God And Catastrophes

Where is God in all of the Catastrophes, all the sudden Disasters that are coming upon all of the earth?

      People are asking questions where is God in all the worldwide catastrophes causing all  the loss of lives, and heart wrenching sorrows resulting from the latest tsunamis, earthquakes,  hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, plus all of the killing wars and life taking terrorist actions? They are asking preachers, but they have no answers that can be based on the Word of God, which is the case in all of their preaching about the purpose of life and how one is saved and how one can be protected from such chance and circumstance sudden calamities. 

       Is  God too busy with other things in His Kingdom and universe and so He is not concerned with what is going on and happening on this earth? Or has God gone on a vacation to some other part of the universe? Maybe God is  on a Sabbatical leave from the earth and its inhabitants? Really, is God aware of all of the seemingly innocent people on the earth losing their lives because of the great earth upheavals, island moving tidal waves called tsunamis, destruction from the fierce winds from tornados and hurricanes, great earthquakes, terrible fires, heavy rain causing mud slides and worldwide floods? All these catastrophes or disasters are not only destroying many thousands upon thousands of human lives, but also homes, property, crops, farming and farm animals all over the earth. Where is the Great Creator God in all of these catastrophes and devastations on this earth and why does He not intervene and stop all of these great disasters?

     These catastrophes are in addition to all the  thousands upon thousands  of  people that are dying every single day with different pain suffering and  crippling diseases of every description, along with all the lives taken from man created wars  by the elite leaders of the world for their personal interests and money gain. Jesus Christ made this statement in His ministry that these  earthquakes,  famines, diseases, and man created wars that are all bringing about great devastations and disasters  are only the beginning of sorrows, Mat. 24:7-8, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows." Jesus Christ is saying that these catastrophes and disasters are only the beginning of sorrows, meaning  that greater sorrows, a time there has never been before is coming later, Mat. 24:21. And if you read and study the book of Revelation and can understand world events and why disasters, you will recognize that this later time, a time that there has never been the like before, nearly 2000 thousand years later from Christ's earlier statement of prophecy,  is very near to the time of its fulfillment.  
      All of these latest  disasters   are bringing great human and property devastation, but  are now coming much more frequent  on  many parts of the world and at the same time. If these are only the beginning of sorrows, then the last days of man and his society and world under the direction of Satan, where Christ warns   in the book of Revelation, will not be a place and time for any person to live without daily living  with the fear of his life being taken from him in the next catastrophe, war and disaster. This will especially be true for every person that has not repented of his sins and is not now living within the law and commandments of Jesus Christ, and who truly know the true Christ as his Savior.

      All of these great calamities are coming upon seemingly innocent people in the eyes of the world,  but not innocent before God. These disasters are coming upon people guilty before God because they are not obeying His commandments that the so called false ministers and preachers of today's Christianity are  deceiving the people by telling them they cannot keep God's 10 commandments. This not only teaches rebellion against God, but also  this teaching denies the gift of God's Spirit to help any person to keep His law. So really are today's catastrophes and sudden calamities coming upon people who have truly repented of their sins and are now obeying the 10 commandments of God. And are this great disasters coming upon people that have accepted the true Jesus Christ as their Savior and Protector? Absolutely not, because Jesus Christ promises protection upon His elect, His chosen sons, His children, if they are obeying His commandments and have been accepted by Him. If any person has not repented of His sins, has not accepted the true Christ as His Savior, and is still not living by the law of God, His commanded 10 commandments, then he can expect to be part of the death statistics in these last days of the judgment of Christ.

      Today the vast majority of professing Christians are not really Christians and are not obeying all of the commandments of God, or are obeying only those commandments that they feel that are important in their life. This life style is in fact living by the forbidden tree and bearing its fruit which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, whereas man chooses what commandments and laws that he will live by in his life. This is not what God commands, and by man choosing this way, God warns will end in death. Even though they have accepted Jesus Christ, Christ has not accepted them and does not know them. Study Gen. 2:9,17 and Gen. 3. Also do not fail to look at II Timothy 2:19 where it says no one can truly know Jesus Christ if he is a law breaker.

