Denying God's Power

Why do members of today's Christian Churches deny the power of God that can help them  overcome their sins to  live righteous lives and yet  still profess to be Christians?

      On the Day of Pentecost, nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ made available His miraculous   Holy Spirit which provides the POWER to help believers to overcome the world, Satan and one's sins!    This POWER from God is a miracle in a believer's life and will assist him in overcoming his sins, and is POWER  FROM GOD that can help a person to develop and build the spiritual life that is needed to develop the LOVE that Christ requires in His saints to come to have the very HEART and MIND of God IN ORDER TO BECOME ONE OF HIS SONS.

       Why is it then in today's Christian churches that their members, who profess to be Christians, declare how Jesus Christ has come into their life and has helped them, but not to overcome their sins and to keep God's commandments? They say that their new life in Christ has come about through the spirit and power of Jesus Christ, but at the same time, these same people will deny God's power which can help them to stop committing sins, based on and defined by God's law. They justify the denial of God's POWER in their lives by having accepted Satan's false teaching that Christ will save them in their sins. They believe that they don't have to overcome all of their sins and repent of breaking God's law in order to be saved, because they have accepted today's Christian  teaching, inspired by a false spirit, that obeying God's 10 commandments is not required in receiving salvation. Satan's ministers have led them to believe that the works of commandment keeping is not required by Christ to be accepted for the forgiveness of one sins.

     These "confessed to be Christ followers" are terribly deceived, and choose to continue to be deceived. These church going people, by their own confession, and by their own words, deny God's POWER, to be able to help them to keep and obey God's ten commandments, which Christ says one must do and keep in order to grow in love, and to be given eternal life, Matthew 19:16-17, "If you will enter into life, keep the commandments." Christ tells His followers in I John 5:3, "This is the LOVE of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous (not a burden or pain.)" In plain words, these church people "have a form of godliness, (Christianity), but deny the power thereof," and Christ says, "From such turn away," II Timothy 3:5. To turn from such people means don't even fellowship with them as being true members of the body of Jesus Christ!  

   Today's professed Christians are of the state of mind in their religious understanding as Christ's Word say in II Timothy 3:7, of "ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth ." They, by accepting today's false, Christian teaching as truth, are rejecting and resisting the truth about the true Christ, His true Gospel, why Christ died, and how one really does receive God's Holy Spirit, which provides His great POWER to help them obey what Christ commands to receive salvation. They, by resisting Christ's Word and truth by being disobedient to Him, are denying God's POWER and are permitting their minds to be corrupted and are without spiritual understanding. All this resistance to His Word and denial of His Power causes them to become a hypocrite and a reprobate concerning the faith, II Timothy 3:8. Today's Christians are hollow shells, not zealous, on fire, true Christians, and it is all because they are following the doctrines of men, and not the teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ!

     The average church going, professing believer in Jesus Christ does not even know what is the true gospel! They do not know what is repentance and cannot explain it in detail and how it relates to God's law and salvation. They do not know what is sin, nor can they clearly and fully define it with examples! They do not know what is grace and  can only parrot what men teach as being the meaning of grace . They do not know what is righteousness and what makes one righteous in comparison  to what makes a person a sinner. In plain words, they do not know the difference between a sinner and a saint, or an unrighteous church-going believer and sinner and a true, righteous believer. Even though they profess that they have been born again, they, by their fruit, really don't know what it means to be born again.

    These are all simple teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles, that every confessing believer should know, but the truth of the matter is, today's confessing Christians  do not know and cannot explain the meaning of each of these teachings, which are all vital to know and to understand concerning a believer's salvation, and to receive the POWER of God to live as a Christian.

    Why is all of this true? Why are today's church-going believers deceived about their salvation? It is because the average church going, confessing Christian has not done what Jesus Christ has commanded in order for them to become a true Christian. John says in II John 9 "Whosoever transgresses and abides not in the doctrine of Christ has not God---." So today's professing Christians, by their rebellious works of resisting to do what Christ commands them to do, cannot understand these teachings in their life. Why! It is because they are continually denying God's POWER, which comes through the gift of God's HOLY SPIRIT, that Christ has made available to help them to do what Christ commands and understand the truth about salvation. No one can receive God's Holy Spirit unless he deeply repents of breaking God's commandments, and is baptized and accepts Christ as his Savior.

