Calling Upon The Name

What does it mean to call upon the NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and can all the professing Christians  calling on the Lord's name for forgiveness and to be saved from the penalty of  their sins, still end their life in futility, not receiving forgiveness, no salvation, no receiving of God's Spirit and no eternal life, all because they did not understand what it means to call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ?

     The Scriptural, meaningful, correct answer to this question is vital to one receiving remission of his sins and receiving eternal life. Eternal life in God's Kingdom should be the goal and purpose of every living person on this earth, but a goal that requires very much effort and study in the pure Word of Jesus Christ, and not the study of men's false teachings. It should be a life long study to make sure you have not been misled and you are not today being misled from attaining that goal and to make sure you  have not been deceived and that you are not on that wrong wide path  in today's Christianity that is leading all people to a life of futility and destruction by their calling on a name representing a false Christ. Read what the true Christ says in Mat. 7:13-15 to prove that this is true. After all, the true Jesus Christ did warn in His Word that there will be many false preachers and false christs raised up and worshipped, leading people down a wrong path, Mat. 24:4-5,11, 24.

     Most religious people today, lets say confessing Christians, do not study Christ's Holy precious Word, God's Bible, instead they spend most of their time studying mens' wiritings and what men are teaching in their tons of vain, published literature. They do this without asking themselves the question where is their knowledge really coming from, and is it the absolute truth? Is it from Christ's inspired Word, or is it from uninspired men that absolutely are not teaching from Christ's Word and are not bearing the true and good fruit of a true minister? Are you accepting what these men, preachers, and pastors are telling you without proving to yourselves by looking in the Bible to see if what men and preachers are teaching is really what Jesus Christ is teaching and telling us in His Holy Inspiried Word?  Paul encourages us to do this in I Thes. 5:21 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."

     This writer and his wife did just this and found what is taught in today's wide path of Christianity is not in the Bible, or either it has been so twisted and so distorted that their teachings in no way represents the truth and true narrow path of Jesus Christ. Do you believe Christ's words in Mat. 7:13-15 that generally all of today's Christianity are following the broad path of deception that is leading them to destruction?

      People and ministers of today's professing Christianity believe and preach they they can be saved from the penalty of their sins by just calling only on the name of Jesus Christ. They believe that there is nothing else they must do, that Christ has done it all for them, they call it the sufficiency in Christ. They teach that this means, after calling on His Name, that there is nothing else that Jesus Christ requries of a sinner to do to be forgiven of his sins and to receive His Holy Spirit and eternal life, no repentance, no fruit of one's repentance and obedience to God's law, that Christ has done it all for you.

     When the Scripture speaks of "our sufficiency is of God," II Cor. 3:5, it means we need nothing else or nobody, no minister, except Jesus Christ and His shed blood, and the power of His Holy Spirit working in us. All of this is after we have repented and are bearing fruit of that repentance to receive His forgiveness of our sins, to receive His promise to give us the gifts of His Holy Spirit and   Eternal life. Christ tells us in I John 2:27 if you have received God's Holy Spirit, "the anointing (God's Holy Spirit) which you have received of Him (Jesus Christ) abides in you, you need not that any man teach you). "  However you must do what Jesus Christ commands to receive His Spirit.

     These false teachers besides using a false understanding of the meaning of our sufficiency in Christ, also use a few other Scriptures to try to give a foundation to their false teaching and one of them is found in I Cor.  2:1-2. This is where Paul was determined to  be not involved with any other subject in teaching except the teaching about the  life and death of Jesus Christ, to teach the true understanding about  Jesus Christ and Him crucified, which is not being taught today. People then, as people are today, did not and do not know the real Jesus Christ and the meaning of His death and Him being crucified. Jesus Christ died because His law, His 10 commandments have been broken. These trasgressions of God's law demand by God's judgment, the death penalty. And the only way that people can be saved from that death penalty for their sins, because all people have broken God's law, His 10 commandments, was for Jesus Christ to come to the earth to be the  people's Savior. Christ was sent by the Father, to give His blood and life as substitutionary death for all people that would repent, and bear fruit of their repentance and accept Him as their sacrifice for their sins. This is what Paul was teaching and did teach as his primary focus throughout His messages and letters to the people and the churches.

