways of sin by following and continuing to choose the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is the tree that God commands man not to choose to live his life.

      God planted two trees in the midst of the garden of Eden and each tree has a message to all of mankind. What is the message and  meaning of the two trees spoken of in your Bible in  the second and third chapters of Genesis, and why do these two trees and their symbolism, along with the meaning and understanding about these two trees, have everything to do with a person's daily life and manifests the fruit of who it is that you really do worship, whether it is God or Satan?

     The two trees planted in the center of the garden of Eden of Genesis represents two ways of life and two spiritual beings. The first tree, God named the tree of life, represents God and His Son, Jesus Christ and Their messages of Good News of how you can be given eternal life in Their kingdom, that is, if you really and truly desire to have everlasting life. The second tree, God named the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, represents Satan and his demons and his way of sin, who himself, after choosing the way of sin, does all he can now to entice man to choose the same way, the way of sin and to continue to choose this way by telling man that he can be the god of his life by man deciding for himself what is good and evil and living his life by choosing Satan's standards of behavior. All people, men and women, have chosen one or the other of these ways, whether they are aware of it or not. The  message and meaning of the two trees of Genesis in  chapters 2 and 3 can give, either an ever living purpose to a person's life, or eventual death, if one takes the time to study about them. God in His Word can reveal to you who it is that you really do worship and are putting first in your life, if you truly do desire to know and to become educated and trained through the help of God's Inspired Word and His Spirit.

      Why would the Great Creator God create a tree that represents sin and Satan? God many years earlier created an archangel named Lucifer "who was perfect in his ways from the day that he was created until iniquity was found in him", (read it in Isa. 14:12-15, Ezek. 28:14-19) until he permitted in his life pride and the desire to exalt himself to become the god over the great Creator God, to over throw God and be the god over all of God's creation. Lucifer was thrust out of heaven and God's domain and became Satan, the devil, the fallen archangel of sin and all evil. The great Creator God desired and devised a plan to create from that time spiritually tested sons for His family. However, he did not want them to become what Lucifer became, a creation representing sin and all the ways of sin, so God put in the creation garden of Eden two trees in the very midst of that Garden for man to choose from, in order for man to decide which way of life he really desires and wants to live..

     These two trees were to represent two choices man could make in all of his life span. One tree choice, the tree of life, represents God and His desired way of life for man to choose. The choice of this tree also represents laying the right foundation for receiving eternal life through learning all about God's love. This is accomplished by living by God's standards, His 10 commandments and learning about true righteousness, forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ and the need for the help of  God's Spirit to gain eternal life. The other tree choice that man could choose represents Lucifer, who became Satan, and it represented the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the way of sin, living as a god to trust in one's self and what one decides is evil. It represents living by Satan's and man's standards of conduct, and representing sin and all of its many ramifications, but in the end  reaping the wages of his sins, one's eventual death.

     In these chapters of Genesis and throughout God's Word, besides giving man understanding about the life that he has chosen and can choose, there is also a message as to why so many lives do and will end in tragedy and death. A message why lives go unfulfilled, and shows why so many people of all the world and society and religions are living their lives without purpose, without vision and successful direction, all because of living and continuing to live by their wrong choice of life. By default, all have chosen the wrong choice of life. When a person does not choose the tree of life he is automatically choosing a life following and living his life by the tree of Satan, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of death. The book of Proverbs is a book of the Bible that continually compares through its verses, the difference between the two and the end result of following and choosing either of these two ways of life.

       When a person does not come to understand that the purpose of his or her life is to become part of God's spiritual plan of creation and to become one of His very own sons as revealed in book of Genesis and all of God's inspired Word, then there is something very, very, valuable and everlasting that is missing in his or her life. Look at and study Genesis 3:7-9, 15-17 and Genesis 3:1-24, as these verses lay a foundation for one's life and future and applies to all the rest of God's Word. Look and see if you can understand what God is telling you and every living person dwelling on this earth as to what will be their ultimate destiny, even if they choose not to even  look into this all important information. Ignorance, in not studying about life, and using this as one's excuse, will not be accepted with Jesus Christ in receiving one's salvation.

