Satan's Big Deception, Christianizing Christmas!


        Is Christmas and its season, a time of the year that  has been sanctified and made holy by Jesus Christ, or is it a season and day that has been "christianized" by the deception of Satan the Devil?

      Does Christmas observance represent the will and command of the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, or is its observance all part of Satan's  greater deception  in his "Christianizing" all of today's Christianity. Satan and  his false ministers and evangelists  of light, II Cor. 11:13-15, have created many false Christs  in today's Christianity. One of Satan's false christs that he and his ministers have created is the christ that they raise up, exalt and worship through their borrowing the sun-worship customs  of idolatry of the past and use them in observance to commorate the Christmas season of the year all in the name of Jesus Christ.

       Is Christ pleased with people associating His name, His birth (whose birth was not even at this season) with all the symbols and customs of rank, pagan idolatry and commandment transgression that represents SUN WORSHIP of the past? Is the spiritual image of a  "christ" that professed Christianity pictures, acknowledges and creates at the Christmas season the same Christ of the Bible? Do churches performing Christmas plays about Christ's unknown, unrevealed birth date, and the singing of Christmas songs in His Name at this season, force the hand of Christ  to compromise His own law, His judgment, and commandment by permitting His body of believers to set aside and proclaim this pagan, idolatrous day of Saturnalia-sun-worship, to be a Christian Holy Day, a day to commemorate Christ's unknown birth?

      The truth about this religious exercise, is that Christ for the present time is permitting the great deceiver, Satan to deceive people to go their own way, to worship a "false christ" of their own  choosing and Satan's creation, and continue to experience the curses of sin and the wages from the eating from the forbidden tree. Why, because God is letting man experience the ways of the forbidden tree in order  for him to learn some vital lessons about life. The wages of sin, following the ways of the forbidden tree, Gen. 3:3, compromising true Christianity, is death, Romans 6:23! Jesus Christ is soon to bring on a world wide house cleaning judgment among all professing  to be ministers and followers, Malachi 3:2-7. Will your spiritual house stand the coming trials and tests or will it coming crushing down like the WTC towers? Read and study I Cor. 3:13-15 for understanding.

God says in Malachi 3:2 - "And he shall sit as refiner and purifier of silver, and shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness."

       Christmas does not in any way represent the Christ of the Bible! Christ has not commanded a day or season, to commemorate His birth! The Christ of the Bible does not represent lying to children, parents being disloyal, unfaithful, and deceiving their own children by teaching them to worship a fictitious, Santa Claus idol! But many will cry "but it seems so innocent," and so does the satanical stories of Harry Potter representing  wizardry and witchcraft, sins that God in His Word also condemns, II Chron. 33:6, Gal. 5:20! Christ does not command or represent a season to entertain or retain a pagan belief in a mystical, god-like Santa Claus idol, by setting up and decorating an evergreen tree as an alter for the placing of gifts, Jeremiah 10:1-10. Jeremiah in these verses, warns God's people not to learn the ways of the heathen by observing such customs or like customs! The Christ of the Bible does not represent a perpetuating of idolatrous customs of any kind, like that of Christmas, Halloween, or Easter, nor will He live in any confessed believer, or save, or protect any person who has any association with these idolatrous days, II Corinthians 6:14-17.

     These seemingly innocent religious exercises of celebration and worship bear evil fruit that our Lord warns against (Matthew 7:15-24) and are a gross mis-representation and deception regarding Jesus Christ and His purpose for coming to this earth and the giving of His life! It seems that whatever Christ says don't do, religious people do, and what He commands in His Word to do, people don't do, all in the name of Christianity! These Christmas celebrations are all part of Satan's great deception that people seem to be unaware of, and most seem not  to want to think about and take seriously what they do involve!

      Jesus Christ did appoint a day and season to remember  to keep in memory of His death, His Passover, a day that today's Christians do not keep and remember with the understanding that He came to die for their sins, sins that they are unable to identify, cannot explain, and that they commit continually every year  at the Christmas season! However, His mercy is still available, if they see  to understand and will repent  of these sins of idolatry, lying, covetousness and taking His Name falsely and in vain, then Christ will forgive, justify and make one whole. But today, false and misled Christians profane His true Sabbaths and Holy Days, and then institute a  day such as Christmas to be holy, that He has not commanded to be kept Holy. For a Scriptural example describing people keeping their own feasts, holydays, and sabbaths, read and study Isaiah 1:14-20. He came to warn people to repent of these sins, not to perpetuate these sins of iniquity through a false christ worship. How opposite is the Christ of the Bible from the "created christs" of professed Christianity, Matthew 24:24!