   Another Scripture that people raise up to mean something else short of the true meaning of Christ's sacrifice, is found in I Cor. 15:1-4. Again, this is where Paul is  declaring the gospel, the good news of how people are saved, which he said that this was what he had preached to them earlier. Paul warned them not to forget what is the true Gospel, the good news as how they had been saved, that it was that Jesus Christ died for  our sins,  our transgressions of the law, according to the Scriptures, and was buried, and that he rose the third day according to the Scriptures. Paul was warning them not to go back to getting involved in sin and as He brought out the penalty for doing so in Heb. 10:26, "For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins."

      It is serious sin matter to go about teaching against God's 10 commandments, by calling righteous ministers who teach the keeping of the 10 commandments as legalists, implying that they are teaching the law is what forgives sin and accuse them of teaching against the purpose of the shed blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin. To falsely accuse and speak evil of a righteous servant as some are doing is a serious sin that will prevent one from receiving eternal life if there is no repentance, James 4:11.

    Yet today millions of professed Christians are teaching the law, God's 10 commandments, is not required by Jesus Christ and His Gospel teaching, to be saved. Unbelievable, yet it is true, millions are doing so. Given the fact that the reason Jesus Christ came to the earth was to give His life, the shedding of His blood to supply the death penalty for any commandment transgressor, but only if people will repent of breaking His law and accept His loving sacrifice to cover their sins, will they be forgiven and given His Spirit and His Grace.

    Keeping the 10 commandments does not forgive your sins, only the precious blood and broken body of Jesus Christ can forgive your sins.  Somehow all that the calling on the name of Jesus Christ  means to today's false, professing Christians is that they can be saved, but can continue to go out and continue to sin. However, please understand all New Testament teachers teach that you must repent and bear fruit of that repentance in order for Jesus Christ to accept you so that His poured out blood can cover and forgive your past sins. No other teaching will be accepted by Jesus Christ to give anyone eternal life. All other teaching is teaching false doctrine.
     False preachers today and all of their false christs that they worship, teach the sufficiency in Christ and Christ crucified and this is all that is needed to receive eternal life. They teach there is No required need for a heartfelt and full repentance and confession of one's sins of transgressing God's laws, I John 3:4, in order to be accepted by Him. The true Jesus Christ and all His Apostles teach and command, Mat. 4:17, Mat. 7:23, Acts 2:38; 3:19, I John 5:2-3, the required need for the keeping of His 10 commandments to be accepted by Him. All the false preachers and their false teaching teach that the  sufficiency in Christ means to them No required need to acknowledge Christ's laws, the 10 commandments of God. They believe they don't have to repent to stop breaking and to begin to keep all His commandments as the true Christ teaches, Mat. 19:17-19. They must bear fruit of their repentance before they approach and call on the Name of the true Jesus Christ. Christ warns by their fruit you shall know who are His righteous followers and who are His unrighteous followers, to be cast out from Him into the fire, Mat.7:15-20.

      The true Jesus Christ, who has not been revealed to them, calls all these people, these members of churches, who do not acknowledge His commandments,  workers of Iniquity , Mat. 7:20-23. Inquity means recognizing no laws, lawlessness, no laws or commandments to obey in order to come to know the true Jesus Christ and to be accepted by Him. These verses of Mat. 7:20-23 are so fitting of all of today's false Christianity and their false Christ worship and where they are headed. Yes, they are absolutely workers of Iniquity headed for the great fire.

