About Us

     The one question that is continually asked of us by visitors to our website is: "who are you?" There are other questions that are also asked such as "with what church do you have association or do you represent, what is your background, where did you get your training and understanding, what are your beliefs and what is the purpose of your website?"

    First, to answer the question - Who are you?  My wife and I are a very active couple, who are not retired, but are filled with God's great purpose and motivation and challenge that God has put before us for our lives now and for our future lives in God's Kingdom. Our names are Donald and Nina Young. We both are still young and healthy enough to do our work six days of every week. We both exercise regularly and both have desired, nearly all of our lives, to learn all we can about healthy eating, in order to eat what is good nutritious food for our bodies. This all helps us to feel well, and to continue to work for our needs and to help do God's great work on this earth. We work to have a garden and fruit orchard to help us to attain good healthy organic food for our health. To make time for daily exercise and to wade through all the deception that there is in the food industry and production today, is a great challenge all by itself.

     I work in the building profession of reconstructing old homes which compares to our ministry of helping people to reconstruct their human homes, their lives. My wife works a full day with all the many responsibilities and work needed in our home and our ministry and is certainly a fulfilled homemaker and wife. I write the articles for our website and my wife types and edits them for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and for correcting Scriptures. Our only income for the ministry work we are doing is from our work, the building trade, and not from any people's tithes or offerings or gifts. We follow the example of Paul, who worked for his living and to do God's work.

     We both were born and reared in rural Jessamine County, Kentucky which is near the city of Lexington. We are not associated, nor are we members of any denomination, or any known and accepted church of today's accepted Christianity, even though we have been in our earlier years. We  have  a Bible  study  service  in our  home  every  Sabbath (Saturday) afternoon. God's Sabbath is a day that we both, along with our son, Monte, look forward to each week with great joy and delight, and to study and learn more from God's Word to help us live righteous and godly lives and help others to come to do the same.

        With what church do you  have association? What church do you represent? We are not associated,  nor are we members of any denomination, or known church in today's accepted Christianity. So we do not represent any of today's accepted and known churches. In our early years we were associated with some of today's denominations and later associated with other churches calling themselves the churches of God. We left them or in some instances were disfellowshipped from them because we put Jesus Christ and His Word first in our lives rather than their ministry, their churches and their false teachings. 

     However, we do believe after we were baptized that Jesus Christ accepted us as members into His true, spiritual body of believers, scattered as they are over this earth. When we were baptized we believed that we were not baptized into any church of today's professing Christians, but we believed we were baptized into the body of Jesus Christ, which is a church that is greatly scattered and hardly known in today's professing believers. So this true church of Jesus Christ and His true teachings that one can only know by studying Christ's Word is the church we represent. This meant we could not fellowship with any of today's accepted and professing Christians because of all of their false teachings, false Sabbath keeping, false holy days that they keep, false christs that they worship, we began to hold services in our home with mainly our own family and have a Bible Study Service, every (Saturday) Sabbath teaching from God's Word and from His true Apostles writings, and not from of any of today's accepted false pastors, false teachers and false preachers.

     What is our background and training?    Our background and training for writing our website articles got started over 40 years ago when someone challenged us to look into the Bible to see what God commands pertaining to clean and unclean meats. At that time in our very young lives we were tobacco, cattle and hog farmers. Pork was becoming a big food item in our diet. We learned from God's Word that there are certain meats sold today in the market place that God created to be unclean and not fit for human consumption. Pork was one of those unclean animals. In fact, God says people who eat these unclean meats, that God commands not to be eaten, makes a person abominable and unclean in God's sight, Lev. 11:1-47.

     God's health laws are for all people, not just for the Israelites and Jews. The nation of Israel was created to be priests to teach the law to all, Jews, Israelites, strangers and gentiles, Ex. 19:6. God's commandments, statues, and judgments are for all who desire to be  called His children and His people. God commands that only the clean  animals, the clean foul, and the clean sea life flesh that are identified in His Word are to be eaten,  all other meats God created to be unclean, poisonous, and not clean, not healthy food for the body.

     We were quite surprised to see all of the  animals, foul, and sea life that God teaches   are unclean, unfit for the body, but still are eaten today by the great majority of professing Christians, as well as  all people. Eating these unclean meats will in time cause a host of diseases and illnesses that will bring on much suffering and pain. Mankind suffers from a world of diseases today and does not even question why. Paul says "If any man defiles the temple (the body where God's Spirit is to dwell) of God, him shall God destroy ---," I Cor. 3:16-17. When anybody takes any unclean meat or any body harming food or inhales cigarette smoke, (tobacco is a harmful farm product), this person does not love his own body and defiles his own body. This will eventually bring suffering and death to his life and even other lives. This sin breaks God's 6th commandment, as well as the first commandment.

    After proving from God's Word the truth about the clean and unclean meats, we continued to look and study  His Word as to what it teaches in comparison to what today's Christianity believes and  teaches. We came to see that we needed to repent of all our sins, including tobacco and hog farming, if we desired to be forgiven of our sins,  to be accepted by Jesus Christ and to be given salvation and His Holy Spirit. We came to see and understand that we needed to live our lives in righteousness as the children of God, and not by continuing to sin and continuing in sin, as the children of devil and as professing Christians have accepted to live their lives, but to be free of sin and all its curses, I John 3:10. God's law is not a curse, it is when you break His law that ones comes under the curse.

      As we continued to study God's Word, we came to see and understand that the breaking of any of God's ten commandments is sin, a curse, and will earn us death. Farming tobacco and hogs does not show love to one's neighbor. This evil work helps your neighbor to become diseased and kill himself by thinking these products are good for him.  So in order to become completely whole and totally clean of sin, we changed our lives to begin to obey all of God's 10 commandments, including God's 7th day Sabbath commandment and then we looked to Jesus Christ to justify, to cover, to forgive our past sins. We looked on  man's Roman calendar, and saw that man has highlighted Sunday in red, implying  to all that the first day of the week is now the Sabbath to remember to keep Holy. Again, man and his Satanic churches are deceiving man about God and His laws. However, we noticed on the calendar that Saturday was still listed as the 7th day of the week and still the day that God created as the 7th day. Man has not yet changed and corrupted the created week and the listing of the true God created 7th day even on man's calendar.

      Man would have to get authority from God to change the whole week to change and corrupt God's 7th day  "to remember to keep, as He created, His 7th day Sabbath." As we studied more, we came to see that man and his churches, not God, has changed the day for the Sabbath, as is recognized in all of the churches and nation today from the 7th day to the 1st day, and so is thereby corrupting, forgetting, and disobeying God's 4th commandment about the true Sabbath in his worship of God. We, for a short few months in our earlier lives, were keeping both days until we proved to ourselves without question, there is no Scripture in all of God's Holy Word that directs man and his Satanic Christianity to have the authority to take upon himself the right to change God's Sabbath from God's created 7th day, to man's and Satan's created 1st day. So this meant to us that if we kept any other day as the Sabbath, we were forgetting, not remembering God's created 7th day Sabbath, and were committing sin against God and His law. Our repentance and study of God's Scripture brought about this great change in our lives and a great blessing to us.

     So my family began at this time to change our lives to begin with a healthy diet of eating the clean meats of the clean animals as found in Lev. 11 and Deut. 14 and keeping and worshipping and honoring God, our Father, and Jesus Christ on His true Holy 7th day Sabbath. By the way, Christ's sacrifice and Peter's vision in Acts 10 did not clean up the unclean animals and other unclean meats of Lev. and Deut. as is taught in today's false Christianity. The truth is; God in chapter 10 and 11 of Acts  brought about what Christ was teaching Peter, that Christ was cleansing the Gentiles, not unclean meats, to cleanse all Gentiles who would accept Him and His Sacrifice. This vision was to change the minds of the Jewish people and ministry, so the gentiles' cleansing would be accepted by the Jews, that the gentiles could now receive forgiveness of their sins and receive salvation and God's Holy Spirit, as well as the Jews. These verses were not about the cleansing of unclean animals as is taught in today's accepted Christianity. So as we proved these things from Scripture, we repented of our sins and began our new lives in Jesus Christ by being baptized and receiving  the helping power of God's Holy Spirit to help us live by all of His 10 commandments and statutes.

     After a number of years we came to see from Christ's commands, the need  to commit ourselves to teach and preach and proclaim what we were learning and understanding from God's Inspired Scriptures and to put that understanding out on our website and not to keep this precious knowledge and understanding to ourselves. God has freely gave it to us and we are freely giving it to others. We never ask for money, nor do we expect any money to be given to us to do the work and ministry that we are doing.

