That Born Of  The Spirit Is Spirit

Jesus Christ said "that which is born of Spirit is Spirit ," John 3:6 . What does this mean?

    What is the understanding and meaning of the teaching of Jesus Christ in John the 3rd chapter and particularly in verse 6, which has confused so many people? Why does this verse and words confuse so many people about being born of Spirit? Was Jesus talking about the time when a person's body is changed to Spirit at the resurrection, which really would not have any spiritual value of application in a Christian's life for today? Or was He talking about the Spirit's Power of application for today when a person's  HEART and MIND, which is what identifies a person, is changed to SPIRIT  NOW, converted to be motivated by the Spirit  NOW, THE PRESENT. And by God's SPIRIT being the Power and force in one's life now, this creates God's sons and provides for His Kingdom now, true, called and chosen sons with hearts and minds that can understand God's Word and especially understand and know the meaning of verse 6 where Jesus teaches "that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit."

    This is a passage of Scripture that has all churches, their leadership and membership in total confusion, as it pertains to one's  life, salvation, understanding the Gospel, and receiving eternal life in God's Kingdom.   The Protestants and other believers of today's Christianity believe they are born of the Spirit, but show no fruit of this being true, nor that they really understand the real meaning of this Scripture. Neither do they show or bear the fruit of God's Spirit being in them or leading them because  their hearts and minds are lead by the flesh, because they teach  and bear  the fruit of Iniquity, who teach that there is no law one has to repent of breaking or required to obey to be accepted by Jesus Christ, Mat. 7:21-23. This erroneous understanding is an absolute insult and offense to Jesus Christ, and against why He died for all the sins of man's commandment breaking, and makes the real Jesus Christ their enemy, soon to come under His coming judgment. 

    Then there are the Churches of God who believe they can be only begotten of God's Spirit now, not to have hearts and minds (that represents them) born of the Spirit now. They teach, that to be born of Spirit, that is to teach that believers can have hearts and minds fully born of Spirit now is a teaching in error, and that this condition of life can only come at the resurrection.

     So the fact is these church members don't have hearts and minds of God's Spirit now by their fruit of all of them being so divided. They have no hearts and minds of Spirit that could unify them,  speak the same things, to help them fully understand Scripture and to direct them to obey and have God's law written in their hearts and minds in this present life. So by their fruit and without hearts and minds of God's Spirit,  they can not grow to come to be without spot or blemish, they cannot be perfected and they cannot live their lives without sin, as most  all of them confess. They are admitting in their Christian confession that they cannot live blameless Christian lives without sinning, so the fact is, they  still are sinners. They will continue to have hearts that commit sin at Christ's coming and yet believe Christ will save them from their sins at the resurrection. So just exactly and precisely what does Jesus Christ mean in this verse as it pertains to being born of the water and of the Spirit and especially to His statement in John 3:6 that teaches  "that
which is born of Spirit is Spirit."

     One church appointed preacher that this writer and wife were once associated with in the past, along with many others who are of his same fleshly mindset,  have joked and made light of  any person who teaches or says he is born of the Spirit now, in this present life. He, like many others of the same mindset, did  not and does not judge by their fruit as Christ has commanded His disciples to do. So they were and are not able to know whether the fruit is of the Spirit or of the flesh. This pastor judged believers by the hat pin test. He judged any one who believes he is born of the Spirit, or believes he has a heart and mind of the Spirit now, by sticking them  with a hat pin  to  see if they are Spirit or flesh. It became  obviously clear that this professed to be preacher and pastor was completely confused, unconverted, and taught against the true words of Jesus Christ and His Apostles and was bearing the fruit of the flesh and sin, and was not being led by God's Spirit, because he had not been born of the Spirit of God.

     WHY IS  THIS TEACHING OF JESUS CHRIST causing so much confusion, offenses, divisions among all the so called believers? First, it is because of false ministers setting a horrible example of being a minister of Jesus Christ. They manifest that they are still sinning by continually breaking God's  commandments, they definitely are not unified, they are not together in teaching the true Gospel, do not know what is true righteousness, nor what is spiritual conversion, and are definitely not speaking the same things by the Spirit and Word of God. Many of them speak by the same spirit, but that spirit is the spirit of Satan. What is EVEN WORSE is the fact that any professing ministers and people of Christ, by not understanding this teaching of Jesus Christ in John 3:6, are permitting these false prophets and false teachers amongst them to CAST a stumbling block in their members path and in the path of all salvation searching believers to PREVENT them from coming to a real repentance, to a real conversion, and are preventing all   professing followers of Jesus Christ from receiving God's Holy Spirit and to have hearts and minds of Spirit, of God's Spirit? This is a Deadly Serious Sin and a Satanic teaching that is against Jesus Christ in today's confessing Christianity and are Christ's enemies, soon to receive His judgment, if they don't repent.