    Baptism symbolizes the burial of the old man in a watery grave, which is to repent and stop living the old way of life, of doing what a person thinks is right and wrong in his own eyes, by his own mind, by his own created standards, and by his own opinions, rather than live a new life in Christ through the eyes, the mind,  the laws and commandments of God. This is the fruit of the difference between a member following the way of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, where each person decides in own mind and heart what shall be his standard to live his life and a member following the way of the tree of life, where each person looks to God  and His Standards, His 10 commandments and submits his life to obeying each one of His righteous commandments.

    Today's church members confessing to be of the Christian faith, deny God's POWER that He promises to give to every repentant believer, in order to assist that believer in being obedient to Christ and His ten commandments, and to fulfill the New Covenant that every Christian must accept and commit himself to obey! The ten commandments is the law of the new covenant that Christ commands to be written in every Christian heart, to produce the work and fruit of the New Covenant, Hebrews 10:16. This is what Christ is referring to by Him saying that a member of His body must obey and desire to obey the commandments to gain life, (Mat.19:17), and that He, Christ,  will come (is coming) in the flesh, that is Christ will come to live in that person through His mighty POWER of His Holy Spirit, II John 6-8, in order to enable that member to keep His commandments. Today's Christians reject and resist God's commandments to be written in their heart, because a mind that does not have Christ living in that person through God's Spirit, is a carnal mind and is hostile against God's commandments, as Christ has stated in Romans 8:7. When a confessed believer denies and rejects God's POWER, they are really rejecting Jesus Christ, they are rejecting the writing of God's commandments in their heart, and are rejecting the faith and doctrine of Jesus Christ, as His Word plainly teaches in II John 9.

     Look what Christ says about any person rejecting His doctrine that teaches about Him and His Gospel. This confessing believer who  rejects His teaching is a deceiver and an antichrist, II John 6-10, and is one who is confessing by his fruit that Christ comes not in the flesh through His POWER into a person to help him keep His commandments. This person is, as Christ warns, a reprobate of the faith! The Greek WORD Adokimos (96) translated reprobate in Strong's Concordance and dictionary means: a believer who is unapproved, rejected, a worthless castaway! Christ in His Word, Titus 1:16, says that "they profess that they know God (that they love Him): but in works (works of disobedience,  resistance to commandment keeping) they deny Him (deny Christ coming in their flesh with His POWER in them to obey Him): BEING ABOMINABLE (detestable, unholy, unclean and disobedient,  teaching against obeying God's laws) and unto every good work reprobate."

    Today's Christians, who deny God's POWER that is promised to them to help them obey Christ and His ten commandments, are rebellious, unrighteous, and detestable, and God the Father, and Jesus Christ, have rejected such professing Christians as reprobates of the faith. Christ speaking to all  believers tells them to "examine yourselves, whether you are in the faith: prove your own selves. Don't you know if Christ is not in you, (you are denying God's POWER) you are a reprobate," II Corinthians 13:5.

    Paul wrote II Timothy 3:1-5 that "in the last days perilous (difficult and dangerous) times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves , (professing Christian men, priests, pastors, ministers putting themselves above God's commandments, worshipping themselves, their body, their sexual desires, money, power, and all rejecting God's law) covetous (lusting and craving the unlawful and hurtful actions against themselves, their families and others.     

    Men shall be BLASPHEMERS  (speaking against God, His commandments, and being disrespectful to Him and Jesus Christ in every way) DISOBEDIENT TO PARENTS (never learning the first beginning  authority in one's life beginning  in the family, so God's authority has no place in their life),
 UNTHANKFUL  , UNHOLY   (confessing Christians believing that no one can be Holy, denying God's POWER.)

