Who is the Christ in Christmas that people  profess to serve, honor and worship with all its' associated customs of tree decorating, Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, Santa Claus and gift giving?

        Did the true Savior of the Bible or  did a false religious system calling itself Christianity  create another savior, a false, created christ and rename this original day of Saturnalia to  be  CHRIST-MAS, and retain all of its' pagan, sun-worship customs of the past for the worship of this false christ of Christmas? God says to His people in Jer. 10: 1-14, 23 "learn not the way of the heathen" and in Deut 8:19-20 God says " walk not after other gods for if you do you shall perish. " Some religious people say because of people's attention given to the heavy Christmas shopping season, that their Christ is being being left out and so they cry out, "LET'S PUT JESUS CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS," because they say, "HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!" Is the reason for the season the Jesus Christ of the Bible, or " another christ, a no-law, false, god-savior," created for this sun-worship pagan season by professed Christians, and has been created in the name and image of the True Savior, Jesus Christ, II Cor. 11:4, 14? All of this is vain worship of a false christ that takes the name of the real Christ in vain which breaks the 3rd commandment.

        People sacrifice, exalt and worship Christmas and  it's Santa Claus by giving of their life, time, money and heart, all in the name of this "false christ." This satanic and Christmas-created, false christ, along with the other false christs of today's  professed Christianity, fits together so well with their idolatrous, pagan season of sun-worship, because they both appeal to man's lust of no lawful restraint, by their fleshly minded, unlawful pursuits all because of man's natural hostility against God and His law, Rom. 8:7-8. One of the commandments of Jesus Christ, who was the God of the Old Testament, (I Cor. 10: 2-7) clearly states, paraphrased " YOU SHALL NOT MAKE (CREATE) UNTO YOURSELF ANY GRAVEN IMAGE OR ANY LIKENESS OF GOD OR (CHRIST), BECAUSE HE WILL REMEMBER TO BRING PUNISHMENT ON YOUR CHILDREN THAT HATE HIM, BUT WILL HAVE MERCY ON THEM WHO LOVE HIM AND KEEP HIS (TEN) COMMANDMENTS," EX. 20: 4-6. God has punished people and nations in the past years for their false worship, the creating false images of God, but now at this end time, His ultimate punishment and judgment over the whole wide world of all nations and people for their sins, Rev. 3:10, is about to take place, Rev, 17: 1-18, Deut.8:19-20. In Deut. 8:20 "----As the nations which the Lord destroyed before your face, so shall you perish: because you would not be obedient unto the voice of the Lord your God."

          Satan's work is at its'  peak of deception at Christmas and is one of the greatest of all His  masterpieces of deceptions  in today's professed Christianity.  God's Word in Rev. 12:9 says, "SATAN HAS DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD." Jesus Christ says, "Satan is a liar and father of all lying," John 8:44. Christmas and Santa Claus is built on lies and perpetuated by lies, false swearing, idolatry and religious deception. Satan, along with the help of his false,  professed to be  ministers, II Cor. 11: 13-15, have taken a fact of the Bible such as Christ's birth,  and twisted the facts concerning His birth to lay a foundation for their Christian Christmas observance. For example, they take the fact that shepherds were still out in the field at the warm season tending their flocks, and then preach falsely His birth was in the cold, winter season. These false ministers proclaim publicly every year that Jesus Christ was born in the winter solstice season at the same day and season when the past, pagan sun-worshippers, worshipped the sun, with all their sun-worship, customs of tree decorations, hanging of lights, displaying winter greenery, wreathes, yule logs, and etc. Satan and all of his teachers of light give an unsound, Biblical foundation for all their false worship and observance of Christmas and all of the rest of their unholy days. 

       Satan and his ministers have made all of this appeal to the eyes, heart and lust of man and then proclaim and program people  and his world, to believe that the keeping and celebrating of Christmas is of true Christianity. They believe to worship this "false created, Christmas christ," is showing love to the Christ of the Bible in man's own fleshly and carnal way. Continually, Satan is still telling all people that they are as "gods" and they can decide what is love, what is good, what is evil and what is pleasant to the eyes, and that man will not die for choosing this God forbidden "tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man deciding his own way, " Gen. 3:4-6, Pro. 16:25. Man's thinking is that the end justifies the means, and the highs and lows of Christmas justifies the means of whatever sin is committed to obtain its pleasure for the day and keep on observing it!