     This teaching in today's Christianity of no law to keep, no commandments one has to recognize to keep, in order for one to be accepted by Him, the true revealed Jesus Christ, is without any question, the biggest lie that today's professing Christianity has accepted and has built its worship on, and by this has created a false christ, a false image of the true Jesus Christ, a false spiritual clone of Jesus, that has no life and cannot grant eternal life. This spiritual clone is a false look-alike christ that they have created and raised up in their midst and who accepts all of its worshippers and their sins as being justified, forgiven, without repentance and without change in their lives, and all are deceived into believing they have being granted eternal life. What great deception! Satan is the father of all lies, John 8:44, and he is the father of all these created false christs, all of today's false teachings in what is accepted as Christianity that keeps all of his worshippers deceived and headed for the fire and destruction and will not receive eternal life in God's Kingdom.

     When a sinner Calls on the Lord's name, he is calling on the Power of Christ's sacrifice and His Authority over the sinner's sins for the forgiveness of their sins. How can they really understand this without acknowledging and confessing their sins, confessing they have broken God's 10 commandments? It is because they base their erronous understanding and belief in a sufficiency in Christ, resting on one such Scripture, which is found at the beginning  of Peter's Pentecost message to the house of Israel, where Peter says in Acts 2:21,"Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved."

     Accepting this one Scripture alone as being the gospel, to make it stand all by itself, is building a Christian life on a sandy foundation that will not stand the test of the coming trials. It creates  a false understanding "of calling on the Name of the Lord and a faith alone confession of Christianity" that does not  have the true foundation of the true Jesus Christ. It created false churches, trusting in their raised up, church created, false christ who teach a false understanding concerning Scripture, creating a false foundation. Study I Cor. 3:11-15.

     This false understanding about calling on the Name of Jesus Christ will cause all church members of their many years of their professing Christianity, going to church every Sunday on Satan's created false Sabbath, doing all of their church work, helping the poor, and etc. come to an exercise in futility and will not   receive salvation, no eternal life. God warns us that all of our so called good works, works by our own standards of conduct, will not stand the test of the coming firey trial, because Christ's Spirit was not in him or her, I Cor. 3:13-15, because their life was not life of building with right materials. Was it materials of gold, silver, and precious stone, or was it building with wood, hay, and stubble, very burnable material? The fiery trials now and just ahead will reveal what materials he or she has been building with in their lives, I Cor. 3:12-15. Was the christ who has been leading them, one of the false christs of today's Christianity, or the true revealed Christ of Scripture?

    When Christ reveals Himself and He will be doing that very soon, people will then come to see how empty, how shallow, how lacking in the real fruit of God's Spirit they have in their lives, because they had not carried out the requirements that the true Christ commands of them, which was repentance and bearing the fruit of obedience to God's laws and being baptised. And if we are watching and understanding  today's  news,   and  what is really happening in the financial and economic news of this country and all countries, you will come to see that if this continues, it is the curse coming upon the nations by the drying up of its prosperity. And when it does happen, there is going to be a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth, Mat. 25:30, in anger against their church leadership, because of how greatly in their life they have been deceived by their false ministers and about the true Jesus Christ and what His name and His sacrifice really means.

    False ministers, who have tossed out of their churches the teachings of the true Jesus Christ and all of His commandments have replaced Him with a false, created christ of their own liking, who permits sin, that has completely leavened their church bodies. Through these acts of iniquities, they have been teaching against the true Jesus Christ, teaching against God's commandments and their continual crucifying of Him and bringing shame upon Him and His shed blood. Christ is going to reject them at His coming, because they are workers of Iniquity, Mat. 7:23.