     Why is this  evil wickedness, this terrible condition of people not being led by God's Spirit, so wide spread in all of  today's Christianity?  It is because people need God's Holy Spirit to understand these things, and it seems nobody wants to do what Christ commands of them to receive His  Holy Spirit. Their false god of the physical has been exalted to the highest position in their life. No one can fully understand God's Word without a heart and mind that is given to the knowledge of God's Spirit, are growing in God's Spirit and being filled with His Spirit.

     But today's  rebellious and compromising Christians see no real need for additional help in their lives, because they all are living, they believe, spiritually rich lives, ignorantly contented in their sinful state and believe by living by what men have taught them all of their lives and  by what they have heard all of their lives as being Christian, that this will be good enough to be accepted by the true Jesus Christ. They have made the statement that "they don't believe Christ is going to judge them in their  life, because they believe they are good people, living by their own standards, doing their own works, attending church every week, giving so much in money and time to a church, and so believe they will be saved." There is coming a time of weeping and gnashing of teeth by today's professing Christians, because of their living by their  knowledge of today's false Christianity
      Their problem is that they do not live by God's standards, His 10 commandments that He commands are to be kept, and they do not keep His Sabbath, nor do they preach His true Gospel. They have not done what they need to do to receive God's Spirit, and so still are sinners which most all of them confess that they are. Christ warns all following this great broad path of today's Christianity that they are headed for destruction, Mat. 7:13, Rom. 6:23.

      This is all because they have been taught all their lives by their professing spiritually elite,  that  no one can live their life without continuing to commit sin, daily. They say it is impossible. This is in face of what God says in His Word that all things are possible through Him and His Spirit. And so by this unbelieving and rebellious mindset, they see no need for God's Spirit to be working in their heart and mind to help them overcome in their sinning mindset.

     These church people are deceived all because they have accepted the false Satanic teaching there can be no real lasting success over sin in their life, because they believe that they will always continue to sin, continue in their fruitless and sinning state, because they will always continually commit sin, by breaking His 10 commandments. They put out of their minds Scriptures teaching that the wages of sin is death, Rom. 6:23, and a Scripture that says there remains no more a savior and sacrifice where one willfully continues to sin, Heb. 10:26. They don't study other such Scriptures pointing out that they will not enter God's Kingdom by committing sin, and continuing to sin against God and breaking any or all of His commandments,  I Cor. 6:9-10, Mat. 19:17, Mat. 7:23, I John 3:8-10. All such Scriptures have no place in their heart and mind, because of their hearts and  minds of the flesh and they are people filled with the ways of the flesh and sin.

      This is precisely what has been foretold of this day that people would have a form of Christianity, but will deny God's Spirit and Power to help and work in their hearts and minds, II Tim. 3:5-7, to overcome and bear real Spiritual fruit. You can take this note down and you will recall it being said or written in the very near future, that Jesus Christ will not give His Holy Spirit to anyone that will not humble himself and will not commit himself to a changed life, a changed and converted heart and mind. A changed  and converted heart and mind is the heart and mind of one that desires to convert his life from the ways of the flesh, to the ways of the Spirit, to the ways of a converted life, to stop sinning, to stop breaking God's 10 commandments, to have a complete faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to forgive them. This is all in order for a repentant believer to be accepted by Jesus Christ for forgiveness of his sins and to receive the free gifts of His Holy Spirit and Salvation.

     Today's professing Christians believe they have a free ticket into God's kingdom just by saying the magic words that they  repeat over and over, I  accept  Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and by  saying these words and a dunking in a tank of water believe they have been converted and born again. All of this is a futile exercise and amounts to a day or time in today's deceived Christianity that they were deceived even more and also got wet. If this is the way for a believer to inherit God's Kingdom, then God's Kingdom would be so filled with wicked sinners of every description, liars, thieves, murderers, fornicators, adulterers, abusers of all kinds, extortioners, idolaters, sodomites, covetous, drunkards, and all such wickedness, but God says these sinners, who are all  church going members, are  commandment breakers, and will not  inherit God's Kingdom . Read it in I Cor. 6:9-10. What would keep a believer from sinning  in God's Kingdom, if he can't live his life without sin and overcoming his sins in this life time?