    All destructions upon the people of the land and upon the cities filled with inhabitants have been because of the sins of those people. People will not repent of their sins so all that will not repent will perish at some point in God's judgment upon the earth. Jesus Christ began His ministry upon this earth preaching repentance by saying "---Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,"

       Jesus Christ is teaching  that all are to repent of their sins, all of their sins, for each person's opportunity to be in God's Kingdom is in your presence, is being made available to you now, If you will repent and accept Jesus Christ, His blood sacrifice, as payment for your sins.

      How many preachers today are preaching to the people that they need to repent of their sins? This writer knows of none in today's professing Christianity. Why is this true? It is true because all preachers do not know and are not the teaching the true knowledge of what is repentance or what is sin or what it really means in faith to accept the name of Jesus Christ and  why Jesus Christ died ! This is in addition to all of the true knowledge and teachings of the true Jesus Christ. The only Christ people know today is their knowledge of a false Christ that today's Christianity has raised up before the people.

     People do not have the knowledge of what their purpose is on this earth and so live their daily lives never really thinking or studying into God's Word to find out. So all of the great loss of life today resulting from all of the catastrophes and the earth's disasters is first of all because people are lacking in this knowledge. God has written in His Holy Word that the people perish for the lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6 says
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God ( God's 10 commandments ) I will also forget your children."

     The priests who are the preachers of today's Christianity  are rebellious and wickedly lacking in leadership and true knowledge and so are lacking in true repentance and conversion themselves, but continue  to sit in the seat of a minister. A true minister or priest is still commanded by the Great Creator God to teach the law of God to the people, Mal. 2:1-7,  Verse 7 says "For the priest's lips should keep knowledge, and they (the people) should seek the law at his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts." So as the ministry goes without true knowledge so goes the people without true knowledge and so both will perish and are perishing. This is what is taking place all over the earth and it is going to increase in greater numbers until all will perish from the earth, unless there is true repentance. Study Malachi and Revelation and you will see this is the prophecy of Jesus Christ and it will come about.

Jesus Christ made this statement in His ministry; "---except you repent, you shall all likewise perish," Luke 13:3. What did Christ really mean by this statement?

      Is seems as long as every thing is going all right in people's lives, they don't think about God, His earth creation, and what is His work and where is He working on this earth. As long as the calamities, evils, and sorrows of the times such as earthquakes, tsunamis, destructive hurricanes, or tornados, or  even murderers, robberies, human frauds, rapes, torturing of human lives are not touching their lives, they are not motivated to ask themselves questions about life and what is the purpose of their life on this planet. Trials, tests, and sufferings bring about changes in the lives of some people. The coming great loss of lives resulting from  the weather, earth eruptions, terrorist wars, civil wars, the cutting off of the necessities of life (food, water, and shelter), and plagues of all descriptions will during the last days, the  great tribulation, cause some people facing death to become converted to the way of God. Yet today, the sorrows from disasters and diseases seem to make very little change in people's lives.

   Christ is really saying to all people, at any time that every person needs to  understand repentance, because it is a key to life and salvation to prevent one from perishing!

       True repentance is one of the keys  that unlocks understanding to receiving salvation, but very few people understand what God requires in a person's total repentance. Many accept repentance as being based on  an individual's perception of change and reasoning  according to  his own mind and the standard that he has established in his heart, and not what God says it is that constitutes change and repentance. Do you understand the difference between the two? If you don't you really don't understand true repentance!

      Some people were telling Christ about a tragic event involving a few seemingly innocent people who were carrying out a Scriptural religious law and custom of presenting their sacrifices as blood offerings at the alter much like some who lost their lives in a religious service of the recent tsunami. However, during  these people's religious example  in their life the government leader at that time caused these people's own blood to be mixed with the blood of their sacrifices and those people in Christ's presence evidently were asking Christ why these people  perished? Or in other words, where was God and why did God permit these religious people to be killed? Christ said to those people in his presence then, and for all people today in Luke 13:3   "----Suppose you that these  Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things,  I tell you, No, but except you repent, you shall all likewise perish."