      However, Peter went on with further understanding in the Gospel message that he preached to the beginning New Testament church, to give the people then and people today, further understanding about what it means to call on the Name of Christ. Peter continued with Christ's true Gospel message by showing and telling the people that it was and is their sins, the breaking of God's laws and even everyone's sins today, the breaking of God's commandments, that caused the terrible crucifying and murdering of the life and body of Jesus Christ, that He willingly offered up in sacrifice, Acts 2:22-23,36. When the  people heard that it was their sins, their wicked hands that crucified and murdered the Lord Jesus Christ, verse 23, they were cut to their hearts and were convicted and asked Peter in verses 37, what must they do in their calling on the Name of Jesus Christ? Peter said to them in verse 38, "repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins and you shall receive  the gift of the Holy Spirit," in order to be saved.   

      With this understanding, can a person  then call on the name of Jesus Christ and still not be forgiven and still not be saved from the penalty of their sins? Yes they can, and millions upon millions of confessing Christians are doing so and have not been forgiven, nor received eternal life, because they are living their lives by the wide path of today's false, Christian teaching. It is because today's confessing Christians have not and will not recognize that it was sins (broken commandments) of people in Christ's day and sins (broken commandments) still being  committed and broken by every one today, who are continually, spiritually bruising, torturing, and are still crucifying and killing Jesus Christ in our present day. Please study I Cor. 6:9-10.

     Jesus Christ died because His law, His 10 commandments were and are being broken. Christ came to cover the penalty of sin, broken commandments, and to restore the keeping of those 10 commandments in people's lives, in order  that they could develop and grow in Christ's love. Jesus Christ came to turn people away from their sins, not permission to continue in their sins, as is the case today in professing Christianity. True CHRISTIAN LOVE is the fulfilling of the law, which is the keeping and obeying His 10 commandments in every aspect of man's behavior of His life. Please study Acts 3:26, and I John 5:2-3 for very meaningful verses for this understanding from God's Word. There is no way a person can build love in his life except by obeying God's 10 commandments, with help of God's Spirit abiding in a person. If you don't have God's love, you are as nothing in God's sight, I Cor. 13:1-8.

      So  if a person does not recognize this fact of truth and does not fully repent of all of his sins, even though he says the words that he accepts Jesus Christ and has even been baptised, this "Christian" exercise and confession in today's Christianity, is a total, futile, vain, useless, and absolutely of no importance and no value, in being forgiven of one's sins and developing and building Christ's love in one's life in order to be received of Christ and to be received into God's Kingdom. If a person does not totally repent of his commandment transgressions, and stop compromising God's commandments, then his or her sins are not forgiven, and there is  no eternal life in God's Kingdom and no possession of the gift of God's Spirit dwelling in that Christ- confessing person, in order to develop God's Love and be accepted into Christ's Kingdom. If you have not developed in God's love, nothing in your life of so called Christian work will profit you anything, I Cor. 13:3.

    People of today's, professed Christianity, through the deception of all the false preaching going on in today's so called Christian seminaries, Christian churches and radio and TV preaching, do not understand and do not realize that it was, and is today, the people's sins that caused the slaying and crucifying of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was and is law breaking, sin, that brought shame and death upon the body and life of our Lord Jesus Christ. So today members of today's, confessing Christianity,  who  have not repented and that means fully repented of all of their sins, fully repented of breaking God's 10 commandments, are still in their present life continuing in their sins,  still crucifying Jesus Christ and still tramping all over His precious blood, just as the people in Peter and Paul's day were doing. What a shame and a disgrace, that they then and people today, are still bringing on the name of the true Jesus Christ. Read and Study Heb. 10:26-31.

    People of today's, false Christianity believe after they accept the Name of Jesus Christ, without  acknowledging and repenting of all of their sins,  that they can continually sin in their proud, exalted, puffed up mind, and still believe that they are without guilt of their sin. They believe and say because they have called upon His name and accepted Christ, yet still walk in darkness that they are without sin. They are lying to themselves and others and are without the truth, I John 1:6. They all are bringing further open shame and unrighteousness to the Lord's sacrifice and thereby by their conduct count His blood and unholy thing. Calling on the name of a false christ brings great dishonor and sin to the name of the true Jesus Christ.

