Restoring The Faith Once Delivered
(Part 2)

Is the faith that is believed, confessed, and has been delivered to the members of the Church of God by its ministry, the same faith that was once delivered to the early, New Covenant Church by Jesus Christ and the Apostles? This is the 2nd article concerning the 18 believed and taught to be restored truths, that are believed to be restoring the faith once delivered.

       Has the faith once delivered  to the New Covenant early church nearly 2000 years ago been delivered to the Churches of God today through  their teaching of these 18 "confessed to be restored truths?" This is a question that all church members should ask themselves, and prove one way or the other. But most members would not dare ask or bring up that question, nor will they even permit themselves to be challenged to do so! Church members are afraid and fearful of men.

       The Church of God and its divided fellowships proclaim 18 truths that they believe have restored the teachings, the Scriptural truths, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are these 18 restored truths restoring the faith, or just more of Satan's deceptions, which is his way of confusing the truth, by mixing it with much error?  Do any church members even dare to examine those "truths" for fear of their ministers disfellowshipping them, even though Christ commands all members to "examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith: prove your own selves --," II Cor. 13:5? Paul goes on to say in this  same verse, "if Christ is not in you, then you are reprobates." In plain words, you are not obeying Christ and His message. 

      Really, who do church members worship? Who is it that is living in them? Is it Christ through His Spirit, or is it the flesh and  spirit of men?  Is Jesus Christ pleased with you and your fear of men, and you not knowing where you stand, or what you really do believe? How can you really examine your faith if you are afraid to study, ask questions about doctrines and prove things out? Is it because you will be declared to have a bad attitude, and even might be disfellowshipped? The Church of God ministry created a fear in its members not to ask questions  in order, that their "sacred cow producing their restored truths," can continue to live. This is why the  ministers are afraid of members asking questions, because they are afraid of the real plain truth coming out about their sacred cow and its false plain truths.  

      The first article of this 2 part message dealt with the first 9 restored truths and exposed  some of those points believed to be truths as lies, false teachings, heresies, and showed that  the other points were presented with some truth, but mixed with much error. This kind of teaching perverts the truths and doctrines of Jesus Christ! This article will now deal with the last 9 of the 18 points of restored truths, to see if they are truths of Christ, or more errors adding to  the truths of God's Word.

     The 10th point of the 18 restored truths, which was presented and taught by the Church of God, and now by many of its daughter churches, is their teaching about- [The Resurrection to Judgment.]

     The Churches of God teach that the Word and prophecy of Scripture foretells and speaks of 3 future resurrections. Is this a truth that has been restored as their 10th point of Scriptural truth, or more false teaching? God's Word teaches and speaks only of a 2nd death, and gives no words or statements about a 3rd death, with a following 3rd resurrection. God speaks of a first resurrection of a few saints to eternal life at Christ's coming, and then after 1000 years, the rest of the dead lived again, (a second or another resurrection) to be judged, Rev. 20: 5-6. Why does the ministry   continue to teach something not in God's Word?

       God speaks of the 2nd death as having power over the unrepentant sinner, meaning, there will be no further judgment and resurrection to life a 3rd time, verses 6, 13, 14, and 15 of Revelation 20. Christ speaks of the judging of all people after the 1000 years,  beginning with this 2nd resurrection. All people who will not repent and overcome their sins at this time, will be judged with eternal death in the lake of fire. The Word of God speaks of no 3rd death, with further life from a 3rd resurrection. Check God's Word and see if you can find words of a 3rd death, or a 3rd resurrection, or words defining these events. So once again, the Churches of God, in their teachings, are adding to Scripture by which God says, "He will add to them the plagues that are written in His Book,"Rev. 22:18-19. This 10th point is an example of adding error to truth.

     The 11th point, proclaimed as a restored truth, is the church's revealing of information about [The Millennium.]