       Christmas, along with Easter and Halloween, all days of Satan, are observed under the disguise of today's false Christianity and do not represent Jesus Christ, His life, His birthday, His death or any of His Word! Christmas is an example of an Adam and Eve  like situation where Satan has deceived the wife of today, EVE, and she convinces her husband, ADAM, by convincing him that there will be no harm come upon them and their families from celebrating these days. They say "we are doing it for the children's sake and Christ will not judge us for lying to our children, because it is based on our love for them!" Jesus Christ says through John, that is not love, because His love comes through the keeping of His commandments, not breaking them, I John 5:2-3. Please study Isa. 3:12 for a prophecy about how families will be, and how  they are fulfilling His prophecy today. Satan, through these days, creates a "false christ" of lasciviousness, of doing what seems right in one's own eyes, and all in the Name of Christ! Satan exerts pressure on people to memorialize these pagan, idolatrous days, by wrapping them in ribbon with Christ's Name on them! This rebellious spirit and influence is kept strong, believed to be justified, and unafraid of its consequences through churches, false ministers and retail stores, who all  resist and trample all over God's commandments in their lives, Jude 4-7! The ministers that preach and perpetuate these idolatrous days will be punished along with their followers! If these ministers know that they are preaching and teaching against the commandments of Jesus Christ, He says in Luke 12:47,  they shall be beaten with many stripes.  

Luke 12:47 - "And that servant, which knew His lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to His will, shall be beaten with many stripes."

       Everyone must remember that today's mainstream, professed Christian churches do not keep or observe any one of the commanded, sacred Holy Days of Jesus Christ, that He has appointed to be kept and to be observed with their great meaning, their meaningful symbolism, and their all importance in understanding God's Plan about one's salvation! All of the days that today's Christians observe are from pagan, idolatrous, false religions of the past and are perpetuated by their churches! They justify their works of iniquity by twisting the Scriptures such as, Romans 14:5-6 and Colossians 2:16-17,  plus many other Scriptures to abolish in the minds of their members God's law and create a "false christ" of a lasciviousness grace, with no repentance to obey God's Ten Commandments! Jesus Christ says plainly in Mat. 19:17 a person must keep the commandments if he desires eternal life. Paul says plainly that the wages of sin is death, Rom. 6:23. After Christ's death James said plainly in James 2:10-12, that if "you find yourself breaking anyone of God's commandments, you are a transgressor of His law and will be judged by God's law of liberty." What does God's law of liberty mean in this verse?

       Many become confused over this verse 12 of James 2 because of the word, liberty, as it pertains to God's Law. They have come to believe that this means through false teachings, that they are free from keeping God's law. This is all the work of Satan and his ministers appearing as ministers of light. The truth is: the keeping of God's law makes one eligible to be freed, to be accepted to be justified from the curse of the law, the judgment part of the law that says the penalty for commandment transgression is death. Hence, James calls it the law of liberty because if you repent of breaking it, begin to obey it, you can be freed from that death penalty, by asking for Christ and His Sacrifice to cover and justify your sins and by this, one is accepted by Jesus Christ and made free from the curse of the law given in judgments.  His Word tells us that you must be a doer of the law or a keeper of the law, in order to be accepted for Christ's favor of mercy and forgiveness, Rom. 2:13.

Rom. 2:13 - "For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified."

     The doers of the law are the commandment keepers! The false teachers of today's Christianity quote Romans 3:20 and 28 to justify their breaking of God's commandments, and preach falsely through misunderstanding of these verses, that a believer does not have to keep God's law! This has been Satan's lie from the very beginning, that man will not die by following his own way and refusing  to obey God's law, but can be a law and god in himself. This is why today's Christians justify their sins of Christmas observance, as well all their other sins they are committing. They have been deceived and are deceiving others by Satan deceptions! These verses in Romans 3:20 and 28 are  saying it is not by keeping the commandments that will cover our sins and be the substitute for the justification of our past sins. Repentance and obedience are conditions and changes of one's mind, heart and life that is required of a sinner in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ, in order to have His sacrifice to cover and justify our past sins.

      Yes, it is truth that keeping the commandments does not forgive, or justify ones sins just as Paul is pointing out in Romans 3. Only the death of Jesus Christ can justify one's sins, otherwise there would  have been no need for Christ to come to the earth and die for sinners, but Christ requires of every sinner  who desire eternal life, that he must repent of his sins, and that means  there must be a change in one's heart and mind to stop breaking God's ten commandments in order that Christ will accept you to justify and forgive you of your sins. This is the meaning of all of these verses found in the second and third chapters of Romans, otherwise there would not be unity in Scripture and all of Christ's teachings, only contradictions!