       There are requirements  every person  must do in order to receive these free gifts of His Spirit and salvation. In the inspired plain words of Scripture, Christ has paid the debt for these free gifts, not you or me,  but He does demand certain changes in all of His called and chosen children and sons. They are to repent, begin to totally commit themselves to obey all of God's 10 commandments, including the 4th one, and in faith accept Christ's payment of debt for one's sins and then are to be baptized in a watery grave as testimony and symbolic of what has taken place in one's heart and  that is, you have buried the old man and the ways of the flesh and have been raised a new person,  beginning a new life in His Holy Spirit.  At this time, Christ has promised to give you His Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands, and the gift of salvation. And through  His Holy Spirit working in you, you will have daily help to change your heart and mind. From this point you will daily begin growing in the power of God's Spirit and that Spirit of God will  work in your heart and mind until your every day and your every step will be directed by a
HEART and MIND that is of God's Spirit. This is being converted from a heart and mind of the flesh and all the sins of the flesh, to a heart and mind of Spirit.

      It should be a foregoing conclusion to all, who can still think and reason sensibly on their own and are not brain dead, that at the resurrection  of the saints, God  is not going to change any person's body to Spirit who has not humbled himself now, and who will not repent of his sins and change his life now, to have a heart and mind of Spirit. God is not going to  change and convert this person's  heart and mind to Spirit, while continuing to live in sins and daily  commit sins while living in the body of flesh on this earth. If one's heart and mind has not been changed to Spirit while they were still physical and still living in their flesh, then that person at the resurrection will not be changed to Spirit by God the Father. Study and understand what Christ in Rom. 8:11 is teaching everyone. This verse says, "But if the Spirit of Him (God the Father) that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, (dwells in your heart and mind) he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken (raise up, change, or resurrect) our mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwells in you." Where does God's Spirit dwell in a person? It dwells in the heart and mind of a repentant and converted believer. This is the intermost part of his thinking, doing, and decision making, all of which identifies a person.

     A heart and mind that is still of the flesh at death will not be changed to Spirit at Christ's coming and the resurrection of the saints . In plain words, corruption will not inherit incorruption at the resurrection. It must be a  heart and mind that is of Spirit in order that the body can be changed to Spirit at the resurrection. The heart and mind is what constitutes a person and is all that is saved and accepted into God's kingdom, if that person has grown to have a heart and mind of Spirit . God will give a new body of Spirit to go with one's heart and mind of the Spirit. It is a heart and mind of Spirit that inherits incorruption, not a heart and mind that has not overcome the flesh and the ways of sin, because all of this is the corruption of the flesh. God says that "flesh and blood cannot enter God's Kingdom."

      This certainly applies to any person who still has a heart and mind that is still of the flesh and not of the Spirit, I Cor. 15:50. Why is it important to have God's Spirit dwelling in one's heart and mind now? Because it takes God's Spirit in a person to write God's laws, His 10 commandments in a believer's heart and mind
. If a person is not having those laws, God's 10 commandments written in one's heart and mind, then he is not fulfilling the covenant that God desires of all of His children that they are to make with Him. It is through the keeping of God's 10 commandments in the letter and in the Spirit that a believer learns and grows in God's love. You cannot have the Spirit of the law in one's heart without having  the letter of the law there also, yet today's professing Christianity teaches in error that you can. You cannot obey the spirit of the law that is not based on the letter of the law.

    "This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord, I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them," Heb. 10:16. Is this the covenant that is taught and expounded in today's accepted Christianity by today's confessing Christian leadership? Absolutely not, and the farthest thing from it. Why is this true? Today, this country's government and its agencies, along with many of the country's agreeing people, are trying to get the 10 commandments ruled out of existence, out of any public display, and as the saying goes, out of sight, out of heart. This is along with the only Name and Authority that can forgive sins and save people from their sins of breaking God's 10 commandments. The Name is Jesus Christ and whose Name is being trashed, spit upon, being regulated by government regulations to set in motion to rid His Name from its rightful place of all authority, over forgiveness of one's sins, authority to grant eternal life, and a Name to  be exalted and  to be given great honor and respect in people's lives.

     All of the churches of today's accepted Christianity have long ago taken the 10 commandments out of their teaching, their churches and their importance in a believer's being accepted for salvation.  Yet, in its hypocrisy, church leaders and its people get upset when the government rules about taking the commandments down from being posted in public places. Is it any wonder that today's Christianity does not the teach the truth, and is in confusion about what is needed to fulfill the covenant that God the Father  and Jesus Christ teaches and desires to be made with all of His children, that is for those who they really desire to inherit and enter His Kingdom!