    People today who do this and believe this, are in great deception about Christ's sacrifice, are in great deception about Christ's true Gospel, are in great deception about Christ's true Grace and deceived about what is true righteousness . All of this deception puts people in grave error and grave danger who will not receive salvation and eternal life by not being in Christ's first resurrection.  They are openly rejecting God's law, His Ten Commandments. They are going about their life with a high, proud, mind, being raised up high in church and community settings, blinding themselves to sin and saying to all, that they are above God's Laws, and so by this mindset are treading under foot the Son of God and have counted Christ's shed blood of the covenant, wherein a person is or can be sanctified--an unholy thing, and   bringing insult unto the Spirit of God's grace. They are in plain words false Christians and following a false christ. The Real, revealed Christ makes this crystal clear in Hebrews 10: 28-29.

    Jesus Christ speaks to all true Christians through His Word, and warns those who believe they are Christians, and have accepted and have called upon the Name of true Christ, are on dangerous ground if they still are sinning. Christ's word says in Hebrews 10:26, "For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins."

    If a person that once received the knowledge of truth about calling upon Jesus Christ and really understands what it means and then wilfully begins once again breaking God's 10 commandments, will lose Christ's sacrifice and forgiveness for his wilfull sins. This person if he got started in true understanding of what it means to call upon the name, and has repented and has begun to obey God's 10 commandments, and now begins to fall back into breaking His commandments,  he has fallen from God's grace, and lost his opportunity to be in that 1st resurrection, to be saved, in order to live forever. This is a horrible ending and conclusion to one's life! People who have accepted the true Jesus Christ, but do not take Christ's sacrifice real serious, are living damnation to themselves, I Cor. 11:26-29!

   People cannot seem to understand that Jesus Christ gave His life in death to cover their sins, sins which are breaking the Ten Commandments. Everyone who can understand this and will repent of all his sins,  that is stop breaking His 10 commandments against Christ's sacrifice, must do this and understand this in order to receive His sacrifice and be accepted by Jesus Christ. For example, if a person is breaking God's 1st Commandment, by living his life of putting his way of life first, living by his own standards, by his own laws, by his own works of righteousness and accomplishments and believes by doing this, Jesus Christ will grant him eternal life if he will only accept the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, is in grave error.

     People of today's Christianity live by the same rule that the rock and roll muscial world lives by and that is "Do what you wilt is the rule of the whole law." This is totally opposite of God's rule and commandments.  When a person puts his own life, his own standards for righteousness above what Jesus Christ commands as being the only true teaching for gaining and receiving righteousness, then this person is putting and raising himself up as the primary god of his life and is breaking God's 1st Commandment, which says, "You shall put no other gods before Me," Ex. 20:1-2. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God," Heb.10:31.

   "I am the Lord your God which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me." When a person does not see this and puts himself and his own righterousness, his own standards as being first and most important, God labels this as self-righteosness and as Job had to learn, one's own righteousness is a sin that has not been forgiven and is as filthy rags in God's sight, Isa. 64:6. Whoever is of this mindset and has not repented, changed his life in order that he can be received when he calls upon the true Name of Jesus Christ, that is knowing the true Lord, the true Jesus Christ, that we must call upon to be saved and forgiven, verse 7, is headed for destruction and death. 

   When a person continues in his false-god worship, this person is living in sin and is continually crucifying the true Jesus Christ and brings shame upon His Name. The true Jesus Christ of Scripture, came to turn people away from sin, away from the ways of sin, Acts 3:26, not to continue in their sins, their iniquities. Yet today, people are calling upon the name of a false christ that churches and their pastors have created in their own image, which is a false image of Christ, whereas, they can continually turn to their iniquities, continue in their sins, not to be turned away from their sins, Acts 3:26. Both pastors and members will be punished severely!

