Jesus Christ commands all of His called and chosen ones, who have been  chosen for salvation to always remember Me (Jesus Christ) and My Death every year  at My commanded Passover Service. They were to remember all of His sufferings,  pains of bruising,  His blood being spilled and His death with the understanding  why this was permitted and how this pertains to their sins being forgiven. 


          The most meaningful, purposeful and love-filled service of all Christianity that Christ commanded His chosen ones to keep and do in remembrance of Him and His death  is His Passover Service. However, there is a serious warning and consequence for anyone who partakes of those Passover symbols, who does not fully understand the meaning of Christ's death, the meaning of His broken Body and His shed blood. Christ commanded in Luke 22:19 and I Cor. 11:24-26, "This do in remembrance of Me," and "he who eats the bread and drinks the wine unworthily is guilty of the body and blood of the Lord."
   What does this mean to not eat the bread, and drink the wine unworthily? In plain words, if that person is not prepared in his heart, that is, if he has not been and is not repentant of his sins, and does not understand Christ's death as to why Christ suffered and died, then that person is not  fit, not prepared in heart,mind and body, not worthy of partaking of that Service. This means that they do not understand  about Christ's shed blood and His broken body, why His death and the importance of His resurrection as it relates to the forgiveness  of one's  sins, and Him being accepted by God, the Father as man's sacrifice for his sins which are the transgressions of His 10 commandments. This person with this mind is not worthy of taking Christ's Passover.

   Most professed Christians today do not even know what is sin much less understanding why He died! Jesus Christ says through Paul in I Cor. 11:26-31 that this unworthy person will reap damnation, the curse of sickness and even early death. Why? Because they are not discerning the broken Body and the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, and are partaking of His symbols without understanding what they really mean. It is as "counting the bloodof the covenant as an unholy thing," Heb. 10:29.

        Jesus Christ, who was the God of the Old Testament, appointed a time on the 14th Day of the 1st month of each year as to God's calendar, Ex. 12:1-14, to observe and keep His Passover, followed by seven days of eating unleavened bread. The unleavened bread represents Jesus Christ without sin, an unspotted and unblemished lamb of God and a life without sin, a life that Christ desires to live in every believer through the power of His Holy Spirit. This is a believer who has been accepted by Jesus Christ and  justified of his sins, that has been unleavened through his repentance, obedience and faith in Christ, I Cor. 5:7-8, and who now lives his life without willfully committing sins and iniquities.

    In the beginning of Christ's first commanded early Passover, this service was observed by killing and shedding the blood of a lamb that was to represent the coming Lamb of God, Jesus  Christ and the shedding of His blood. The shedding of the Lamb's blood temporarily satisfied the law's demands for sin, broken laws, until the coming of Christ and His shed blood and broken body. In Heb. 9:12-22 tells us there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood. In Heb. 10:1-10 Christ tells us that those animals' blood was just a reminder of sin and a temporary justification until Christ's shed blood and Sacrifice had been presented and God the Father, had accepted it after Christ was resurrected.

   However, that early Passover and the lamb sacrifices could never forgive sins, Heb. 10:4, and did not and could not  ever represent all that the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was to represent when  He came and gave His whole body to be broken, bruised, and torn in strips of flagged flesh, His form and appearance more marred, defaced, than any man, Isa. 52:14, and His bones exposed, Ps. 22:14,17. Jesus Christ's body and sacrifice was given to represent all the pains, sufferings, diseases and curses that  the sins of God's broken 10 commandments brings upon the body and life of every sinner, Deut. 28:15-57, 28:58-66. Without the shedding of His blood, there is no remission of sins,  without His body being broken, there is no forgiveness of suffering and pain to make one free of pain, and to heal one of all anguish, depression, guilt, sickness and diseases that sin brings upon a person and his life, Heb. 9:22. Mat. 26:28, Luke 24:47.

   Today people  seem to never question why they are sick and diseased, they just accept it as genetic or the way life is, and there is nothing that they or anyone believe they can do about it, accept treat it with poisonous drugs. They would never believe God's Word which says their diseases, their sicknesses, their mental problems, their depressions, their loneliness, their family problems, their broken homes, their stresses have everything to do as the result of their life's behavior as it pertains to broken laws and the 10 commandments of God concerning every aspect of their life. Read what God says about it in Deut. 28:15-57, 28:58-66, John 8:34.

          God's law in His judgments requires that blood must be shed to justify the breaking of His Ten Commandments, which is sin. God gives His Bible meaning of sin, which is the "The breaking of God's law," I John 3:4.What is God's law? The law was given to Moses and written down for all to keep, Ex. 20:1-17, Deut. 5:1-22, Mat. 19:16-19, I Kings 2:3, Neh. 1:7-9. The law of God  consists of Christ's Ten Commandments, His statutes and His judgments that He gave to Moses and the nation of Israel. Moses and the Israelite nation were called to be priests to all the world, Ex. 19:6, to set the example before them. The Ten Commandments of Christ are the broad, all encompassing, ten major points of Christ's complete and perfect law that converts a sinner, Ps. 19:7-13. All sin falls under the breaking of God's Ten Commandments. Love is the fruit of obeying The Ten Commandments in their entirety, which manifests love to God and love to neighbor, I John 5:2-3. Love fulfills the law, Rom. 13:10, John 15:10.

   The law of God consists also of His statutes, which are commandments that are extensions of Christ's Ten Commandments, which detail, magnify and expound the foundational points of God's Ten Commandments. The law of Christ also consists of His judgments, the part of Christ's law that administers and commands the judgment of death when His law, His 10 commandments are broken. Christ's mercy through His sacrifice overrides  the law's judgment of death.