      Then Christ brought up another news event of His day in verse 4 by telling them of an accident concerning 18 people, upon who the tower in Siloam fell and killed them all. Christ said, "think you that these people were sinners above all men that dwell at Jerusalem?"  Christ once again repeated His earlier statement of warning, -- "Except you repent, you shall all likewise perish." Do you know what you are to repent of?

       In the earlier incident, these people were bringing in their sacrifices usually as acts of repentance for sin, but yet they evidently were not really repentant, or Christ would have not said what He did in these verses, "except you repent, you shall all likewise perish."  What does Christ really mean for people to understand about repentance in regard to one's life and  their Christian faith that would prevent their perishing? Every person must first come to understand why he has been created, and what is the purpose of his life, and how he is to live his gift of life to keep it from being a total waste of life and time.

       Ever since Adam, every person has been created and born outside  of having chosen the tree of life, instead they have accepted the life by their human birth of living by and bearing the fruit of the forbidden tree. This  means everyone has been born lacking in understanding of his purpose of life and this is all the result of man's choosing through his birth, through Adam, to follow  and eat  from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the forbidden tree. In reality, this decision and fruit of eating from this tree is what everyone today calls their human nature and is what God commanded man not to choose. God did not give man human nature, man choose it to live his life. It is what everyone believes God gave to man rather than the truth that man chose this in the beginning rather than what God commanded and that was to live by the nature of God, His way of love.

       Nevertheless, man chose the way of human nature, whereas man can decide his own life by his own standards, to live his life by the way of the forbidden tree and has accepted this way through the influence of Satan and his ministers. Man has come to believe, that he will have to live this way the rest of his life, the way of sin, and will do so, unless he can come to see the need to choose otherwise.  God says the end result of one following and bearing the fruit of this  forbidden tree, which man calls his human nature, is to perish. So this means every person living today will perish unless there is a big, big, change made by them in their life and that is for them to desire to live their life by the Word and fruit of the tree of life which God told man to eat from in the very beginning, if he really wants eternal life, salvation in His Kingdom, Gen. 3:1-22.

      The ministry of the Churches of God and the Churches of today's accepted Christianity have confused their people about the meaning of the two trees that God set in the garden. They have defined and greatly reduced their meaning  in describing the two trees as meaning two ways of man to live; the way of give and the way to get. They have made their followers to believe  that their brethren are to give and the ministers are to get. The big change of rejecting the forbidden tree to accepting the tree of life, is a much greater change in one's life than just the meaning of to give and to get. It is a complete change of direction in all of his life to stop the following of the flesh to be converted to the following of the Spirit and all things of the Spirit.

      What is this big change in one's life called? That big change is called repentance and conversion.  This  change must begin with a person coming to see that he must reject his human nature, his own way of reasoning and living his life by his standards of conduct. When a person comes to see and understand this teaching of God's Word, he is understanding the very foundation where repentance must begin. In reality, this is rejecting  the way of the forbidden tree that God has commanded mankind not to eat and live from its fruit. All human life at birth has accepted to live by the fruit of this forbidden tree and will perish unless they understand this, repent of it  and then accept the tree of eternal life. God's tree of life is His way of His standards and commandments for life and everyone must obey in order to be accepted by God the Father and Jesus Christ? This involves being led by God's gift of His Holy Spirit.