     When a person of today's society is born to a family, that is, if he or she was not murdered in the womb, involving well over a million such deaths every year, and somehow he or she made it after childbirth through all the many medical shots and vaccinations, without side effects of death or childhood diseases, you should first consider yourself just lucky. And in addition, if you as a young child have made it through all the unlawful sex perversions as in child molestation, pedaphilia, causing you and all at a very young age to become twisted in their mind for life, and all such evil is going on today in all segments of our society. Or as very young child, one survives all the occultic and demon influence being perpetrated upon them from schools, occultic books, and movies, computer games, and using drugs consider yourself lucky. These are heinous and terrible, evil crimes and being committed against the young and very young by people of all walks of life, school teachers, church exalted evil priests, exalted evil ministers and evil pastors of churches, evil government leaders, children's own evil fathers, all following Satan and his tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you survive all this evil, again consider yourself lucky, a victim of circumstance, and not necessarily blessed.

     If you have made it through all of these terrible evil things that man through the help of Satan, has put upon you, and after all of this you are still somewhat stable and mentally sane and still have enough physical well being to be drafted for man's military service, or enticed to volunteer to fight in man's phony wars, for what is spoken and made to believe a godly purpose, and you made it through these wars, consider yourself lucky, not blessed. And so somehow  you as a young man or woman have made it through all of the vain, useless, evils of men, and their ungodly purposed wars, conflicts, and military actions that evil men and evil leaders have put upon its own people  for selfish gains, you will still in all likelihood, live out the rest of your life not understanding the real purpose of why God created you. This  is astounding, unbelievable, but nevertheless it is true. This all because people do not realize the depth of the deception of Satan, the devil, upon our society, and who God says has deceived the whole world, Rev. 12:9.

   All of the above wickedness is all the way of Satan, the way of sin, the way of following the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it will always end in death, a life that did not fulfill its purpose in God's great plan. People today of all walks of life, nations and governments and all religions, worship Satan and his deceptive work, give great sums of money and support  to all of his evil work and don't even realize it. Man has always believed he can work out all of his problems and curses through his great intelligence, wisdom, money, and know how. He believes, he is as god, is more intelligent than God, our great Creator and can accomplish greater things than God and bring about peace to the earth and unity and happiness among all the nations, and do it all by following the tree of Satan, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What a day of awakening it will be when Jesus Christ reveals Himself to all.

     After all of this, people still will not ask any questions about their life and will not go to any effort to study to understand why God created his or her life. Every person that made it through their very young age will in all likelihood live out their average life span of 70 or more years and die, still never coming to the all important understanding of the purpose of their created life and will become just another statistical wasted life, unfulfilled, lost and forgotten. This is all because no professing minister, no father or mother, no concerned person and no real leader really and truthfully helped them in their young life come to understand the message of wisdom and understanding, revealed by their creator God about the symbolism and meaning of the two trees in the book of Genesis of God's Bible, as it pertains to understanding why they were born and all about their life. This is all because no one seems to know what God is revealing here in the book of Genesis as it pertains to all of God's Word about living one's life with real purpose and vision to receive everlasting life in God's Kingdom.

     The symbolism and meaning of the two trees is a message about the two ways of life that our Creator God has set before all peoples. God has set two choices of life before all mankind but commands man not to choose the one that brings on sin and death and causes sin to always be at your door, which is the fruit of the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Our Creator God tells us not to eat of that tree in Gen. 3:17, and says in Gen. 4:7  "If you do well (eat, live from the tree of life) shall you not be accepted? And if you do not well (eat, live by the forbidden tree), sin lies at your door. And unto you shall be his (sin's) desire, and you should rule over him (sin). Are people ruling over sin today or is sin lying at the door of every home?