   The sin of false image worship, worshipping a false image of Jesus Christ, is the transgresion of the 2nd commandment and is a continual crucifying and bringing insult and shame to the Real Christ of Scripture. At the Christmas season, this false image of Christ is really magnified in the minds of people and especially their  small children, by telling them all kinds of lies about this false christ of Christmas and the created, godlike characteristics of their Santa Claus idol.

   When people take the Name of the Real Christ and drag His name into all of their sinful churches, activities, behaviors and iniquities, taking His name in vain and having adopted a false day of rest, a Sunday sabbath, they are openly rejecting and hating the Real Christ, and what He commanded who says, "He is Lord of the (true 7th day) Sabbath," Mat. 12:8, Mark 2:28. When people decide for themselves which day of the week they will keep holy, rather than  do what Christ commands to remember and keep holy, and by their unrighteous conduct, they are living their lives in a state of sin and are still crucifying Jesus Christ and are not showing love to God, but  are bringing open shame and contempt to the Name of the Real Christ of Scripture, Heb. 10:26-31. How evil can people get?

    Calling on the name of this christ, which is a false christ, cannot forgive their sins, and it makes no difference how sincere today's professing Christian cries are out to this false, Christian christ in their daily prayers, he cannot forgive their sins, nor can he give any of them the gift of God's true Holy Spirit, nor can he give them salvation, because he is a worshipped, false image of the true Christ, with no real power of the True God and true Christ.

   When today's professing Christians pray to God, to who they believe is the Father God,  they are really praying to Satan, the father of all lies, all religious deception, all false religions, and father of all of today's, professing Christianity, which will cause people to continue in sin. They will condemn this article, continue to crucify the Real Jesus Christ and miss out on their opportunity now to be saved.

   Jesus, the true Christ, said in John 8:42, "If God were your Father, you would love me (the Real Christ): for I proceeded forth and came from God: neither came I of myself (nor from any false Christian image creation), but He (the father) sent me. Verse 43, Why do you not understand My speech (My Word)? Even because you cannot hear my words. Verse 44, You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."  

    One of the biggest lies and deception Satan has going  on in society is precisely what the True Jesus Christ of the Bible foretold  2,000 years ago, that Satan and his ministers and his churches would raise up false christs (plural). Today, many false christs are scattered all over the whole world in all of today's professing Christianity. People around the world are calling upon the name of one of these many false christs (plural) for salvation and the forgiving of their sins, but all their calling, pleading, praying will be to no avail, in vain, useless, because the Real Christ at His appearing, will reject them as workers of iniquity, law breakers, haters of God's law, resistors of God's way of love, through His 10 commandments.

    Through their work of iniquity, they are continually crucifying  the body of the Real Jesus Christ. Any of their works of iniquity is a continual work of sinning, a continual work of transgressing Christ's Ten Commandments, and thereby, continually crucifying the Body of Jesus Christ. This describes today's  professing Christians as workers of iniquity. So all of today's professing Christians, who believe they are saved by calling upon the name of Jesus Christ, but who in reality is not the real and true Jesus Christ of Scripture, but one of the false christs raised up in today's churches. This is what the True Christ of Scripture warned against, that this false christ worship would be a false christ image, that would be worshipped and looked to for their salvation, deceiving the people.

     Christ said in Mat. 24:11 Many false prophets (that does not mean a few, but many false teachers, pastors, preachers) shall rise and shall deceive many." The true and Real Jesus Christ revealed by Scripture, went on to say in verse 24: "For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders: insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Christ said "by their fruits" you can recognize them and avoid them.