      This is where real repentance first begins and will result in a total and genuine repentance, and not some mouth spoken, shallow repentance that the overwhelming majority of professing Christians have confessed in their life. Real repentance is a true, genuine, Godly repentance  that takes place in one's heart and mind that changes one's whole outlook in his life and his purpose of life. This Godly repentance involves the converting of the mind and heart from   following one's flesh to the following and leading of God's Spirit. This means a new beginning for man, by him recognizing and  burying his human nature, his old nature, his fleshly way of living and measuring his life, to a new spiritual way of life, of living by and being measured by God's commandments. This will result in a person's being born again of God's Spirit now, before the change to spirit composition at the resurrection that many have been misled in believing is the meaning of being born again. A change and repentance in a saint that has produced  love for God and love for the brethren through the help of the gift of God's Spirit, then this saint can say he has been born of God creating a completed change in his life. He has been born again of the Spirit to be led by God's Holy Spirit and not by his flesh and human nature. Read about it in I John 2: 27, 4:7 and I John 5:1. 

      Christ has promised after His first coming  to this earth, that He would come back again  a second time to resurrect His saints to eternal life to live eternally in God's Kingdom, but who are His saints? These are His righteous people, His brethren who truly did repent of their sins and have been born again of God's Spirit, who grow to come to completely filled with God's Spirit, who come to be totally led by God's Spirit. These are not professed to be brethren , who are still following the forbidden tree, the tree of following the flesh and believing no one can be born again of the spirit now, because they love the ways of the flesh and to continue to daily sin and yet believe they are in Christ.

     But the righteous saints of Christ are Christ's brethren, who have crucified the flesh, and have buried their human nature,  the way of human reasoning, in a watery grave, called baptism. These are not brethren who after baptism and lack of growth in God's Spirit, have resurrected the old flesh  as some have, and cleaned it off and are trying to get some more life out of the flesh and its desires.  But these are the righteous saints who have gotten rid of their human nature that has been passed on them through a physical fleshly birth, the result of man eating the fruit  of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Christ's true spiritual saints have crucified that fleshly way in their lives and now live by a Spiritual nature. They have been born again now of the Spirit of God. God's Spirit now leads and directs their life. These saints can now truly judge the tree by its fruit.

      These are His righteous saints whose salvation has come about only through the way Jesus Christ has made known in His Word. This way comes about through repentance and being forgiven of his sins, by one's coming to know and accept Christ as one's Savior where He says in John 3:16 "-----whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." This faith in Jesus Christ is based on a person's first understanding about  this Scriptural repentance which is the beginning key that opens the door to forgiveness of one's sins in order that one can be saved by Christ. Christ inspired Peter to write in II Peter 3:9 - "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, (His promise concerning His judgment upon the earth and His coming for His saints) as some men count slackness, but is long-suffering to usward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

      Understanding this only accepted Godly repentance is a vitally important key to every believer, or else all other keys of saving knowledge  will be to no avail. The very first words that Jesus Christ taught when He began to preach the Gospel were the words, "Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand," Mat. 4:17. Did Jesus Christ at this time use these words about repenting to introduce people to a gospel that was to focus people's attention about the coming Kingdom of God or to just accept the name of Christ with out any real conversion based on a true heartfelt repentance? Were either of these the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught which  by the way are words that can not be found in all of His teaching as being or defining the gospel? However, this  perverting of the gospel has been and still is the teaching of many of the Churches of God, and the Churches of today's Christianity and has been taught to misfocus and pervert the true Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom.

      The Churches  of God that teach the gospel as being the "coming Kingdom of God", perverts the Gospel of Christ and is not Christ's true gospel, but really another gospel. Also the gospel of Christ is not a faith only gospel that requires no works of obedience. The true Gospel that Christ taught was the good news focused about Christ as Savior and His Grace, and that Christ is the Savior that came from God's Kingdom. Christ came to teach people if they would repent of their sins, repent of breaking God's 10 commandments, and by faith accept Christ  as their sacrifice for their sins, they could then receive Christ's Grace, His mercy, and His forgiveness, and power to help them obey God's commandments. This all pertains to the saving understanding of how they would not perish, but could have eternal life in God's kingdom?