     This has been presented as a new, revealed understanding by the Church of God and their highly exalted and worshipped shepherd, and his hirelings, as if God's Word does not plainly reveal this information,  and plus the fact, this information  has never been lost in time. The Church of God ministry claims they have restored  the 1000 year information to the church. However, the Bible is still here,  and can be found in nearly every home. The knowledge about the Millennium is plainly written in Revelation 20:1-15. Other churches of the world have been teaching about the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ for many, many, years before the Churches of God, so why do they present this as one of their restored points of truth? All  who read God's Word in the Book of Revelation can understand this prophecy. But this point of truth has been and is presented  in such a way as to raise the church members' level of praise, worship to their highly regarded church shepherd, and to make the members believe their idol shepherd has special, revealed, understanding and anointing from God  that others of the church don't have and can not get from studying God's Word.  I John 2:27 proves that understanding to be in error. 

       But included with this supposedly new restored truth and the information about the millennium is a taught error, and this error is added to this point by teaching  that at the beginning of the 1000 years, the tree of life would be opened for understanding for the first time since Adam. Is this truth? This is taught as if God has not opened the way to the tree of life during the first 6000 years, and has not revealed enough information in all His Word about the tree of life for it to be opened to all that will accept it. This is error, because even one member of the first family on earth accepted the tree of life.

      So this is an error that is taught as if God has deliberately blinded people to understanding His Word in order to prevent them from repenting and accepting Christ and His Gospel,  representing His tree of life. God's Word says that Satan is the god of this world and  has been quite instrumental in blinding people from receiving God's truth, not God. God says plainly in II Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."  Repentance means to give up eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and accept the way of the tree of life for your life. It is true only a few have accepted the tree of life, but it is not because it was not available. So this is just another example of the Churches of God trying to lay claim to their "special" revealing of new truth about the millennium, that is plainly revealed in God's Word, and then mixing that truth with error.

     Satan is the great world wide deceiver, Rev. 12:9, and has blinded all the people of the world, II Cor. 4:4, (with few exceptions) and all churches to the tree of life through his ministry, and created the mystery concerning the truths of God, but that will soon cease when he is locked up for  1000 years, Rev. 20:2-3.

     The 12th and 13th points that are presented as restoring the truth and the faith of Jesus Christ are about  Christ's teaching of [Being Born Again.]

     Both of these points pertain to this same teaching of Jesus Christ, and that is about being born again of God's Spirit, found in John 3:3-22. The Churches of God teach that church members are only begotten of God's Spirit now, and that no one is born of the Spirit now. They teach that being born again will come about at the resurrection, when  a members' body composition is changed to spirit.  Is this truth or error?

      Being born of the Spirit of God is about a person giving up his life of following the flesh,  who rejects the way that seems right, the way of living by the knowledge of the tree of good and evil, living by your own opinion and reasoning, and is then converted to the total following and leadership and inspiration of Jesus Christ, through the power of God's Holy Spirit. Being born again is about the heart and mind being converted now to the spirit of God. There are a number of Scriptures giving proof that this is the meaning of being born again, and are brought out in our article, " The Born Again Mystery." Send for it or read it on our website.

      So once again, if church members would only take the time, and study into this truth about being born again, presented by God's Word and teaching, instead of accepting what man and his ministry teaches, there would be some big changes and turn-arounds  in their lives producing true conversions among all the church members.

     The Churches of God, by their presented teaching on being born again,  are keeping the door for sin open, so it can continue its trend,  and leavening effect in the churches. By this  false teaching, sin can still continue to leaven the church and will bear the  spoiled fruit of strife, division, envy, desiring to be exalted and a host of other sins. This is one of the reasons the ministry  teaches and says that all church members are still sinners, then quoting Romans 3:10 out of its context to justify the church sins and the lack of real conversions as if there is no other way and that this is God's way. This is shameful! After all that Christ says about repenting of one's sins, and overcoming one's sins, in order to stand righteous, holy, complete,  blameless, mature, total in the spirit without spot, and perfect before the Father and Jesus Christ,  as if these statements of God's teaching has no effect on this church's born again teaching. This  false teaching about being born again later rather than now is not the direction the church should be following. The teaching of the Churches of God, about being born again, is not a restored truth, but lies and confusion, heaped upon all church members that retards, restricts, and aborts their growth and opportunity to become a son of God. Brethren, this has been serious misinformation that will reap serious correction!