    Today's church-going, confessing Christians cannot identify any of the false christs that have been raised up and worshipped in today's Christianity, because they believe they are worshipping the True Jesus Christ. Their blindness to their sins and their blindness to truth is overwhelming. Their fruit proves they are not true Christians and so cannot recognize the true Christ's teaching and so cannot understand that they are worshipping a false christ.  All of today's Sunday-keeping and church-going Christians do not know the Real Christ, because they have not repented of their sins, and so have not been accepted by the True, Revealed Jesus Christ of the New Testament, even though in their total deception, believe they have been forgiven and are saved following a false Christ. When they wake up and see that they really don't know the real Christ, and have not been saved, because they have been decived for many years, it will be a time of great Woe and Denoucement, open disapproval unto those pastors that have be misleading them!!!
     Likewise, the people of this country and the world who have lost in many cases their life of well being, their savings, their homes, their retirements, and other possessions through the frauds, robberies, and lies of the leaders of the financial world and all of its institutions and who naturally are very upset, disturbed, and even suicidal. Imagine how mad and upset they will be when they find out also how they have been deceived by their pastors in their pursuit of salvation,  and have come to find out they really don't have salvation, and all of their Christian work has been in vain and of no eternal  profit whatsovever.

     These hard working members will come to see also, that they have been talked and preached and begged  out of much of their hard, worked for money by their pastors, through tithes, offerings, special charities offerings and building project offerings and for their pastor's personal jets to do these false prophets-pastors'  work of spreading a false gospel. All of their offerings have been used to do Satan's work which their pastor or evangelist called the Lord's work and used for lying and stealing from the people through all of their offerings. Their lord who really was Satan, but appearing and appealing to them as a false image of the true Jesus Christ.

    These pastors who all along through all of their deception, and lies, have been falsifying their salvation, lying about God's grace, presenting a dead faith, and obscuring true righteousness and also stealing from all of its members. Woe be unto those pastors, preachers, and evangelists when the true Jesus Christ begins His world wide judgment and this writer believes it will be soon!

    If a Sunday, church-going, Christian does not know the Real Jesus Christ, then it is because they have not heard the truth and so have not acted upon the true Gospel that Christ brought and preached. When the Scripture speaks about one calling upon the Name of Jesus Christ in order to be saved, Christ's Word is speaking about calling upon the True, revealed Jesus Christ, not one of the many false christs that permits sin in their midst and whose deceived people are continually calling upon his name to save them.  

   If people do not know what are their sins, how can they really and deeply repent of their sins, so they can know and have a real life-saving purpose for calling upon the Name of the True Jesus Christ, and to know that He has heard them, to have mercy upon them and forgive them and to save them? If people don't really know what is true righteousness, how in this world can they call upon the name of the true, Bible revealed, Jesus Christ to justify their sins? They can't, so they must rely on calling on this false christ that they have raised up in their church to save them, but who cannot forgive their sins and can not save them.

     So today's professed Christians have been robbed of their financial income by the world and its money institutions and once they examine their faith of their Christianity will find out that they have been robbed of salvation that they thought they had through the lying leadership of their minister.

    Today's people cannot see their sins because they have no preacher telling them what constitutes sin, Rom. 10:13-15. People who do not know what  are their sins that they must repent of in their life, is all because they don't have preachers telling them, what are their sins and giving them understanding what they must do, and so cannot truly and deeply repent of their sins, which they are commanded to do by the true Jesus, Mat. 4:17 and Mat. 5:17-20. The true, revealed Jesus Christ of  Scripture teaches this as one of His Gospel's requirements in order for Him to accept a person. If He has not accepted you, then your acceptance of Him in your life's work, is a useless and vain jester of a false Christianity.

    The Christian teaching of today, through their false christ teaching, believes that a person after accepting their (false) christ, can continue to serve sin, meaning, that daily that they can and will always sin and continue in sin and serve sin even after baptism. This is a big, big lie taught by all of the Sunday keeping preachers, as well as many or all of the Saturday keeping preachers who are not truly keeping the true Sabbath as God commanded. The True Jesus Christ, through the Apostle Paul, says in Romans 6:6, "We should not serve sin." PERIOD ! And Paul in Rom. 6:1-2 says, "What shall we say then: Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?" V 2, "God forbid. (Absolutely Not). "How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?"