      However, today's false ministers, Satan's ministers of light, say there is no way that you can rule over sin, that sin will always rule over you, even with the help of God's Spirit.   Satan and man says this is impossible, but God says all things are possible with Him. Who do church people believe, God or man? They believe man! Why, because they can see man and they can't see God. Man and this reasoning  is a great false teaching and creates lies that  have spread all across the earth through religion and today's Christianity. These preachers of Satan teach that you, even as a believer in Jesus Christ, cannot live your life without sin and committing sin every day. Their preaching is a false teaching against Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit and so they have become the enemies of the true Jesus Christ. They have become antichrists! Woe be unto them! This is also proof they do not understand about the two trees, the two ways of life given in Genesis, and are not living their lives by tree of life through Jesus Christ, but the tree of death, and Satan, and don't know the difference between these two trees of Genesis.

     These two trees represent the two choices of life and the fruit of those choices. One's choice of life and the end of one's physical life bears the fruit, good or bad, resulting from the choices lived from one or the other of these two trees. Even though God planted both trees in the midst of the garden, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God warns all mankind, then and now, not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and He says "if  you do, you shall surely die!" God was referring to man's second death, because Scripture says (Hebrews 9:27) God has given all men to die once then comes the judgment.

      All people will be judged on what each person did in his life, with what God has made known to him. God says in Genesis 2:17, "But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it (meaning to live your life by the way and fruit of this forbidden tree), for in the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die. " But Satan continually says through all of his ministers, to all people and church people in their life and in their death, "You will not die," instead you will go to heaven at death. They continually preach at people's death, their funerals, they will go to heaven in their death which is a total deception and  lie. If the great patriarch and saint, David, who has eternal life, but is still in his grave, awaiting his resurrection, where is everybody else  that have died? They are still in their graves as well. Read it in Acts 2:29,34.

     God in this verse 17 of Genesis 2  is referring to man's second death, because God has given all men to die once, then comes judging upon all, before their final second death. Study Hebrews 9:27 and in Revelation 20:6 it says, "Blessed and holy is he that has part in the first resurrection: on such the second death has not power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years." All others who have not heard about salvation, have not heard about the true Jesus Christ and His true message, will be in this 2nd resurrection to physical life after the thousand years, and will be taught and given the truth about salvation, about the true Jesus Christ, whom they have not heard from today's Christianity, and they then will  be judged at that time, Rev. 20:5.

     So it is plain for those who can see that God makes a very serious and distinct difference between these two ways, these two choices of living one's life. If one chooses and continues to live his life by  the  fruit  of  the  tree  of the knowledge of good and evil, God warns all, you will surely die! However,  one can repent of his wrong choice of living by the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and set his heart and mind to begin to live by the way of the tree of life. The Scripture says in Genesis 3:22, "And the Lord God said, "Behold, the man is become as one of us (because of his choice of living by the forbidden tree as a god and creator to set his own standards, as man reasons in mind and life) to know good and evil (good and evil by man's standards): and now, lest (unless) he puts forth his hand and takes also of the tree of life, and eat and live forever." Man today accepts abortion as good, but it still is murder. Man accepts lying to cover his sins as good, but God says he who lies God will destroy. Man accepts perverted sex as good to relieve pressure and stress, but God will destroy. Man's many goods are really many evils and sins and all reaping the wages of death.

     Man from his beginning, starting with Adam and Eve, has refused to choose the way of the tree of life. This can be seen and experienced in all of society, in all of its governments, all of its religions and all of its churches all across the land. They are all depicting man's choice to be gods of their own lives, gods of their own churches by choosing  their own way of life and bearing all the evil fruit of sin of their way, which  is all the way of the forbidden tree. This choice pertains to all nations and peoples choosing, based on their own reasoning, of what is good and evil, and each one setting himself up as a god,  governing himself and all doing this by his own rule of law.