      Christ was telling these people what they must first do, and that was they must first repent, in order to understand that the gospel was not a gospel to be a focused on a good news message about God's coming Kingdom. Christ's 12 disciples believed that this was the gospel before they were converted at Pentecost, Acts 1:6-7. Nor is Christ's Gospel  a faith only gospel without works of obedience, but a gospel about how can be saved, that gives people understanding about God's Kingdom, and that Jesus Christ was the GOOD  NEWS sent from God's Kingdom as the Savior for mankind. Christ was presenting to the people, how through Him, a way was being made how they could be in God's Kingdom. But first people had to learn about repentance, in order to even be accepted to be forgiven of their sins and Christ, along with John the Baptist, explained to all of His disciples, what they were to learn about repentance.

      Jesus Christ taught the people in His presence that the very God representative and Savior from God's Kingdom, who could grant them understanding about repentance and forgiveness, was in their presence at that moment by His statement "that God's Kingdom was at hand." Christ was saying that the gospel, the good news, of how they could have life in God's Kingdom was in their presence. The opportunity to learn and understand about how they could become an eternal living being in God's Kingdom was before these people in the presence of Jesus Christ at that moment. Do people today really understand about repentance and bearing fruit of their repentance as it pertains to becoming a member of God's Kingdom?

     John, the Baptist, told the religious people in his day, who came before him as the Pharisees and Sadducees, that they must bring forth fruit fitting of  repentance, if they desired to be taught how they could be in God's Kingdom, Mat. 3:7-8. For the most part those religious people at that time did not bring forth true repentance, nor do they today. Many learners of the Scriptures believe the Pharisees and Sadducees were zealous commandment keepers, but the fact of truth  is that they were not and Christ said they were not and they needed to repent of breaking God's law. They were partakers of the forbidden tree and its fruit, and it showed in all of their lives. It seems it is the religious people,  who are people who profess to be of God, but who are the most blinded to their sins and cannot or will not understand about genuine repentance. Religious people become so entrenched in their false teaching, their belief system, their religious sacred cow created from following the forbidden tree, that it blinds them from  the truth coming from Jesus Christ and prevents them from humbling themselves to see their sins in order to repent.

      Why is it that people and especially religious people will not repent? It is basically because they will not commit themselves to understand about the repentance taught by Christ. Secondly, they have their own standard of law and conduct for living their lives and they see no need to change, and they will not repent of that standard and follow God's standard of law and conduct,  all because of their pride and the need to humble themselves. Why is this so? It is all because of their pride, their ego,  in their own righteousness, and their holding on to the self, the old man of the flesh and all of its reasoning and will not give up living by the forbidden tree. People, and especially religious people are unwilling and  refuse to humble themselves as a little child so they can understand about their sins and repent, and be converted, as Christ has instructed, Mat. 18:3-4, "Unless you humble yourself, as a little child you cannot really repent and be converted in order to enter God's Kingdom."

      Today, this world is experiencing and seeing numbers of people  perishing in all kinds of mishaps and accidents. There are earthquakes that are killing many thousands of people. There are terrible storms in the weather either through flooding, or fierce winds of tornadoes and hurricanes, and all are causing the perishing of hundreds of people. There are many lives that perish through car,  bus, plane, boat, and train crashes every year. A great number of shooting sprees that  cause people to perish at very young ages. Many people at a earlier age, very young people, are dying of diseases such as cancer, heart failure, brain tumors, as many other such illnesses.   And all of these deaths are much like the example that happened during Christ's physical existence in which the tower of Saloam fell killing 18 people, and Christ was asked by the people why this happened? Why does God allow these things to happen? Were these people sinners above all men? Christ answered them saying, "Except you repent, you shall all likewise perish," Luke 13: 4-5.   All of those people in Christ's presence, that did not repent at that time, did perish without receiving salvation. All people today that will not understand what is true repentance and will not repent will also perish without receiving salvation in God's wrath and judgment coming to this earth.