    The overall purpose of Christ's law when one is led by God's Holy Spirit is to teach and convert anyone who desires salvation, from following one's own unlawful desires, lusts and ways, to a heart of love to God and love to one's neighbor through the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Without this love, there is no salvation, no entering God's Kingdom of love, John 17:21-26, I Cor. 13:1-3. Not knowing and understanding about God's Ten Commandments is not knowing and understanding about God, what is God's love, and why Christ died, and why His blood was spilled and His body was broken open, torn and shredded. His body sufferings and death was not to forgive people's sins so people could receive forgivness of their sins and at the same time  they could still go out and continue in their sins, as is believed today in today's accepted Christianity. People commit blasphemy against God the Father and Jesus Christ believing such evil teachings. 

         Satan has deceived our society and religions of all faiths and confessions about love. He has caused people to believe they are the "god" of their life, and if one lives a good life, by one's own set of standards and laws, or if anyone who expresses and defines love by his own reasoning,  or by following some points of God's law but not all His commandments, that God will have mercy and not destroy him in the judgment at the end of this society, James 2:10-11.  In other words, people have been led to believe that God's judgment against commandment transgressors is made  null and void, if a person just lives a good life by his own standards. Satan is still inspiring man to eat of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," whereas man decides what is love and what is not love, what is a law and what is not a law, which is the same old "good and evil" decisions being decided by man today as he has been doing for 6 thousand of years. Please study Gen. 3:1-5.

   Christ inspired John to write that Satan has the whole world deceived, and he certainly has accomplished this not only in all of society, but in all religions, Rev.12:9. Still, God's law and judgment against law transgressions still stands. People, who have not repented are still under the penalty of transgressions of the law. The wages, the end results of all sins, the discounting and not recognizing God's law is still breaking God's law, any one or all of His Ten Commandments, is still death, Rom. 6:23, Rev. 21:7-8, Rev. 22:11-15. Satan has all of mankind, all religions, including today's Christianity, so entrenched in his false religious education and teaching,  the deceitfulness of sin, the error of sin, and all the evil fruits of iniquity, that it is nearly impossible for any to be taught to understand the plain, simple truth about Christ and His Passover, which is the foundation of His Gospel message.

        The Passover day and service that Christ commands all His chosen ones "to do in remembrance of His death," I Cor. 11:23-32, is to be observed and kept with Him through His Spirit on the 14th of the 1st month of every year (God's calendar), and not every week, or every month or at the commemoration of a false idolatrous, Easter service. This year, 2004, Christ's Passover is on the beginning of April 5 which begins on the evening after sunset of April the 4th. The Passover service is to remind  His chosen ones  with meaning and understanding, why His body was broken and His blood was shed, in relation to one's sins. Christ's  body was broken and His blood shed to fulfill the law's demands for death, to justify the law's demands for every sinner that will repent, accept Him and His sufferings and death. Every person that is not repentant must fulfill the judgment of God's law for his own body to be broken through diseases and his own blood to be shed through one way or the other to make payment for his own sins with death and that is all without him receiving salvation.

   This is the law and Christ's judgment  given against everyone whenever God's Ten Commandments are broken, such as people worshipping  any idols such as "another christ," or any other God, or even worshipping ministers, priests and pastors as gods, with all of their false teachings and also their profaning and transgressing God's Holy 7th Day Sabbath, taking God's name in vain worship, permitting and not speaking out against children who dishonor their parents, church members committing adultery, fornication  and all such unlawful sex sins along with transgressions of all of the rest of Christ's 10 commandments such as murder, lying, stealing, and coveting.

    Christ gave His life, His body to be broken, cut, torn open and His blood shed for any person and all mankind that will repent of these such sins, which is the breaking of God's law and who will accept Christ, His shed blood and set his life to obey God in all of his life and behavior. Christ in His love gave His life in place of the sinner's life and blood to be shed. Christ promises grace, mercy,  and forgiveness of man's sins if there is repentance, followed with obedience.  He also promises to give that person His Holy Spirit, His Power, to help him   obey God's law of love, to overcome sin and its temptations and to grow in His love, Acts 2:38, John 17:26, Rom. 13:10.

       Whenever anyone breaks or continues to break any one of Christ's Ten Commandments, that person is treading underfoot the Son of Man's blood, and counting His covenant an unholy thing, Heb. 10:29.When observing the Passover, Christ said, "Remember His Passover, His death, His given shed blood and Body and partake of it with this full understanding." Anyone who thinks he is above God's law, and doesn't realize the seriousness of sin will not be able to use the excuse that he has not been warned when they find themselves not protected, not led to safety, but left to the beast and the great curse coming upon all the earth through the judging of the earth through The Great Tribulation.  

     People at this time will find they have built on a "wrong foundation," building with burnable material, I Cor. 3:9-15, by not understanding the suffering and death of Jesus Christ and were not remembering His death through His Passover Service. As Jesus Christ prophesied, many teachers, ministers, prophets and evangelists would come, "Preaching Jesus is the Christ, call Him Lord, and preaching all one has to do for life is have faith, confess His name and they will and have deceived many people." Mat. 7:21-23, Mat. 24: 4-5.

   Other deceivers have preached a perverted and  misfocused Gospel as another gospel, that the focus of the good news Gospel is the coming Kingdom of God and have deceived many, Mat. 24:5, Gal. 1:6-12. Any adulterating and perverting of the GOSPEL is a  deceiving message and gospel and does not represent the Christ of the Bible and the true meaning of His death and His Gospel message of how a sinner can enter God's kingdom.  Woe be unto those false leaders and the sheep that are following them, they both are headed for terrible destruction and fire.

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