By Their Fruits

      "Beware of false prophets which  come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. you shall know them by their fruits," Matthew 7:15-16.  

      Can you, as a confessed Christian, identify in today's Christianity the many false prophets (preachers) by their evil fruits? Jesus Christ warns all who are seeking eternal life to beware of false prophets coming to you as preachers, pastors, evangelists and all confessing to be ministers of the light and truth of Jesus Christ, but are covetous, deceivers, and liars. These false ministers come to people in sheep's clothing, which is spiritual white clothing, falsely representing the purity in the name of Christ, but who inwardly are ravenous wolves, covetous and extortioners of people's money, greedy for power and dominance over people desiring to be the sheep of Jesus Christ. These ravenous wolves are liars, speaking lies in hypocrisy, and who are absolutely not teaching the truth about how one receives salvation. They are robbing church going, confessing believers of their eternal life and leading them into the wide path of destruction, Mat. 7:13-15. It is because they bear the evil fruits of iniquity and have been rejected by Christ now as His true ministers, and also will be rejected  later in the end time judgment.

      Why are all the ministers in today's accepted and professing Christianity false, lying, subtle, deceiving ministers? It is because  they are bearing the evil fruits of iniquity  by  having no respect, no regard, no concern, no desire to know and be obedient to God and  God's 10 commandments. They are not serving the real Jesus Christ of the Bible, but a false christ, and because of this, Christ of the Bible has rejected them for eternal life and all who are following them as the bearers of the evil fruits of iniquity.

     Today's society and world is suffering immensely because of this fact of truth and will continue to get worse with each passing day. It is all because of ministers terrible lack of real leadership in teaching and living the Word of God. Instead of them becoming solid, building blocks and strong pillars in today's world, they have become stumbling blocks and soft, easy pillows keeping people asleep to mislead all mankind, and will have to pay  severely for their lack of true stewardship in not teaching and living the Word of Jesus Christ . 

      Christ warns all who are following these corrupt trees,  corrupt ministers bearing the evil fruits of iniquity,  will also become a corrupt tree, a corrupt Christian, bearing the same evil fruits, and both will be cast into the fire. Wherefore, by their fruits you shall know them, Matthew 7:16-23.

      Jesus Christ goes on to say and warns all of today's confessing believers in Matthew 7:21-23, "Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven,  but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven. Verse 22, Many (not a few but many) will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name and in your name have cast out devils? And in your name done many wonderful works? Verse 23, And then will I (Jesus Christ) profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from me, you that work iniquity." So these confessors of Christ by just naming the name of Jesus Christ and confessing His name, and accepting Him without a repentance that bears the fruit of obedience to God's 10 commandments, will not receive Christ's forgiveness of their sins in order to receive  eternal life.

    This teaching, that accepts Christ and His Name only, without the works  of a repentance, that bears good acceptable fruits, which is obedience to God's commandments of love,  is one of their big deceiving lies that these false ministers and false evangelists have spread throughout our society and the whole world and through this, has created today's illusional and false Christianity. After all, Jesus Christ in His book of Revealing, Revelation 12:9, says that Satan has deceived the whole world, and he most definitely has done this in every aspect of human life and especially in all religions and ministries of all faiths.

    Jesus Christ has foretold that He would send a delusion so great that if possible the elect would be deceived. Mat. 24:11,24,  "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders: inasmuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."  II Thes. 10-11 " ---- Because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." Unrighteousness is iniquity and accepting sin as normal Christian life.   Today's Christianity and all religions seem to have much pleasure in their sins of iniquity. They do not have a heart that desires truth and they love their sinning and perverted fellowships and preach they have God's love in their churches.

      The question then is can you recognize  and do you really understand and desire to know what are the evil fruits of these ministers of Satan who are deceiving their members and all of the world in their religions? The very first evil fruit you are to look for in their lives and ministry is INIQUITY. Are they bearing the evil fruits of INIQUITY? This is what the true Jesus Christ identified  as the evil fruits of false preachers and ministers and warned "by their evil fruits of INIQUITY you shall know them." However, today's confessing Christians and even the ministers of today's Christianity do not know what is iniquity, and they are willingly ignorant and resist wanting to know its meaning and will not study to know what constitutes this evil fruit. The words iniquity, iniquities, and sin appear in God's Word over 800 times. It would appear that Every Bible and Salvation interested student or disciple would want to know and desire that he must know What is the meaning of iniquity, so he won't be one of those people that Jesus Christ says He will reject when he comes?

       Peter the Apostle, speaking the the disciples of Christ  then and now said that "God raise up His son Jesus and sent Him to bless you and turning away every one of you from his iniquities," Acts 3:26. Is this the Jesus Christ that you worship and is turning you away from your iniquities, you sins, through the teaching of your minister? Or is you minister, not understanding what is sin and iniquity, continuing to permit  you to continue in your sins by presenting a false Christ for you to worship?

     Iniquity means lawlessness. Lawlessness means disregarding or breaking the law of God. It means people not even mindful of God's law and commandments. Strong's Concordance with its Hebrew and Greek dictionaries defines Iniquity from the Hebrew: to commit sin, make crooked;  perversity, which means to turn away and oppose what is right and lawful and commanded. The Greek dictionary defines Iniquity as being  lawless without law, without any concern for law. It means violation of the law; transgression of the law.

    God's 10 commandments which when transgressed constitutes sin. So Iniquity means lawless ministers, who teach there is no law and no commandments that one is required to repent of breaking and to obey  in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ, to receive His forgiveness of their sins. These lawless and corrupt evil ministers do not even understand "Why Jesus Christ Died "  and permitted His body to be beaten, His  flesh to be torn apart and blood poured out to such a horrible condition that He was unrecognizable, Isa. 52:14. This great love of Christ  for man is all because man  has sinned, committed iniquity greatly against Christ and His law, by breaking His 10 commandments and through man's sins, all of such have incurred the death penalty. So Jesus Christ extends His mercy and love to sinning man to save him from penalty of his sins, through His freely given body broken and blood sacrifice, but only if man will repent and change his life and accept Christ's sacrifice.

      The Scripture tells us in Isa. 53:5 "But He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities ---"  Jesus Christ did not go through His terrible sufferings and pain and death  which covers the penalty of our sins, so we can continue in our sins as being taught by today's false ministers.

     These lawless preachers have raised up and created lawless false christs in all of their churches, who  do not require any of their followers to have to live by the law of God to keep God's 10 commandments. People have accepted their preaching, that they can continue to live in their sins and iniquities and still receive forgiveness for salvation. Their faith is in a false salvation that the true Christ does not recognize or give to any such person. They  have in their lives made the true  sacrifice of Jesus Christ null and void as to the real understanding why it was given. They are trampling all over the shed blood and bruised body of Jesus Christ.
What if one sees a very vivid, real to life movie, dramatized with special movie effects, to produce great emotion and passion to make as real Jesus Christ's sacrifice, His sufferings and death as is humanly possible, and after people watch this movie will this reenactment of Christ's sufferings and death leave them with a understanding and everlasting reason and purpose to change their lives. Will this great and moving emotional effect on their lives through it dramatization of Christ's suffering and death really move them to convert them to change their hearts, if they really do not know and really understand with a firm foundation of why Jesus Christ suffered and died for sins? If people have permitted today's Christian ministers to do away with what constitutes sins in people's lives, then what will they base their great change in their life on, a figment of their imagination?  

    Today's false pastors are hypocrites by acknowledging that Christ suffered and died for our sins which are the transgressions of Christ's law, His 10 commandments, but to them and their members and to accept Christ does not mean any change in their life of commandment transgressions. They are openly disobedient to God's law and commandments and teaching it is acceptable for believers to be disobedient and continue in their sins, and that Jesus Christ will still accept them for forgiveness of their sins through His suffering, death and sacrifice. Are they and their members ever in for a time that the Bible speaks of as the gritting and gnashing of teeth when that judgment begins to take place on this earth, Mat. 24:51.

    These impostors of Christ and  His Word, teach openly and publicly that all of their members are still continuing sinners, and without question, they all are, all because of their minister's lawless teaching, and who teach that it is impossible to live a life without willfully committing sin every day. But they will answer, it is not willful sinning. If a person knows he or she has sins and continues to commit sins everyday, this has to be willful sinning and sins that are knowingly being committed as willful sins, or how would a person know he or she is sinning everyday? So he or she must know he is sinning willfully or if he is not then he is accusing himself falsely. Thus, they are left with the end result of sin and its judgment upon their lives and that is death if they are daily willfully committing sin. Heb. 10:26-27 teaches "For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins, v27 but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries." Every commandment transgressor is an adversary of Jesus Christ and is against why He suffered and died.

    Church members of these false prophets, preachers, pastors really have no incentive and motivation not to continue in their sins by listening and following their corrupt and evil ministers and their iniquitous teaching that teaches against God's 10 commandments. This is because their ministers have been trained in Satan's inspired religious churches, institutions and seminaries (where they bury the truth and law, God's 10 commandments) to accept their church and seminary's teaching, that no person can keep God's commandments, and so they teach that no one is required to keep God's law, so all can continue in their willful sinning. If you confess you are sinning, but you don't know what are your sins, you are trying to plead to Jesus Christ ignorance of His law and commandments, but Christ says ignorance of the law, where you are not studying and knowing His commandments, will not be accepted with Him for your forgiveness of your sins. If a person is not studying God's Word which is filled with understanding all about His commandments and law and repentance, then don't expect Christ's sacrifice and death to cover your continual unrepentant sins, because you are willingly ignorant of Christ's Gospel and His death.

     No where can these false ministers find in God's Word any foundation for their erroneous evil teaching of permitting iniquity, giving permission to continue to transgress God' law, that they preach, that they write about. Their evil teaching is out of the pitt of hell and from Satan himself. This evil teaching of permitting iniquity, completely makes void Jesus Christ's death in their lives. Today Christians believe and have been made to believe that they can accept Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and still continue to willfully sin in their life.  This is a willful and a deceiving lie that will leave all believers without receiving Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.

    These evil ministers will accuse, put down, and persecute any servant of the true God who teaches one must repent and bear the fruit of obedience to God's 10 commandments in order to be accepted by Christ for His forgiveness of  one's sins. They accuse that servant of being a legalist and teaching error. They accuse this servant of being a legalist in the sense  that he teaches  that commandment keeping,  is what forgives ones sins, instead of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and death. These are more of their lies and are accusations against Jesus Christ and His true servants. This is  more  of their justifying and lying and a continuation of them bearing their evil fruits of iniquity.

    No where in any of our articles can one find that this writer is teaching that commandment keeping is what forgives sin. However, this writer does teach that a required repentance to turn from breaking God's 10 commandments is first required by Jesus Christ for Him to accept you for His forgiveness  of your sins through His blood sacrifice, suffering and death, Rom. 2:13. Sin is the transgression of God's law defined by His 10 commandments, I John 3:4. Paul says in Rom. 13:8-9  That if you keep the last 5 commandments you will be loving your neighbor. The same is true if you love God you must keep the first 5 commandments to have and express your love for God and for your father and mother (a father and mother representing God and His Way of life in teaching their children). If you transgress any of these 10 commandments and teaching against them, you are in a state of iniquity and an enemy of Jesus Christ and all that He went through to forgive you of your sins. You are also blaspheming Jesus Christ and accounting His blood an unholy thing, and are doing despite against the Spirit of His Grace, Heb. 10:26-31.

      God's 10 commandments are the foundation of God's law and the foundation of God's love. This all means if a pastor or minister is disobedient to and disregards God's commandments, then he will go out and teach against God's commandments as not being the basis of true repentance to receive forgiveness. These pastors are actually teaching the people that iniquity, which is lawlessness, is acceptable in Christianity and so they will disregard all of God's 10 commandments as not being important in one's repentance and there is no need to obey them in order to receive forgiveness of one's sins, in order that Christ will accept you to grant you eternal life. Once again ministers are blaspheming Jesus Christ, His suffering, and death when they teach that  Christ's death is not about forgiving the sins of people who are transgressing God's 10 commandments.

    These false ministers are very subtle in their deceptive messages, which at times are difficult to detect in their smooth, corrupt teaching, but in fact are teaching against God's 10 commandments. They will say "yes we should keep the commandments of God," but if you pin them down and ask them does God require us to keep and obey His 10 commandments, including His 4th commandment in order for Christ to accept us for His Grace and forgiveness, they will always answer "absolutely not, that is legalism." Now when you check this out with Christ's Word, you will find this is an absolute lie and totally against Christ's teaching. Who are you going to believe them or Jesus Christ and His Word? They will also in their self righteous defense, throw at you certain of their pet, wrongly interpreted scriptures taken out of their context such Rom. 3, Rom.7, Rom. 14, Col. 2, I John 1 and others, all to confuse you due to your lack of Scriptural understanding. You must study to understand what Paul is teaching from the Word of God and not from false ministers speaking in defense of their iniquitous teaching.

     So today there is in what is accepted as the professed Christianity of Jesus Christ, many, many false ministers, pastors, and evangelists committing iniquity, bearing these evil fruits  of iniquity throughout their lives and ministries. Yet, they are still accepted and believed by people, even though they are deceiving and lying to them. These false ministers will not teach repentance, or what is true repentance, or even what is sin, because they are willingly ignorant of what is true repentance, what is sin and so are rebellious against Christ and His teachings and confuse people about what is the true righteousness of Jesus Christ. This is the reason they are  so filled with evil fruits of iniquity, unrighteousness, confusion and death in their ministry. They choose the way of iniquity, sin, and unrighteousness over the way of righteousness and obedience to His law and true salvation, and cause many to follow them in their wide path to destruction..

    In the New Testament the word righteousness means in some verses and its context forgiveness and justification, and in other verses and its context, it means righteousness, meaning obedience to God's commandments, and in other verses the word righteousness means both of these meanings. Some examples of this are found in Rom. 6:13,16,18 with righteousness as meaning doing what is commanded by the law, obedience to God's Law, and in Rom. 3:21; 4:13, Gal. 2:21 the word righteousness means to be made right, forgiven and justified by Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. A verse where it means both of these meanings is in Mat. 6:33.

     Righteousness means both to do what is right (obedience to God's commandments), and to be made right (made right through faith in Christ's justification, to be forgiven of one's sins by Christ's sacrifice). Jesus Christ teaches that you must obey God's 10 commandments to be accepted for eternal life, Mat 19:17. And Christ means all of those commandments, not just which commandments each person picks and chooses to obey and keep. Paul  gives a partial list of transgressions of God's 10 commandments in I Cor. 6:9-10, and warns all believers that if any are committing any of these sins or such sins, they will not inherit God's Kingdom. Jesus Christ and His Apostles make their teachings  very clear through their Words, if any minister is teaching and leading people against the keeping of God's commandments, he is bearing the evil fruits of INIQUITY, and will bear the wages of Christ's judgment against such evil fruits in the judgment. Some might desire to be sincere, but are ignorant of God's true righteousness and will still be judged, Rom. 10:3. Sincerity in deception will not stand in the judgment, but truth will.