     Will the world repent of its sin? In all probability, and as the society is going, it will not repent, but what about you? Why will people not repent of their sins? Is it because every nation and its people live by fruit of the forbidden tree, meaning each nation and its people have their own  standards they live by spelled out in their country's constitution and laws. And by the fact that people have been led by different religious teachings to believe that everyone can decide for themselves what their standard of conduct will be, as long as it stays within the nation's civil law system, whose system at the same time has been rejecting God's constitution, His standards and commandments. So today most people feel they are generally good people and see no need of repentance. The only problem with  all of this is that God will have the final say so, or judgment at the end of each person's life, and that judgment will be based on His law given in His Word, not man's word, man's constitution or religions. James 2:10-11 gives understanding about God and His standard as what He demands of each person and by this, all will be judged.

      So you and everyone must eventually answer to God the Father, and Jesus Christ based on what His 10 commandments command in your behavior, or  you will perish. Everyone should realize that your life is really very short and opportunities for repentance are passing you by daily! God says, "Every knee will bow and confess and give account of himself to God," Romans 14:11-12. Any professed minister who teaches repentance to some of God's Ten Commandments, but not all ten of them, is putting a stumbling block or cause to fall or perish in his brother's way.

    These  false ministers have accepted the popular false teaching of professed Christianity that a true Christian, even in his best day is still a sinner or all people including true Christians sin every day, and then quote I John 1:8 out of its context. God does not permit anyone  in forgiveness of his sins, receiving grace, and salvation to pick and choose which commandments he will obey, James 2: 10-11. Obeying and keeping all of God's 10 commandments through the help of God's Holy Spirit is choosing and  accepting to live by God's tree of life. Christ said, "In order to have eternal life you must keep the commandments," Matthew 19:17, and He means all of them, not 9 or most of them. Christ also defines the meaning of His commandments, and how His commandments are to be kept, and it is not by man's reasoning  and his following of the forbidden tree, but God's definition spelled out in His Word, of how they should be kept.   

      In the next years, more and more people are going to likewise perish if they don't repent! So everyone needs to understand, without sincere, total repentance, there will be no protection for any one from perishing in whatever incident that might arise and even at an early age. Christ and His disciples preached repentance, Matthew 4: 17, Mark 6: 12, Peter in Acts 3:19, Paul in Acts 17: 30. John taught it through Christ's revelation in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Any professed  to be brother might be following an organization or church that reads from the Bible and teaches some principle of truth, but then mixes it with error. God says this perverts His Word, makes the whole teaching unclean, deception, or sin, James, 2: 10-11, Haggai 2: 11-14 and Proverbs 15: 8-9.

     Any teacher of all professed Christian believers, that does not teach repentance as being based on the change of heart, that directs one  to  obey all of the Ten Commandments and every statute that details and magnifies the love of God in His laws, is a false teacher. These false teachers and false ministers, are all following a false Christ,   and will be preaching a false conversion that leads  people into deception and all will perish in the days ahead. Repentance, based on obedience to all of the Ten Commandments, is a bedrock, foundational teaching of Christ, His apostles, and prophets throughout all of His Word. This teaching is Scriptural fact of truth and no one can receive Christ's Grace, His favor, forgiveness, justification, and God's Spirit without repentance and obedience to His Ten Commandments, James 2: 11, 14, 17, 20, 24, 26.

Your Personal Repentance      

       Your Repentance is not to be based on following the example of some minister who has not repented and is still following and eating from the forbidden tree that many brethren have accepted to be their example to follow. Christ says you can know if any minister is  truly repentant and is a commandment keeping minister and a minister of Jesus Christ by examining his fruit. Do you know your minister by his fruit or do you judge his fruit only by what he is always telling you about himself. The  fact that he professes to be a commandment keeper, is not proof that he is. You must look at the fruit of His commandment keeping to know if he truly is. Is He truly obedient to all 10 of the commandments?.