      People often make the statement "that surely God will not judge them with death because he or she is living by their own standards of good and doing the best they can by their own standards of good and righteousness." However, people are all greatly erring in their thinking and reasoning. People believe they can live above what God sets as good, God's 10 spiritual commandments and law and still be forgiven and be accepted for eternal life.  They believe that obedience to God's commandments does not apply to them because of their choice of life, their choice of good through their Christian belief, and by the fact they are loved and exalted in their church setting by all of its members and ministers. There is coming a day of gritting and gnashing of teeth for them, because of their great error and following the teachings and deceptions of men,  who do not understand they are worshipping Satan and following the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and don't even know it. Again ignorance and self deception will not be accepted as excuses by Jesus Christ, for a person not choosing the tree of life, Rev. 22:14.

      Man has set up his governments of rule and administrations all over the world as rule and responsibilities for the people to live by, but all by the standards and laws of men, and not by the laws and commandments of God. In fact, the laws and commandments of God have been made obsolete, compromised, struck down, preached out of churches by ministers  as requirements to keep, and by best is looked upon as a historical document that is no longer needed for daily use and value by people, ministers, and church people. However, it is the people  who have elected such evil leaders and bought and paid for such false ministers. These evil leaders and evil ministers are working against God, His 10 commandments, and His Spirit, and will fight against the true Jesus Christ when He is revealed to all peoples.

     Everyone must understand that this 10 commandment rejection was first started and written out by all the churches and their false, subtle deceptive teaching  as not being laws and commandments required to be kept in people's salvation and life. They go about teaching the error that their christ did away with anyone being required to keep the 10 commandments and who erroneously understands from Christ's Word  to teach that whoever sees the need to repent and keep His commandments, is a person working out their forgiveness of sin and salvation by keeping God's law. This is more of their lies and deception and they are asking for God's judgment to be upon them and their families. Commandment keeping is a requirement for salvation, but keeping the commandments cannot forgive sins, only Jesus Christ can, but Christ requires one to repent of breaking His commandments in order for Him to forgive their sins.

     This is just more of their lies and deception, and their carnal way of justifying their open rebellion against Christ and His 10 commandments and living their life compromising and is a total rejection of God's law. They are worshipping Satan and living their lives by the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is iniquity, lawlessness, and teaching against God's law and His 10 commandments and Christ says He is going to reject all of these church people confessing Christianity as workers of iniquity, Mat. 7:23. Iniquity means lawlessness, believing they do not have to keep God's law, His 10 commandments.

      So the governments of this land have followed the example of all the churches and passed laws   recognized as the nation's Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is not God's Constitution as many believe it is, but a set of laws contrary to God's laws by permitting the nation and its people  to recognize other gods, false gods. This is made clear whereas when our nation recognizes the God of Moses, who gave The Ten Commandments to Israel and to all nations, as  recognizing one God over all of the other worshipped false gods. They believe this is putting the God of the 10 commandments first and so they are striking out and ruling out The Ten Commandments as laws to live by in all the land, because it recognizes and puts the God of Moses first as the 1st commandment commands that a nation and its people should do. They are on a very large scale and by a great majority rejecting God, their Creator, and all of His 10 commandments as  laws to live by in their lives. This is an open acknowledgment that they and the nation are now recognizing Satan as their god and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as the way of life for the land and nation and churches to live by, all because the people and the ministers and the leaders don't know the difference and really don't want to know difference. What Jesus Christ says to all in Rev. 22:14 means nothing to them.

     This is being done through the judges and people electing leaders who appoint such judges who set judgments against posting the 10 commandments. If the commandments are out of sight, they are out of the mind. In reality, all people of the land and world are manifesting they are choosing the forbidden tree with Satan as their god, and are responsible in totally rejecting the way of the tree of life with the worship of the God of Scripture and His laws as one's true God, and Creator of all. By rejecting the way of life, the tree of life, which has as its foundation in the Ten Commandments of God, they are manifesting their open rejection of the God of all creation. All of this displays a nation and all of its churches as exercising hatred and open hostility against the Great God and Creator of all life and really recognizes no longer the tree of life for man as a viable choice to choose to live their life. "There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death," Pro. 14:12 and Pro. 16:25. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that listens unto (Scriptural)  counsel is wise, Pro. 12:15.