     But today what we have, in what is accepted as the Christianity of Jesus Christ, are false leaders openly teaching nobody can keep any of God's 10 commandments. This is a dishonor and a another slap of verbal bruising to the face of Jesus Christ, that is against all that Jesus Christ went through in all of His suffering, bruising and terrible scourging and death that He received at the hands of evil men. Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross because of man's sins, transgressions of God's commandments, the evil  fruits of INIQUITY,  and gave Himself and His body to be so broken, beaten, scourged, torn apart, until most all of His blood had either drained out of His body or by His internal organs being so bruised from being beaten, were pooling, broken, loose blood inside of His body. It took the soldier's spear to release all of His remaining bruised and body contained blood to be drained from His body, all to provide the perfect sacrifice, in order to forgive and to cover for man's transgressions of God's 10 commandments. This was all for His love for man to be man's sacrifice to save him from the penalty of his sins, if man will accept his sacrifice, if not, man will have to pay the penalty for his own sins without receiving eternal life.

   This was all permitted to be done because of Jesus Christ Love for sinners. Yet He still holds out His hand and calls for all to repent and to accept His perfect sacrifice, so that He can and will forgive all who will repent of their sins against Him and His commandments, and will give eternal life to those who will accept His broken body and shed blood for their sins. This does not  mean, as is widely taught today by all of these false pastors, that one can accept Christ and then can go back out and continue in one's sins. This would be doing despite against the Spirit of His grace, Heb. 10:26-29. Study this Scripture for a true awakening and understanding. 

     Jesus Christ will not accept and give anyone His Grace, His forgiveness, and salvation who does not honor, repent and obey His law given in His 10 commandments. The religious leaders in Christ's day were called ravenous wolves and Christ also called them hypocrites, blind guides, and snakes, Mat .23:13-15, 24, 33, and leaders who did not keep the law (John 7:19; 8:44) and "You shut up the Kingdom of heaven against men, for you neither go in yourselves, neither permit you them that are entering to go in," Mat. 23:13.

     Today, it is no different! False, evil, and deceptive pastors and ministers are keeping people from entering God's Kingdom. Why was this so then and  today, because of their evil fruits of iniquity. Those religious leaders professed they kept the commandments, but Christ told them they did not, but were hypocrites and liars, John 8:44-47. He would call today's religious leaders, who call themselves pastors and ministers the same, hypocrites, snakes,  and blind guides, who do not keep the law, the 10 commandments, and you can always know them by their fruits of INIQUITY - LAWLESSNESS, disobedience and teaching against God's 10 commandments.

      If  a person does not know the meaning of iniquity,  or the meaning of repentance, conversion, or what is sin, then that person will not be able to know by their fruits, who are all the false prophets, false preachers,  false pastors and false evangelists.
   Secondly, you can know these false ministers, pastors, and preachers by the fact that they are not bearing the fruits of true repentance. True repentance bears the fruits  of a changed, wicked heart of disobedience, to a heart of obedience to God's 10 commandments. Most people cannot even recite the 10 commandments and that is because the ministers of today's Christianity have not been teaching those commandments. Repentance is a true change and conversion in one's life to a new life that has value, purpose, and understanding God's  love through the commandments of God and acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's Savior. John, the Baptist, warned the false ministers of God's Word in his day, and for today, to bring forth fruit suitable (fitting or worthy) of repentance, Mat 3:8. Today's ministers do not even know what is suitable, Christ accepted repentance, because they do not know what is sin and what is the law that defines sin.

     By examining the lives, behavior, and ministry of today's evangelists, ministers, and pastors, you will come to see they are fake impersonators, false ministers of darkness by the fact of truth that they do not understand what is true repentance. Understanding repentance is a basic requirement in true Christianity. And by further examination you will see that they are not teaching  believers the need to bear the fruit of true repentance in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ for His forgiveness of their sins. So  in your examination you will first come to see these confessed to be Christian ministers are not only bearing the evil fruits of iniquity, but secondly, they have not truly repented by their lack of the fruits of a truly, godly repentance, by the fact that are still breaking God's 10 commandments.

      The very first commandment transgression that is the easiest to spot in looking at their fruits of iniquity which is manifested in the lives of all the false prophets and preachers is their, rebellion in God's face, and open transgression of God's 4th commandment He commanded in the beginning to kept holy. Their open rebellion is their transgression of not obeying and keeping God's Sabbath by their walking and trampling all over and making vain His 7th day Sabbath, by doing all of their work and pleasures on  Christ's created and made Holy, 7th day Sabbath, Saturday, of His created week. And by this 4th commandment transgression they are breaking the first commandment, to put God first by putting man and his creation of a  different created unholy sabbath, the first day, Sunday, of the week as the day they are all keeping and recognizing as the day to keep holy. This 1st day sabbath keeping is from Satan, the devil and has no Scripture foundation at all.

      One that understands God's 10 commandments will see and understand that through these 2 commandment transgressions you will see they are automatically transgressing His 3rd commandment by taking God's Name in vain in their vain worship of Jesus Christ and their teaching of iniquity. And as you go through the rest of the commandments you will see that they are dishonoring their heavenly Father and mother by dishonoring the only Father, and only Son and Savior and the New Testament mother church by not following their teachings in all of their false worship, but follow their false church's teachings.