      This Scripture  in  the 8th and 10th chapters was spoken and written from what the Lord prophesied and said in Jer. 31:33-34 - "-----After those days, I will put my law in their inward parts and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be my people. "Verse 34, "And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord: for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, says the Lord for I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sin no more. "Are we in those days that this Scripture is being fulfilled in today's churches? Are there any ministers, in what is accepted as Christianity, teaching and fulfilling this covenant? How does God put His laws in the inward parts and write them in a person's heart?  How does this covenant connect to or  pertain to the covenant Christ made through His shed blood and broken body for the forgiveness of sins and where a believer's heart and mind must be born of Spirit?

      If you should ask any church going person today what is the relationship between the blood covenant of Jesus Christ and His covenant having His law written in the heart and mind, you would no doubt get a very puzzled look and an answer of "I really don't know." This covenant pertaining to the law written in the hearts and minds of the people given in Jer. 31:33-34 and in Hebrews 10:16, is the fulfilling, the completing, the finishing up of the everlasting covenant, which is sealing the great work God the Father and Jesus Christ are doing in bringing sons into God's kingdom. This is God's miraculous and beautiful, great work, that He and Christ are doing with all of their  called and chosen children created upon this earth, who are submitting and joining themselves to Their great, spiritual work. Fulfilling this covenant is the completing and fulfilling all of the covenants that  God the father has made throughout history with all of His sons in becoming saints, kings and priests, for God's great kingdom, Rev. 1:6. All of  the Spiritual fathers of the past made and fulfilled this covenant with God and are sealed to be in His Kingdom..

      Fulfilling this covenant can only be accomplished through a heart and mind of Spirit, that  is a heart and mind that goes about his life motivated, inspired, and directed by a heart and mind of Spirit, of  God's Spirit, Spirit motivated, Spirit inspired, and Spirit directed. This is a person that has been converted from the ways of the flesh to the way of being born of Spirit. No, he does not have a body and his flesh changed to Spirit, but he does have a heart and mind changed to Spirit now. The inward reasoning  and doing parts of a person are his heart, his mind, his conscience, which all represents his fruits, his works, his thoughts, his actions, his plans, his emotions, and all of his desires are directed  toward God, Christ and all that They represent.

     Many, in all  churches, will not accept this truth, because they deny, what God through His Spirit, can accomplish in the hearts and minds of His chosen elect. They don't have God's Spirit in them and will not do what Christ commands to receive His Spirit, so they deny the Power of God's Spirit as a professing believer of God, and so Christ rejects them and refers to them as false Christians and false prophets teaching lies. This is all because they will not believe the Scripture that says a heart and mind born of Spirit, or of the Spirit, which represents that person, will not wilfully sin, as the Scripture points out, I John 3:6-10.

      A heart and mind of the Spirit of God will lead a person away from sin, not into wilfully sinning. A heart and mind of Spirit will lead a person away from the temptation to break God's law, identified by God's 10 commandments, not to compromise God's 10 commandments, as all the churches are doing today to justify their fleshly hearts and minds that continues to sin. I John 3:9 says, "whosoever is born of God (born of His Spirit) does not commit sin: for His seed (God's Spirit) remains in him: and he cannot sin ( will not wilfully sin), because he is born of God (having a heart and mind of God's Spirit)." A person born of God's Spirit understands that God means what He says about His coming judgment for sin, and will not permit himself to daily wilfully sin.
    These false teachers will not accept this plain teaching of Christ's Word, nor what God says in Heb. 10:26 where God says, "For if we sin  wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins." A believer who continues to sin and says he knows he sins daily , or from time to time, is wilfully sinning, or else how would he know that he sins continually or daily? He must know what commandment he is breaking, which identifies sin, or else how would he know that he sins daily. This person loses Jesus Christ as his sacrifice and Savior for his sins if he has the knowledge of the truth. This is serious and a heavy Scripture, Heb. 10:26, and will cause one to receive the judgment of death, but nevertheless, this Scripture and other Scriptures like it are still  pushed out of these false teachers hearts and minds and their teaching, because they have hearts and minds after the flesh.

     All of the saints that have died in the past, and all of today's present saints, and all saints that will be changed to Spirit at the resurrection, have and must have one thing in common. They all had hearts and minds of Spirit, fruits of God's Spirit, and must be and were sealed with the Holy Spirit of God for their salvation. This was because they all had repented of their sins,  and obeyed God all of their life, after they come to truly know Him, and by this fulfilled His covenant, Heb. 11. They all had faith in God to save them. David, a man after God's own heart, greatly sinned, but repented bitterly and asked God to not remove His Spirit from him, Ps. 51:1-12. This sealing of God's Spirit comes about first, through  receiving the Holy Spirit of God after one  repents of breaking God's law, and accepts Christ's blood sacrifice, the covenant pertaining to the forgiveness of one's sins, in order to have the penalty for one's sins justified. After this, he is commanded to be baptized and after baptism, he then is promised he can receive the Holy Spirit of God through the laying on of hands by a faithful minister.