     So more and more, nations, peoples and all of society are continuing to accept and continuing to choose with open arms, the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the way of Satan and ruling out and preaching away, the way of the tree of life, the way of God and His 10 commandments. Preachers across the land are continuing to preach the lie that Jesus Christ did away with the 10 commandments. The result is, and as is being greatly manifested across the nation and communities, more and more of the breaking of God's 10 commandments, through more and more crime, murder, thievery, lying, adultery, pornography, fornication, idolatry, increased perverted sex crimes, pedaphilia, sodomy and bestiality, and more and more idolatry. This is all the evil fruit of continuing to choose and follow Satan and bearing the evil fruit of the way of the forbidden tree, the way of sin and all evil and eventual death!

The Churches and The Two Trees

     Today's churches of all religions and faiths, including professed Christianity, believe they have accepted and are living by the way of the tree of life, but really have they done so? They have been deceived into believing this through their erroneous, false teaching and false beliefs and through their raised up, man generated and created, false christs. The fact that today's  churches of many faiths and gods, who don't even acknowledge Jesus Christ as the only way for salvation as one's Savior, along with the churches of today's accepted  Christianity who have set up many false christs as their saviors, are all still living their faith and lives by the way of the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This God forbidden tree, and its evil fruit, does not produce or bear good fruit that is pleasing to God, nor provide the way for eternal life. Yet, today all churches of different faiths and churches of Christianity, continue to build their lives, their homes, their schools on the foundation of the way of the forbidden tree. They have taken great sums of money and built great buildings and institutions all to raise up and to worship their false christs that Satan's forbidden tree and evil way of life provides for them to deceive them, to influence them evilly and still make them feel at peace with themselves through their false christ.

     Christ says, "You shall know them by their fruits," Matthew 7:16. When a person examines the fruits and works of these churches, and their members' behaviors, it becomes quite clear, they are all still eating and living their lives by the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They all will reap death, which is what God says will be the fruit and curse of eating from the forbidden tree, Genesis 2;17, "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die." But Satan and today's preachers are all saying, "you shall not surely die, (by preaching everyone goes to heaven when  they die), Genesis 3:4-5. Jesus Christ says to all in Matthew 7:19-20, "Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is hewn down (cut down, destroyed) and cast into the fire. Verse 20, Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them."

     Christ went on to say in verse 21-23, "Not everyone that says unto me, Lord, Lord, (by saying I love my Lord Jesus, I have accepted Jesus) shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven: but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven." V.22, Many (not just a few, but many professed Christians following the broad path of religions and today's accepted Christianity) will say to me  in that day, (day of great tribulation) Lord, Lord, (Jesus, Jesus) have we not prophesied (preached)  in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works, (made to believe miracle works in Christ's name)? what will Jesus Christ say to these many, many, professed Christians in that judgment day, who proclaimed to do miracles and mighty works in Christ's name, V.23, "and then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, DEPART FROM ME, YOU THAT WORK INIQUITY."

     These preachers, priests and pastors work iniquity because they first commit idolatry by breaking the first commandment by making themselves an image of Jesus Christ in their worship, who they say has done away with law and then they teach against the keeping of God's 10 commandments. When any church does not keep the 10 commandments and teach against the keeping of those commandments, this is open rebellion and working iniquity before the world. They do not honor and worship God the Father, and His true Son, Jesus Christ, and keep their Sabbath commandment that  God created, but worship  raised up, false christs, false images of Christ, and worship them on Satan's and his false, created, Sunday sabbath. The whole world has been deceived by these workers of iniquity. Jesus Christ revealed to John that Satan, through his ministers and other leaders, has deceived the whole world in Revelation 12:9!

