What does Christmas have to do with the forbidden tree that God  writes about in the book of Genesis?

    Why has man chosen Christmas to be an international "holy-feast" day in observance of Christ's birth?
   Jesus Christ has not commanded a FEAST day to be kept holy to remember HIS BIRTH. Also JESUS CHRIST IS--NOT--ONE--BIT--PLEASED when churches, peoples, and nations use His name to title their feast holiday as in Christmas, at the same day and time of the year that the idolaters of the past served and worshipped their idols, with all their abominations in a hedonistic type of worship. Why does man choose to remember and observe Christmas, a day and season not commanded by God, and reject all the special Holy Days and seasons God has commanded man to remember to keep, Lev. 23:1-44? God's wrath is growing stronger and His patience shorter day by day, because of man's sins, and his continual, rebellious heart. Why does man choose to remember to observe the first work day of the week, Sunday, to be his sabbath, not commanded by God, and reject the Sabbath day God has commanded for man to remember to keep Holy--the 7th day of the week, Saturday?

     It is all because of man in the beginning chose the forbidden tree in Genesis, the tree that God told man not to choose as the way man would live his life, and by him choosing this forbidden tree that his life would end in his death unless he would repent of following the way of that forbidden tree. Yet today man continues to eat and live by the fruit of the forbidden tree of Gen. 3:3-6, which is man as god, deciding what is holy and unholy, and man creating his own holy days, sabbaths, saviors, and gods made in man's and Satan's own image, Deut. 5:8. Woe be unto them in Christ's soon coming, Day of Judgment. Use these questions generated in this article to inspire you think about how you live and why you live as you do.

     Why does man in his "professed Christian world" take the pure, sinless, righteous, holy Name of Jesus Christ, drag, copy, paste, and place His name into their hedonistic, idolatrous, special holidays, such as Christmas?    The reason is to try to make Christmas, man's fruit of his chosen, forbidden tree, to appear as good, holy, and as fruit of the spirit of God's tree of life. This is man trying to Christianize his fruit of the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of "good and evil." Study Mat. 7:17-20. Taking Christ's Name and associating it with all the sins, fruit of the forbidden tree,  is--not--one--bit--pleasing to God, and God will not hold him without guilt and shame for taking His Name in vain and for evil use, Deut. 5:11, and using His name in observing man's idolatrous Christmas.

      Why does man argue  that he doesn't worship at Christmas the idols of the past, for which Christmas was begun, but at the same time teach his children to look to the idol of Santa Claus?  Why does man deceive himself that he is not an idolater of Christmas, and yet at the same time put up a Christmas tree with all its lights and trimming, to serve as the Santa Claus's idol alter, where they lie and teach that Santa will visit with gifts, and use this tradition to glorify this Christmas idol  as a gift giving, as another god in their children's minds and hearts? God the Father and Jesus Christ, hate idolatry of any form, along with all the lying that goes along with it! The idolatry of Christmas is not the fruit from the tree of life, Rev. 22:14, but is the fruit of the forbidden tree, a way of man that seems good, but will end in death, Pro. 14:12. Christ warns all idolaters and he who loves and makes a lie that they will not have a right to the tree of life nor enter into His City, Rev. 22:14-15.

    Why can't so-called believers in Christ see through all the deception, falseness, idolatry, make believe lies and sins of Christmas, and understand that this is man following a way that seems right, and  that this mis-appropriating the name of Jesus Christ and His birth, will end in death?  Men, through Satan and his professed "Christian ministry," have been and are liars and covering up the truth about Christmas, and all its abominations. God says, "HE HATES, DESPISES, MAN'S FEAST DAYS," Amos 5:20-24, because they are the fruit of the forbidden tree--the tree of death and corruption. Christmas is one of man's feast days and fruit of the forbidden tree of Genesis. God told man to not eat of its fruit,. Satan and his ministers of light, II Cor. 11:13-15, will always make the fruit of the forbidden tree, pleasant to the senses, and sensual desires of man, such as in Christmas with all its decorations, lights and food, but it will always reap the unpeaceful fruits of unrighteousness and death. Romans 8:6 says, "For to be fleshly minded (mindful of the things of the flesh) is death: but to be spiritually minded (mindful of the spiritual things) is life and peace."

     Why did Jesus Christ of the Bible say, "Don't think (celebrate at Christmas) that I came to send (bring) peace to the earth, I came not to send peace but a sword," Mat. 10:34. Luke 12:51 says "I (Christ) came not to give PEACE BUT DIVISION. Division and a sword means a battle of the spirits the dividing of the spirits the spirit of the flesh that follows the forbidden tree, the spirit of the flesh that fights against the spirit of the born-again Saint following the tree of life. Gal. 5:16-17, "The flesh lusteth (desires things) against the spirit and the spirit (desires things) against the flesh." Jesus Christ said in Mat. 10:35, "He came to set a man at variance (divided apart) against his father, and a daughter against her mother," verse 36, "and a man's foes shall be they of his own household."

   The Christian community, observing Christmas, do not believe or worship this Christ of the Bible, but the false christ of Christmas, that brings families together all bearing the same corrupt fruit of the forbidden tree, and trying to unite families in the same Satanic spirit. Why does Jesus Christ say He came to divide families, to set them at variance, at difference or opposition with one another? It is all because some are continually desiring to follow the way of the forbidden tree of the flesh, living by their own opinions or standards or laws, by their own knowledge of good and evil, and others desiring to follow the tree of life of obeying Christ's 10 commandments His tree of God's way of life. Christ desires to live in His chosen sons by His spirit, verses 37-40, Mat. 12:33, and to totally reject the fleshly spirit of man and Satan, all who reject God and His 10 commandments.

     Why don't "Professed to Christians" teach their children about the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, and His true gospel message?  The message   that Christ came to the earth to give His Life and pour out His Blood because of men's sins of idolatry and lying, all sins that people engage in by observing Christmas. They bear a false witness about Christ, His Name and His Birth., and teach them that the christ of Christmas is  the Christ of the Bible. They do not teach their children that the Christ of Scripture hates lying, idolatry and  that the Christ of the Bible is coming soon, to reveal Himself (WHAT A SHOCK THAT WILL BE) and He is coming to put down and destroy all the idol images of Him, and to judge all idolaters, and all who love to make a lie, and who are still living by the fruit of the forbidden tree, like that of Christmas, which seems right in their own eyes, but will end in death. Woe be unto all that will not repent and continue to justify their way and fruit that they are reaping from the forbidden tree! John the Baptist said, "The axe is laid to the trees: therefore every tree which brings not forth good fruit (people living of the forbidden tree) is cut down and cast into the fire," Mat. 3:10  If people who profess to be Christians, don't cut down this forbidden tree in their lives, then Christ will cut them down in His Judgment coming on all the earth.

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