   Today's confessing Christians are WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION (priests, ministers and members alike who teach the murdering of the young, abortions, as well as sexually abusing them) TRUCEBREAKERS (people who will not be honest, and continually break agreements, marriage covenants and contracts all in the Christian faith), FALSE ACCUSERS (where the innocent and true believers are made to appear guilty), INCONTINENT (striking out without having any control over their emotions and their life), FIERCE (today's  religions of all faiths are violent and abusive, filled with hate, strife and division against one another), DESPISERS OF THOSE THAT ARE GOOD (people despising commandment keepers and the faithful and cannot stand to be in their presence), TRAITORS (people confessing to be religious, but betraying the true  Christian faith, Jesus Christ, their own family, country, laws and  government),  (professors, theologians, confessing ministers who are all high in themselves and worship themselves), HIGHMINDED (men looking down upon common and poor people, showing respect of persons).

   Today's confessing Christians are LOVERS OF PLEASURE MORE THAN LOVERS OF GOD, (people spend all or most of their time on pleasures of sports, watching sports, partying, overeating and drinking, unlawful sex and desire for it, where God is put at the very last or least in one's mind, time,  acknowledgment and worship in order to come to know Him and Jesus Christ.) Today's confessed Christians are guilty of  all of these shameful sins, which  is breaking  God's commandments and yet still, profess to have faith, godliness of Christianity, but deny the power that is  available from Jesus Christ to overcome all of these sins and be able to live free of the curses that all these sins will bring upon them.

    God's Word warns Christians in Jude 3-4, "To earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, because there are certain ungodly men who have crept into Christianity and having turned the grace of God into lasciviousness and are denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. "   Lasciviousness means that men (ministers) have come into the Christian faith and believe they are above God's law and have permission from their false christ, who it is, who    they really  worship and  follow all of his Christian, false teaching, that they can break God's commandments, and believe it is not important in salvation. So they continue to sin, and still believe they will be accepted in God's sight! They refer to this deceptive teaching as "grace without works" and believe this is the teaching of Christ's Word, but this teaching is a lie that will lead them and their followers to death!

     JESUS CHRIST IN MATTHEW 19:16-17, TELLS ALL   BELIEVERS   DESIRING SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE IN HIS KINGDOM, THAT YOU MUST KEEP THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. THIS IS THE MESSAGE AND WORK AND TEACHING OF JESUS CHRIST THAT MEN TRY TO DENY AS BEING HIS WORD! Did Christ give to all of His followers desiring life, something that is impossible to do? The majority of all professing Christians today, believe that He did! By this, their own admission, they are denying the POWER of God, because Jesus Christ tells us with His POWER in us, nothing is impossible for us to do, and that a believer can live without spot and blemish. Christ tells us in Luke 18:27, "The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God, with God and His POWER in us," and Christ's Word says in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me," being strengthened through God's POWER!

    But today's professed to be Christians don't really  believe this and don't have the faith in God, His Word, and His POWER, and what a person can accomplish through God's POWER working in him. Today's Christians are empty shells, devoid of God's POWER, and deny God's POWER to help them! They live and work and try to live a Christian life by their own power and the power of Satan, who says to them (Mat. 4:9) as he did to Christ, that he will give them his power if they will worship him and follow all his teachings that are taught by his enlightened ministry, II Corinthians 11:13-15. They teach that a person is not required to keep God's ten commandments in order to be accepted to be justified to receive eternal life, and that everybody has eternal life residing in them, Genesis 3:4-5. Paul's commission as well as all of the apostles' doctrine was to turn people from the power and teaching of Satan, to God's POWER and His true teachings, Acts 26:18. Here in this verse Christ   commanded Paul and all members "to open the people's eyes, and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto (the power) of God."
   Today's Christians deny God's POWER and justify their lack of His POWER by all of them having been accepted into today's churches. By all of these members being accepted in today's body of believers, to them this is proof that they really have God's POWER working within them and that all of this is God working with them, and that they have eternal life. They believe by only accepting the Name of Jesus Christ, without the other things Christ commands them to do, that this will give them God's POWER to be a Christian. Satan really does have all these believers deceived about receiving God's POWER through His Spirit, and about receiving eternal life.