     The professed churches  seem to have no fear of the Real Christ and His coming judgment! He firmly commands all not to follow paths of idolatry by covering it over with showy religious garb, that appear to be so clean, innocent and acceptable, but which will end in a fiery death, Romans 6:23, Revelation 21:8, Proverbs 16:25, Matthew 10:37! How many of today's Christians really fear God and what He is saying in these verses and believe it? Or do they really fear their minister, or friends more, and follow them into the ditch of death?

      Will the observing of Christmas, with its sins of idolatry, lying and deceiving children, and  putting the Name of Christ to idolatrous use, keep one out of God's Kingdom? For answers to this question, please study and read I Cor. 6:9-10, Revelation 21:8, Galations 5:19-21! Has Christ Changed? Will the Jew, Israelite and gentile be judged differently, based on different laws and commandments? Absolutely not! How deceived and ridiculous are the Biblical illiterates in today's Christianity! Study II Peter 2:1-9! God did not spare angels that sinned, or the old world, or Sodom or Gomorrah! Does anyone dare think for a moment that Christ will spare today's idolaters based on their belief in His name, and believe that He has not reserved a judgment for the unjust and sinners of today? Idolatry is sin, lying is sin, and sinners of both  of these sins will inherit the lake of fire! Study Revelation 21:8! All Scripture will be fulfilled.

      Christmas, along with Easter and Halloween, are all built on a false foundation of Satan's deceiving idolatry, and worked around the economy and false religions! Christmas has come from pagan idolatry of the past, clothed in the Name of Christ, and fueled by the economy! These are the reasons for these seasons and why the sin of idolatry is so difficult to detect, and also why the beast of Revelation will be exalted and worshipped in the years just ahead, because  of his control on the economy, and other necessary services to man. Will many  of today's false, professed Christians  give him their stamp of approval, Revelation 13:2-17, Revelation 18:3-4! "Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be which go in thereat," Matthew 7:13.

      The Christ of the Bible died for the sins of wicked imaginations, people worshipping themselves with all their pride deciding for themselves what is right and wrong,  shedding innocent blood (abortions, falsely accused innocent people) and other evil abominations which all bear the sins of idolatry, lying, covetousness, and people taking His Name falsely and in vain! These are all sins of commission, that God hates! Read it in Proverbs 6:16-19! Satan, through religion, has created a false idol in a "christ image," through his idolatrous Christmas season, that causes all people to see no sin. They, along with ministers and their members, cannot define idolatry, cannot define sin, and so by this, give permission to their followers to engage in such sins without guilt or conscientious objection. In order for the Christ of the Bible to receive a person for justification and the free gift of salvation, that person must not join himself to idols, or their association, and must come out from among them! Please study II Corinthians 6:14-18, and Revelation 18:4-8!

      Christ, through Paul, says, "Flee idolatry," I Corinthians 10:14, and also said, "covetousness is idolatry," Colossians 3:5! The Christ of the Bible says idolaters and liars shall not inherit the Kingdom of God, I Corinthians 6:9-10, and will have their part in the lake of fire, Revelation 21:8! Satan has the whole world deceived, Revelation 12:9! If you are following and observing the "false christ" of Christmas, you are deceived and will have your part in the hot lake unless you repent, and that means more than from the teeth outward, but from the heart to action! Base your belief on all of the Bible, not your false minister, who teaches only parts of the Bible and twists Scripture against God's law, His Ten Commandments! Your false minister will not escape the judgment of fire from the Real Christ and His coming judgment! If you are waking up to Satan's deceptions, and are seeing the light,  make the changes in your life now while you still have time, and then take an active part in spreading the truth about the Real Christ, who through His true servants is exposing the "false christ" people worship, John 16:8!

      Has Christmas been Christianized to be a holy season, or is observing and celebrating Christmas a sin,  and the following of a false christ that will result in death, Romans 6:23?  If there is a God, these questions need to be answered by you, and the points in this article will help you know the answers, and only a fool would say  in his heart, there is no God, Psalms 14:1!  

      All historical facts reveal Christmas originally began with pagan sun worship, but Christmas observers now reason they use this day of the SUN to celebrate the SON Of GOD and His unknown birth. "Professed Christian believers" reason by using Jesus Christ's Name and Biblical history concerning His birth, they can force Jesus Christ, the SON OF GOD, to accept  their borrowed SUN worship activities as "holy religious works," and He, Christ, will be pleased with their "adding" to His word, Deut. 12:32, Revelation 22:18, Mark 7: 9, and Matthew 7:22. In order to join in with the world's Christmas celebrations, "professed believers" reason they can "CHRISTIANIZE"  all of the idolatrous, SUN Day, worship symbols used in past SUN worship, such as the yule log, light, candles, decorations, evergreen trees and Santa Claus, by using them in their Christmas programs and worship celebrations. They reason that Christ of the Bible will accept all their religious "good works" and look upon these works as "holy worship" to Him, instead of to the SUN, Deut. 17:2-6. Has Jesus Christ changed and permitted His way and method of worship to Him TO BE CHANGED? Has Satan ALONG WITH HIS MINISTERS changed Christ, or have they raised up and created a "new christ" to worship?