     Besides being deceived about the Sabbath commandment, people are deceived about all the 10 commandments, whereas, they all are also being broken, or greatly compromised and preached out of the churches. This is all the work of iniquity and is why many, many confessing Christians will be rejected in that great day of tribulation, coming to all the earth. It will be the day of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His judgment of great worldwide tribulation, coming upon all people for their rebellion against Jesus Christ and fighting against Him and His true Word.

     This is why church people, members and preachers and all who are members of today's professing religions, including Christianity, do not know and cannot define or explain the difference between the two trees of Genesis 2 and 3. They do not know that they actually are not worshipping Jesus Christ, but instead are worshipping Satan, the devil, through a raised up false christ and following the way of the forbidden tree.

     This all because church people do not understand about the teaching of the two trees and their symbolism representing the two ways of life that have been set before mankind for him to choose for his life. One way is the way of righteousness, doing what God commands, which represents the tree of life. The other way is the way of unrighteousness and sin, which represents Satan and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the forbidden tree, which God commanded man not to choose, because it will bring death. Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach (rebuke, shame and disgrace) to any people."

     All people today of our society, which includes all of the church people, by them not knowing the difference between the two ways of living one's life, represented by the two trees of Scripture, have by default, chosen to live by the way of sin, the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. By default, meaning, they have not done anything as required by our Creator God to avoid death, to avoid living by the way of sin and so they continue to live by the way of the evil tree. The Scripture in Genesis 3:22 says, to avoid death, man must repent of the way of sin and evil that defines living by the forbidden tree. Scripture says in verse 22 man must "---- put forth his hand (repent and set one's heart to obey God) and take also of the tree of life, and eat (live) and live forever." To eat and live by the tree of life means, to first recognize God as one's Creator, and then to recognize and accept Jesus Christ as one's Savior for forgiveness of one's sins, and then repent of ones sins, which is commandment transgression, and recognize God's requirements to be accepted by Christ is to obey His Ten Commandments that He demands for all people, gentile and Jew alike.

     The overwhelming majority of all people of society, as well as most church people do not desire this way, the way of the tree of life, but live by the way of the forbidden tree, the way of sin, the way of life to live their lives by their own standards and laws and commandments of men and  churches. They believe they can still be recognized by Jesus Christ and eat and live by the way of the forbidden tree. This is a big deception in all religions, including today's accepted Christianity, that most are not able to comprehend in their seemingly, successful life, where all of their physical needs at the present are being provided and so they feel contented, being filled with all the poisoned spiritual food from preachers, so they have need of nothing. They do not know or understand the warnings of Christ coming upon all nations that they soon will lose all of their needs, their freedoms, and lifestyles.

   This is all because of the influence of Satan and all of his so professed "Christian" ministers. People believe that to live their lives by the way of God, which is the way of choosing the tree of life, is not the way to true success and happiness. They believe the way of God, the way of the tree of life, is not the way of pleasure, is not the way of joy, is not the way of tangible rewards, goals, and fulfilling  the real purpose of their life. Nothing could be further from the truth! If any person really desires the way of truth, wisdom, understanding and everlasting success, he must reject the way of the forbidden tree, the way of sin, the way of curses, which is the way the overwhelming majority of all people, nations and religions are following and living their lives!

     People and church people, who continue to accept and choose to live their lives by the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the way of continuing in sin, are accepting to live the way of Satan's deception, make believe, and hypocrisy, playing church, as it is in today's religions, including today's Christianity. They are accepting and choosing to live by the way of Satan's and his ministers, their false teachings, religious lies, occultic teachings, self exaltation, all of which God hates, Proverbs 6:16-19, 8:13. Also, they are accepting the way of diseases, long continuing diseases, plagues, curses, depression, short term pleasures, the way of instability, insecurity, poor health, the ways of sin and all the shame and guilt of sin. These evil fruits and sins are followed with drugs to sedate and momentarily ease the pain of their depressing guilt, shame, hurts, and failures of following Satan and the evil forbidden tree.