Why is the christ that people worship, serve and recognize at Christmas of the winter solstice season not the savior of the Bible, but a false, created , christ, savior and image? People are fulfilling Christ's prophecy, fulfilling what Jesus Christ said: that there would arise ( be religiously raised up) false, created, illusions and images of Him, and this  means: worshipped, deceiving,  false christ creations that are not genuine, but are wicked imaginations, and there would be unfaithful, lying ministers preaching these "false christs" all in the name and authority of the true Son of God. Study Mat. 24: 4,5,24, Mat. 7:21, Mat. 15:3, 8-9. Why, because their minds and hearts at Christmas are totally wrapped up in the flesh and are hostile to God and His law. Study Rom.8:5-7

       People who are truly interested in the truth of God and His Son, Jesus Christ will examine this seasonal worshipped christ through God's Word to determine who is the "worshipped christ of Christmas"   It is a fact of truth from the Bible that the Christ of the Bible, who was the God of the Old Testament, I Cor.. 10:1-4, hates, detests and abhors idolatry and idols (created images) and all attachments (customs and rituals) to them, whether it is in relation to sun-worship, star worship, mother earth, animals, trees or anything or even a person that takes the place of God in their false image creation and false God worship.  The "created, christian christ," who is worshipped at Christmas, and who is accepted in all of today's professed Christianity, says through Satan and his ministers, "that Christmas is good and good for children!" Man, by the fact he believes he is as god in determining what is good and what is evil, reasons, if the good by man's standards out weighs the bad-evil, then man believes he is justified of the bad and his sins and is accepted by the true Jesus Christ. The end to them justifies all of the means of attaining it: lying to their children about the Santa idol who is created and made to appear as having god-like traits and characteristics, and associating the Name and birth of Christ with a Santa idol and yuletide season, that is set in sun-worship,  creates a "false christ" that compromises true Christ worship, and is a "created christ" that has done away with God's law which points out man's sins.  

          Can you recognize the true Christ of the Bible from the "false, created, christ" in today's Christianity?   The Christ of the Bible says, "FLEE IDOLATRY AND ALL IT'S TEMPTATIONS ," I COR. 10: 13-14. The created, Christ of Christmas and Satan says, "go ahead, enjoy sin and its' highs of its false spirit, its pleasures for the moment, falsely believing no harm or punishment shall come on you." The Christ of the Bible says, "HE HATES A LYING TONGUE," (believing and teaching a fictitious Santa) a heart that creates "wicked imaginations," (that Christmas  and all of its customs is of a good spirit) and "false witness," that swears falsely, falsely declaring in Christ's name that Christmas is Christian and teaching your children that Santa is real, Pro. 6: 17-19. Satan and His "created Christmas christ" says, "If it looks good to the eyes, tastes good to the mouth and appeals to the desires and lusts of the body, don't worry about it being unlawful and reaping the judgment of God, because he, "the created christ" projected through Satan, has done away with the law and its' judgments and nailed to the cross. They believe the lie, as all of today's Christianity believes, that Christ's law, His 10 commandments has been nailed to the cross. God's Word says it was the ordinances of judgments that were nailed to the cross, but only for those who will repent of their sins and accept Christ's shed blood and death for their sins. The Christ of the Bible warns all of His followers not to offend His "little ones," including the "little ones" in a Christian family, and put a stumblingblock of sin before them, and if you do, expect severe punishment and judgment, Mat. 18:1-6. The "created, christ of Christmas" says through his Satan led ministers that people can teach children about the idolatry of Christmas and the Santa idol without harm and punishment coming to them. Which Christ do you follow in your worship?

          Is there coming a judgment  day of Christ upon all people and their sins?   You had better write it  down in your heart as a warning from the real Christ, because Christ has it written down in His Word! The Bible says, "CHRIST CHANGES NOT, " MAL. 3:6, HEB. 13:8. CHRIST WRITES, "HE IS A CONSUMING, DESTROYING FIRE," HEB. 12:29. Christ writes in Deut. 7:25, " To burn your graven images and not to desire them, lest you be snared, because they are abominations to Him." In verse 26, the God of he Bible writes, " don't bring the idol abominations into your house lest you be cursed like it , but utterly detest and utterly abhor it , for it is a cursed thing. Christ writes in Zech. 5:3-4, " He will send a curse over the face of the whole earth and will destroy the people of that house that steals and swears falsely by His name, along with the timbers and stones of that house! The Christ of the Bible tells us, "whosoever loves and makes a lie will not enter through the gates of the eternal city," REV. 22:14-15, and He writes, "all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire, " REV.. 21:8. In Deut. 8:19, Christ writes, "if you don't obey Him, and worship Him and the Father, expect to perish from the earth as people have perished before you who did not put God first and worship Him with all their heart!" 

          Is anyone really concerned about the true facts of Christmas? And are they really interested in learning how to identify the false christs in all of today's professed Christianity so their worship can be true worship with the true Jesus Christ, and not be in vain. The true Jesus Christ of Scripture says in Mark 7:9, "Full well you reject the commandments of God that you may keep our own tradition," and in verse 13, "making the word of God of none effect through your traditions." Anyone desiring protection and salvation from the Christ of the Bible had better do a good house-cleaning of Christmas in their home, and with your worship of the "created christ of Christmas." Jesus Christ will not save anyone who does not repent of idolatry, idol creation, a false created image of Jesus Christ through their lying and false swearing. His grace and mercy does not cover unrepentant sins. Write His coming judgment of your sins down in your heart, because Christ has it written down in His Word, Rev. 20:12, Ex. 32:31-33, Heb. 8:10, Heb. 10:16, 26-27, II Peter 3:9-10.

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