    The 14th and 15th points, taught as restoring the truths by the Churches of God, is about [The Identity of Israel] and [Understanding Prophecy Pertaining to Israel Today].

     This truth that is supposedly first revealed by the idol shepherd of the Church of God, is about his revealing the identity of Israel. But this fact of truth has been known and taught  by other  men and churches well before he and the Church of God presented this as one of their  new restored truths. So why lie and present this  as new understanding and truth? Is it again to gain the praise, worship, and approbation or approval of church members? And as far as the Church of God presenting and preaching Bible prophecies concerning the nations who represent Israel today, the Church of God has a very poor tract record of  revealing prophecies and  having those prophecies coming to pass as revealed and foretold in God's Word.

      The Church of God, and its daughter churches, have presented themselves as being the Ezekiel watchman concerning prophecies against and involving the House of Israel. The warning of Ezekiel was for the House of Israel and Judah, to repent of their sins! Yet, at the same time, the ministers of the Churches of God confess and teach that all church members are still sinners, and teach that members can never overcome all their sins, and to be free from their sins to be total, complete, and perfect  until they are resurrected. It is shameful that many of these ministers and members alike, are still sinners, and confess themselves to be so. Why? It is all because of their false teaching and understanding about sin, and turning from their sins which is the warning message of Ezekiel for all the Churches of God today, the spiritual nation of Israel. The Churches of God are taking a watchman's role, but being the hypocrite, to judge the  rest of the people of Israel as sinners and still  are sinners themselves! Christ greatly condemned and detests the religious hypocrites of His day and today!

     This is precisely what Jesus  Christ was teaching in Mat. 7:1-5 when He said, "You hypocrite first cast out the beam (sin) out of your eye, so you can see clearly to cast out the moat (sin) out of your brother's eye."  This is not a suggestion of Jesus Christ, but His command to be carried out in every called to be saint's life.

      So once again, this point contains truth mixed with much error, but  the Churches of God are still confessing that they are the true Churches of God that is restoring the faith. This is not restoring the faith once delivered, but being and playing the hypocrite, which Jesus Christ abhors and detests!

     The 16th and 17th points of the confessed and preached to be restored truths by the Churches of God pertains to [The Annual Holy Days] and [The Authority of God's Calender.]

      Surely these are truths that the Churches of God can feel good and proud about, are teachings and truths from God's Word! Listen to the Spirit and what it is saying through God's Word. Even though the churches' worshipped, idol shepherd preached these two truths, that God's Holy Days are yearly Sabbaths and feasts of God, to be kept as  God has commanded in Lev. 23, they in fact were not then and are not today kept as Holy Days of worship and praise to God the Father, and Jesus Christ. These days were used to preach their half truths, lies, of another perverted gospel, a false grace, producing false conversions  that followed not the teachings, doctrines, and the truths of Jesus Christ, but was and is feast days about their own false system of beliefs that became a sacred cow in the church. Many of the ministers are afraid  to discuss doctrine, or  are teaching now that doctrine is not all that important, because they fear discussing doctrine will expose their sacred cow.

      Instead, these Holy Feast days were used  and are  still used today for the praise and exalting of men in a ministry, that was used to promote a church government  with a ministry headquarters that established a man to be the church head, ruler and dictator  or a board of dictators, instead of Jesus Christ. The church leadership used these special days as days to rally church members  to exalt and stay behind their worshipped shepherd, and his ministry hirelings, as worshipped idols in the church. These days were not used to teach the doctrines, truths and teachings of Jesus Christ, and to worship God, but as days to teach the half-truths and lies called "restored truths" of their idol shepherd, as his "inspired utterances," professing it all to be of God, and believing it to be  "restoring the faith once delivered."