   All of today's Sunday-keeping ministers and their churches, are all calling upon a name of a false christ that cannot save them, nor can he give them God's Holy Spirit. These members do not have salvation and are in for a big surprise at Christ's appearing and will be cast aside as workers of iniquity, Mat. 7:23.

     Jesus Christ has a worldwide judgment coming upon all of the lying and stealing of men, women, and all people who do their stealing from the people and lying to the people all in the name of God the Father and Jesus Christ. This means that they are confessing that they are of the Christian faith, taking an oath or made a covenant to be Christians, but still are lying, covering up lies, in the name of Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ, stealing and covering up their stealing from the people in the name of Christ as a professed Christian. People should be aware of all the lying and stealing going on in this country on a scale unprecedented in the name of the Lord of hosts, in the name of Jesus Christ, in offices of churches or governments as the people's servants. They even take a oath with hand on the Bible to serve the people honestly, not to steal from them and lie to them.

      There is a little known and not a preached prophecy of the churches found in Zech. 5:3-4 that was spoken and inspired to be written for these last days of man's government. The prophecy states beginning in verse 3 "Then said he unto me. This is the curse that goes for over the face of the whole earth: for every one that steals shall be cut off as on this side according to it, and every one that swears (makes a covenant to lie and coverup lies) shall be cut off as on that side according to it.

Verse 4 " I will bring it (the curse) forth, says the Lord of hosts. and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that swears falsely by my name (making church, Christian and government covenants and oaths not to lie and steal  and to coverup those lies, fraud, thievery): and it (the curse) shall remain in the midst of his house and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof."

    This curse appears to be a Sodom and Gomorrah like judgment that will be taking place individually first with all lying preachers, and church leaders, then with all lying government leaders, then with all families and their homes over the whole earth. The wages of sin is death. The wages for lying and stealing and covering up these sins is death. The wages for murdering and fornicating and coveting a tax payer's wealth is death. The wages for breaking God's 7th day Sabbath, for doing one's work and all of his pleasures on the Sabbath, or hiring someone to work for you on the Sabbath is death. The wages of professing Christians teaching against God's law, teaching against the keeping of God's 10 commandments is death. Have you examined your life to see if you are ready to stand  against the Lord's prophesied coming curse? Jesus Christ is crying out to you to repent, change your life and make sure you and your house is ready for His appearing or you and family  will suffer the consequences.

   All of the lying and stealing by church pastors and by government leaders through their oppressive actions, unjust laws, excessive taxing, robbing the people, along with all of the preachers' deceptive teachings and preachings, can cause you to wake up to all of this evil and come out of their darkness of sin of this sinful generation to the light of truth of Jesus Christ. All of their oppressive actions against you can turn out to be a most rewarding trial and blessing for you, if it can cause you to examine your life and make some quick turn arounds in your life, to set your life on the narrow road, so you can receive eternal life. Christ promises you,  if you will humble yourself and become converted, Mat. 18:3-11,  you can and will inherit the earth, Mat. 4:5, even after you have lost everything else in this life. What an inheritance! What profit is it if a man gains the whole world and loses his own soul. It is much greater to lose your life and all that you have in this world if you can see through that great loss, the way to gain eternal life through the real Jesus Christ.

    There is no greater goal and reward than gaining eternal life with God the Father and Jesus Christ. It is everlasting, if you will study and hold on to and live by the truth of Christ's Word. Government leaders and church leaders, through their oppressive governments and deceiving messages, with all their lies and stealing, taking all that you have from you, even your life also, cannot take your eternal life from you! All of these corrupt leaders if possible, would take your salvation from you, but Christ says it is impossible if you remain close to Him in all of your life, your obedience to His commandments, and doing Christ's work in you by studying His Word and praying daily to Him. The true Jesus Christ says in Mat. 24:24   "For there shall arise false Christs and false preachers, and shall show great signs and wonders: insomuch that,  IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT."