America Your Tribulation Is Near

Where Is the Nation of America mentioned in the Bible and in Bible prophecy?


     No where in the Bible is the name America ever mentioned! Where did the people and families of people come from who migrated  to and pioneered  this great country? People of America came from Great  Britain  and other parts of Europe. The nation of Israel, which is mentioned and written more about  in the Bible than any other nation has grown and developed from twelve sons and all their descendants coming out from Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, and was later divided up into 2 nations. Ten of the sons or tribes of Israel, Jacob's new name, migrated  north from Judea into Europe and the other 2 sons or tribes are of Benjamin and Judah, who stayed in the area around Jerusalem. Israel is the name God gave to Isaac's son, Jacob. Isaac was the son of  Abraham.

     In Genesis 17:1-9, God began to work with Abraham in a mighty way and when he was ninety nine years old, God said to him, " I  am The Almighty God, walk before me and be you perfect , which means to be total, upright, complete. In V 2, "And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly."  V 7, "And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your seed after you in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto you, and to your seed after you." Abraham beget  Isaac and Isaac beget Jacob. God changed Jacob's name ( Genesis 32:28) to Israel because of Jacob's all night prevailing with the Lord to receive the Lord's blessing. So one could say that America's forefathers and especially Jacob, prevailed to receive the promised blessing of greatness from the Lord, because of his prevailing with the Lord and had  twelve sons and one of his sons was named Joseph, who had two sons named Ephraim and Manasseh.

     Before Israel died, he blessed Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh with special blessings and they were prophetic blessings that carried through all of their lives and to all of their descendants' lives up to this present time. Israel blessed Ephraim with a greater blessing with his seed (descendants) becoming a multitude of nations, Genesis 48:19, and in the first part of V.19, Israel also blessed Manasseh by saying he through his descendants shall become a great nation on the earth. This is all a further fulfillment of God's blessing to Abraham in Genesis 17:1-9. However, the greatest blessing coming through Abraham, actually came through the family lineage of Judah, Jacob's son, whereas the Scripture tells us that Jesus Christ sprang out of Judah, Heb.7:14, Rev.5:5. Truly all nations and all people over the earth can be wonderfully blessed by accepting God's son, Jesus Christ, and His blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of man's sin and His promise and gift of eternal life and the gift, the empowerment of his Holy Spirit. This is the gift of God's Power to help one live his life as the true begotten child of the Father, through Jesus Christ, by having God's laws written in their minds and hearts. This is all the fulfillment of Jesus Christ's New Covenant.

    The descendants of Israel have produced prophets and servants down through time, teaching God's Ten Commandments, His statutes and judgments, foretelling about Jesus Christ, who is man's Savior for the forgiveness of his sins, as well as teaching and warning about Christ's final judgment that will come upon all people of the earth. This will be a tribulation and judgment for all who will not have God's laws written in their hearts and minds by rejecting Christ's complete perfect New Covenant. Christ's  complete covenant  when understood  and obeyed, produces the wonderful and blessed fruit of God' love. Without bearing the fruit of God's love there is no receiving of eternal life in God's kingdom.

Along Comes Satan With All His Lies and Different Doors To Eternal Life

     God's great tribulation and final judgment is Christ's powerful  warning in this age to all Christ- rejecting Americans.  Christ's judgment is not only to Americans, but is directed to all nations and people and descendants representing Israel and to Gentile people all around the world. It is as well to all religions who are also rejecting the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, as the only door in this life, to receive eternal life in God's Kingdom,  John 10:1-2 "Verily, Verily I say unto you, He that enters not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way into the sheepfold, the same is a thief and a robber." Thieves and robbers will not be accepted  in God's Kingdom and today's professed Christian ministers are taking offerings of money and tithes from the people and using it, better said, stealing it to do Satan's work, not to do Christ's true work. These ministers have been and still are today thieves and robbers in the God's churches. Satan, the God of this world, is ruling and influencing all the countries and nations and churches over the whole world to accept him, the devil, who disguises himself, appearing as an angel of light, and as the true Jesus and becoming their lord and master in all nations, states and county government leaderships. He is worshipped as God, but as a false god in every nation.

      Somehow, the truth of Jesus Christ is not as impressive to people, as lies, that come from a dynamic, powerful, persuasive speaker and the fact that this deceiving speaker promises his followers they can live their lives by  their own choice and own understanding and they can be the God of their own lives, not having to respect or obey the old Eternal God's Ten Commandments. This is so appealing to the average church member! Satan does this by deceiving them about not having to keep God's commandments, by twisting and perverting the Gospel and teachings. This sounds just like what Satan was teaching Adam and Eve in the beginning, Genesis chapters 1 and 2, by them choosing the wrong tree, they could be the God of their own life. But this false Christ God (Satan) constantly encourages his followers in their wrong choice. But their wrong choice is against the true Scriptures and teachings and will always turn out to be lives that end in death without salvation, because he, through his ministers, teaches them not obedience to God's law, not Christ's true Gospel, absolutely nothing life saving about the complete New Covenant, but his (Satan) teachings brings about the evil fruit and way of  the law of sin and death. This is the height and depth of  Satan's deception of deceiving all nations and its people, that will only result in their death, in the coming very near tribulation, not eternal life in Christ's Kingdom.