      These feast days were used to coerce, train and intimidate the lowly, hard-working brethren into a accepting and worshipping their  "In The Truth Sacred Cow" system of religious beliefs. These feast days of men were used to remind each member of their commitment  to submit to the churches' commanded 3 tithe system, not commanded by God, and  to remind each member they were baptized into a contract that minimized the supporting  of their own family by providing a rich living for these many false ministers and their families through this very lucrative tithing system to do their perverted work of God. What made it even worse, was and is the fact that absolutely none of them were doing the real work of Jesus Christ in bringing, or helping to bring sons to conversion, but   are teaching heresies that justified the church member's continuance in sin. They in plain words have been and still are false ministers. Any of the ministry that has taught and is still supporting all of these false, perverted, truths as being restored truths and has not repented, needs to consider themselves false ministers.

      A true Bible thinking-studying saint can see that these days are not the Feast Days of God, but   feast days of men with a false religious work that deceives and misleads God's people. These created feasts days  of men were kept and supported through a multiple tithing system, not commanded in God's Word. Besides their  money-coveting sins of a 3 tithe system, the church leadership was  and is  also guilty of desiring or  lusting for power through a church government that rules over and dominates the lives of the brethren. All of this constituted not the Feasts of God, where there is true worship of God the Father and Jesus Christ, but feasts of men,  even though these days were kept at the same time that God's Feasts were commanded to be kept, according to the correct dates of God's appointed calender.

       What does God say and think of men and their created feast days? God says "Bring no more vain offerings, abominable prayers unto me, the new moons and Sabbaths away with it, it is iniquity. Your new moons ( many groups now have their own new moon calenders ) and your appointed feasts my soul hates, and are a trouble unto me, I am weary to bear them," Isa.1:13-14. God says in verse 15 that "He will not hear the prayers of those that commit such iniquity and unless people repent and be obedient," and in verses 19-20, "if you don't repent, that He will devour you with the sword." This is serious judgment against anyone observing his own feast days instead of observing GOD'S FEAST DAYS where God is the one that is worshipped and His Word and truth is what is taught and kept.

      So, we see again lies, half-truths, commandments of men, that were not and are not the restored truths concerning God's Holy Feasts. Has the faith really been restored that was once delivered???

     The 18th restored truth of the confessed to be restored truths taught by the leadership of the Churches of God, is the false teaching that God commands a [Second and Third Tithe.]

     This false teaching concerns the setting aside of a second and third tithe that puts a oppressive heavy burden on God's people and the ministry will not move them with one of their fingers, Mat. 23:4. In plain truth, they will not study God's Word to prove to themselves that this teaching is not in God's Word and will not teach the truth to lift that heavy burden from the people's shoulders. Why? Because it would involve the ministry going to work to support themselves instead of continually letting and commanding the members to support them. This, like many of the other false restored truths, is nothing less than adding to the Word of God, which God categorically denounces and condemns in His Word, Rev. 22:18, Deut. 4:2: 12:32.

      No member of the churches  of God can  find one Scripture in  all God's Word that teaches more than one 10th, one tithe, from a person's work and labor production. No one can find the words, "a second tithe," or "a third tithe, " or the words of "another tithe" from one's income, for the use of God's Feast, or  "another tithe"  to help the widows and the fatherless. The word "tithe" is God's word that He refers  to as a 10th or 10% from  one's income or each agriculture product, or animal production, and He never refers to a 20% and 30% of one's income from each of these commodities. God's command to all of His people is to tithe from his work and labor production, Lev. 27:30-34, and this tenth, or tithe, was to be Holy unto the Lord. Some members throws all the tithing command out and by this sin take away from God's Word by trying to use a loop hole, that they think they have, all because God did not mention their occupation, they believe they don't have to tithe. God only gives the basic principle and law and we are to apply it to our lives if we desire to  be blessed of God and not be caught stealing from God when He comes back for His servants. God has a great work today, and it does take God's commanded tithe to help get it done.