     Yet, people continue to accept this way of curses in their life, the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as being the only way of life that God has provided for all of mankind. They believe this is the only way to live, because preachers and leaders of all religions have not taught the truth about the way of the tree of life, the way of righteousness, because they would have to begin to teach about keeping the 10 commandments. This way of life, living by the tree of life, is about living one's life without sin always being at your door and where sin is not ruling over you, Genesis 4:7, but where you are ruling over sin through the power of God's Holy Spirit.

     People and members of churches are still living their lives in darkness, in the darkness of sin, in the darkness of the preaching of many, many, false prophets that teach no one can live their life without sin and the darkness of sin. They use two of their favorite Scriptures to continue their  teaching of iniquity that the darkness of sin is the way of the tree of life and salvation, Romans 3:10-12, and  I John 1:8. They   teach these Scriptures without understanding their meaning and by taking these verses out of their context.

     Paul in Romans 3:10-12, where he says "there is none righteous, no, not one" is speaking of all people in society in general that they are sinners, that all have sinned. This verse by Paul is not talking about those Christians who have truly and deeply repented of their sins and have been forgiven of their sins and are now living their lives, not sinning, but obeying God's Ten Commandments. Another of their Scripture conflicts is in I John 1:8 where John says, "If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us." This verse must not be taken out of the context of the previous verses because John says in verse 6, " All professed Christians who say they have fellowship with Him (who have accepted Jesus Christ) and walk (continue to live) in darkness (continuing to sin) are lying, and do not know the truth."

     Today's professing Christians believe they have no sin  in their life that is being held against them because of the (false) christ they worship and have fellowship with in their worship. They believe the false christ that  they worship is forgiving their on-going sins that they are continually committing each day and each week, and so they do not have to repent of those sins, overcome their sins, and be obedient to the true Jesus Christ. These professing false Christians are still in the darkness of sin because they are still following and choosing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the way of sin and continuing to commit sin. So, if any of these church people, who are having fellowship with their false christ that they worship, and then say they have no sin, that no sin is being held against them, they are deceiving themselves, and there is no truth in them, nor real fruit in them of having accepted the tree of life in their lives. Their fruit is still evil and the tree they have chosen to live by, is the evil forbidden tree, that God commands them not to eat from this tree.

     Why is it then that church people continue to live their lives by the forbidden tree, the tree of the way of sin, which cannot bear righteous, good fruit in Jesus Christ? Whatever righteousness or good fruit they believe they have or can produce by choosing that way, the way of the forbidden tree is  as filthy rags in God's sight. Why, because there is no salvation or forgiveness of sin in whatever little good work that people might do. Obeying one principle or commandment of good will not gain acceptance with Jesus Christ. This is because all people of all the churches have not accepted Christ's teaching to repent of breaking all of God's Ten Commandments, in order to be accepted by the true Jesus Christ of the Bible. Instead, they live by Satan's evil standards of conduct, innocently or ignorantly, and reason sincerely there is some good in their way, so they accept the name of Christ and believe there little bit of good will  be enough to receive salvation.

     One big reason why church people and society continues to live their lives by the forbidden tree is, because as it was in the beginning with Adam and Eve, where Satan glamorized the way of the forbidden tree. He preached to them by telling them not to worry about what God says in His Word, and don't worry about putting God first. Satan says to them that what he, Satan, says is more important and should be put first. Satan told them that they would not die by eating (living their life) from the forbidden tree. He said to them that this tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a way of life that is more pleasurable, the fruit of this tree is  so "pleasant to the eyes," and a way of life that is to be desired to make one all wise, and be educated in the ways of the world. He says to man that  his way is a way of satisfying man's fleshly desires of assessing money and power and being exalted before people,  to be the god of his life and of the people, based on all the knowledge from all of his learning institutions, and from all his tutors of this way, not from the knowledge of Scripture and God's way. Study about this in Gen. 3:1-7.  

     Another big reason today's religions, churches, leaders and members cannot identify the difference between the two trees of Genesis, the two ways of life, is all because they do not have the gift of God's Holy Spirit working within them, to discern the difference and will not do what they need to do, that is what Jesus Christ requires of them to do, to receive His Holy Spirit. They live their lives by a heart and mind of the flesh, the desires of the flesh, not by God's Spirit and the power to truly know what is good and evil by the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is the reason why they will always manifest the fruit of the flesh, which is the fruit of the forbidden tree, which is a person or church deciding what is good and evil by their own accumulated knowledge from men, preachers, and psychologists and all the professors and doctors of learning. They have built their lives around and on this vain knowledge in their lives and occupations. However, there is no salvation in man's vain knowledge and man's vain understanding, and all of his knowledge from the forbidden tree, only death.

     People around the world of all churches and society manifest all the fruits of following and continuing to choose the way by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is living their lives, believe it or not,  as church members by them individually deciding what is good and evil by their own standards and laws, not by the standards of God and God's Ten Commandments. Their standard of good continues to compromise, to accept more and more evil every day and every year. Their "so called good works" and goodwill toward others will continue to accept more and more lies from liars, more and more accepted child molestation and pedaphila from church leaders and child  molesters and unlawful sex perverts, more and more accepted fornication from all the fornicators, more and more child murder from the abortionists, more and more adultery from all of church adulterers, more and more stealing because of the giants in business stealing from its people, more and more extortion, fraud, and covetousness, more and more sorcery from drug users and drug sales, more and more of these commandments of God being broken from all of this unrighteousness.

    Church people of all churches and all of society bearing any of the acts of unrighteousness, manifests to God that people are absolutely still living by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and are deserving of death by his command, Genesis 2:17, Exekiel 3:19, Romans 6:23. They cannot and will not enter His Kingdom of Heaven.

     Please read and study I Corinthians 6:9-10, where the Apostle Paul makes this warning and admonition perfectly clear. These verses say to all people, whether a church sinning member or any sinning person of the world, "Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Be not deceived, neither fornicators, (people living for all unlawful sex) nor idolaters, (worshippers of false christs, false gods and occutltic worshippers) nor adulterers, nor effeminate (catamite - a pedophile or pedarist - having anal sex with small boys) nor abusers of themselves with mankind (sodomites), nor thieves, (robbing people, covetous people stealing by not having to pay one's debt by man's compromising laws), nor drunkards (drugs to sedate, to try to take away the shame, guilt of sin) nor revilers (abusive unprincipled scoundrel) nor extortioners (scams of all kinds); none of these sinners and all sinners) shall inherit the Kingdom of God."

     Every person, whether he or she is a member or minister of some church in good standing and faith, but who still has  not rejected his way of life of following and bearing the fruits, the sins of the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is still worshipping Satan and doing all of his evil work and evil ways and will not enter God's Kingdom, I Cor. 6:8-10. Satan is deceiving them and makes them believe they are good Christians in good standing with the real Jesus Christ, but Christ will cast them out as workers of iniquity, Mat. 7:23.

     By your fruits you are known by God the Father, and Jesus Christ. You are also known by the few true Christians who understand the difference between these two trees, and what their symbolism represents. The true Christian understands these two ways of life that has been set before him, or her, and has rejected the forbidden tree, the way of sin, the way Satan desires for every professing believer to follow. Who is it that you worship and honor and obey, God and His way of the tree of life which will establish you in His love, or is it Satan and his way of tree of the knowledge of good and evil that will keep and establish you in the way of sin, curses, and death?  

     You have made your choice whether you realize or not, but its not to late at the present time to change your way you have chosen. You must examine your life and ask yourself, who is it that you really do worship, God or Satan? Who is it that you put first in your life to love and honor, is it God or Satan? Whose commandments are you keeping, is it God's 10 commandments, or is it Satan and all of his minister's and man's commandments? Whose way of life are you choosing, God and His way of the tree of life, or is it Satan and his way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Your answer and the choice you make, will without any question,  determine   your  life,  whether  it  is  eternal  life  with God, or the judgment  of death.

    And, behold, I come quickly: and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life , and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie. Revelation 22:12-15.
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