      Some self-appointed pastors may preach repentance of sins  without giving you a complete picture of sin, and what is the true meaning of sin as it pertains to what the Bible says is commandment transgression, I John 3:4. However, their picture and meaning of sin may either eliminate or greatly minimize total obedience to God's commandments. In reality, many of these self-appointed ministers have never destroyed the forbidden tree in their life. The way of the forbidden tree is the way of flesh and their own way of reasoning. And so these ministers will teach the keeping of the commandments by their horrible example, and the way they believe constitutes the keeping of God's 10 commandments by eliminating some and adding to others, and just plain out transgressing the others. This is all living by the  fruit of the forbidden tree. By their fruit and teaching they make the Christ they worship the minister of sin, Gal. 2:17.

     You can know a true minister by his fruits of keeping God's commandments, Matthew 7:15-20. Does his fruit consist of him obeying all of the Ten Commandments by his example, and how thorough is he in teaching God's commandments? One commandment,  that is easy to check out in particular in his life, is he really  obeying the 4th commandments that deals with keeping the Sabbath Holy, I John 2:4. Does he profane God's Sabbath, Isa. 58:13-14, and does he have his own definition of how the Sabbath is to be kept rather than God's definition?. God's definition of keeping the 7th day Sabbath Holy is commanded by Him that we are not to work, or pay, or ask someone to work for us on the Sabbath. Does this minister ask or pay anyone to work for him on the Sabbath? If he does, then this  is some of the fruit Christ warns us all to look for  in the proving of one's minister, whether he is  a true or false minister. Is he teaching and obeying what God says in His Word or what his hierarchical, head minister teaches about the Sabbath? Your minister  and His fruit can be easily proved by going to God's teaching of His commandments and prove to yourself if he following God and His Word, or some exalted minister in his church ministry hierarchy.

     Christ says  to that minister and everyone following him that they all will perish if all will not repent and begin obeying His commandments. Yes, professed ministers and Christians state they have repented and that they "L-O-V-E the Lord." But only by you examining their fruit and  their submission to obeying God's commandments can you know if they  have truly repented and really do l-o-v-e God, I John 5:2-3. The 1st commandment states that you must put God above your many possessions, money, excessive fleshly appetites, fornication, over eating, drinking to access, drugs, and all unlawful desires (body destroying vices) that dominates your life. Is money put first in your minister's life? Is the worship of money and his desire for money causing him to break God's first commandment? Is he always bringing up about money and how much God's work (really his work and life) needs your money? The truth is he needs your hard worked for money, not God, other wise,  if he can not convince you  to give more to him, he will have to go to work and begin to obey the 4th commandment " --six days you shall work--." God also say if they don't work then they should not eat, II Thes. 3:10.

      Does this minister exact (steal, breaking the 8th commandment) money from you  and the other brethren through a non 30% tithing system (tithe means only 10%)? John the Baptist was explaining about repentance in Luke, and about exacting money no more than God has appointed when some tax gatherers came to him desiring to know about repentance and to be baptized, Luke 3:8-13. Exact means to obtain by, or as if by force or authority and this is what ministers put on the lowly brethren once they begin sending in money in a way of offering to these ministers' so called God's work.  They, that is those ministers in some of the churches of God, tell these new brethren after they have given a few offerings, that God commands them to set aside 3 different tithes and command this without God's authority, without showing you in Scripture the words first, or second, or third tithe. God does command one tithe, but not three. Soon they will baptize you if you have repented to them and commit your life to following them and their church's religious system and teachings. This religious, belief system carried out and taught by the Church of God ministry and its fellowship comes first with them and must be to you if you fall for their deception. A genuine and true repentance is not even taught, instead a repentance to them is what is taught with peer pressure to follow them  and their false gospel teaching of a coming Kingdom of God, rather than the true Gospel of Christ based on a real and genuine repentance?