     This is exactly what Satan, the devil, has done in all the churches and all of their church leaderships, of pastors, preachers, and prophets across the land of America and throughout the world, setting up and raising up false Christs, false images of Christ, a false father God, which are all idols representing Satan and his teaching of no law in all their churches.  They and all their church members are actually worshipping Satan, disguised as the real Jesus Christ. The land and churches are actually filled with idols or images of a false, long hair Christ, a Sunday keeping false Christ worship, a fake false Christ of Christmas worship, a false Christ of Easter worship, and a false Christ of no law, bearing evil fruit of iniquity,  teaching a perverted Gospel which presents a broken and perverted covenant as the Lord's New Covenant before all its people and the people like it to be so. Why is this abominable deception so widely believed, accepted and followed? It is because they accept today's false Christianity as their faith that allows its members to continue in their sins and believe they are saved and will gain eternal life by living a life in sins and believe the more they sin the greater Christ's grace. This is absolutely another horrible lie! Today's professed Christians actually admit and unashamedly say they are sinners, which is a confession that they are still commandment transgressors, breaking Christ's law every day and every week. They seem to forget, to continue in their sins brings on death. This is because Christ says this is truth, in Rom 6:23 the "wages of sin is death," not eternal life.

    Today's professed Christianity believes their Christ, who they worship and serve, has done it all for them, meaning he has not only given His life and blood for their sins, but He also lived a perfect life of total obedience to God's law of not ever once breaking any one of God's Ten Commandments, so today's professed Christians take this to mean that Jesus Christ took and lived their obedience through His life, so they do not have to obey Christ's Ten Commandments. This is all another horrible, big lie taught by Satan and his deceiving ministers, appearing as ministers of light. This is a spiritual war of deception  that Israel America has been battling and fighting against for many, many years, not knowing why there is so much sin and wickedness going on and being committed  in their churches and continues to get worse year by year. The members have been living cursed lives and lies and they call it all joy and by them accepting all of their church deception about their sins, they call this lie, the Lord's grace and are not wise and humble enough to see through all their false teaching and repent of it.

     Another big lie their ministers teach their members is that nobody can keep Christ's law, His Ten Commandments. They teach it is impossible to keep Christ's commandments, ` which Jesus Christ Himself commands in Mat. 5:48, to "be you perfect." Christ says nothing is impossible with God, Luke 1:37. The word perfect in the Greek language means: to be complete, total, mature, fulfilled. So by  teaching  that no one can be perfect, complete, total, mature, in totally fulfilling Christ's New Covenant, is a lie, absolutely not understanding Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His covenant and have not the true faith once delivered. So today's professing Christian churches presently are without hope and salvation by rejecting these truths. By fully understanding all of their deception and all of their continuing in their sins, one can readily see that they have all fallen away from the faith once delivered, fallen away from Christ's true  understanding and teaching of His New Covenant and gospel and all are without eternal life and salvation unless they will fully and deeply repent and begin their life anew in true Christianity. It is without question that most of today's professing Christians will have to go into Christ's end time tribulation and judgment and be imprisoned, to be humbled, to see their horrible sin and mistakes, and maybe even have to die to prove their faith in Jesus to wake them up to see what they could have done in peaceful times.

Today's Professed Christianity Teaches a Broken New Covenant And a Perverted Gospel

    How in this world can Israel and Judah and all the Israelite countries scattered over all the world and all gentile nations be able to be saved when the New Covenant that Jesus Christ made to them and all nations is not even recognized and followed as written in Hebrews 8:8-11. The Lord inspired Paul to write in verse 10,  "This is the covenant that I will make with them, I will put my laws into their minds, I will write them in their hearts---." How can Jesus Christ put His laws into  the minds of people, and write them in their hearts when the churches and its leadership don't even recognize and teach this part of the New Covenant? The truth of the matter is that Israel America, through today's professed  Cristianity, does not even recognize nor obey Jesus Christ's command to first repent of breaking God's Ten Commandments in order for Him to accept them to be forgiven of their sins through the shedding of His blood. Has today's Christianity preached and kept  this part or any part of the New Covenant in the churches of America? Absolutely not! They can not even explain what is true repentance, nor what the death of Christ really means!

      Why is America, who is one of the nations of Israel and proved to be so by the Bible, but who are a people, who don't know who they are, believing they are gentiles and do not know why they are now presently going and headed into a terrible, wicked, horrible affliction and tribulation just ahead, of such there has never been the like of in this world, as foretold by the real Jesus Christ of the Bible, Mat. 24:21. It is all because America and all of her people, preachers, pastors, church members and government leaders, will not fully and deeply repent, nor recognize their sins, their commandment transgressions, their lawlessness, their iniquities, and all of their deceptions. Neither can they  recognize the true Jesus Christ of the Bible as the one that can save and forgive them of their sins and protect them and her people from much death and destruction coming upon this land very soon, because her people will not repent, all because they have not been taught what constitutes real repentance and what is sin. It seems people love to read 2 Chronicles 7:14 from God's Word to give them a good feeling, that they are reading something important, that will cause people to repent and change, but there is no self examination and no real change of heart. When our people of America cannot identify their sins, our nation is not only physically bankrupt it is spiritually bankrupt!

     How can America really repent and change when she doesn't know what set of laws  to repent of breaking? Today's Christian ministry has not taught them these vital principles, which are the foundation for bearing the fruit of love. The Bible says "sin is the breaking of God's law", I John 3:4. All of this lack of teaching, understanding and confusion about God's law, that they should be obeying, badly perverts the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible says in Gal.1:5-9 "Let him be accursed that preaches a perverted or another gospel---." Its a perverted gospel when the people are taught that they can receive salvation by continuing in their sins, that the Jesus Christ of Scripture has lived our obedience for us. How ignorant of the Gospel can a nation be? This nation has a lot of cursed Christian ministers and members and churches, and  all of it is  because of following this perverted Gospel. This verse in II Chron. 7:14 says, "If my people calling upon My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked, evil ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins, and will heal their land." If this verse was truly  lived, then Christ's judgment could be avoided coming upon this nation.

     It seems church pastors, spiritual leaders and the nation's whistle blowers love reading this passage of God's Word without any personal examination. They are hypocrites, because they do not do, neither will understand the meaning of this command of God in 2 Chronicles 7:14. When one looks at all the great religious leaders in the world, whether Jewish, or Christian, or other religious, exalted leaders, are they really humble and have humbled themselves as spiritual leaders in seeking the Father and Jesus Christ? Do they instead seek and pray to Christ from their exalted positions with exalted names, such as Rabbi so and so, or Reverend so and so, or Mr. so and so, or Father so and so, or Dr. so and so. All these men in their leadership positions, with their exalted names, are not coming before God in humility as lowly servants of God, the Father and Jesus Christ. Will or does God hear the prayers of such exalted men? Absolutely not!!!! Jesus Christ tells us and commands us in Matthew 23:7-12,  that you are not to call any man Rabbi, or Reverend, or Mr. (master) or Father, or Dr. All these men, with these exalted names, will not be heard by God the Father, and  Jesus Christ, nor will  their congregation's prayer be heard, that exalt these men with such lofty names! There is no humility with such rebellion against against Jesus Christ's Word, coming from such proud and self exalted men, that will cause God to hear their prayers.

     God goes on to say. "If humble men will seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins----." This means to deeply repent of their wickedness, their sins, and their commandment transgressions, and their lack of being truly humble. How can a nation such as America, turn from its sins when its professed Christian leaders and its government leaders do not know what is humility, what is sin and what is wickedness and don't even teach the understanding of these very important principles. Church pastors and preachers cannot explain to its members the complete and total  understanding about sin and what it means to be a humble servant! If one will only pay attention to their messages, they will not see or hear them speak about the sins of breaking God's Ten Commandments or judgment, for breaking God's commandments!!! What does Scripture say that sin is? To repeat what has been written in I John 3:4, it says, "Sin is the transgression of the law." What law is that? It is God's law given in Ten Points, which are the Ten Commandments, who said in James 2:10  "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."

     This means if you break anyone of God's  Ten Commandments, such as the fourth commandment, to not remember to keep the 7th Day Holy, you are guilty of breaking them all. Christ told a man in Matthew 19:17, in order to gain  eternal life, "keep the commandments." and Christ was clearly referring to the Ten Commandments all of them and yes, most certainly Christ's Fourth Commandment, which He commands us to be sure to remember the Seventh Day Sabbath to keep it holy, Ex. 20:8-11, which He says He, the true Jesus Christ, is Lord of the 7th Day Sabbath, Mat.12:8, Mark 2:27. Today's ministers of all of  today's Sunday keeping churches  are transgressors of God's Fourth Commandment by not recognizing it as Christ's Fourth Commandment. They have abolished it and added a Sunday commandment. Which means they have broken another commandment of God, Deut. 4:1-2 and 12:32 and Rev. 22:18-19, "which says you shall not add to or take away from my law' . Jesus Christ says they are guilty of transgressing all of His law and commandments and will stand guilty before their Creator God at His coming. How can anyone expect God to hear all these ministers, that don't understand Christ's law and commandments and are not keeping them? Jesus Christ says these ministers of men and women are workers of iniquity and He will cast them out of His presence at His coming, Mat 7:20-23.