     It is easy also to spot their 6th and 7th commandment transgressions of accepting the murdering of the very young through abortion and who also justify their spirit of murder through their evil anger against their brother without good biblical cause. You will also notice that they are either living in the sin of adultery or permitting others in their fellowship to commit that sin either through fornication,  being a homosexual, pedophile, same sex marriages, bestiality, sodomy, without preaching against it or warning that they cannot inherit God's Kingdom committing such sins. The last 3 commandments you will notice that they are deceiving the people in believing that they are a true minister and yet are stealing the people's money of tithes and offerings under that false pretense of being a true minister, doing God's Work, and doing a lot of lying along with it. You will notice that they are liars and deceiving in their teachings, and if you have any discernment at all, you will see that they covet power, covet money, covet God's glory by their proud, self exaltation along with many of them coveting unlawful sex of any gender and of any age.

    All of these transgressions are evil fruits of their iniquity and their ministry, and Paul warned in I Cor. 6:9-10, that any person committing such sins will not, to repeat again, will not inherit God's Kingdom. And yet the people, church members of churches,  accept all of this iniquity as normal church leadership and fellowship, and truly it is the normal leadership of today's churches, but headed for destruction. None of this defines and describes the true leadership of a true servant or a true watchman warning and teaching the Word of God.

    And thirdly, they are bearing the evil fruits of iniquity in their teaching, by teaching and leading people into permitting  INIQUITY in their lives, and so are deceiving all people  by preaching, and publishing  a perverted gospel that people don't have to repent and obey God's 10 commandments, to be accepted by Jesus Christ for His forgiveness of their sins. This is hatred and blasphemy against Jesus Christ as one's Savior and for all that He came and gave His blood and life to fulfill the law of judgment against committed sins.

    Seeing a very special effects movie of Christ's death will not change anything in a person's life if they do not understand that Jesus Christ died because everybody has broken His law, which is sin, and that sin is defined through the transgressions of any of His 10 commandments. If a person continues to break  His 10 commandments, then you and all continuing sinners are continuing to spiritually beat, bruise, and tear the flesh and spill the blood of Jesus Christ, spiritually speaking, as your Savior and the Savior to all mankind.

    This movie of Christ's sufferings and death could have some real special effects spiritually, if this understanding about why Christ gave His life was thoroughly understood, then it could truly produce special effects in people's lives in the sense of a real miracle taking place in a person's life. This could come about through a real confession and repentance of one's sins, conversion of the mind from following the flesh to following the Spirit, and then accepting Christ's sacrifice to receive salvation. But like so many other church works and mighty works of men as Jesus Christ foretold, they will do mighty works and all in vain, Mat. 7:22. He says these false leaders will do many wonderful works and He  will say to them "depart from me you that work Iniquity," you that work lawlessness.

     These evil and fake and rebellious Christian leaders  are by all of their mighty works and their works of iniquity, not teaching, preaching, and publishing how one can become truly righteous before God through His true Gospel. Christ warns that working   iniquity in their lives and ministry would be the evil fruits of these false ministers and all who are associated with them. These  ministers of darkness by working iniquity and teaching people to accept the error of sin, do not understand what is sin, or Christ's judgment against sin. And so they do not understand true repentance, nor can they see the need for a believer to repent of their sins, because they are blind to their sins, and are causing all of their followers to become blind to their sins, and so they do not understand really Why Jesus Chris Died .

     If a confessing minister, pastor, preacher, evangelist, or a Christ confessing member does not understand repentance, and what is sin, then he or any member of churches  cannot deeply repent and confess their sins, because they don't know what they are to confess and repent of. If a minister or member cannot confess his sins and does not repent of his sins, then Jesus Christ absolutely without  question based on the WORD of JESUS CHRIST, will not accept one for forgiveness of their sins, and will not give this sinning person, His grace, nor salvation, because this confessing believer, who like his minister, is bearing the evil fruits of iniquity. Jesus Christ taught people the need to repent in order to be accepted into His Kingdom, Mat. 4:17, and told certain sinners brought before Him "to go and sin no more." This means  not to go and continue to willfully sin in one's life, as is so widely taught today in Christianity.

    Today's confessing ministers teach that you cannot go and sin no more, so they have raised up false christs across the land teaching that you can go and continue in your sins, that no one can go and not continue to willfully commit sin. These false ministers don't have God's Spirit and they are denying God's Power in one's life, to help them to go and not to commit willful sin.

     You cannot be cleansed of your sins without repentance and the confession of your sins! Yet today's false iniquitous ministers are going about teaching that Jesus Christ will accept you in your sins. They are teaching in the reality of their messages, instead of go and sin no more, to go and continue  in your sins, because they teach no one can keep God's 10 commandments. Christ told the woman brought to Him for His immediate judgment for her adultery, "to go and sin no more." Was she forgiven of her sin? Yes, she was, if she did not willfully continue in that sin or to knowingly continue to commit any sin. Another man handicapped with an infirmity for 38 years, but desiring to be healed and forgiven of his sins at the pool of  Bethesda. Jesus Christ came by and healed him and told him "you are made whole, sin no more, unless a worse thing come unto you," John 5:14. Was this crippled man healed and forgiven of his sins? Yes, he was, and would you go and not willfully commit any more sins as this crippled man was told, knowing a worse thing than your crippled state would come upon you. I don't believe so.

    If Jesus Christ would make such statement today in the presence of today's preachers they would answer as they are teaching in His Name each week, "but Lord nobody can live their life without willfully committing more sins." Today's ministers by bearing the fruits of iniquity, are leading people to believe they have been forgiven, made whole, by just accepting the Name of Christ and that they can go out and continue  daily in a state of iniquity by willfully committing more  sins.

     Jesus Christ teaches in John 8:34, "Verily, verily (surely and absolutely) I say unto you, whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin."  Jesus Christ inspired John to write and teach in I John 3:4-10, "Whosoever commits sin transgresses also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law," the law being the ten commandments and any statute that magnifies God's ten commandments of love. John continues in verse 6, "Whosoever abides in Him (Jesus Christ) does not sin, whosoever sins has not seen Him, neither known Him." John teaches in verse 8,  "He that commits sin is of the devil,"  and in verse 9, Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin: for His seed (Jesus Christ and His spirit) remains in him: and he cannot sin, (will not permit himself to willfully commit sin), because he is born of God."

     Again, the average, professed Christian has been taught by all the false ministers in today's accepted Christianity, that no one can keep God's commandments and it is impossible to stop sinning. Why do today's confessing Christians continue to  believe these evil servants and their lies? It is because the average church going person will not take the time to study God's Word and see what it really does say and teach. And also, it is so much easier to just listen, rather than change and do, and besides, these false ministers' messages are, do nothing messages, nothing one has to do to receive forgiveness for their sins. This  fits in  so well with everybody's lazy nature and sins and hostile nature that is against God's law, Rom. 8:7, and the ministers' false teaching that it is impossible to stop sinning..

     Why do today's confessing false preachers and their following false Christians still believe they can bear the evil fruits of sin and still be accepted by Jesus Christ? One reason is, because of what Paul said in Romans 8;7, "Because the carnal mind (the normal mind of a person without God's Spirit) is hostile (has a deep seated hatred against God): for it (the mind) is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." The normal minded person, living by the evil tree of the knowledge of good and evil,  is one which is living by one's own standards of right and wrong and continually justifies his sins through self deception and self righteousness and taking certain Scriptures out of their context of meaning.

   This carnal person hates God's standards of behavior detailed through His   commandments, and will not submit himself to God and His law, but will submit to the worship of one of today's false Christs that today's false preachers have raised up in their many churches, who gives permission for his followers to continue in their sins. All of these false Christs are raised up, christ images (worshipped, false mind images of Christ) who permit its members to disregard, or throw out the law of God, if they will only confess the Name of Christ that these false worshippers have adopted in their worship of their false christs. In plain words, these false prophets, who are today's teachers sitting in offices of preachers, pastors, and evangelists by their fruits, teach iniquity, which is lawlessness. They are not even mindful of God's commandments in their teaching, so they teach no law, and that no believer has to keep and obey the laws of God to be forgiven and to become a true Christian. These ministers and members are bearing the evil fruits of iniquity and are headed for great destruction, and will have to satisfy the judgment of God's law with their own life without receiving salvation along with their deceived followers!

      There would be no need for Jesus Christ to come to this earth, to give His life in a terrible death and suffering to forgive sins, if a sinner can still continue in his sins! There would be no need for the message of repentance that John, the Baptist, Jesus Christ, all the apostles and Paul preached throughout their ministry if a sinner can continue to sin and not have to overcome his sins, and can continue to live his life in sin. Jesus Christ came preaching repentance, Matthew 4:17, John the Baptist came preaching repentance, Matthew 3:2, Peter preached repentance in Acts 2:38,  Paul preached repentance in Acts 17:30, by commanding, "all men everywhere to repent," and in Acts 26:20, "that gentiles (and all) should repent and turn to God, and do the works, (bearing fruits) fitting of their repentance."

     Jesus Christ, in the Book of Revelation, warns all churches and their members if any are living in sin and continuing to sin, they should repent, overcome their sins, or they will not receive eternal life, and if their name had been written in the book of life , it would be taken out of it, if they will not overcome their lusts and sins, Revelation 2 and 3.

     Jesus Christ in one of His parables, describes the seed of the Word of God like the seed of the sower. Christ says in Luke 8:14 that the Word of God is like the seed of the sower, which fell among thorns and the thorns choked it out of their life. Christ said the cares and riches and pleasures of this life will choke the freely sowed Word of God and will  "bring no fruit to perfection." Christ desires the fruit of true love, real joy, a saving faith, lasting peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness and self control all to be brought to perfection in a true Christian's life.

     When Christ confessing ministers and members present the excuse that no believer of Jesus Christ can keep His ten commandments and become obedient and righteous to Christ, they are denying Christ, and the power of His Holy Spirit and faith of Christ to work in their lives. They are permitting the cares, riches in their life and the pleasures of their life to choke off and prevent them from bringing any real fruit to perfection to become a true Christian. The fruits of God's Spirit is based on the keeping God's law, His 10 commandments, Gal. 5:14-25, I John 5:2-3.

      When the foundational fruits of repentance, obedience and faith is not present, then the end result is iniquity, lawlessness, coming from one's hostility against God and His commandments. Through this rebellious mind, a professed believer will not and cannot bear the fruit of true love, real joy, true peace of mind, saving faith, or any of the other fruits of God's Holy Spirit, and it is all because of lawlessness, iniquity, that they will not recognize in their life. Even though they attend churches and call Christ, Lord, and confess Him being in their life, He will say to these lawless, these iniquitous believers, "He never knew you, depart from me, you that work iniquity," Mat. 7:23

      The evil fruits of iniquity are not the fruits of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit working in a believer. Iniquity is fruit of commandment transgression. This evil fruit comes from Satan and his demons with their influence and power, working in a deceived, professing Christian, and is working in all ministers and their members of all churches, who are believing that confessing only the Name of Jesus Christ will  forgive their sins and they will  be saved. Everyone of these false ministers and false members are bearing these evil fruits of iniquity because they are still worshipping Satan and all of his false Christs and who have not repented of their sins, the transgressing of God's 10 commandments, and so are still living in Satan's world of darkness, and the error of sin. This is all because they will not acknowledge the true Jesus Christ, who died for sinners who will repent of their transgressions.

     These are people who have transgressed His commandments and will not acknowledge this fact of truth, and who will not confess this and repent of their transgressions. Jesus Christ is saying to all people,  if you know this truth, then by their fruits you shall know them, all of the false preachers, all of these ministers and members working iniquity, and all of its evil fruits in today's professed Christianity. Jesus Christ is telling you what you must do to be saved from your sins, by commanding you to come out of this religious world of Babylon, this world of darkness with all of its churches' bearing the deceitfulness of sin, who are wearing a Christian face or mask and playing church. One must confess his sins, repent of his sins with accepted fruits of obedience to God's commandments, and then accept the true Jesus Christ of Scripture and He will accept you. Anything else less than this will be rejected by Him. Accepting a false image of Christ, a false Christ, will not cause the real Christ to accept you.

     Jesus Christ will make a way of hiding those people in the day of His anger, whose hearts today are changed hearts because of the special effects God's Spirit has had upon them and their lives. They understand and see how the evil fruits of iniquity in today's Christianity are responsible for all of the sins that have so totally leavened and corrupted today's accepted Christianity and its evil effect upon our society. Christ will protect and mark those who will and  are making a firm stand against all sins, transgressing Christ's 10 commandments. They will make their stand through their repentance, faith, and obedience to Christ by coming out of all  the churches' accepted darkness, its fellowships and all of its evil fruit of Iniquity in order to live their life in the true light of the true Jesus Christ .  Read and study Zeph. 1:14-18; 2:2-3; 3:1-14

Will this Special Effects movie of the Passion of Jesus Christ pertaining to His sufferings and death produce a real change in sinners?

   Will this special effects movie showing Christ's terrible suffering and agonizing  death bring about a special effect in the Christian community, a real moral change and an awakening in America? Will people really understand the truth as Pilate asked "what is truth," about why Jesus Christ really gave His life in such a brutal, agonizing, flesh tearing, blood letting and nail piercing crucifixion? Jesus Christ said those "that hear His voice will understand the truth" about His life, teachings and why He died and suffered. This special effects movie did make with great detail and special effects through movie production Christ's sufferings, excruciating pain, and agonizing death as real as can be made. However, it was done without giving  the audience the real understanding and truth of why all of this suffering and death was  done for mankind.

     Without any question, most people do accept and believe that Jesus Christ suffered and died for their sins and iniquities. As Scripture  says in Isa. 53:5   "He was wounded for our transgressions (transgressions of God's 10 commandments) bruised for our iniquities (lawless people ignorant of and not even mindful of God's law and transgressing His commandments) and sins (their transgressions of God's law). However, the truth is always missing in today's preaching, and teachings, and movies about the true understanding of Christ's death by not presenting the truth  that Jesus Christ's sufferings and terrible blood letting, crucifixion was given for the penalty of a sinner's sins. It was given in His great love to take the place of the penalty for  sinners' sins and iniquities for the ones that can understand the truth concerning His sacrifice. His sufferings and crucifixion was not given for people's sins, so they could continue in their sins and iniquities as most believe. Christ will not accept anyone that does not understand this and does not set his mind and heart to stop transgressing His commandments. Transgressions of God's commandments, which is sin, is the reason Christ went through all that He did, but only for those that understand, repent and accept His Sacrifice. He said He came to turn sinners from their sins and iniquities, Acts 3:26.

     Today's confessing Christians desire a Christ that died for their sins and iniquities, but not really a True Savior where they have to make  drastic changes in their lifestyle and behavior. They don't want a Christ whereas they, in order to be accepted by this  Christ of God's Word, means that they have to stop sinning and begin to live a righteous life. In plainer words, they don't want to be  turned from their iniquities and sins and so they will accept any minister that will create and preach any false Christ that accepts them in their sins.
    However, in this special effects movie, the portrayed Christ  did not represent the true Christ of the Bible, a masculine looking Christ with short hair as Christ inspired Paul to write "it is a shame for a man to have long hair, it dishonors his head, Jesus Christ," I Cor. 11:4,14. Why would Jesus Christ have long hair and inspire his Apostle Paul that long hair on a man is dishonoring his head, Jesus Christ. Picturing Jesus Christ with long hair is the creation of men, not God. This presenting of Christ is not according to Scripture. This movie created Christ also had to share His power to forgive sin with Mary who was portrayed as forgiving Peter's sins, as Peter bowed before her in the movie. The movie kept going back to Mary with her actions pertaining to the shed blood of Christ as if she was being crucified with Christ, and should be worshipped, which is all likewise against Scripture. Only Jesus Christ was crucified and only He can forgive  sin and not any other person and only He and the Father are to be worshipped and exalted in a Christian's heart and no other person, male or female.

    But even more importantly, the movie in its Script did not give its audience what Christ Himself in speaking of His life and death, why he came and died.  He inspired Paul to write in Acts 3:26  "---- God, having raised up His son Jesus Christ, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities." Are people being turned away from their iniquities and sins through today's preachers and their messages and even a special effects movie? People today cannot equate their sins with the reason Christ came and gave His life.  People don't realize every time they sin that they are continuing to bruise, beat and shed the blood of Jesus Christ.  Scripture warns in Heb. 10:28-29  "He that rejected Moses law (God's law) died  without mercy under two or three witnesses: Of how much worse punishment, suppose you shall be thought worthy, who had trodden under foot the Son of God (Jesus Christ) and has counted the blood of the covenant (the giving of the broken body and shed blood of Christ) wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and has done despite (hateful disrespect) unto the Spirit of grace." Any confessing Christian who is still a sinner, who continues to willfully sin, is bringing insult, shame, and great disrespect upon the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ and treating His blood covenant and Spirit of Grace as an unholy thing.

    Yes, people after seeing the movie will quote John 3:16, but not Acts 3:26, nor will they quote even the following verses of John 3:16 such as verses 19-21 where it says "men love darkness (blindness of their sins and iniquities) rather than the light, and everyone that does evil will not come to the light, because their deeds will  be exposed." Will people seeing this movie be moved to turn from their sins and iniquities? Iniquities means lawlessness, no law to keep and people not even mindful of God's laws  due to today's false preaching. Iniquity means a lawless people committing sins, which is the transgressing of God's law, His 10 commandments. God sent Jesus Christ to forgive sinners if they will repent and turn their lives from committing sins and all  iniquities, and who will be very aware  when they are being tempted to transgress His commandments.

     Will this movie with its special effects have this special effect on every sinner that sees it? Most likely it will not, because there is nothing in the movie and its  Script giving this special effect understanding, truth, and real vision, by giving the true insight of why Jesus Christ died and went through His terrible ordeal of suffering and death. Jesus Christ did not go through all that He suffered and His death, so people could continue in their sins, but to turn people away from their sins and iniquities.

    Accepting Christ's death and sufferings as a fact of truth will not help, or forgive anyone of their sins and iniquities, if people do not understand that this was all done, because all have sinned and transgressed God's 10 commandments. The law of God demands   the penalty of death for sin, the judgment of death for the transgression of His commandments, and it will be paid either by you, meaning the death of your life,  or you understanding that this penalty of death upon your life can be lifted  by you accepting Christ's substitutionary death for your sins. However, Christ will not accept anyone who is not determined to repent of his sins and will not set himself or herself to stop transgressing God's 10 commandments. Transgressing God's 10 commandments identifies, determines and defines everybody's sins and iniquities.

     This is the true vision and insight of Why Jesus Christ Died. This most important understanding and vision is totally left out and will not be found in this movie about Christ, and this movie will be in vain and will produce only a moving, emotional, temporary effect and not a lasting effect, change, and conversion without this true vision of Christ's suffering and death. This is why Jesus Christ continually taught and said it is By Their fruits that you can know them who are the real, truly converted Christians and ministers walking this earth today. And who are the false ministers and false Christians that Christ warned about by saying many false prophets will deceive the people. These professing ministers and Christians are Christians  in name only, but who are still transgressors of God's commandments and are adding  shame, dishonor, and despite to the suffering and death  and Grace of the real Jesus Christ, Heb. 10:29.

      God says in Pro. 29:18  "Where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keeps the law ( God's 10 commandments ), happy (blessed) is he."

     So if you are God's man or God's woman and you are hating sin, and are obeying His laws and commandments, and have accepted and have saving faith through the true Jesus Christ, then God says this to you in I Peter 3:12,   " For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayer: but the face of the Lord  is against them that do evil.  It is by these fruits that God and His Saints know you. Doing evil are those who are still committing sins and iniquities and will not repent and obey God and are willingly blind to their evil ways.  God, the Father's ear is not open and He will not hear the prayers of people who are continuing in their sins and iniquities. It is by these fruits that God's true people know that you are none of  His Saints, Saints of  true Jesus Christ. Christ continually says you must "Repent or you will Perish."

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