     Not only do some brethren put their minister first, some people put their mates  and children and their demands before God, Matthew 10: 35-37. This is all because brethren have not been taught a real repentance, one that is accepted with Jesus Christ.  Christ proved to a young, rich ruler with many possessions, that his possessions came first in his life before God, and the following of Christ, Mat. 19:16-19. This man was committing idolatry! You will perish if you do not repent of idolatry. Most religious people in their worship do not put God first in their life! God warns people, "Keep yourselves from idols," I John 5:21.

       In the 2nd commandment God commands you not to worship any idol, image or likeness of God the Father and Christ. Today, there are many such false images and likenesses of Christ that are worshipped, such as a false christ that did away with God's ten Commandments. A false christ that doesn't demand a real and genuine repentance with obedience to the commandments, is a false christ made in the image of the real Christ, but who doesn't demand conditions for salvation except just confessing and believing in Christ's name.  A false image  is made of Christ  when a great church leader causes people to believe, that he is "Christ led" in all of his teachings, even though his teachings can be proven  from God's Word to be in error and are lies. Yet, he convinces his followers that he is Christ's representative and thereby creates a false image of Christ in himself, and leads his own called and controlled sheep in deception and idolatry. Nearly all of professed Christianity is guilty of worshipping this false christ.

     Christ predicted in Matthew 24: 24, "there shall arise false Christs and false preachers, showing great signs and wonders (religious works, missionary work, revivals, charitable givings, evangelistic campaigns, emotional messages, all subtle deceptions of Satan to keep people off guard to the real truth about salvation),  and if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect." Truth in the elect will not follow error  of these false teachers and these false Christs will not follow these deceptions of men. Any person who will not repent of this and continues to follow these deceptive, false Christs will perish!

      The 3rd commandment commands people (if you really love the Lord) not to take His Name in vain, meaning more than just cursing on the job, TV, etc., but people take His Name in vain by professing His Name without true repentance. Matthew 24: 5, "Many will come in His name professing Jesus is the Christ and shall deceive many." This is what most religions teach, "Just profess Christ and you are saved," without acknowledgment of repentance of breaking God's Ten Commandments. There is no forgiveness without repentance, and there is no repentance without knowledge and understanding all of the Ten Commandments. Christ blasted the religious leaders of His day for deceiving the people about God's law and salvation. Read Matthew 23: 13, 5, 24, 33. This same correction applies to religious leaders today who likewise cut off salvation to the people and substitute a false christ and a false salvation. Everyone will perish who does take His Name in vain!

      Did Christ come along and change God's 4th commandment from the command to remember, to forget the 7th day, and now remember the 1st day through a man-made, falsely counted, proposed, 1st day resurrection and twisting other Scriptures to give man unauthorized authority to change God's law? In the process, they have taken away from the Word and done some adding to it, which God condemns in Duet. 12: 32, Duet. 4: 2 and Revelation 22:14, 18, and 19. Christ did not give any authority to anyone to change His Sabbath Day from the 7th day to the 1st day, so everyone, who is working on the 7th day (Saturday) and doing all his personal jobs and pleasures on that day, is breaking His Sabbath command, and will perish! Christ will not compromise with His law, or with people for breaking His Ten Commandments! When you obey these first four commandments, you prove your love to God and by obeying the other six commandments, you are showing your love to your neighbor.

       God also says, "If you don't love your neighbor who you can see, how can you love God who you can't see?" I John 4: 20.

       When you break and continue to break anyone of the Ten Commandments, you automatically qualify to perish in whatever is coming in the troublesome days ahead, and will not be protected from all the catastrophes and disasters!

         Professed ministers have not been blowing the trumpet of alarm, Isaiah 58:1, and showing God's people their sins, and will have the blood of these people on their heads, Ezekiel 3:17-21 and also Ezekiel 33:1-20. God has been long-suffering (patient) not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, II Peter 3:9 and I John 1:9, but time is getting shorter for all to repent now and there will come a time when people will weep and grit their teeth for not heeding these warnings! Mat. 24:50-51 says - "The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looks not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, v.51, And shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." 

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