      This tithe was to be used to do the work of God in one's life and in his community, which included helping the widows and fatherless in need. This first use of God's tithe was to be used in a meeting with God, whereas, God commanded the presence of man, bringing his  produced tithe and to bring it before Him. At God's  Feast of 8 days, in the fall, and His other Feasts as well, man was to take of this tithe, and  provide for him and his family,  and to buy for the family what they desired to eat and drink in the presence of God at His Feast. At these meetings man was to enjoy his meals, but even  more importantly, man was  to feast on God's Word, to be taught about God and His way about how man was to live his life, and about man's purpose of life. This is the work of God that 1st begins with each man as the tithe payer of each family as its head, or family priest, and teacher for his family presenting himself before God to be instructed by Him. Man was to learn how he was to live his life in a love relationship with God, and his responsibility to his family that produced loving care, protection, teaching, and provision for his family. He was also to learn to be a light and example to his brothers and neighbors.

      After each family has fulfilled the  1st responsibility of  the purpose  God's tithe and offerings in doing God's Work  at God's Feasts in the early days of the church before Christ, the rest of the tithe and all offerings were to go to the priest of the community to provide for them in their responsibility to do God's Work the rest of the year. With all that each man was to set aside which was, along with his tithe,  the firstlings, vow offerings, heave offerings, this provided the priesthood (whom God had appointed) with their living and to carry out the work of God. This was the purpose of God's tithe  to be used for his work in the early years of the nation of Israel with a priesthood appointed by God.

      Today, in the church and body of Jesus Christ, and as it was earlier when God 1st  instituted   man to be the head or priest of his family, the 1st use of the tithe  that has been set aside to God is to be used  for His work. This work was for each called chosen man and his family to use that tithe and offerings to attend  God's commanded meetings in God's presence. The man and his family are to eat and drink before Him, and to learn of God's way of life. When man returned to his home, he was to apply, live by those commandments and all that he learned. This head of his family was to become a servant minister of Jesus Christ and to become a light and example in his community. The rest of tithe is to be used to do God's Work in the community, to get God's Word and Gospel out to whoever is interested in salvation, and to help support any other servant that needs help in doing God's work in his or her life.

       There is no  example or words that commanded   a ministry headquarters in the New Testament for the purpose of garnering all  members' tithes  to do God's Work. Likewise, it was not a 1st priority for the tithe from the people to support the New Testament ministry and their families who  believed they were doing God's Work. Paul set the example of working with his hands to support the work of God, even though he said he had the authority to take man's bread (tithes and offerings) from the people in his need, (II Thes. 3:8-10) if he desired to do so in doing God's Work, but chose not to be chargeable to any one, and to set an example for others--ministers to follow him. Are they today following him?

     Paul said "We did not eat any man's bread for free, but worked with labor and toil night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you: Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an example unto you to follow us, II Thes. 3:8-9. Paul said he set the example for ministers to follow. Where are those ministers following that example today? Ministers are to work and provide for God's Work and  be a help not a burden to the people and work of God. The great majority of ministers do not follow Paul's example.

      God's Work is to be accomplished first with every head of the family to be in attendance  with God at  His commanded Feast meetings, as His appointed priest and head of His family, Deut.16:16. The tithe was to help him to be there and to provide for his expenses. This priority of the tithe and  the family head's work has not been taught in the Churches and given the importance God demands for that  part of His Work. The work that God has desired for His people beginning with the heads of the families, has been pushed aside, and not given  the top priority God commands in His governance of His people, and in observing the Feast of Tabernacles and all of God's Feasts. The 1st use of the God's tithe has been totally turned around by the Churches of God and its ministry, who unlawfully created another tithe they named the "1st tithe"  (words not found in God's Word) which became 1st in their commanded priority to take care of them  and their families and do their perverted work. Then the ministry created another  tithe, which they named and called the "2nd tithe," nowhere found in the Word, for the man to set aside for his use at the Feast. These teachings are not the teachings and the commands of God.

       Each man  as the family head with his family was commanded to go to God's Feast to learn God's Word well, so he can teach God's Word first to his family, and then to whoever else needing help in understanding God's Word. Each family head, each man, and each person  in Christ are called and chosen to do God's work, to help any new person understand the Gospel of Christ, and to not forget to help any church widow, or the fatherless or poor person in  their physical and spiritual needs in his community and especially those persons in the faith.

     Instead, the men of the church have been put down as head of their families, and the church's hierarchical government  through its ministry has been ordered, commanded,  and established to take the man's place as head of his family. The men in the church have been intimidated, robbed of their masculinity,  much like the society  through its media has been doing to men for years. Men have been robbed of  their hard worked for money through a severe 3 tithe system plus all the many called for extra offerings at the feast and throughtout the year, and all these monies were commanded by the ministers to be sent to their man created ministry headquarters to make sure the ministry and their families lived well above the  hard working men and their families in their own living. In  the plain truth of their  own words, the wage earners of the church were commanded and expected to support all the living  expenses of the ministry, including their transportation, and to do it with monies  from additional tithes that were well over the one  and only commanded tithe of God's Word. This is shameful, but  what is even worse, it is still going on today. Men and women of  families of the Churches of God,  you need to wake up!!!

     The men of the churches were verbally abused and belittled by the ministry's self-appointed superiors in the presence of their families,  and done all to bring the men into subjection to the church's hierarchical government and its belief system which included their 3 tithe command.  If those men did not submit, then they were disfellowshipped, by these self-appointed superiors which is contrary to God's Word in every way. This has all been done in the name of church government, and what is worse, it is done in the name of Jesus Christ, which blasphemes God's Holy Name.

      The Feasts that the churches of God have been observing are not the Feasts of God  the Father and Jesus Christ, where God the Father and Jesus Christ are worshipped and recognized as the real Heads of the church, nor  has it been God's Feasts, where the man is not taught to be the head of his own family. The ministry and hierarchy of the churches were and are the heads and the ones worshipped and looked up to by the deceived brethren. These feasts have been a far cry from what God means for His Feasts to be, and so, this is another truth that has not been restored but perverted and distorted and twisted  well beyond what God desires for His FEAST and of the faith once delivered.         

       The acceptance of the 18 restored "truths" of the Churches of God has been and is what many members base their salvation, faith, and conversion on, and has been what has produced their church membership, but it has not produced the fruit God's Spirit and His desires for His church. The church leadership believes by them teaching these Church of God truths, that they have, and are restoring the same faith that once was delivered to the early, New Covenant saints. Have these preached truths produced good fruit of spiritual unity in the church to be of one body, one mind, and one Spirit? Or have they produced evil fruit of divisions, hatred, strife, lusting for power and money, and many other offences? God's Word says, "you can know the tree by its fruit!" So when you look at the fruit of the church leadership, which tree is it that has obviously been planted, well rooted, and accepted in the Churches of God? Is it the "Tree of Life," or the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil," which brings death?

       The faith of the early church has not been restored in order for the members of the Churches of God to inherit life in God's Kingdom. Why is this so? It is so, because from the beginning the church leadership laid a false, spiritual foundation that was not of Christ, but of man and the government of men. And through their false, restored, truth system which created the illusion of conversion, they misled members by their "In the Truth Sacred Cow," system of beliefs, (an article you can write for) that did not lead the brethren to become spiritually as one with God the Father and Jesus Christ and with each other. All of this has made it extremely difficult for any member to fulfill Christ's command  to become whole, complete, and perfect, without spot and blemish, and one in His body. Most members no doubt would like to become one in His body, and one in His mind and His Spirit, but are not being led to be and do so by the ministry, and that is because of all of these false and perverted teachings concerning the Scriptural truths of Jesus Christ.

       The faith that once was delivered to the early new testament church   has not been delivered to the Church of God and its daughter churches. In order to receive the faith once delivered you must 1st get rid of all the false teachings, half-truths, lies, heresies that you have been accepting,   believing, and following for many years, and then study the Scripture to follow Christ, and His Word! It  is not necessarily so important how you got started, but   it will be all important how you will overcome sin and end your life that is going to count with Jesus Christ.  Study Ezek. 33:14-16