    CHURCH MEMBERS HAVE BEEN LED TO ACCEPT TODAY'S FALSE, CHRISTIAN, MISGUIDED MINDSET THAT GOD CAN GIVE POWER TO KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS ONLY AFTER ONE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO SPIRIT AS A RESURRECTED MEMBER IN GOD'S KINGDOM, BUT  THAT THEY CANNOT RECEIVE THAT POWER NOW IN THIS LIFE. This is a clear admission of  self confessing Christians who are denying God's POWER to do all that Christ commands of His followers. God commands His true members of His Body to be HOLY, I Peter 1:14-15, but today's Christians deny the POWER of God to be  HOLY or become HOLY, Eph. 1:4.  God tells true Christians to be   RIGHTEOUS, I John 3:7, but today's Christians deny Gods POWER to be righteous. Christ commands today's Christians to be PERFECT, Mat. 5:48, but they deny God's POWER to become perfect. Today's believers believe that no member can become righteous and live without breaking God's commandments, and any member of Christ who says he can BE RIGHTEOUS, and is righteous, is accepted as being  self-righteous by today's confessed Christians, and is called a Pharisee. For eyes that see,  it is clear how today's professing Christians are denying the POWER of God by their resistance to follow Christ's WORD!

     Even though God tells all in Romans 5:19, "For by one man's disobedience (Adam's wrong tree  choice)    many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one (Christ's sinless life) shall many be made righteous." Many can be made righteous through the shed blood of Christ and given POWER by Him  to keep and obey His commandments, to be justified and to be righteous, but this POWER of God to be able to do this, is denied by today's professed Christians to help them to be completely righteous without being a sinner at the same time. Read our article " From Sinner to Saint ." Paul says in I Corinthians 2:5 to all Christians, "That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men (their watered down theology) but in the POWER of God."

    When today's believers deny the POWER of God through the guidance of His Holy Spirit, they are unable to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ! They will not be able to understand the true Gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ and the apostles preached! Instead, they will be led through false preaching, to accept one of the false and perverted gospels that is being taught in today's Christianity. The very first thing that Christ taught the people was their need to repent, to repent of their sins as defined by God's commandments. So, if a person who confesses to be of Christ, but continues to live in his sins, he is continuing to remain in the darkness of Satan, and is a reprobate in the faith!

    Repentance by today's Christian teaching has been so watered down that it no longer means to recognize their sins and to stop committing these sins, as recognized and defined by God's law, but to them it  means what each individual person decides what is sin. This is the beginning of a person resisting and denying God's POWER, and to begin to build one's life on truth in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ for salvation. When a called out person resists and refuses to recognize and acknowledge what is sin by what God says is sin as pertaining to His commandments, this person is not and will not be chosen by Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life in His Kingdom. He will be cast out of Christ's presence at His coming, Matthew 25:12,41.

      When one resists and denies God's POWER to help him understand,  which is the very beginning heart and mind that a Christian must have to begin his new life in Jesus Christ, then he is cut off from understanding Christ's Gospel. He is cut off from understanding what it means to be converted. He is cut off from understanding and the  meaning of God's grace and is cut off from being born again by first being given a small portion of God's Spirit, to begin his new life in Jesus Christ. So without the understanding how a life in Christ must first begin, a person will continue to stay in a state of deception, confusion of what is true Christianity, darkness and blindness to sins, and is DENYING THE POWER OF GOD, through His Word, to teach him the way to true righteousness!

    So in truth, when a potential believer rejects and denies the POWER of God, he is denying the instruction given in God's Word to teach him about true repentance, why Jesus Christ died, why His Body was broken, bruised and beaten and His blood shed, and by this, a believer is rejecting Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Grace, His forgiveness of his sins and the giving of God's Spirit! There will be no resurrection of a person to eternal life who resists and denies God's Spirit and POWER as being a vital part of His life here and now, Romans 8:11!

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