     However, at this time only a small measure of God's Spirit is given and a person must begin to make growth in that Spirit given to him and come to the place in his heart and mind that all of his thoughts are motivated and inspired by the Spirit of God dwelling in him, even toward a believer's work on his job and his service to his employer. In the words of Jesus Christ, he must come to the place where his heart and mind, his inward thinking mind and motivating heart, is Spirit, made up of the Spirit of God. This heart and mind is filled with God's Spirit by being filled with His Word in Scripture. This heart and mind of Spirit is a heart and mind that is motivated to rise early in the morning to allow adequate time in each day, at least one and a half to two hours, for studying God's Word and for prayer to his Creator God, which should be approximately a 10th of one's time out of every day. This is priority time and  should be given to the study of His Word and praying to Him. This keeps one's heart and mind filled with God's Spirit and growing in His Word and guided by His Spirit  through His Word.

     A heart and mind of Spirit is a  spiritual heart and mind that has  ceased being led, or motivated by the heart and mind of the flesh, and all of its sins. This is a heart and mind that does not dwell on all the things and gods  of the flesh, all the things in a person's life that takes preeminence over the Spiritual principles, precepts, commandments, and teachings of Jesus Christ and all of His Word. A heart and mind of flesh, pursues the lusts of the flesh, spends time envying what others have, has jealous thoughts over others accomplishments, their dedication and hard work or even their appearance, their possessions, their wife or husband. A heart and mind of the flesh has hateful thoughts, carries grudges against people, has lustful thoughts and evil motives against people. A heart and mind of the flesh has evil thoughts of how to have power over others and their lives, their bodies, and  has wicked thoughts of how he can get from others by fraud, stealing, extortion, or presenting emotional lies of self-pity, hardship, or such to get from others, has desires to be exalted, raised in his mind above all of his or her associates or church members, desires to receive praise undeserving of it. This is a heart and mind of the flesh, that is working all against God's commandments by breaking them, and will not permit one to be saved and changed to Spirit, by Jesus Christ at the resurrection of the Saints. 

    The truth and shameful fact today is,  that all the confessing evangelists, pastors, preachers, priests, ministers and all who are professing to be teachers in today's professed Christian churches and accepting today's false Christianity, are teaching against this great covenant of having God's laws, His ten commandments, to be written in people's hearts and minds. Instead, they teach that God's law has been abolished by Christ's sacrifice on the cross. So in reality, they are teaching that the covenant of Christ's shed blood does away with the covenant of having God's 10 commandments and statutes written in the minds and hearts  of His children, His true, chosen saints. This Christian and its anti-law teaching paves the way for greater sin and greater judgment against today's professing believers.

    This on going, professed and accepted Christian teaching, which is a Satanic teaching, is a total contradiction, total heresy and a  total false teaching, and is preached against Jesus Christ and His blood covenant. This false teaching that they teach is against the inspired Word of Jesus Christ, written in Hebrews 8 and 10 telling us about this great covenant of God to have His laws written in  people's hearts and minds. These laws  are His 10 commandments, statutes, and judgments. The teaching of this covenant  is the farthest thing from being written in the minds and hearts of today's professed Christians, by the fact  that they are teaching against it and are not bearing the fruits of obeying God's laws contained in it.

       How can any professing minister teach about the blood covenant of Jesus Christ and at the same time and the same breath, teach against the importance of Christ's requirement for all of His saints to keep the 10 commandments, Mat. 19:17, if they really want and desire for believers to be saved? These same false prophets and false pastors will read or quote Christ's covenant in Hebrews 10:16, that He has made with His chosen ones, which teaches His sons are to have God's laws written in their  hearts and minds, and in their next breath, deny Jesus Christ and His  command and covenant by teaching against Christ's requirement to keep and obey His 10 commandments? How can today's professing Christian leadership and its membership have God's 10 commandments written in their minds and hearts and at the same time are willingly breaking God's commandments, and are willingly teaching against those laws and are not the least concerned about keeping those laws, Heb. 10:26?

     They likewise don't know what it means to be born again of the spirit, John 3:6 which says "that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." If this verse is understood, along with its context  verses, this  could  give  understanding how  they  can receive  spiritual hearts and minds, that would direct and guide them in  living by God's laws. A heart and mind of the Spirit is all God is desiring of His sons at the present time and not a changed spiritual body that will be given at the resurrection. Their professed "Christian" ministry says  keeping the law is not required to be accepted by Jesus Christ for His Grace and to receive eternal life and that nobody can have a heart and mind of Spirit now, to help them live by God's 10 commandments. This is a total heresy, total contradiction and total confusion in teaching the covenant and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and confuses  believers as to how they can have minds and hearts born of the Spirit.  This is what makes today's accepted Christianity a complete hoax, a total lie and great deception.