    "This is The Covenant that I will make with them, after those days, says the Lord, I will put my laws into their minds, I will write them in their hearts."
     This is what Paul tells all desiring to become a Christian and to be accepted in Christ's kingdom in Hebrews 8: 8-10, and Hebrews 10:16. After these days, means after Christ's ministry, His death and resurrection. At the  end of Christ's ministry He was willing to give His life on the cross and His blood shed as payment for man's sins, if man would repent and accept Christ's shed blood and repent of the breaking of all of Christ's Ten Commandments. This is the beginning part of obeying the New Covenant. Fifty days later on Pentecost, Christ made the Holy Spirit available to everyone that believes in Christ to be the Son of God, and accepted His shed blood for the forgiveness of  their sins. This was His mercy of forgiveness, for the breaking of God's law, His Ten Commandments. At this time, they were to accept His additional promise as part of His New Covenant, to give to His chosen ones the gift of His Holy Spirit, to help them write His Ten Commandments in their hearts and minds. This is the understanding and Good News of Christ's New Covenant, that people should be writing in their hearts and minds and begin that spiritual work in their life at their baptism, which in the fullness of one's obedience would bring about in one's life the wonderful fruit of love, God's perfect love. John tells us in I John 5:2-3, "By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. V 3, "For this is the love of God that we keep his commandments, and His commandments are not grievous"

      How in the world can America's spiritual leaders, missionaries, preachers, evangelists and prophets lead this great country into turning itself around, ll Chronicles 7:14, and to repent of all of her sins when she doesn't really know and understand what this verse in ll Chron. 7:14 really means? America and its churches and its leaders do not know what is sin and what is the true understanding and true meaning of carrying the cross of Jesus Christ in their life and what commandment transgressions are justified by Christ's death on the cross. America, you are not only physically and financially bankrupt, you are also spiritually bankrupt.

    America's ministers and all the nations' church leaders have themselves a great sin problem when they are not even acknowledging and certainly not living their lives by the covenant that the Lord God, Jesus Christ  said He would make with them in these last days, Jeremiah 31:31-33 and Hebrews 8:8-10, The Lord said in verse 10. " I will put My laws ( This is all God's Ten Commandments and statutes ) into their minds and write them in their heart, and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to Me a people."  Today's Christianity, here in America and around the world, deny Christ's power to be able to obey this verse. If all the professing to be ministers and pastors of Jesus Christ had been doing this, and are today obeying this verse, then America and the whole world would not be in the terrible, wretched, false Christ idol worship, heavy debt burdened, family destroying,  baby killing abortions, lying, stealing, Sabbath breaking and scam filled, murdering society  that we are today. America would be spared her coming judgment!

      The churches, its leaders, and its families of members have been building on a false foundation, a false Christ foundation of twisting and perverting Christ's Word  for many. many years and are absolutely so blind, so self righteous, so proud, that they cannot see their wretched, lawless, and wicked examples. Yes, they preach  a lot about the Word of Christ, but it is all built on a foundation of a false Christ that they have raised up in their churches. They all are churches of the unsaved. In fact they are all the churches of Satan, the devil. Their pastors and preachers sit in the office of their raised up false Christs and they most certainly do not recognize or teach  obedience to God's Ten Commandments as the standards of true Christian behavior. All Ten Commandments are laws when broken, are sins that Jesus Christ died for on the cross, including the Fourth One, remembering to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath Holy, that must be included in one's total repentance, to be accepted by the true Jesus Christ to be forgiven. These commandments are the standards that all people should hold all their church leaders and church ministers to, in becoming a true Christian and a true Christian pastor. This is also the standard of conduct to live and govern their church membership  in their Christian behavior.

     So today's church people have no Godly Bible standards and laws to hold their leaders, their members and government leaders to, of whom they have been putting into offices, over many years. So the nation and all its churches have been putting into leadership positions the very bottom of the barrel leaders, and then try to blame   the government leaders for the evil and curses the nation is experiencing, instead of the church leadership. All are responsible! Salvation and being a true Christian is personal, not dependent on your friends and church friends not supporting your true Christian faith and behavior. However, God is holding all ministers much more responsible for leading the sheep astray, down a wrong path, and away from true salvation. They are like the Pharisees in Christ's day, who He said, because of their terrible sins, were headed for the damnation of hell, Mat. 23:13-15,33.

      So today,  all of  America's professing Christian churches, are not only, not living by the Covenant that Christ said He would make with His people, Hebrews 8:8-10, they are not even teaching His Covenant nor understanding it. Besides not teaching God's Covenant, these spiritual leaders openly go before all society without any shame or guilt and openly break God's Commandments and the one commandment that God specifically commands you are not to forget, and to obey, is "to remember the 7th Day Sabbath each week to keep it Holy." They not only forget it, but they have destroyed or done away with this commandment as well. Another part of the Fourth Commandment that is done away and never preached states, "six days shall you labor, and do all your work.." What a wonderful law to help solve the welfare and job  problems if taught and  kept in this nation of America. The true Christ of the Bible says," He did not come to destroy or abolish or do away with any of His law," Mat. 5:17.  On top of this total rebellion against Christ and His Covenant, the people are deceived by their ministers and Satan, by teaching that no one can keep Christ's Ten Commandments, even with the promised power and gift of God's Holy Spirit. They teach that no one can keep Christ's Commandments without breaking one or more of them, that it is impossible to keep them without breaking one of them. God says nothing is impossible with Him and His Power,   which Christ's promises to give to all His called and chosen ones to help each member keep and write God's Ten Commandments in their hearts and minds. Christ tells us in 2 Timothy 3:5, that people in the last days "would have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof: from such turn away." Are people denying the power of this free gift by teaching, no one can keep the Ten Commandments? Yes, they absolutely are!! Are people turning away from such wicked pastors and churches? No, they are not, they exalt them!!! Christ loudly cries to all "Repent or Perish ".

