Adding To And Taking Away

When anyone  confesses to be of Jesus Christ, but  then adds or takes away from God's Holy, Inspired Word,  this person, whether minister or member, perverts, corrupts and adulterates the understanding and wisdom of Christ's Word! This is a serious sin against God, His Word, His commandments, and His purpose for man, and a sin that will have to be paid with one's life.

      God says and commands in Deut. 12:4, 6, "You shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall you take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you," Verse 6, "Keep therefore and do them for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations."

      God again   in Deut. 12:32, repeats His command---"What thing soever I command you, observe to do it; you shall not add thereto, nor take away from it."

     When any minister adds to or takes away from the Word of God, that person is leading the members who are interesting in knowing God away from God and salvation. In the time of Israel when any prophet or minister led anyone away from God's law, he was stoned, Deut. 13:6-10. Does a minister or teacher deserve any less today.

       In  Revelation, the last book of the Bible,  chapter 22:14, 18-19, Christ says to all and warns all by saying---"Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right (God-promised ownership) to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city." Christ warns in verse 18, "For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." Christ is warning  here in Revelation,  if anyone  who believes he has been accepted into the book of life,  must remember that he can be taken out of Christ's book of eternal life, meaning his salvation will be taken away if he adds or takes away from God's Word, or if he is supporting any minister who adds and takes away from Christ's prophecy and law, that Christ commands to be kept, as written in Revelation.

       Jesus Christ in Revelation, states the life and death importance of keeping His commandments, and warns all believers that if they do not keep His commandments that their name will be taken out of the book of life even after their name had been established  in that book. Did Jesus Christ teach the importance of keeping God's 10 commandments by His earlier instructions He gave to a certain man who asked Him what is required  to receive eternal life? Christ told the young man and all believers today that they must keep the commandments and then He named the commandments that He gave to Moses in Exodus 20, as the commandments He was referring to as the commandments to be kept.

         Christ inspired James to write down in James 2:10, if you think you are keeping the whole law, and offend, that is sin against someone, which is breaking any one point of God's 10 commandments, you are guilty of breaking all of His commandments, and you are a sinner, a transgressor of the law,  as summed up in God's 10 commandments. Christ went on to say in Revelation 22:14, "that those that do His commandments have the right (promise of God) to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates in the city." Then after Christ said this about His commandments, He said in Verse 18, "For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book." God continues to say in Verse 19, "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." Jesus christ, the revealer of the book of Revelation, makes it crystal clear in this book, the serious importance of keeping His commandments in order to be saved or  else be left on the outside of the heavenly city with all the whoremongers, sorcerers, murderers, and idolaters awaiting their judgment!

        All religious faiths, including today's Christianity, have  for many years, been adding to and taking away from God's Word, and His instructions for Christian conduct given in His  Ten Commandments. Today's Christianity has taken away from all of God's commandments that Christ says must be kept to receive salvation, and  have added certain man-made commands and laws of their own as it pleases them. Likewise, the churches calling themselves, the Churches of God, who most now are all daughters of the once organizational-wide Church of God have been adding to and taking away from God's  Ten Commandments, and His doctrines as part of their man-made  and Satan created Christianity, but calling it Christ's ministry and work.

     These ministers love to tell a lie and deceive. As proof documented in their literature and sermons, they have added to the first commandment by teaching that you must be a member and submit to their particular church hierarchy and their church organization to gain salvation.  This adds to the Gospel and puts them before Jesus Christ as the only Mediator and Savior, Heb. 9:15. In plain words, they set themselves up by adding and appointing themselves as created gods,  and say that members must submit to their ministry  and its hierarchy before Christ will accept them into His body. This corrupts and adds to God's Word and breaks the first commandment. Likewise, they project and exalt an image of God that is not the God of the Bible and exalt themselves as  an image of a god that members must submit to, emulate, or model after, which all adds to God's second commandment, and  

        This is all adding to and taking away from God's first two commandments, and causes members to minimize God and His commandments, which in reality, takes God's Name in vain by them having a form of worship that is in vain, and takes away and breaks God's 3rd commandment, that says, "Do not take God's Name in vain." Today's Protestant, Christian churches have from their beginning taken away the 4th commandment, and added their own first day-Sunday, Sabbath commandment. This will bring the plagues of God upon them unless there is a total repentance! The Churches of God all part of their former organization are not much better in their adding and taking away from the 4th commandment! Even though they recognize the 4th commandment, to remember God's correct 7th day Sabbath, they then add to and take away from the Sabbath by taking away from God's instructions of how His Sabbath is to be kept Holy by profaning Christ's Holy Sabbath.
   They do this by working someone, such as paying food preparing servants on the Sabbath, to prepare them meals, and by doing their own pleasures and personal things on His Sabbath.  God's Word and instructions say don't do this, Ex. 20:8-10, Isa. 58:13-14, Neh. 13:15-18, but the ministry tells the people they can break the Sabbath by their taking away from God's Word. Even though God's punishment is not carried out swiftly now for this sin, nevertheless this evil conduct will also result in having the plagues of God to poured out upon all of them in the great tribulation, that is coming upon all the world even though they profess to keep the commandments are known as a commandment keeping church!

       The last 6 commandments are also added to, and words and understanding taken away from  those commandments by their perverted  teachings and examples in their commandment keeping. All of the church organizations and faiths take away for the 5th commandment by not teaching and discipling their own children , and by not leading their children by example to honor God, the Father. They also take away and minimize the importance of the 6th commandment by their fighting, dividing, and hating one another in all their churches, and some Christian faiths even justify the killing (abortion) of babies still in the womb.

      These "professed Christian churches" and their leaders also take away the meaning of the 7th commandment by teaching that living in adultery is permitted and now is in Christ's will by this new "grace only Christ" that permits all of this sin. They add to the 8th commandment by their added commands on tithing, by adding extra tithes so they can now take and steal from the brethren . By their added commands in tithing, they rob and steal from the members by adding to His Law, breaking the 8th commandment. They take away  from Christ and His teachings through the 9th commandment by teaching that all their lies and heresies are Christ's teachings and Scripture. They take away and add to 10th commandment by teaching by their example of lust and evil desire, that their sins are all above God's law, and by grace and faith believe they will not be punished in Christ's judgment. The Churches of  today's professed Christian churches of this world, have been taking away and adding to God's commands, and will have to suffer the plagues of God as He has warned and stated in Rev. 22: 14, 18-19. They are all missing the reason why Christ died!

     Another huge and horrible example of adding and taking away from Christ's Word and His message to mankind is the way all of these churches are adding to  pervert the Gospel that Christ brought to the earth. The true Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the GOOD NEWS how a sinner who will repent of transgressing God's Ten Commandments and accept Christ and His Sacrifice can receive power to change his life to be accepted into God's Kingdom. By obeying this Gospel, Christ will write his name in the book of life. This is the heart, core and focus of the Gospel of God's Kingdom. When anyone adds to this Gospel, by teaching that the heart, core and focus of the Gospel of the Kingdom is about government, church government, and God's Kingdom coming to this earth, this is adding to the true Gospel that Jesus Christ brought and taught in His Word. These church leaders and their supporting followers, will have to suffer the consequences of their error and false teaching if they continue in perverting   Christ's True Gospel.

    All of the Protestant Christian churches have perverted the Gospel by doing away with God's 10 commandments as being required to be kept in order to be justified and to be received by Jesus Christ. They are preaching a false Christ who only demands faith and not any commandment keeping. This is a perverted gospel, another gospel that will reap the punishment of death. When any professed church leader, who confessed to believe in and has accepted Christ, but at the same time preaches words to diminish, to take away from God's Word and obedience to His commandments and  His Gospel, is setting himself and his followers up for a big fall from his proud, exalted and contented state!

      Nowhere in the Scripture does Jesus Christ say and teach that the heart, core and focus of the Gospel is about the coming Kingdom of God that many of the Churches of God teach. It is true that God's Kingdom and government will take over the authority and leadership of all governments on this earth, but this is not the good news that saves anyone, and that Christ brought to the earth and  gave His life in sacrifice for  to save repentant sinners! All the churches professing to be of Christ and the Churches of God to this day, are still guilty of this sin of false witnessing, lying, corrupting and perverting the Gospel by adding to and taking away from the Good News that Christ brought to all people and will soon reap the plagues coming to this earth.

        Jesus Christ inspired Paul to write in Galations 1:7-10, that the churches of God at Galatia were perverting the Gospel. They were either adding to Christ's Words and Gospel message as the churches of God are doing today, or taking away from the Gospel as the Protestant churches are doing today by their preaching in all of their many sermons. In either situation, Jesus Christ, through Paul,  pronounced a curse to be upon these Churches of Galatia and likewise all churches today that are adding and taking away from Christ's Gospel. Everyone needs to examine his faith and understanding of the gospel to see if they are guilt of this sin. 

      A third example of adding to and taking away from Christ's teaching and Word is  the churches of God's teaching about spiritual conversion, and  how one cannot become a son of God by being born again now, while living in the flesh . Christ's teaching is this: for every true believer that repents and overcomes his sins and becomes a commandment keeper by the leading of God's Spirit in him is born again now into God's spiritual Kingdom, not at the resurrection. The churches of God along with all profess Christian churches teach that all members are sinners, who cannot overcome their sins now, and so cannot be born again of the Spirit until the resurrection. This is another horrible example of perverting God's Word that the leaders of the churches do, that adds to and takes away from His Holy inspired Word and will reap the consequences of His judgment coming upon all the world.

     The born again teaching is about how a believer in Christ becomes a new person in the Spirit of God, born from above, a new creature, a new son of God for God's Kingdom now, and not at the resurrection of the saints. If a Christ believer and follower does not become a new son of Christ and His Kingdom now, then they will not become a son of His at the resurrection! This means that they will not be in the resurrection unless there is a radical change in their heart, mind and life now to become a new person !

    Everyone that understands how one grows in God's love and truly does love one another by obeying God's Ten Commandments, is born of God and knows God, I John 4:7, I John 5:3-4. These Scriptures are talking about being born of God now, and knowing God now, not later at the resurrection of the saints. Why doesn't the Churches of God teach the truth about being born again? It is because their beginning founder and self acclaimed apostle  diminished from Christ's Word about being born again at the beginning days of their beginning, and nobody will dare to study God's Word to know and to live by what is the truth on this and many other false teachings that most of the Churches of God are following. Will Christ look over all these sins and false teachings they have been following and teaching for the last 70 years?  Absolutely not, but will bring His judgment upon such ministers and its members.

      A fourth example of adding and taking away from God's Word is all the churches' inability to teach about true righteousness. They are all unable to define and teach what is true righteousness, along with what is grace from Christ's Word. They have all accepted the world's, Protestant, Christian teaching about grace, that grace is the unmerited favor of God, which is a false, perverted teaching. Also, righteousness to these church leaders means self-righteousness, and they are unable to define and teach true righteousness. They teach that all members are still sinners in the their best state, and they believe if any member believes he is righteous, then this to them means  self-righteousness. The churches of God have accepted the  Protestant churches teaching on grace and righteousness, either knowingly or unknowingly. They have accepted  the Protestant teaching of adding to or taking away from the true understanding of these two vital teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ and will  along with those Protestant churches suffer the same plagues from Jesus Christ for doing so, unless they will repent!

       It should not be a mystery or question why the churches of God are divided and under a curse. All of them are divided in doctrines of Christ, they think each of them  is Christ's true church and have a general animosity against the other groups. They are unable to teach truth pertaining to the vital teachings of Jesus Christ. One of the largest groups of the churches of God are now saying they plan on staying away from the teaching of Christ about being "born again"! Why is this so? It is because they are permitting what they have been taught by their founding, false, spiritual leader to keep them confused, when they began to read and study the truth in Christ's Word  on being born again and other truth of Christ's teachings, then this confuses them because of their mind-ingrained, false teaching of their past associations with the World Wide Church of God.

      Here is the example of Christ's teaching in John 3:3 about being "born again" and some of the Churches of God ministers are saying they plan to stay clear and away from this important teaching of Jesus Christ, that teaches about becoming converted, about crucifying the flesh in order to be led by God's Spirit, about coming out of  the darkness of the flesh into the inspiring and marvelous light of Jesus Christ and His Spirit! These are  vital truths pertaining to the Gospel, and to salvation and all pertain to the born again teaching given in John 3. What a shame for this Church of God, and they all should hang their heads down as failures in being teachers of Jesus Christ! This is all because of their "great" church founder, who began and started the Organization of the Church of God, did it by adding and taking away from God's inspired Word, and to this day all its daughters churches have been reaping the curses of division, disunity, waring among themselves and their growth in the Spirit is greatly missing in all of their churches.

     The life and work of these churches, its ministers and its supporters, the brethren, has been a life of adding to and taking away from God's Word, and God the Father, and Jesus Christ are not one bit pleased with them and are not with them ! The life and teachings of all its ministers have been adding to and taking away  by refocusing and perverting the Gospel. They have taken away from the "born again"teaching, and they have taken away and added to the meaning and teaching about God's grace. These ministers have taken away and added to the  teaching and meaning of righteousness by taking away from His commandments, and by referring to all church repentant and obedient members as sinners.

     On top all of this adding to and taking away is their teaching of adding to God's word a terrible financial burden and responsibility that they have placed on all brethren by commanding they must support their ministry, their livelihood with additional tithes, amounting to up to  a 30% tithing system, not commanded by the authority of God in any place in His Word.

     How can any one of these man-appointed ministers escape the damnation of hell? Why are the churches of God in such a state of confusion and division? Why are the members so confused and lacking in real understanding of the real teachings of Jesus Christ and why He died? Questions keep coming up among them asking what is the Gospel? What is the meaning and understanding of being born again, and what is conversion? What is true righteousness? What is grace? What is God's law of tithing? Is keeping the 7th day Sabbath required in salvation? What is God's true calendar? What day is to be kept for the Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, and the Feast of Tabernacles? Most of them have never learned the truth on these teachings of Christ, the Scriptural verse I Tim.fits them well "ever learning, but never coming to the  knowledge of the truth?"

     All of these are questions from church members who should know, but they don't know! This is because all professing Christian churches along with the Churches of God,  have been led by  false apostles, false evangelists, false pastors and ministers who have been adding to and taking away from God's Holy Inspired Word, and will reap the damnation of hell and death unless there is a true and heart rending repentance!

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