       Writing God's laws in  the hearts and minds of His people   is the most supreme, highest, crowning work that God the Father, and Jesus Christ are doing with His chosen ones on this earth. This is Speaking of those truly called out and chosen ones, who understand the will and work of Jesus Christ . This covenant falls on deaf ears of all those people and leaders who are teaching against the truth, that you can have God's laws written in a believer's mind and heart, and that a person can have a heart and mind of Spirit. The accomplishing and fulfilling of this covenant commanded in Hebrews is by far of all work going on in today's society, the greatest work and miracle of God's accomplishment, that is taking place on the face of the earth and can only be accomplished through the power of God's Holy Spirit, working and bringing to completion His chosen sons, His born of the Spirit sons.  

    This great work of God pales into insignificance all of man's most noble accomplishments and all other so called Christian works. No work anywhere can even remotely be compared to this work and miracle that God is doing with only the lowly and humble children, those who will humble and abase their egos and inflated minds and hearts filled with the knowledge of men, who will submit to Christ's will and work! All other of man's work in the flesh is in vain and of no value and will come to nothing. Read about it in I Cor. 13:1-3.

    God's great spiritual work is being accomplished through His covenant that  He has made and is making with  His people, and is given and written and sealed, through Christ's blood and the possession of His Holy Spirit. It is a covenant or agreement, between  God  and  any person, man or woman who desires and is willing to accept the terms of  His covenant. It is what this covenant has, or will accomplish in the hearts of His people by having His laws written in their hearts and minds, that is all important to God, because writing God's laws in  the people's hearts and mind is writing God's love, and how love and its work is exercised in  their hearts and minds. However, it is being greatly thwarted by Satan and his  Christ professing and confessing, false ministers and their assisting teachers, who have raised up false christs teaching iniquity, lawlessness, having no law to obey, and having no spiritual heart to help them, and so are actually   teaching against His covenant.

     These false pastors and false teachers have become bitter enemies against Jesus Christ. They, their wives, their families and all of their sin covering and their sin compromising church members will receive their just and proper judgment in the days just ahead. The Judgment of Jesus Christ against His enemies will begin first with those professing to be the house of God, I Peter 4:17-18.

     Also read an Old Testament prophecy about this same coming judgment speaking  against those professing ministers, teachers, pastors, preachers, evangelists, and any leader of a nation, who are stealing and swearing falsely, lying, and doing it all in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a prophecy against lying and stealing by any responsible leader, be he a father, minister, pastor, government leader and this prophecy has not taken place yet, but will soon, Zech. 5:3-4. It is against all who lie, or lie to steal, extort others possessions, money, lands, using the Lord's money to do Satan's work and calling it the work of Christ. These are leaders and their families, who swear falsely, by lying and teaching against His covenant, who are lying and teaching against all of His teachings, and who teach against Jesus Christ and His 10 commandments. Any person or leader, who is teaching against the true understanding how one is born of Spirit, to be truly converted, to have hearts and minds of the Spirit now, and is doing it all in the name of Jesus Christ, is a subtle enemy of the Gospel and Jesus Christ. Woe unto them, their wives and families and all of their willing and supporting, sin covering, church members.

   God's covenant  now, at this moment, at the present, is creating and developing a heart and mind in His people,   that is spiritually changed, spiritually converted, spiritually matured and spiritually completed in God's love  by God's Spirit, through obedience to His law. This is what repentance is all about, and what Christ commands everyone must do,  to repent of breaking God's commandments and dedicate one's life to obey His law with one's whole heart and mind to develop and mature in God's love. This is God writing His law in His people's hearts and minds through the power of His Holy Spirit. This amounts to a person being born of Spirit and born again to a new life, a life committed to real love, that is based on the obedience to God's 10 commandments. It amounts to a totally new person, a new creation in Jesus Christ, II Cor. 5:17. It is about a person that begins with a small amount of God's Spirit and grows to become a totally changed person in his heart and mind, comes to be born of Spirit, filled with God's Spirit.