      So our training and background has been mainly from our study of God's Word, His Holy Bible and inspired Word, and that being from the old King James translation of the Scriptures. Our training has not been from any man, man's teachings or from all of his highly exalted "Christian" books, schools and seminaries. We have learned from   "some how not to do examples " of church people and ministers. It was by their wicked, evil, egotistical examples, and their money and power seeking examples, that  we  tested and proved from Scriptures that their examples were in no way the way of the true God and His Word, regardless of how many times they said their teaching was the true  way and true teaching of God. They constantly emphasized that they were God's appointed apostles, evangelists, and pastors, but they were liars and teaching lies and were not even converted by our knowing them by their corrupt fruit.

     So a part of our training has come from earlier experiences of being associated with the  Protestant churches and Churches of God  and then being rejected by them, because of our standing up for true righteousness and the truth of the Bible. This training came in the way of persecution,  verbal abuse, vilifying my family and our eventual disfellowship, all because of our desire to commit our selves to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to follow Him and His true teachings, instead of their ministers, their false christs that they had raised up in their churches with all of their man and Satan inspired, false teachings and Satanic doctrines.

     We found that they all preached a perverted Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this in reality, keeps people from attaining true righteousness and salvation. They did not teach true repentance, because most do not know what is sin by their continuing to sin. They did not understand about Christ's Grace and taught God's grace to be the unmerited favor of God, which is a lie and false teaching. They do not know the difference between the way of the flesh and the way of the spirit. They either kept the wrong day for God's Sabbath or profaned the keeping of the true Sabbath by working or working someone on the Sabbath. They either teach against God's commanded law to tithe, or some of the churches teach  3 commanded tithes that the members must set aside out of their income called the first, second, and third tithes, but nowhere can 3 tithes, 30% be found in the Scripture. God commands only a 10% tithe and any teaching to get more is extortion and a sin.

     We came to see that none of them taught the truth about Being Born Again. One group of churches teach just accepting Christ's name makes you born again and other group teaches that one is not born of Spirit until the resurrection. Both are in great error. None of them could explain the truth about what is true righteousness. None of them knew what is the truth about being born of the Spirit. None of them could truly explain why Jesus Christ died, or else were not living up to its true meaning.

       All of them are not converted and don't know what it means to be converted. This is all because they all believe a converted believer and saint is still a willful sinner, that is, they all believe they still are sinners. They believe that a true Christian cannot live without continuing to sin, by which they are denying God's Power, and so they cannot really explain the Scripture that states, the wages of sin is death. A person that continues in a sinning state has an adversarial relation with Jesus Christ. This is because, continuing to sin as they profess they do, means they will perish by God's Scripture, command and judgment. So they still are an enemy to Jesus Christ. No person that is continuing in sin or continuing to daily sin is converted. The Scripture teaches you must be converted to enter God's Kingdom, Mat. 18:3. None of them know the difference between man's love and God's love, and by not knowing what is God's love, they believe that a person can receive eternal life by relying on their natural love, man's love, which is another lie. This list of false teachings goes on and on, in these and all churches.

     The purpose of our website with its many articles establishes our beliefs and faith and testimony in Jesus Christ and His Word and exposes the above mentioned false teachings, false beliefs, and false faith of today's accepted Christianity. Ask any of today's professing Christians and they will confess that they are still sinners and still are continuing to sin and this admission by itself is punishable by death. Today's confessing Christians deny the Power of God's Holy Spirit working in their lives. So by this we are hoping that the purpose of our website will be fulfilled by challenging people, who visit our site, to do as we have done and that is to look into the Bible and see what it really does say in comparison to what all the preachers are saying and teaching it says and then do what the Bible teaches, rather than what man in all of his churches are teaching. Our website reveals the light of understanding about Jesus Christ and exposes the darkness of Satan and his churches. Our website and its purpose teaches the truth about all of the above mentioned false teachings and helps people learn and understand the true way to salvation. We feel all of this is highly important and the purpose of our website and its teaching.

    Christ's true servants are commanded to go to all the world and to proclaim the true Gospel, the good news, of how one can truly be saved from his sins, not in his sins. You cannot be saved in your sins as is believed today by all of today's churches, if this is true then Christ and His sacrifice was given in vain. But you and the churches might say, how can 2 or 3 people do this work to go to all the world with this precious knowledge without using TV or radio and all their expenses? We are doing this work through the Internet and through the power of God's Holy Spirit. We are now going into nearly 70 countries with our website and its many messages and hearing from people all over the world. Only God will judge if our efforts in this work are in vain, or He could  cause this work to eventually reap bountiful fruit. Time will tell the answer.

  Meanwhile browse our menu of articles to see if there is something that you can  feed on to help you in understanding Christ's teaching about how you are to receive salvation.  http://www.donimon.org/light.index.html