     So what do we have today in America and all nations, with all of  the so recognized spiritual leaders, speaking and writing information, to call people to action, to prevent America's soon coming great tribulation and a judgment, that is coming upon her and upon all nations of the world? The only answer for one to be saved and be protected from America's coming tribulation and judgment is to know the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, not the false Christ, that is preached, but to accept the true Christ and what He has promised and done for each person.  Next, accept plainly what He has written out in His Word, what one must do. First, they need to repent of breaking God's Ten Commandments and then accept Christ's sacrifice, who shed His blood to forgive the sins of people, and then be baptized, remembering at baptism you are giving your body, mind and heart over to Jesus Christ, to lose your life in giving it to Him, His people and for the sake of the Gospel, Mark 8:34-37, Mat. 10:37-39. Afterwards, you are to have hands laid on you, by a true minister, to receive the anointing of the power of God's Holy Spirit. This power is given by God to help His saints keep His Covenant of having His law, His Ten Commandments, written in their hearts and minds. Most church members today cannot even recite the Ten Commandments, much less, keep them! God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, desires you to live your life as an example of His love and a burning, shinning light before your neighbors and the church, and before the whole world. Israel was called by God to be holy  priests to the whole world, Exodus 19:6, and that example is to be carried out today by us, the descendants of Israel.

      All people everywhere, who are interested in eternal life in God's coming Kingdom, need to understand this is the true understanding of God's plan and  vision and His Gospel and New Covenant and for all to be stirred to action in their lives, to wake up, and to run, to change, repent quickly, act upon this understanding while you still have the opportunity and begin to do the real work of Christ in your life, and to help others be saved. The sense of urgency is very important because time is truly short for us to do Christ's work in our lives and providing spiritual help in the lives of others. Do this by first repenting of breaking God's Ten Commandments, accept Christ's sacrifice, be baptized for the remission of your sins of Commandment transgressions, receive God's promise of His Holy Spirit, to help you live as a  true Christian. This is what God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, requires of you to become one of Their sons and to escape the terrible, life destroying tribulation and judgment coming soon on America, as well as the rest of the world.

      This tribulation is what the Bible refers to in many places, as the "Day of the Lord." This is a time that Christ himself said, "this will be the worst time of great trouble and curse that ever will come upon man,"  Matthew 24:21. This will be a day of such great afficition that will come upon every man and woman and child of the whole earth that it will make every other afficition of your life seem very, very small in comparison. Every person will look upon their past afficitions of whatever sickness or difficulty it was and wished they had used it wisely to really have learned from it by bearing good fruit, to have drawn closer to the real Christ of Scripture and given one's self to Christ and His great work rather than to himself personally. working at making something of his life in this world and then losing his life. Read and study John 16:25-26 - "He that loves his life shall lose it, and he that hates (love less) his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. If any man serve me, let him follow me, and where I am there shall  also my servant be, if any man serve me, him will my Father honor."

       Salvation is personal and not dependent on your closest of kin or friends and even your church, if they will not repent. You need to watch the world news events and happenings and understand what is coming about in our nation with our loss of freedoms and the loss of our once prosperous economy that is going to involve each and every person on the face of the earth. Satan is inspiring the ones he owns to continue their wicked and evil schemes of destroying people by destroying God's family structure of marriages, murdering over 50 MILLION babies in the mother's womb through abortion, destroying people's health  through the GMOs foods (Genetically Modified Organisms), processing foods by processing all the vitamins and minerals out of our food and treating  our water with poisons making it unfit for human cconsumption. You need to act fast!!! Time and life is growing very short. We all need to pray that we can be accounted worthy to escape America's end time tribulation, Luke 21:36, coming as Christ's Day of the Lord. God tells us about this world's Great tribulation coming on the whole world, Rev. 3:10 and what we need to do in order to be hidden in that day, Zephaniah, 2:1-3, that means to be protected by Jesus Christ from His coming great wrath and judgment!

      Read what Israel America's Great tribulation is going to be like in Ezekiel the 4th and 5th chapters, which is a prophecy of judgment given against Israel and Judah in their time of Ezekiel, but it is also for Israel and Judah where they are living in this present day and for all Gentile people of all nations desiring to be saved from their sins and the Lord's wrath  and to be accepted into God's Kingdom. Ezekiel was commanded to take a tile and portray the city of Jerusalem, who this writer believes to be today's Israel America and also Jerusalem. It says In Zechariah 12:6 "-------and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem." From this Scripture, Jerusalem, God's place where His truth goes out from that place, has been moved to some other place on this earth representing God and His Word and God's Holy place and this is because the truth and the Word of God has been moved, published, and preached, coming out from a different place. Israel America has  published the Word of God, consisting of the gospel and His New Covenant and has sent out Christ's inspired, given Word, written in Bibles to all nations of Israel scattered around the world. No nation has done more. This has been a very good Christian deed, but at the same time, America's Christianity afterwards sent missionaries, with Satan's false teachings, to all these nations to likewise corrupt the true teachings of the Bible as they and other ministers and preachers have done so all over  this nation and the world.