     This is truly a converted believer, a child of God that is totally led by God's Holy Spirit now , to the place in his life that it can be said "he is born of Spirit, " and has the true love of God working in and through his heart and mind. Again, in order to make this teaching of Jesus Christ perfectly clear in John 3:6, this teaching of Jesus Christ about "that being born of Spirit is Spirit" is not talking about the body composition change to Spirit at the resurrection of the saints, where there has been no real heart and mind change from the corrupting flesh, this corrupting flesh that still has a heart and mind of the flesh that has not changed from a deceitful and desperately wicked heart, Jer.17:9. But it is a change to  the heart and mind, (which is what represents a person), that is changed to Spirit, living by all the ways of the Spirit working in a true believer.

    This heart and mind of Spirit is all  to be accomplished while living in the flesh, in order to do the work of God in him. This person of the Spirit becomes totally guided, directed, and inspired by God's Holy Spirit in his or her life now. This will not come about at the resurrection. It is too late at that time to overcome and change the heart and mind from the flesh to Spirit, because it does take time for the heart and mind to grow and be converted  in this change. Every person must grow to have a heart and mind of Spirit in the time we have left now, to finish up  this great work that God, our Creator, has started in us, and who desires  to accomplish and finish that work with all of  His called and chosen sons.

     So please understand that every professing Christian will NOT later receive and have a changed heart and mind of Spirit at the resurrection of the saints. This is a false doctrine that is being taught in today's main stream Christianity and the Churches of God. To be born of Spirit at the resurrection will be too late to be born of the Spirit, to be given eternal life, and to have the laws of God that produce His love, to be written in their hearts and minds. There must be a changed action now, to change the heart and mind to be hearts and minds of the Spirit now, or else one will lose out on being in God's Kingdom, and lose out in being in the coming resurrection of Christ's saints.

       God the Father begins to put  His laws into hearts and writes them in the minds of His children, first, by making known to them  the terms of  His covenant. God, through His Word and His servants teaches and warns His children, that they have broken His laws, His 10 commandments and will perish, unless they repent of those sins and accept Christ's blood sacrifice to be forgiven of those sins. All people desiring eternal life, and to become God's children and sons,  and to be a part of God's eternal creative work, must come to understand, that the ultimate goal of growth, development, and accomplishment  of  the Lord's work can only come about through His covenant. And the final result, or fruit of this covenant, is what God the Father and Jesus Christ, desire for all of the saints.

      The Father's desire is for each one of His called out ones to enter into this contract or agreement, in order that His spiritual, holy, righteous commandments are firmly placed at the very center, written in the very heart and mind of every born again son. This is a truly, born of the Spirit , son of God, John 3:6. This means that all of His begotten sons are growing in their life to be totally born of the Spirit in their hearts and minds now. This means they are to be led by His Spirit in all of their life, directed to the path of His law, His 10 commandments to bear the fruit of His love, that comes about through the keeping of His 10 commandments, and this is accomplished in  a person's heart and mind through the power of God's Holy Spirit.

    When this takes place in a person's life, then God's objective and purpose  of His covenant with man, has been finished and completed. God's Spirit dwelling in a person will help prevent that person from sinning and being seduced into sin. So truly, as the Scripture says in I John 3:9, a  truly converted person will not sin, because God's Spirit will so convict his heart and mind to remind him, keep him, and prevent him from breaking God's 10 commandments. However, this person must daily continue in prayer to beseech God to fill him with His Holy Spirit and to prove to God that He needs His Spirit daily to guide and direct his path otherwise, he can slip and fall from what great salvation he did possess and lose God's Spirit. God's Spirit dwelling in one's heart and mind continually makes one aware that breaking any one of God's 10 commandments, is sin and the penalty is death, if one does not repent bitterly and ask God to restore him or her to a righteous state.

     This is the final step of development and growth of God's work in man's life, and is to be completed before a person will be accepted for the resurrection and the bodily change to Spirit  at the resurrection, when Christ comes back to the earth. Man's   heart and mind must have already been changed, is filled with His Spirit now, and daily led by God's Spirit now, before the resurrection takes place, not at the resurrection. This  has confused most all of today's confessing Christians. Most of today's confessing Christians do not understand  that this teaching of being born of the Spirit is for the present, and even so, most confessing Christians reading this will still reject this information as not being the foundation and the finishing up or  the completing of the covenant and teaching of Jesus Christ in Hebrews chapters 8 and 10 and John 3:3-6. They reject anyone speaking about coming to be perfect. Why? It is because of their wicked hearts, and  the sins of their hearts and minds that commit sins each day, and so they will reject this information. This information is only for those who will humble themselves as little children to become converted and be perfected, Mat. 18:3, Mat. 5:48.