      All of today's prominent, well known, "professed Christian churches" have birthed, crucified, and resurrected false christs, spiritual-image creations of their own choosing! This is all fruit from living from the forbidden tree. These false christs, which are ministers of sin, as is pointed out in Galations 2:17, fit in well with  the sins of idolatrous Christmas, Easter and Halloween celebrations, as well as all other commandment breaking, such as, forgetting the true Sabbath, falsely using Christ's Name, illicit, unlawful, sexual practices and excesses and lusts of all kinds, such as materialism, sexual desires, overeating, over drinking and unwise use of one's money. These "false christs" are created by a "faith alone"  teaching, that is not based on any prior condition that must be met first, to be justified by faith, such as repentance and obedience to God's law, His Ten Commandments, Acts 17: 30!

      These "false christs" are really antinomian christs, christs worshipped as ministers of sin, Galations 2:17! Antinomian means, "not obligated to obey God's law to be accepted by Jesus Christ for salvation, or not obligated to repent of transgressing God's Ten Commandments" to be received by Christ! However, the Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, teaches one must obey or keep the Ten Commandments to enter His Kingdom, Matthew 19:17. Jesus said, "You can't know Him, unless you obey His Ten Commandments," I John 2:4! These "false christs," as instituted by the pastors of today's Christianity, have done away with The Ten Commandments and their penalty, and as they teach that they have been nailed  them to the cross. The cross, an instrument used in Christ's death, is even venerated by them.  The true Jesus Christ, by His death, fulfilled the laws' penalty contained in ordinances, which are His judgments for sins when carried out, fulfilled the law's penalty for sin. Jesus Christ fulfilled that law and nailed those judgments, (not God's Ten Commandments), against sinners to a tree! The 10 commandments are not against sinners but the breaking of them is and so Christ's sacrifice of His life was done for anyone that is truly repentant of breaking  His commandments, Colossians 2:14!

       Jesus Christ warned that this mighty deception of no law to keep to be accepted for salvation, II Thes. 2:8-12, would come into His church, subverting the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of His Word to build on the foundation of the true Jesus Christ, and abrogating the authority of God's Ten Commandments! Study Jude 4, and Christ's very Words in Mark 13:21-22, "False prophets, preachers, pastors, and evangelists would rise and many of them becoming well known in the religious world of Christianity, perverting the gospel message to a "faith only gospel," causing many false Christs to be raised up. These "false christs" are cheap, twisted, perverted, substitutes,  and images that do not represent the Real Christ revealed in His Word!  

     These false preachers will say, "Lo, Christ is here (Mark 13:21) in this church, or lo, Christ is over there" in that emotion filled, hands in air, false, miracle healing church, or Christ is here in Christmas, its messiah programs, or its give-a-way programs." Christ warned in verse 21, "Don't believe them!" "Professed believers" are too involved in their cares of life to really take time to think through what they believe and worship, and will not use ALL of the Scripture, one of Satan's oldest tricks, to find the truth, Mark 7:7 and Matthew 7:22-23!

      Any person who truly desires to be saved, given eternal life, to be in God's Kingdom, must repent of breaking God's Ten Commandments, which constitutes sin, I John 3:4! This means to stop all sins of idolatry! Stop Christmas, Easter, and Halloween celebrations and all  such sins of idolatry in your life, stop putting family, society, church, even jobs before God, Matthew 10:36-40, and He commands people to stop breaking God's true Sabbath, stop taking His Name in vain by following all the "false christs," and desire to stop all sin by keeping all of His Commandments! Then you must be baptized, symbolic of burying the old sinful person in a watery grave, and accept in faith Christ, His  awesome sacrifice, for your past sin transgressions. After this, Christ promises to give you the gift of salvation, the gift of His Holy Spirit, which is His divine power, to help keep you clean, obedient to all of His Ten Commandments, to keep you holy and righteous before God,  and not to live as a sinner, as is taught in all of  today's Christianity, Acts 2:38!

      All who are following the "false christ of Christmas"  are guilty of helping Satan in his deception of trying to "CHRISTIANIZE" that day, and are building their house on sand, and are headed for a BIG, BIG fall, for destruction and death, through the imminent coming GREAT TRIBULATION! Act quickly, run to change your life, and if you know anyone else who is truly interested in truth, give them this urgent message, have a part in spreading the true GOOD NEWS, Matthew 7:23-27, Romans 6:23, II Peter 3:9 and Luke 24:47-48! 

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