      So these warnings of war and tribulation given in Ezekiel 4 is obviously directed to Israel America,  not because of what she has done by publishing Christ's Gospel and New Covenant to all nations, but because she, through her so called professed false Christian ministers and missionaries, has not been teaching the truth and doctrines and New Covenant and Gospel of the true Bible, but lies and false doctrines. So it has been mainly her spiritual leaders of false Christian ministers inspired by Satan, who have been living and setting the terrible twisted and perverted examples of what they supposed to be Christ's Word. It has not been Christ's Word that was inspired to be written in all of those Bibles and sent to the world. America has produced false Christian seminaries and religious schools all over this nation, training and teaching preachers and missionaries all of the evil, deceptive Christianity, without question, inspired by Satan the Devil. So this has brought about sins on top of sins, evil begetting more evil, wickedness of great proportions, causing very weak and wicked leaders to be put in offices to lead the nation of Israel America down the wrong path.  Because America's ministers were continually teaching error and were not teaching its people to read, study and understand Christ's Bible and live by it, they listened to their ministers and believed all of their false teachings and so the people also have become very sinful with cursed lives,  and with cursed children. Because of all of this Satanic following and false teaching, America's food and water supplies have been cursed, its economy is cursed, its health is a curse. So America has become a cursed, sick, lazy, in debt, very sin filled, lying, stealing, murdering, wicked nation. There are curses on top of curses, all because of broken laws and commandment transgressions and not following Christ's inspired Word.

      Jesus Christ Is Saying To Us, It Is Time  For America To Be Judged, To Be Chastised And Even Be Destroyed If There Is No Real Repentance Based On Returning To Obey God's Ten Commandments And Truly Fufilling  The New Covenant.

      God inspired Ezekiel to portray the city of Jerusalem on a tile in Ezek. 4:1-4, and was commanded by God to lay a siege against Jerusalem by building a fort and a mount and a camp, also set battering rams against it and it was to be as an armed attack all around it. Also, he was to set an iron wall against it and said this is to be a siege against Israel or a siege against today's America and it was to be a sign to the house of Israel in verse 3. God also told Ezekiel to lay on his left side three hundred and ninety days for the years of sins of Israel and to lay forty days on his right side to represent years of the sins of Judah. All these days were to represent 430 days and could be the amount of time of  the siege brought against Israel America and Judah, representing Jerusalem and representing all the sins of the past years of America, from its beginning days until  today. If America represents Israel and Jerusalem then the armies and military forces that will surround Israel America and  Jerusalem, will mount a siege against it and bring the country in submission to the conquering of the beast and his power. The siege will last  for a period of 430 days of Civil war, hunger, disease, death and people being put in prisons. Ezekiel  also showed with his cut hair how the judgment on Israel was to take place by dividing up his cut hair in 3 parts. Each part of his hair representing 3 different types of human afficiton, and judgment, Ezekiel 5:12. If one will check this tribulation of Ezekiel, with Revelation 6:1-17, you will see these judgments of Ezekiel follow along with the same judgments that Jesus Christ revealed to John during the time of the opening of the 6 seals with the judgments of Revelation going on all over the world.
      Also. if you consider yourself a teacher, pastor or a watchman over any sheep of Christ's pasture, you really need to read and study Ezekiel 3:16-21, Ezekiel 18:20-32, Ezekiel 33:3-18. These verses put a heavy responsibility for any man finding himself in such a position of a watchman or pastor. Jesus Christ asked  Peter 3 times if Peter loved Him and each time Peter told Him that he did and each time Christ told him to feed and watch over His sheep, John 21:15-17. Jesus Christ demands the same with all true pastors and watchmen of today, to watch over and warn and feed His sheep with His Word, not men's word.

 Christ's Warning And MESSAGE  In Revelation To The Churches Then And Today

      John's book of Revelation,  gives us the Revelation of Jesus Christ of His coming judgment on Israel and all the world. This book of Revelation tells us that John was in the spirit (vision) on the Lord's Day (Judgment day), which is the Day of the Lord, (not on the 1st day  of the week), spoken about in many different parts of the Bible and taught by today's Sunday Christianity as being proof of Sunday Sabbath. More lying by the Sunday keepers.  This was a vision of what Christ was revealing to John about this great judgment coming upon all men and churches of the whole world. The book begins with chapter 1, with Jesus Christ being the Revelator, and says all will be blessed who hears and keeps the words written in this book, and that the time is at hand and short!!!! Christ gives us in Revelation 2:1, a message of warning to the seven churches of that day in Asia, but  it is a message and warning, as well, to all churches of today. He tells the churches of their good works and also warns them of their sins that they need to repent of, or lose their place as being a light to the world and being in God's Kingdom.  

    The first church was the church of Ephesus, who in that day had left their first love, the first love of knowing and preaching the truth of God's Word, and were warned to repent and begin to seek the truth again as they had been doing. Have you as a member of the Christian faith, lost your first love for the truth of God's Word? Or have you ever learned what is the truth by coming to know the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, not the deception of the false Christ preached in all of today's churches, but the truth of coming to know the true Jesus Christ, and all of His true teachings, vital life and death teachings such as what is true repentance, the true Gospel, the New Covenant, being born again and true conversion? All are very vital  in becoming a son of God, the Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Understanding and knowledge of these teachings can be studied and read on our web site---  or  type this in your browzer   you59homepage

     Christ goes on in Revelation 2 and 3 to tell us about the other churches of Asia of their good works, but warns them of their sins as well,  and to repent and overcome if they want to be a part of His Kingdom. The second church was the Smyrna church which had some members who believed they were Jews (Christians) but were not. They had not obeyed what was required  of them to do in  relation to the Gospel and Christ's New Covenant, so they would have to be taken to prison for a while during the tribulation, to become truly converted to the true Christ in order to be faithful to death. This is typical of today's professed to be Jews, the Scripture later called Christians who say they are Christians and are not, they likewise must be severely tried in their life, with a great afficition and most likely taken into prison to be tested, to see if they would faithful, to their death in order to be humbled, to come to know the true Christ, in order to receive eternal life.

     The third church was the church of  Pergamos which dwelled where Satan's seat is and permitted the teaching of the doctrine of Balaam, to cast a stumbling block before His people to eat things sacrificed to ldols and to commit fornication and who also held to the doctrine of the Nicholaitans, which the true Christ says in Rev.2:15 are "---things I hate." The doctrine of the Nicholaitans is a teaching of dictatorial or hierachial church government where the head pastor becomes the God, or idol Christ, over its members. All teaching and understanding must go through him. The word broken down means Nicholas -victor over the laity-memership, meaning victory over the church member's salvation.  Is America's churches guilty of such abominable teachings? Do they go to church each Sunday, Satan's created false Sabbath, and partake of sacrifices of a false Christ offerings such as the bread and wine offering, representing the idol of a false Christ they have raised up in their church and yes, this idol of Christ also permits fornication in many cases leading to abortions to go on in their churches, without any teaching or judgment against it and call it all the love of not offending the brethren. How the  leavening of sin does increase! The true Jesus Christ tells them and all who are guilty of such abominations in Rev. 2:16 "Repent, or else I will come unto you quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth."

     The fourth church of  Rev. 2:18 was the church of Thyatira, which consisted of the woman Jezebel believing she was a prophetess and won high respect among them, but at the same time seduced my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. We must remember that as the third church was led astray by male leadership, this fourth church was also seducing and leading people astray by female leadership. The sins were about the same as the third church, who likewise were eating things sacrificed to the raised up church idols, as a false Christ idol of a woman leadership and like the idols of man worship leadership,  was partaking of the bread and wine offerings in their church sacrifices to their raised up false Christ idol. These are all Satan's churches and all that goes on in their churches is idol work and worship to Satan. This is going on today in all of Satan's churches all across our land and the world, the worship of men as idols and the worship of a women as idols and all of the idols of Christmas celebrations and Easter observances, are all part of their church idol worship. The true Jesus Christ of Scripture says to such evil sinners committing such evil deeds, that He is not there, nor dwelling in any of them and if they  will not repent, that He, Jesus Christ, will cast them into the great tribulation and will kill her children. The example of the judgment that Jesus Christ will bring upon this church is given in Rev. 2:21-23. "And I gave her space to repent of her fornication (worshipping another God) and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He which searches the reins and hearts, and I will give unto every one of you according to your works. "

     The fifth church of  Rev. 3:l was the church of Sardis.  Jesus Christ speaks of them being ready to die because of the works in their lives were not found to be perfect, meaning they had stopped overcoming and stopped growing to become complete, and fulfilled in their lives, by not understanding the     Gospel and the New Covenant and living by those solid teachings. Christ warned them to repent and remember how they heard and received and hold fast to the promise of Jesus Christ. If they would not watch and be alert to the news and what is happening on the world scene and even in their own nation were not seeing the sins in their church  and nation, that He would come upon them like a thief in the night. However, if they would repent, and overcome they shall be clothed in white raiment and Christ will not blot their name out of the book of life. All of this applies to many churches in today's Christianity and all other churches of faith in the world that don't even recognize Jesus Christ as the only door to eternal life..
    To the sixth church in Revelation 3:7, the Philadelphia church, Christ had mainly praise and encouragement to them. He said He had set and open door for them to do the Gospel work and they had kept  His Word, and had not denied His Name,  He said He would make them of the church of Satan (today's professed Christian churches) who believed and said they were Christians, but do lie,  to come and worship at your feet and to know that I have loved you. Because this church of Philadelphia  had kept God's Word in His patience, that Christ will keep them from the hour of temptation, meaning  the Great Tribulation, which will come upon all those of the world that dwell upon the earth, to try and test them. This is without question, applying to a body of true believers of Jesus Christ, that will be exalted by others and led to a place of protection away from the world's troubles and curses  for three and  one half years of tribulation of the world and the wrath of Jesus Christ.

     The seventh church of Revelation 3, Christ is speaking to the Laodician church, but this is also about to today's churches that have the same sins. Christ tells them of their spiritual condition, then, as it is in today's Christians churches. It was a lukewarm condition of this church, that was neither cold or hot.  The work that Jesus Christ desires   to do  in every person's life is to make them aware that they have been born, created, given life on this earth for a very important and special purpose of growing and being able to receive eternal life in His Kingdom.  It can only be received by following Jesus Christ's plan of understanding and obedience to His Gospel, to complete the New Covenant He has made to all believers that can see it and understand it and obey it. Anytime this purpose and goal  is lived and made to seem small, not important, finding other things more important, is making one's conduct before his Creator and Savior, as being lukewarm, not on fire for pursuing a glorious and wonderful place and even kingship in God's Kingdom. Christ wants all His creation to look upon that great purpose and goal with burning zeal and a warm, loving heart, and with a keen interest when one speaks of that purpose. When a called and chosen person has acted upon this good news Gospel and has completed and fulfilled Christ's New Covenant in their life, this person has been perfected in his spiritual growth and now has Jesus Christ living in him. Jesus Christ says to a church member who does not have this goal and burning desire in him, this person does not have Jesus Christ living in him. So today, Jesus Christ is standing at the door knocking on one's heart, to let Him come in and sup with Him, to keep Christ's Passover and all of His commanded Holy Days through the Power of His Holy Spirit. These are the treasures of truth that need to be laid up in heaven by each converted Christian if he expects to be in Christ's Kingdom and rule with Him for  one thousand years.

          What Are The Signs That America's Tribulation And Judgment Spoken Of In Ezekiel And Revelation Is Very, Very Near?

     One sign is all of this nation's mounting sins and wickedness filling the lives of its people with stress, extreme living difficulties, broken marriages, taxes extremely high, the value of the dollar spiraling downward, and not knowing if the nation can continue to exist as a nation another year because of its failing leaders to lead, govern and failing to judge right from wrong. Why are we having all these problems? It is because the churches refuse to teach the Ten Commandments and the government refuses to let the people post and publish those same Ten Commandments in public places where people can see them and be reminded of their Godly value and who really created the heaven, the earth and all creation. Satan seems to be winning out in every aspect of our lives. He has both the churches and  the government working with him against us in every aspect of our lives. When will. it all end?

      Jesus Christ warns all to take heed that no man deceive you, Mat. 24:4. All religions have been deceived with Satan, the devil, being at the forefront of all their religious deception. Rev.12:9 says  "Satan has deceived the whole world." However, he has had a lot of help from all his ministers of every faith and leaders of all nations' governments. Man has not heeded Christ's warning to let no man deceive you, so today all religions are deceiving and have been deceived. It is very hard to find a true Bible following Christian minster anywhere, and likewise very, very difficult to find a true Christian man or woman among all of today's Christianity!!! Today's Christianity heads the list of all religious deception because it has the name of the true religious faith, but not the repentance, obedience, true faith and true works of Christ's true Christianity and so today it is dead WITHOUT SALVATION. Isn't that unbelievable with all the thousands upon thousands of professed Christian churches, with all their enormous expensive buildings and still building more, all led by one of Satan's ministers!!!

     Jesus Christ warns that ministers, prophets, evangelists, pastors and missionaries would go about preaching that the Christ that they worship is the anointed one, the true Christ of the Bible, but all their fruits, works and teachings prove otherwise. The Christ of Scripture says they will raise up false Christs, plural more than one, across the land and you can identify all of them by their fruits. The true Jesus Christ says in Mat.7:16 "You shall know by their fruits----." These false ministers and false Christs that they have raised up have absolutely deceived millions on top of millions of professing Christians and when this tribulation  and the time of Christ's judgment begins, it will be a time for them and their members to begin their  severe weeping and knashing of teeth, but it will be to no avail. The true Christ will cast them out and say to them I never knew you. Jesus Christ tells us in Mat. 7:22-23 "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not preached in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me; you that work iniquity."   Iniquity means lawlessness or preaching no law.

     The next sign which is a more immediate sign is given in Mat. 24:15-16 "When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso reads, let im understand; v.16 then let them (body of true Christians) which be in Judeae flee into the mountains." All others who are accounted worthy to escape to flee to Christ's promised place of safety, Rev. 12:14-16, as being part of the true body of Jesus Christ around the world, will be directed by God's angels where to flee to. This abomination of desolation is the government rule of authority and power standing up in this nation (a Christian nation representing as being the Christian Holy place) and declaring he is now the dictator with all power over the people. This is the time of the beginning of the tribulation upon America and will go on for three and one half years of  hunger, disease, wars, killings by the military and from wild beasts, and imprisonment all coming upon all the people of the earth that have not been accounted worthy to escape. An additional immediate third sign that Christ gave us that we are near to the time of the end that this great tribulation is very near and about to take place is found in Luke 21:20-21, Here Christ says "And when you shall see Jerusalem (America) compassed with armies then know that the desolation there is nigh. v. 21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains, and let them which are in the midst of it depart out: and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto." Go to the Internet and the search engines and type in " is America being surrounded by armies"?

       When all of these signs take place, the great Tribulation and Christ's Judgment will begin to take place beginning with America and then the rest of the world. Christ says the punishment will begin first with the house of God, the church, I Peter 4:17 "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God. and if it first begin at us, what shall  the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"        

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