    There is no way that the hearts and minds of God's children (His called and chosen people) can be turned to the  spiritual hearts of their Father and Christ in heaven and the hearts of their spiritual fathers of the Scripture without having this understanding in their hearts and minds, and are obeying this knowledge. This is the work that must be accomplished before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord; And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers now before Christ comes and smites the earth with a curse, Mal. 4:5-6. The children of the Fathers are the called and chosen elect and saints of God the Father, that He is creating through His Spirit to be His sons.

      Everyone desiring to enter into eternal life must first, enter into this covenant with God and accept the terms of  His binding agreement. The first condition of this covenant is God's command that each one must repent of breaking His law.   "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, but is patient to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance," II Pet. 3:9. Everyone desiring life must go before God the Father and His spiritual throne in prayer, and confess and repent of having broken His laws, which are His 10 commandments and statutes. Through this confession and repentance, a believer is making  known to God the Father, that he acknowledges he has broken His commandments. He is also showing to God that he is serious about his life, and truly sees the need to obey His commandments, which constitutes His love, and willingly desires to keep all of His commandments, with all his heart, mind and soul and accepts His Son, Jesus Christ, who He sent to the earth to pay the penalty for his sins.  

    "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land," II Chron. 7:14. Through a believer's humble prayer, and turning from his wicked ways of the flesh, that believer is making known to the Father that he chooses and desires to eat and feed from His tree of life, and to be watered from the fountain of the water of life, through His Holy Spirit, Rev. 21:6-7. In other words, a chosen son desires to look to God and obey His commandments, to make God's standard of behavior as his standards to live by. This repentant believer desires to put out of his life the wicked ways of the flesh, referred to as his acquired human nature and its evil fruit, which God calls eating from the cursed tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Gen. 2:17. A true son of God  desires to have a heart and mind of Spirit and to crucify the heart and mind of his flesh, now, in this life.

      A believer at this time must also  come to realize that he cannot do this by his own power and spirit, but  needs the power of God's Holy Spirit, to dwell in him, to help him  fulfill and keep this required condition of God's covenant. God's Spirit is then given to a believer after he fulfills the second condition of His covenant, which is believing, and in faith accepting Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and shed blood for the justifying of his past commandment transgressions. This  is the work of God and His Grace, which consists of His mercy, His forgiveness, and the giving of His Holy Spirit to a believer. This places a believer in the position of doing God's work in his life, of completing and fulfilling God's covenant now, of having His laws written in the believer's heart and mind now, in this life.

     This is the reason this covenant is a better covenant, because God promises to give every repentant and obedient believer His Spirit and power to keep His laws of love.   The presence of God's indwelling Spirit in a believer seals this covenant as God's everlasting covenant, which in turn insures and guarantees a saint God's gift of eternal life in His Kingdom, Rom. 8:11. Every begotten son of God must see the need to develop and to grow to have God's love in their heart and mind, or they cannot be accepted into His great Kingdom. This can only come about through a total understanding of all of God's commandments in their entirety and meaning, and by  His people fully desiring to obey all of those commandments and by this, have those laws written in their hearts and minds, through the helping power of God's Holy Spirit.

      In order for the final step of God's covenant to be finalized, in having His laws written in  the hearts and minds of His children, it requires all of His begotten sons to willingly desire to be daily led by God's Spirit, to be  born  of God's Spirit now, before the resurrection and Christ's coming! This can only come about by the indwelling and enabling power of God's Holy Spirit! This means every life of every one of His begotten sons, in order for them to be totally born again of God the Father,  must have God's holy, righteous, spiritual law, His commandments, written firmly in their minds and hearts. God's laws must take up a permanent place in their hearts and minds, written there by and through His Spirit and  that His laws must become the center of every born again son and exercised in love in every son's behavior and daily work, now, before the coming of Jesus Christ. The bride, the saints of God, must make her self ready before the bride groom comes.

     This is the highest of God's creative work that He is doing with His man creation in the flesh, to become a  creation of His Spirit. It must take place now, to have a heart and mind of Spirit, God's Spirit. But this can only be accomplished through a person's diligent effort in studying, learning, and growing in his obedience to  God's commandments, and to overcome all temptations to break His law. All of this can be accomplished  only through the indwelling working power of God's Spirit helping   man in his willingness to submit to Christ in all he commands, with a complete obedience to God's 10 commandments.

     However, there have been stumbling blocks that have been put into a believer's path, and such obstructions must be detected and cast aside, if a saint desires to overcome and accomplish God's great purpose, goal, and vision in their life. Without this vision people will perish. If you would like to study about  these stumbling blocks that are taught and cast in the path of every believer, but hinder the writing of God's law into the hearts and minds of His people, through the Power of God's Holy Spirit then read our article on "Writing My Laws In Their Hearts" on our web site.